WTF?!? Man Sues Wife for Having Ugly Kids! Should You ‘Disclose’ Plastic Surgery Prior To Marriage?

Nov 7th 2013 | Written by ATLien

The old adage ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ may ring true for some, but one husband in northern China feels that his ‘beautiful’ wife bamboozled him by having ‘ugly’ kids.

Jian Feng sued his wife for giving birth to what he called ‘incredibly ugly’ girl and won.

“I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues,” he told the Irish Times.

“Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.”

But wait… there’s more to the story than Feng’s blatant lack of love for his own child, he insists that his wife should have told him about all the plastic surgery she’d had prior to meeting them so he could have made an informed decision on whether to marry her and procreate.

A judge agreed… 😯

Details + the wife’s before & after photos below…

Initially Jian accused his wife of infidelity, because he knew he could never be the father of an unattractive child but DNA tests proved that the child was indeed his.

Feng’s wife then came clean and admitted that she had undergone about $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery in South Korea before they met.

Before and After

Feng sued his wife on grounds of false pretenses, for not telling him the truth about the plastic surgery, and duping him into believing that she was beautiful.

A judge agreed with Feng’s argument and ordered his wife to fork over $120,000. (source)

I’m kind of in agreement with Feng.  Yes… ol girl should have told him about her procedures, but his issue wasn’t with her or her looks, it was with his own CHILD.

No one has control over their children’s appearance and it’s clearly possible for two beautiful people to produce a ‘not so attractive’ child and vice versa.

Feng thinks he’s attractive, but he’s totally UGLY on the inside with this whole focus of looks etc.  Perhaps his $120,000 will fill the void of his producing “ugly” children.

How do you feel about this story?

Was Feng justified in his feelings? Should his wife had revealed her procedures?


  1. MsKing30 says:

    This is toooo much.

    • JENNY JONES!!! says:


      • JENNY JONES!!! says:


      • A MKY says:

        Hey ignorant crap…fyi it is extremely common for Asians to have big eyes…

      • Goddess says:

        I agree with this guy. Had he known what she really looked like, he would have never noticed her, let alone had children with her. All 3 of those kids are ugly and I can see how he would be horrified because none of the children look like either one of the parents.

        This story is like a year old BTW.

      • Randawh says:

        Calm the fuck down, Jenny. Jesus Christ.

      • ScriptTease says:

        Yeah, but look at the damn before picture. Eyes are one thing, but this heifer changed her whole appearance. The little girl looks better than the boys.

    • Bobbi says:

      Why should a child have to pay for two very ignorant adults.God bless you with a child,you love that child regardless.If he gets in an accident TODAY and is dis-figured;is that child suppose to stop loving him? LORD HAVE MERCY!

      • Realtalk says:

        Good point @bobbi.what if he get hurt then that child says I don't love you because your looks changed.its not like he's thank ya Jesus fine!!

      • Scott Von says:

        Fraud is fraud and she should not get away with it. A child is a liability not a blessing. This is not the 18th century.

        • Pretty Onee says:

          How is it fraud ? She got the procedures done before she meet him . She did not get the surgery
          to inpress him . Why he kept getting her pregnant ? Why didn't he stop after she had the first child .

        • bobbi says:

          @Scott,you sound crazy!Babies are blessings.Get your head right!

    • Addie Miles says:

      She had the work done before they got married. She really didn't need to tell him.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And second his sperm is what makes the baby, What kind of judge will reward someone that low, about the looks of their child. This world is sad. She should sue is dumb ass

    • me says:

      see nothing wrong with kids he is nuts they look fine to me.

    • DeanB12 says:

      What in the world was she thinking? He married her because of her new look not love…come on dude? "I married my wife because I loved her…" I had to save this link on my page so I can view it whenever something comes to me that seems to be a really good deal…there seems to be a catch 90% of the time.

  2. Dounia NoId says:

    Cassidy Daouia LOL!!!!!!

  3. Lori says:

    At first I laughed when I read the header. After thought, I understand where the husband is coming from. It's almost like marrying a woman who used to be a man and he finds out later, duped! That actually happens by the way. The whole story is unfortunate.

    • Bill says:

      I would probably freak out too! It's like marrying Sophia Vergara and waking up one day to find out that I had kids with Roseanne Barr instead! You too would hear my blood-curdling screams!

  4. Lmao. I think I´ve finally seen it all!!!

  5. Hot Caddy Girl says:

    Yes, she should have told hime that she had plastic surgery, but his dumb azz needs to realize that his daughter also has his DNA. And why do they have THREE kids?! If the little girl "horrified" him why did he continue to get "lost in the sauce" and continue to procreate? Dumb azz!

