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NeNe Leakes Wants Actor Brian White To Know… [Response to Being Called “Racial Stereotype”]

Feb 3rd 2012 | Written by ATLien

NeNe Leakes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is on the warpath after actor Brian White referred to her as a racial stereotype.

In the interview, White who was recently offended after his fans talked slick about his non-Black wife, felt the need return the favor and offend a few people himself by going on a rant about racial stereotypes on reality televsion.

One statement in particular was aimed at NeNe Leakes…

Do you believe that the stereotypes we see on TV are prevalent in the race or just portrayed on TV? Is it really the majority of black women that act like Nene?

I have five sisters and two moms, none of them are like that!

To me, I can say I’m offended if they want to represent that and don’t want to represent my mom, but my mom represents Phylicia Rashād and has been represented on TV all my life. I can’t say that.

I don’t watch “Real Housewives,” I’ve never seen an episode of “Love & Hop Hop” I’m not supporting it, I’m not giving it ratings. I’m not making the stereotype exist on TV. You’ve watched it, you’ve added to why it’s on TV. (Read Full Interview)

Of course you already know that America’s loudest housewife was NOT gonna let that slip by un-checked!

Leakes hit the tweets to respond to White, who is currently starring in the traveling production of What My Husband Doesn’t Know, and she made a point of adding that White is just jealous that she’s on TV and he’s not…

White boo… you have been officially CHECKED!

Funny tho… I thought we’d all agreed that Nene WAS the stereotypical Black chick on RHOA??

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t NeNe the most beloved on the show because some Black women can relate to her “hoodratness” and cheer her rise to success, while White women feel comfortable in knowing that she’s EXACTLY what they always thought Black women are…. LOUD & Unruly?

I guess being that she’s a “Rich Bitch” this season and toned things down a bit, things have changed… (at least in HER mind).

So what’s YOUR verdict?

Is NeNe a “Stereotypical” Black chick (whatever that is)?


  1. flash says:

    I believe every Black woman is different. Some LOUD, QUIET, and some that will cut you in a hot sec. So Mr. White can't get mad at what's on T.V because they said something about his wife. Move on!!!!! I Love Real Housewives of ATL, and Love and Hip-Hop.. NENE doesn't take any mess:)

  2. Straight From The A=Your Critique Was Right On Target….

  3. i think he done overstepped his boundaries. don’t justify marrying a white woman by downdgrading black reality tv stars. these chicks could have been some of ur biggest fans

  4. caliswaggedout says:

    brian white? please tell me how he is not supporting his own people show's and he is only BET material. we colored's no longer watch bet. this dude is a clown when BET is the only play you get taking notes from nene would not hurt you.and BTW your a typical black dude that get's with a white chick or whatever she may be and down play your own,well not your mom because she's better than,do us nappy headed black girl's a favor and slap yourself!who does he think he is? we have returned the favor seeing how we no longer support BET "motives" (straight to dvd) matter of fact everything you do goes straight to dvd or BET have several-/…..

  5. The truth hurts… Point blank PERIOD!

  6. cedric says:

    Ask him why he and other black celebs keep bleaching their skin? (Chris Brown, rihanna, Beyonce, Toni Braxton, Kerry Washington and others.)

  7. Deborah Smith via Facebook says:

    Every race has their loud mouth hood rat women…….look @ Mob wives…..Real Housewives of New Jersey……back woods white women on Jerry Springer………latinos on Maury show!!!! Please brotha…….ignorance & stupidity do not see color!

  8. Courtney ThePhilosopher Meredith via Facebook says:

    I love black women to deaf and I preference is strictly a black woman. I’m raising a 6 year old little girl and when I’m pointing out positive women on Tv its the Oprahs not NeNe Leakes. Personally I’m embarrassed for her but at the end of day the way she display herself is own business I just change the channel

  9. Maurie says:

    I guess everyone loves these shows and all the attitude seem normal to them cos thats what they see in their everyday life.Its very strange to me tho how people can applaud such nasty manners instead of showing the young generation what it means to be a lady..when will my people grow out of this mindset??everyday proving the whites right to think about african americans the way they do.Hav y'all making a mess of yourself on national television.They laughing at you and you laughing too,now who is the FOOL here…SMH

