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Anatomy of A Facebook Hoax! Nolan Daniels Posts Pic of Winning Powerball Lottery Ticket + Offers “Friends” $1 Million… [PHOTOS]

Dec 1st 2012 | Written by ATLien

A social media user by the name of Nolan Daniels posted the photo above on his Facebook page proclaiming to be one of the winners of last week’s huge Powerball jackpot.

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Daniels’ page is private, however the photo above was posted as “public” along with the following caption:

Newsflash boys & girls…

Nolan Daniels is NOT one of the winers of that $588 million powerball jackpot and while the photo posted shows a lottery ticket with the correct jackpot numbers, the entire situation has been determined to be a hoax.

Take a closer look at Daniel’s “winning” lottery ticket…

Most of y’all don’t have the benefit of being a former lottery employee, so for those of you who don’t know, let me explain: Powerball numbers are printed in NUMERICAL order (from lowest to highest, left to right).

Again… take a closer look at Daniel’s ticket.

Had this been a legitimate ticket, the numbers would have read: ‘5 16 22 23 29 – 6′ instead of ’22 29 23 16 5 – 6′

In addition to the order of the winning numbers, another red flag appears to be the number ’16’ in the photos, which appears to have been a ’46’ that was altered.

The number ‘5’ on Daniels’ “winning” ticket looks suspect as well, and was most likely a ’55’ or a ‘6’.

This is clearly a photoshop job, but it was enough to dupe a lot of people… millions to be exact!

The public photo was shared online at about 10 p.m. Thursday evening (November 29, 2012) and so far, it’s received over 1.4 MILLION shares as of Friday evening (November 30, 2012).

Meanwhile, while Daniels is racking up on his facebook shares, a winner in Missouri came forward, and while Powerball has yet to confirm a second winner, video footage of the alleged second winner has surfaced.

I wonder why Nolan Daniels went so far to fool so many people? Seriously. What’s in it for him beside a few extra online “friends”? I wouldn’t put it past him to be in on one of those online scams where the “winner” has to pay “taxes” in order to get a certified check for their winnings.

In scams like those, the “winner” normally shells out thousands, thinking they’ll get a million or more in winnings. The “winner” is normally in for a rude awakening when their “certified check” or “money order” bounces in the bank, leaving them with no winnings AND the loss of their “tax” money.

Don’t fall for it people. If it looks too good to be true… you know the deal!

Would you (or DID you) fall for Daniels’ lottery hoax?


  1. Darryl Gee via Facebook says:

    Idiot. Why?

  2. Derek Daniels says:

    I am Nolan's biological brother. However, true brothers are defined by loyalty, honesty, and a bond of trust. He is not one of those kind of brothers. If you want to add to the viral stream, then you should know that he was dating my ex of 3 years in secret for a year and told me via email while on vacation with her after he left my house (roommates after his 2nd divorce) and left the business (partners for 6 years). Solid guy. I get the post, it is funny to some people. However, from what I hear about his message box being full of people's stories of hardship and desire for help is kind of sad. Even though most knew it was fake people hang onto the most slim opportunities for some luck, some hope. December is the number 1 month for heart attacks, strokes, and suicide. Combine that with the economic state of this country and people desperately hang on to even the tiniest bit of hope. I hope people were able to shake it off. I'm sure the vast majority did. The idea of someone winning and then sharing in a second lottery is touching. Too bad it this wasn't the case. Fake saint, real douche bag. – Derek Daniels

  3. tori says:

    Some people ain't got sh!t better else to do but make up sh!t that can EASILY be disproven…why though?

  4. Natasha Bostic-Louard via Facebook says:

    Hell no! I just don’t understand how people fall for bullshit like this .

  5. LXL says:

    I knew it was fake because real lotto tickets the numbers are from smallest to largest.

  6. El Woods via Facebook says:

    What’s the big deal? I didn’t fall for anything but JUST in case,yes I damn sure did share it,lol! Didn’t hurt or harm anything, it’s funny now if anything

  7. Evette says:

    What an idiot. Of course it's not real and even if it was real by "if" then that son of a bitch is rich and just had to flaunt. Broke mofo's are too secretive, too quiet and when do have anything over $20.00, they'd be the first ones claiming about they dont got no money.

  8. Jav Botwin via Facebook says:

    I knew he was lying thats why I didnt share! But did u see one of his “friends” say ” I heard it was a black winner I felt better knowing it was you” wtf??

  9. v says:

    Ain't nobody got time for that!

  10. Vay says:

    Wow Derek…hope you two can work though your family issues…life is too short not to.

    Take care

  11. how the hell he get the ticket??????

  12. No. The date of the tkt was for tonights drawing. He just purchased a tkt for the next drawing and used the same numbers

  13. Loving This Site says:

    Wow some folks just like toying with people and are a-holes. Derrick u can't pick family but you can pick your friends so I hope your surrounded by better individuals.

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