  6. :) never be fooled by outward appearance, lesson learnt buddy

  7. Not only that Sbosh if his first child was ugly as he puts it. Tell me why HE would have 2 more? Hummmm

  8. I read about this #shameful because she had plastic surgery before they got together. Lawd. Children are blessings and I´m going to end it right here.

  9. I read about this #shameful because she had plastic surgery before they got together. Lawd. Children are blessings and I´m going to end it right here. They look like HER. Those kids didn´t ask to be born tho so suck it up.

  10. lmbo!! i´m in tears smh

  11. Of course I would want to know if you had plastic surgery!

  12. Rena Jackson says:

    I didn´t know you could do that lol

  13. Lmao too, I saw that. You can sue for anything.

  14. Bane Brady says:

    He thought that but made 3. Idiot.

  15. No surgery can change your DNA

  16. they look like his ugly ass

  17. Bam! says:

    Considering the country they're from, she should be glad he didn't kill their daughter when he discovered she looked like a booger. She's lucky he only sued her.

  18. mecarter says:

    You know what I've said this before that with all the modern advances and our culture being so appearance driven, people who have gone through great lengths to transform themselves…still have to worry about off-spring coming into this world looking like their real selves. You can change your appearance if you have the coins to do so…but not DNA and genetics.

  19. Kendra Owens says:

    Well, he must going to sue himself also cause he is just as responsible for the ugly kids.

  20. Loving This Site says:

    Is this story recent?there has been a report like this before

  21. This jackass takes no responsiblity for half of his children´s looks. Poor kids…to have a certifiable jackass for a father.

  22. FoxyB says:

    But ummmmmmm, why he keep knocking her up after the first ugly baby?

  23. That´s fuck up on a lot of levels

  24. I´m REALLY gonna need ATLien to get back on her game and keeping up with the news and gossip. You used to be the FIRST to tell the T, now it´s like you´re a day to a week late…or don´t cover it at all.

  25. Mrs.Scott says:

    I don't care how much surgery you have on your face, the child's looks are going to pull from the original DNA. I just hope this child's feeling of rejection donot affect her the rest of her life or if there is more, then all of them. She needs to check his record too.

  26. sydney says:

    Some people online are saying this story is a hoax or at least the family portrait is not really the family. That same picture was used in an ad for a plastic surgeon last year.

    • Mrs.Scott says:

      So the photo they use shows how good looking you can be compared to not so handsome or pretty kids you have.

      • sydney says:


        There are other issues I noticed befoe I read it was a hoax. For ex. I thought there was a one child limit in China. So why three kids? Also, he talked about how he fist noticed the daughter being ugly what about that little boy on the right. He looks older than the daughter and just like her. Finally, that woman does not have the nose the kids have on her before photo. So where did that nose come from?

        • Tan says:

          I agree. I was like, the boy standing on the right looks to be the older child. All three children look alike, so why single the little girl out?

  27. the78msj says:

    Y'all going in on him but what about her? She straight up lied, her whole everything was false advertisement. That's like once being a man and then becoming a woman and not disclosing. Truth will always come out in the DNA, perhaps he thought the looks of the child would improve once they got older. I don't blame the man she sold him a dream which turned into a nightmare and y'all forget that some folks genes are more dominate them others. If she had to spend 100,000 to get to beauty those not so attractive gene is going to overpower his cause clearly ugly is stronger then beauty. She could have told him she didn't she got a man under false pretenses so bloop. I'm with the husband and the judge on this one.

  28. Flatshoalsslim says:

    lmao this shit is funny as hell man. You gotta warn a brother next time

    • Cheryl Lemley says:

      This child should not be left in the care or custody of a father who thinks she is ugly. The emotional abuse is a given and he might physically harm her because he finds her so hideous. The welfare of a little girl is at stake here!

  29. LOL, I have seen it all.

  30. Kristi Collins
    Renette Coles
    Shonda Hightower

  31. WTH!!!! they look just like him….

  32. monique says:

    Future note to all…Plastic surgery may improve or change YOUR looks but does not change your DNA. I can see how he would have wanted a DNA test tho but don;t punish the child, it's not her fault.

  33. Michael Clark says:

    It was his sperm That made them babies…

  34. Yes reveal everything fake from your hair to your feet

  35. Damn…what about the kids in all of this? What has this done to them and their spirit? Heartbreaking. Smh.

  36. Fl to Va chick says:

    I think she was wrong and ultimately he rejected the child and his wife because it's still her on the inside..not sure why she thought switching faces would change her original DNA.