  10. Melissa says:

    I think he is against his own color & dats why he has a white wife!because all black people are not alike & there are alot of white people on tv who do worse (MOB WIVES) (JERSEY SHORE) then black people but dey don’t talk about dat all black people do is put down dey own race dats sad!White people can go fuck who dey want but if a black person do it then black people are quick to call her a HOE!!!WHITE PEOPLE can flip tables be loud & act a fool but as soon as a black person does it she is labeled ghetto and a hoodrat!!!The reason why us blacks are stereotyped is because our own race puts stereotypes on one another!!!NO ONE ON TV REPRESENTS ME I REPRESENT MYSELF!!!

  11. Bee says:

    Stereotypical black chick, no. We are all different, so I don't believe that we can be "stereotyped". What "they" would like to see us as, yes! She represents everything some of them want us to be!

  12. Bee says:

    BTW, Brian White should have several seats _/
    Why is he famous again?

  13. mslady126 says:

    It doesn't look like she's denying portraying a stereotype. It looks like she's owning it but not wanting to be lumped with other folks' shows. I think she, like Phaedra, play a role on tv and are probably different off camera. Since she's working, she makes no apologies. I get it.

  14. Luvinmylife Freeman via Facebook says:

    Ok he spoke how he feels that’s his opinion he fell in love with a woman not black she foreign not white either but who gives a damn …..she no different than a video vixen but she didn’t have sex but showed how black females a viewed regardless yeah she make the show her bafoonary makes it so why is she getting offended that’s how you choose to get paid so be it make your money and the same for the white reality shows make your money the way you choose

  15. mslady126 says:

    I meant to also say that I agree with Deborah Smith — ignorance & stupidity can be found in every race

  16. Not Mary says:

    Lawd!!!This is soooo typical!!!

    When will we get over the "crab mentality"???? Nene is a woman who represents herself. Her personality reflects her past and present experiences. I really wish yall will stop frontin and actin as if YOU do not have anyone in your family that is loud, funny and entertaining like Nene. She is also a successful business woman, actress and entrepreneur, as well. I do find inspiration in her struggle and celebrate the fact that she didn't give up on herself or on her children. She kept striving and she's doing it by being who she is and not what white people want her to be nor what self-hating blacks want her to be. She is being HERSELF. This is who she is…like it or don't like it!

    Brian White's problem is that he has that "crab mentality"! He's finding it difficult to accept that he is being repeatedly passed over for TV work. Nene and woman like her, obviously are not his cup of milk…I meant tea!

    But he isn't my cup of tea even before his jealous remarks. Again, it's clear that he likes woman who are quiet and conservative (referencing Ms. Rashad, marrying his Caucasian wife) and it also seems clear to me that he might not be man enough to deal with a straight up and down sista that's not as conservative and got a lil' hood in her. Fine, but don't hate. You didn't see her respond by stating that she didn't like ex-weed smokin, gray-lip, over-acting men with vanishing hairlines, did you? Why the shade?

    Bottom line, black women come in all flavors from the Phylicia Rashad flavor to the Nene Leakes flavor, to all flavors in between. I for one, am glad to see all flavors represented on television.

    • Don says:

      Do you honestly believe that NeNe is not doing what "White people want her to do"? "Coonery and buffonery" absolutely. She is still "shucking and jiving for massa", only now she doing it of her own volition, sad.

  17. I stay away from watchin real housewives of Atlanta cause its the same shit over and over. Loudness, ignorant and just plain ridiculous. It’s ppl in general can act like that but I bet you see it more on that show than real housewives of Beverly hills

  18. I wouldn’t concern myself with the comments of a “D” list actor speaking negatively about me. My question what the hell does NeNe Leakes have to do with this jackass not marrying a black woman? To me he put his foot in his mouth because ee chooses to judge black women outside his family based upon stereotypes.