  37. He isn´t that cute maybe the kids get the ugly gene from his side of the family!

  38. Lol they look like him

  39. Did he ever stop to think that maybe the “ugly” gene came from his DNA :/

  40. Tarah Ransom says:

    ROFLMAO OMG I screamed when i read this LOL

  41. @Paula.. Nah! It clearly came from her DNA I saw the before and after picture of her!lol

  42. We´ll they are his kids the combo of the two is what they received he´s not going to be on the top 10 most beautiful people in the world what beauty pageants has he won cause he´s not handsome and he proberly smell like kimshee that rotting gabbage

  43. Ronda Butler says:

    Dang gum! Jesus be a fence!

  44. The Chinese Govt. should be coming for him seeing that he is over the one child limit, must be a rich guy

  45. elle says:

    Now, them kids gonna need plastic surgery!

  46. Lmbo I don´t know but the story is funny.

  47. NewMeKnowYou says:

    OMG, I kinda agree with him. Nobody in their right mind would procreate with that before pic.

  48. Wow … She´s shady .. Major transformation

  49. Alyssa Homen says:

    Woooowwwwww whats worse her being shady as fuck, or him being horrified by his own children!!!! You should love them unconditionally!!!!

  50. Punky says:

    WTF is right!!!I cannot even fathom how someone could ever look at their child and think they were hideous. Heartless bastard!!! He isn't good looking outside or inside. But,why did he continue to have children with his wife if he thought the first one wasn't satisfactory. What a gross human being he is an a disgrace to humankind!!!!

  51. chinese people would do stupid shit like that lol

  52. Drama Dupree says:

    You know what … I just can´t with this story.

  53. KandiGrl3000 says:

    Albeit hysterical, this is a hoax. This story started circulating last year and investigators found that it is a rather cruel advertisement for a plastic surgery clinic in Taiwan.

  54. Liz Hardiman says:

    He “Ain´t all that” to look at either!!!!

  55. Sash says:

    I remember seeing this awhile back and CRACKING UP! It reminds me of the comedians who joke about all the plastic surgery people have, then expect Jesus to recognize them at the gates of heaven. Very funny, but sad in the sense of how China doesn't respect girl babies as it is…

  56. He act like he fine , them kids look like him and the old her !

  57. IJS says:

    You can have more than one child if you are part of a minority. By minority I mean, a descendent from a nonexistent province, wealthy, or married to a foriegner. There are MANY men in China, and few woman, so the men are very particular about who they marry. They know its their only chance at having a family. And, they want thier families perfect. Also, there are many woman in China who are deemed unattractive (not sure why), and are not married, eventhough the ratio of men to woman is extremely unbalanced. Not saying it's right, but I understand given the culture why he was awarded the money. Btw, this happened almost a year ago…

  58. lmfao,,, shes not ugly, but them sons look a little funny, maybe they will even out as they get older

  59. NICKI LOVE says:


  60. Sit yo Ugly azz down #Chinigga!!!!!

  61. Not_In_The_Crowd says:

    Damn, we can't even get murderer's convicted and now you can successfully sue your spouse cause your kids aren't cute. Honestly it's his own fault for being so shallow in the first place.

  62. stanhope says:

    Well he himself is not the hottest tamale on the plate. That said, it is the boy who is as was said of Ms. Seeley said in the Color Purple,,,chile you sho is ugly. What's he going to do now? Divorce the wife? Disinherit the kids? This isn't much different than ages ago when a dark skinned kids popped out when a lighter skinned Black woman married a white man. The slave wet midwife was instructed to kill a dark baby and say that it was still born if it came out dark. The husband was duped but he's still a douche.

  63. What justifies Ugly the inside or the Outside.

  64. Just when I think I have seen or heard it all…smh

  65. Eric says:

    SMH. I used to be 120 pounds heavier than my current weight. Am I obligated to tell every woman I meet this? I don't think so. However, if it was a woman who I was serious about, then I would definitely tell her. But not because I don't want her to be surprised if our child is fat. It'll be just because I think when you marry someone you should reveal everything about yourself. Obviously, she was embarrassed about how so used to look, which was not exactly monstrous.
    But this guy is conceited to the highest power. Who in the hell calls their children ugly?