  19. Mack12 says:

    Its crazy how we think its ok for these women to act like this. This man just told the thruth and how most men feel. They to try to deflect whats really the problem people always say somebody hating on them no he just told the thruth these old ass women on t.v. Fighting making a complete ass out of themselves its very sad and very embarrassing but If thats what being "REAL" means then I want my daughters to be fake as hell

  20. Melissa says:

    So does that mean its okay for actors & actresses to sale dey soul and get naked in a movie for a Oscar because dey do it all the time I’ll rether be loud and be myself on tv then show my ass & tits for a gold statue dats wat he should be talking about

  21. AND says:

    I unsedstand what he’s saying about the loudness and violence but this behavior exsist in all races. Mrs Huxtable was a character. The Cosby show was great but doctors and lawyers deal will real painful violent and emotional issues like everyone else. Bill Cosby chose only to show us the sunny side therefore everyone enjoyed the Cosby show but VERY few could actually relate to it. Even when parents hide the real from their children they grow up and realize that things werent all peachy. He’s an actor living in a fantasy world. NeNe is nothing like Drita Mob Wives or Kim RHBH. The Love & Hip Hop chics are girlfriend of lil dudes but they are no worst than The Jersey Shore cast.

  22. AND says:


  23. howcome says:

    Is this mother and wife (who, yes, occasionally argues with her friends) now the definition of hood rat??? What? I love Nene and do think she represents the funny, carefree black mom seen in every sitcom and i think it's almost racist in and of itself to now try and characterize this respectful, albeit loud, behavior as HOOD RAT. There is just an attack on the black mother these days…I just can't…

  24. reita collins says:

    I could waste my time trying to re-arrange what@Not Mary said,but could never be so clear on the purpose. Thanks for being "Not Mary" and saying what I and so many other sistahs would say and give you high 5's on.That's a wrap!

  25. Michelle Atkins via Facebook says:

    Us indeed. Loud mouth uneducated piece of trash who just got hold of some small x cash!

  26. Michelle Atkins via Facebook says:

    & think she gotta tell da world!

  27. Michelle Atkins via Facebook says:

    yes indeed

  28. Niaria says:

    I personally love NeNe in the show. She is the only one that brings drama and without drama the show wouldn't exist. Although I find her entertaining, you can't say that because one black women is loud & "ghetto" that every black women is the same. There are and was plenty of strong, beautiful, and powerful black women: Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, Maggie L. Walker, Rosa Parks, Mo'Nique…etc

  29. reita collins says:

    Kmarie,Howcome and Melissa are also sistahs with the substance that we SISTAHS are in need of representing in our short but revelant "BLACK HISTORY" month!!

  30. Nicole English via Facebook says:

    As we can see by the comments, Black folks got issues. This short Black man who ain’t had a role since moses and is married to a non Black woman, has some damn nerve. You know what, Brian lil’ man, your mama. And middle finger to the rest of you self hating wannabees too.

  31. reita collins says:

    In looking at that pic of them…it reminds me of why I am not a fan of Spike Lee's most recent movies and recent movie of "Red Tails" though by an actual white director who does have a Black woman that he loves.Why can't they leave that out? Is it REALLY that important? "Black man finds love overseas with white woman". Though this most certainly is not the totality of film,it certainly takes away from it as Spike's "Miracle of st.Marianna(whatever) did.

  32. Not Mary says:

    I see you @reita collins…High 5, back at you Sis!

    God Bless ALL Black Women striving to make the most out of their current situations!

    Even you, Michelle/ @ATLien…Blessings!

  33. baybeK8s says:

    @Mack 12 I agree with you 100%. I don't act like this and no one I know acts like this. If that makes my fake.Oh well…and we wonder why Black men seek out White women. Granted,there are loud mouths in ALL races,but why do we have to be a part of the negative.

  34. Michelle Martin via Facebook says:

    Now why does everyone conveniently forget about Kim on RHOA? And there are more shows with KIMS than NeNes? Just asking…

  35. Tracy says:

    Nene created her character as a loud-mouthed ignorant woman..that was the persona she created so why is she angry now? I'm not defending him, but I thought thats what she wanted to portray. Now she wants to pretend she has class. Its going to be hard for people to see her any other way. She played her role to well.

  36. Gwendolyn Gwendella Johnson via Facebook says:

    This is the same person who got upset when they were laughing about his small area right. Wasn’t funny then, folks need to watch what they say. I don’t blame her even though they are indeed a mess.

  37. Sunday Knight says:

    He is a sell-out, and out of real money making work, and mad about it. LOL, please he's trying to take the spot light off of his azz and shine it on someone else, NeNe in this case. He is such a liar–he has watched the show, how would he know what occurs and with whom?! Reality t.v. is better than those half acting actors anyway. Plus, he is a D-List celebrity, so who cares what he has to say anyway. Keep making your money RHOA girls!!

  38. SWV says:

    LOL Fans USED to Love NeNe, not anymore. The fame went to her head. FYI the pic that she posted of Sheree is photo shopped. I am a graphic art major, if you look close, it's not the skin tone is off. I took a picture of Sheree and made her have the same nose. See it's shit like that NeNe does that is so damn petty but if it were done to NeNe she would be crying that her cast is hating on her. I loved Nene Season 1. I don't like this Meanie NENE Leakes trick she turned in to.

  39. Bee says:

    I just read his Twitter TL, and he is claiming that the journalist misquoted and doctored quotes from him. Hmmm . . .

  40. reita collins says:

    I totally agree with @Not Mary!

  41. Kim says:

    ms. Collins…just wanted to let you know George Lucas did not direct Red Tails…he executively Produced it, meaning put up the money. The director and one of the main writers were both black. In fact the writer is the writer and creator of the Boondocks cartoon. So just thought you should know that….

  42. MadDog8 says:

    Yeah yeah…all black women are represented on TV but why show how ignorant "SOME" of yall are on RHOA? I would be embarrased to hang out with some of "dees" crazy azz chicks. Sometimes the truth hurts "black women" so deal with it. Why do you think there is such a surplus of women across the board? Loud and argumentative…and if you dont believe me just google "why I sold out." If the truth hurts I am so sorry..but we'll holla at you "doe."

  43. shad says:

    i dont see anything wrong with what he said…its his opinion and we all have them …look at the number of post on this page …they are all opinions…so just because we dont agree with someone there is no need to bash them …just agree to disagree…

  44. reita collins says:

    @Kim; Thanks for correcting me.But.. he did say on Piers Morgan that no other(I assume white donors) would help produce this film because it had an all black cast. I saw the movie myself and doubt that it will be up for whatever honorable embellishe trophy. I personally was glad it was made,and yes it was flawed because of that "1944 negro meets his first white woman open to loving a black man"…wonder how the movie would have been after he married his pristeen princess and sneaked her into the states to meet his parents without being lynched. Even Frederick Douglas,after being enamored and marrying one of 'Mastah's' prime mulatto's had to ride on the back of horse coaches(the luggage rack) when traveling with his wife.

  45. TheBlkBettyBoop says:

    I argee with Brain 100% he is so right . I don't like getto people myself I don't care what color they are..And I don't watch these getto shows myself..

  46. AKA says:

    I do think Nene represents the stereotypical black woman and that's her cross to bear. Although I'm not really a big Brian White fan – only because I'm not familiar with his work -I don't think he should blame black women for the demise of the black race. We are not the only ones who take on stereotypical roles. Martin Lawrence, Mike Epps and a ton of other black men have done the same and he does not mention that in the article.

    And please, can black men stop this craziness about black women being so jealous of their dating choices. Brian White is attractive but I don't know him IRL, so how can I be jealous of who he decides to marry? How can he be so sure that all those tweets were from black women? God Bless him and his wife! I hope they have a wonderful long and successful marriage.

  47. missthang84 says:

    although i was a fan of brian white when he played in stomp the yard.(which was a stereotypical movie about black schools and fraternities) after been labeled gay he has no room to talk about anybody, he's just mad because nene has more commas in her bank account than he does..POW in my nene voice

  48. says:

    Of course she is, but I never give merit to a black man's opinion about black women when he dates/marries outside the race. Proves he's no expert.