  66. I agree with this strongly because if you went through all that trouble not to look like you looked before what makes you think that your kids will come out how you look post surgery. but then he should have been given the opportunity to decide if he still wanted to have kids with her…look at her before pics..yes he was tricked. It´s amazing what cosmetic surgery can do.

  67. they look like his ugly ass before the cosmetic surgery..

  68. Jesus let us pray……

  69. Maybe that was a result of his genes

  70. shad says:

    this story is so old

  71. She is wrong for that. But that´s what he gets for marrying for looks. LOL.

  72. stlbelle says:

    The whole thing is a mess. Her lying & him suing, but DAMN her plastic surgeon is the shiz. He hooked her up for real. Kudos to the Doc.

  73. Anonymous says:

    There were sources saying this story might be a hoax since the photo was taken from Taiwan plastic surgery center ad. I'd take this with a grain of salt.

  74. Jaye37 says:

    As sad as it is often times looks trump everything else. The man was harsh but he was being honest!!!

  75. fraulein says:

    "he knew he could never be the father of an unattractive child"
    He talked as if he is super duper nice looking and yet no picture of him to prove that his genetic is much better than his wife.

    I hope his ex wife takes the baby from him. He does not deserve to be a father by calling his own child ugly.

  76. twin1 says:

    This story is not real. Go to and search to find this out.

    • Shay Shay says:

      Its real. According the NY Post:

      "Clarification: Reports of Feng’s lawsuit against his wife were originally reported in European and US newspapers in 2004, but with no details of any adjudication or payout. While many have cast doubt on the wild tale, details of an alleged civil settlement were reported on Chinese Web sites last year and English-language media this week."

  77. Msknoitalll says:

    She may have been ugly but that good-good must be right…he sho kept going back for more and got him three ugly azz kids. Would've been smart to stop that madness after the first uuuggglllyy kid popped out!!!!

  78. Accept Reality says:

    For those who says the husband is horrible must be an ugly person yourself. Nature is fair to all, the ones with healthy genetics will breed with those of similar qualities and those who does not will do so with their own kind.

    Those who goes for intense plastic surgery are nothing more but pretenders, liars, and of course in denial of reality. You are destroying the healthy pool of genetics, degrading the lineage of those who has superior genetics. I hope this man will get more than $120,000.00.

    • V says:

      Accept reality, yea u are speaking from a point of view where u are pretty or perfect or average on line.

      I had seen severe bullies, social cruelty, being looked down to those who are born with unpleasant look. Finding the job is harder, which on driven by social living environment enforce them to go under knife.

      Its their choice to have a better life, she might really loved her husband to get that. Superior genetics? There is no one superior here. If you are saying to protect the husband, try thinking from the point of view of the not-good-looking wife.

      being look down, even the man she love say will consider the marriage if he were know it earlier on. It's not her fault for born ugly, no one want to born ugly? at least she does act on it.

      The part that she is not telling the husband is her fault though, otherwise she wouldnt need to marry a JERK SCU*BAG, lots of man with better heart than him.

  79. Graham says:

    I totally feel for the husband. After seeing the before picture, I would need to puke a bucket when recalling putting the tongue inside that mouth and her pussy.
    Nonono,… that's just wrong. Marriage is for most a once in a lifetime thing and he sued the wife for exactly that, wasting his youth, for which he could have scored a real beauty.
    The wife should pay up, given the say 10 years of relationship, $140,000 for fucking someone she could never have scored in her original form, its still a steal. Me fucking whores for 10 years would be way more expensive, maybe that's the way to go, to turn myself into Brad Pitt to save money.

  80. Alicia says:

    This is crazy. Why does it matter what she looked like before her surgeries? Pfft, he married her for LOVE my ass. If that was the case, he wouldnt care less of how she looked before their marriage. As far as their daughter, i see nothing "ugly" about her, or their other two children. Just the father's fucked up perception of beauty. And the judicial system in China defended him TWICE with this shit?? The world we live in….smdh….

  81. primepeng says:

    Ok. I read about this case before but you have messed it up with the wrong family photo. The man feng has a daughter as first child, and clearly she cannot be the youngest in the photo. By the way the family photo was taken from an advertisement but the woman in photo below is real though. Notice that the picture is marked with a logo at the bottom.

    Ok…in my opinion, if the man can sue someone on any reason. Then the daughter will grow up one day and sue back the man for not holding his duty as a parent.

  82. jimbo says:

    Without the surgery, he probably would not have had sex with her in the first place. No surgery, no sex, no kids.

    The Nobel Peace Prize goes to the surgeon who did the work on her, though. Astounding difference with or without makeup.

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