  49. Lisa says:

    Yes she is, NeNe will do anything and hurt anyone to get her Shine.. The way she dissed LaToya Jackson and stabbed Dionne Warwick in the Back for Donald Trump. The same man who disrespected the Pres. by questioning his nationalities.

  50. curiousone says:

    I don't particularly care who someone chooses to marry, so they don't need to justify to me or anyone else. I will say this if you were not raised a "certain" way around ppl. who behave/conduct themselves in what is being described as the steretypical black woman or man you're not inclined to marry, associate or identify with those types of behaviors. There's an assumption by many ppl. both white and black that all black ppl. share the same experiences, were raised alike, think alike, etc. as if we all have one collective brain. That's not the case. I think ppl. should date, marry, interact with whomever you choose and it's really nobody else's business or concern who you're with but at the same time there's no need to disparage another person's character/personality (Nene) because you don't understand it, appreciate, or respect it.

  51. Kenja says:

    The beauty in the young man is he is a little known actor! And with comments like this he shall stay! Please remember these are the women who use to think of you as handsome! Know they wont think of you! Please turn you tv to stations like Bravo, Oxygen, and the Brett Micheals reality show and you would have seen the same! How many fights have they had on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New Jersey, and New York several!!!!!!! But as many ignorant people do they talk before they do their research! You are truly sad and will possibly ruin a career that had promise by speaking poorly of those wwho have uplifted you! Don't let a few bad experiences cause you to miss your blessing! Because your mouth will have you looking like Wesley Snipes and I bet he only has black women caring about him and what he's going through and generally those are the ones closest to him the one in his family! I hope this post reaches you and you know words hurt and whether you care are not god does!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. DEE says:

    I respect Mr. White for bringing this issue about how black women are portrayed on TV to light. I do not watch Reality TV so I don't know how they act, however I read the blogs the next day after they are aired.

    If you don't like how we are portrayed then ban and boycott these shows(VH1 AND BRAVO) until we are portrayed in a positive light.

    Do we want are next generation acting a fool in real life? If not, STAND UP SEND EMAILS TO THE NETWORKS DEMAND WE WANT BETTER. If we can write comments I am quite sure we can write emails/letters/social medias.

  53. Dimples says:

    OH MY DANG, Who is he, is he a Basketball or Football Player? I'm just asking! What he need to do, other than homework of course, is remind the make up crew that he really is a Black Man so Lighten Up on the Bare Minerals Make Up, I promise every time I see this man he's getting Lighter n Lighter.
    Oh I know who he is now,he's the reason why I don't/won't watch a movie if he's in it, he's below Low Budget n Corney as Heck IJS

  54. SexiK says:

    Brian needs to STFU no ones cares that he married a white chic (even tho he is sexy) these black men ain learned yet all she gon do is divorce him and take half! He shouldnt go takin shots at NeNe or any black reality star especially if he claims he doesnt watch it, how would he like it if we boycotted or talked about anything he's apart of just b/c he married outside of his race……grow up its 2012!

  55. I need y'all to look beyond this whole ATL loyalty thing and recognize that this man is right. He is ABSOLUTELY right!

    And I don't care about him marrying outside the race. It doesn't surprise me. His dad was in the NBA and he grew up privileged…probably didn't grow up around many blacks.

    Only ghetto hoodrats will agree with Nene. Black women, step your standards up in 2012 and stop supporting people like her! She's every negative black female stereotype in the book.

    I also agree with Dimples. I don't know what's up with his makeup, but it sucks. I love him as an actor though..he's extremely talented. #thatisall

  56. Michelle says:

    Yes, I do think NENE is a little over the top and yes she does act like the typical "HOOD RAT." But we all know that's what sales… TV shows make money by producing what people want to watch. I hope that is not Nene's typical everyday behavior. I hope that's only for the show. I also hope I have raised my daughters to conduct themselves like young ladies at all times. There is no need to act like a "Hood Rat."

  57. jw79bull says:

    Um isn't Brian White Gay, so shouldn't he be speaking on the Stereotypes of GAY men in the media and not just black people.

  58. baybeK8s says:

    Nene casting directors weren't looking for you until Andy Cohen was paid to find you and those other fame whores. By the way…how many years did you travel to L.A. before you were actually considered safe enough to film without breaking the camera? Now you are still not acting you are a clown for the ghetto fabulous crowd and lets not the white people who are laughing and making money off of your buffoonery. I wonder if Spike Lee is going to check you like he tried to check Tyler Perry? If and when he does I bet you won't open that loud big mouth. Oh yeah, Brian White IS rich, not Eddie Murphy or Tracy Morgan rich, but richer than YOU!

  59. TheOneHeLoves says:

    1. What's a "Rick bitch?"
    2. What does Nene have to do with his wife?
    3. Is it stereotypical to say that once black men get money, black women ate no longer good enough for them. Is don't think so, but he's grasping @ straws so can I.
    4. I don't watch reality tv and support good black movies and tv shoes, but I can't get into his low budget z-list ventures.
    So if feels as though he has to justify his marriage, then fine, hut don't drag unnecessary people in it. Reality stars have nothing to do with your nuptials.

  60. @babeK8s; Spike Lee USED to make great movies. Malcolm x and Crooklyn were the best ever! And with mostly Black cast with dark and brown skinned women. That was the "old" Spike Lee.Spike's casts are majority white today,and if he does have sistahs they are very light or Latinos. Nene,though she has gorgeous complexion is way too dark and her and her character is way too Black for him to wrap his new mind around.As far as Donald Trump,she's the first "Apprentice" to give him her azz to kiss.

  61. F says:

    I think that if Brian wants to uplift the race he can go into jails or troubled schools or community centers and be a mentor. For him to attack women of color in the industry is just low and ridiculous. It's not the way. Black men in general should not be attacking black women. Love us or leave us alone. Help us or have a seat. What has he accomplished by saying this other than sounding like a pissy little shit? We don't need to bring one another down and he has no right to call Nene (or anyone else out). I think he's dead wrong.

  62. sherita says:

    Why do black people still worry about how white people see them. After all these years we still fighting for there love. We are all different individuals, we don't have to all talk a like, walk a like, eat a like, or act alike. We better put GOD first & stop worrying about how we suppose to be in the wrong eyes. Love GOD & yourself & the rest will be alright

  63. td says:

    He told the truth. Nene, and others like her are acting a fool on television. And I'm not mad at him because he refuses to watch "reality" television; or because his wife isn't black. People are allowed to love whoever they choose to love. And this is coming from a black man who's only been with women of color (as much as some have gotten on my damn nerves).

    Anyway, I can barely stomach "reality" television myself. I usually flip through the channels and watch a segment or two, here and there. But I can't sit through a full episode any longer.

    Black women need to stop hating when a black man chooses to love and marry a white or non-black woman. Diana Ross, Naomi Campbell, Janet Jackson, etc., have dated non-black men for years, exclusively, and no one cares (and they have the right to do so). Some black women have even applauded said women for doing so; especially if said non-black man is wealthy.

    Get a life. People can do as they please, as long as they are not breaking the law. I dare someone to even remotely attempt to tell me who I can love, and/or date and why. You would not like my response.

  64. Ruby says:

    Brian Whitey, how stupid could you be? You bit the hand that feeds you. While you're out there on the chitlin' circuit, take a look in the audience and see who's looking back. If only they knew how you feel about them. You should be ashamed, but youre probable not. Also, instead of whining like a little b#%€¥ about the British Brothers getting all the roles, why not take an acting class so you can get off the D-list. You're not remotely in the same category as Idris and them.

  65. Ruby says:

    Td, you miss the point. It has little to do with who Brian Whitey married, but how he dissed Black women. Whitey basically said the NeNe Leakes character represents Black women. The inference is he thinks Black women are, in reality, loud and ghetto. He said its not a stereotype if it's true. Don't be fooled, reality TV is, for the most part, staged. They're acting, and NeNe is playing a role. The role she plays does not represent the majority of black women.

  66. ladydiinpa says:

    sorry but I agree w/some of what he said, I like NeNe when she keeps it real, but the way she acted on Celeb Apprentice was how some folk perceive us,,,loud and angry..don't matter who he married to, he spoke some truth…

  67. dee says:

    I don't know what the hell, she represents except for a big mouth bitch.

  68. ladydiinpa says:

    I agree w/some of what he said, I like NeNe when she keeps it real on some subjects, but she is big, & is loud and acts like a bully sometime, it was shameful how she acted on Celeb. Appentice, too many folk sell their soul to the devil for money…I know all black women do not act like this, cuz I don't ..I just get tired of the portrayals on TV..

  69. td says:

    I believe "fans" started this fiasco by talking trash about his wife; someone he loves (let us not forget this). As a result, he felt the need to defend her and expressed his opinion poorly. However, with me giving him the benefit of the doubt, his retaliation would not have occurred, if he hadn't felt his wife was being disrespected.

    I love black women; but I've had my share of drama with some (if you only knew). One can never understand why another chooses a different race to get to know, without walking in his/her shoes. I chose to stick with black women; but this man has a right to be with whoever he chooses, without anyone, whatsoever, voicing his or her opinion as to why he chose to make the decision to marry a non-black woman. Again, the aforementioned seems to be what started this nonsense.

    Again, I double, triple, quadruple dare a fool even attempt to tell me how to live my life, as long as I am within the confines of the law. With this man having black, female family members, I'm sure he was just caught up in the excitement of defending his wife and spoke out of the wrong orifice of his body.

    Nevertheless, I'm sure he'll be just fine. And if one race/gender has the power to shutdown one of their own, and prevent him from having earning potential so that he can continue to support his family, and are vindictive enough to care to do so, due to his ill-thought-out oral defecation, than so be it.

    Would being victorious at shutting down his earning potential make you feel vainglorious about who you are? If so, than I question your character anyway.

    Since you are public figure who depends on the public to support your endeavors, apologize my brother…sincerely…and move on with your life. Others…stay out of this man's business as to who he chooses to love.

  70. Bella says:

    I don't see Nene as a stereotypical Black woman. People are constantly commenting on her being loud. What is loud? If a Black woman doesn't whisper like Janet Jackson, then she is ghetto? I am so tired of this. Make me want to holler. Throw up both my hands. It seems that the worst thing going lately is BEING A BLACK WOMAN!!!

  71. reita collins says:

    @td aka Jersey Girl aka "WENDY". You need to stop. And only on Wendy Williams do you see HER pushing black women to marry white dudes "Marry a Count!". But eventually that throwback mentality is slowly fading with the younger Black wealthy generation.Black women don't want white guys so why in HELL do you think Black women want them. But yes,people should marry whomever they love…just don't come to us cryin' like Tiger,Kobe,Seal and (T.O. would have but his chics don't want his broke black azz no more).And speaking of throwbacks,it's sad that Cornelius was blinded by that white light,even in his death that chic wins.

  72. Ruby says:

    Td, fans talked about his marriage, not his wife. And even if they did, he knew they would, unless he's really is as stupid as he acts.  If he was offended, it would have been in his best interest to take it on the chin and move on. There was no benefit in it for him to strike back. Now he has a lot of pissed off ex "fans" who refuse to support him in the future.  That can't be good for his already D-list career. 

    Regarding NeNe's portrayal on the Apprentice and Housewives, she wasn't the only black woman on any of those shows.  Just like those broads on the other "reality" shows don't represent all white women, neither does NeNe represent all Black women. So what if she raises her voice? SOMETIMES WE HAVE TO, TO BE HEARD! On the other hand you had Starr, and LaToya with that phoney baby voice to balance NeNe's personality. Instead of being ashamed of NeNe, why not be proud of Starr if she represents you? Frankly, I was glad when NeNe put some of those €*%#es  in their places.  

    Just like other groups, ours is comprised of people from all walks of life. Caucasians are allowed to be diverse, but we're not. It's that die hard "Uncle Tom" mentality that says don't do anything to take us out of the white man's favor. We're still living by the adage we have to be better to be equal. Why can THEY eat chicken in public, but I can't? I like chicken too.  Trust, WE pay more attention to some of that stuff than they do.  Some people won't be satisfied until not one "negative" depiction of black culture appears ANYWHERE! And that's not even realistic or honest. We're not monolithic.

    Now, I'm about to go in here and fry me some wings. With my Bachelor of Science Degree having, White folks telling me I'm articulate self!

  73. td says:

    @ Ruby and Reita

    I'll attempt to dumb this down so that it is easier to comprehend. And I apologize for going above your heads, despite my comments being written to the understanding of a 7th grader.

    Neither of you said anything worth debating. And one of your statements was so asinine it defies intelligence. College professor are not what they use to be; and that is postulating you even attended. My statements were beyond cogent and should have been taken at face value.

    I targeted no one, because I know how assiduous I am at chopping up motor-oil-mouthed rejects. I just stated my peace. Nevertheless, it is easy to talk slick anonymously. But debating me face to face metamorphoses me into a intellectual bully, w/o using profanity. Bottom line: your lunch money would be mine. As you were.

  74. Ruby says:

    Did you enjoy that td. Are you feeling a little better about yourself? You sound like a lonely, lonely man. What a pity you are.

  75. mary says:

    yes she checked him real good and shes right he is just jealous that he has to be in plays and not "real" tv! lol lol lol oh well, he need to step his game up and quit hating…hey money is to be made and ne ne got her game face on right now, he can't be mad cuz she got picked and he didn't, when it's your time it's your time, no wonder he went non black, he hates himself!

  76. Just Me says:

    NeNe needs to sit down! She is such a tack broad who will stop at NOTHING to be in the lime light. She is a dangerous individual who steps on people to move ahead and that she will see come back around. Where she think she is so rich! What I am curious about is, how she is so critical of anyone who has a criminal background when her own son has a record!

  77. MrsLadeeMaam says:

    That lame, gay dude watches every episode of RHOA! How would he even know who Nene is, otherwise? He's just mad that he's tooo lame to get an acting job. #teamnene

    • Manet says:

      His wife actually watch the show, this man is not broke. He was a professional football & lacrosse player, before coming a licensed broker. He also have a dance company that he founded, where the dancers are professionals & have won numerous competitions worldwide.

  78. KayButterfly says:

    Being that i was (and still is), a huge fan of Brian White, i was shocked by some of the comments he made about black women. I am a black woman and in all honestly black women make up the majority, if not all, of his fan base. I guess he was firing back at alot of the black women who were getting on him for marrying outside his race, so i guess that was his way of defending his choice and his wife. No matter the race ALL WOMEN come in different shapes, sizes, and attitudes. NO MATTER THE RACE! i myself have known white, latina, and chinese women who were louder and more outspoken and acted "more black" than myself lol. And i dnt consider myself oreo lol! All in all i would say im a lil dissappointed in Mr.Brian White for making such comments. Although i am still somewhat a fan of his, i have lost a bit of respect for him.

  79. Rae says:

    If Brian White is so agaist the stero typical roles, why do he continue to make a living off of those roles
    I Can Do Bad All by Myself,(married, cheater,& almost child rapist)
    DOA: Dead or Alive (with green hair)
    Trois 3: The Escort
    Stomp the yard
    and the list goes on..
    All Black People dont act the same and if he has that big of an issue with the way that some act.
    And it is some

  80. NotaBrianWhiteFan says:

    Brian White's character and judgment is questionable. I know this from personal experience. At this point, Nene probably has more pull in the industry than Brian Wanna-be White. The fact that he's starring in Tyler Perry's new movie means absolutely nothing…girl, next!

  81. pdevlin says:

    I don't know if NeNe is a 'stereotype' or not, but I do know I wouldn't want my daughter to emulate her. Loud, foul mouthed, obnoxious, showboating, insecure and worst of all, mean and nasty. She loves to start trouble with the other women and be the center of attention. Unfortunately, she has no talent and is not even pleasant to look at. Can't wait til they boot her off RHOA.

  82. Joshlynn says:

    You can not judge a person by what you see on tv. She gets paid to entertain. I would agree nene's on screen behavior is not ideal for young minds. Parents control the tv.

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