LaTocha Scott (Formerly of Xscape) Goes Glam… [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Sep 17th 2012 | Written by ATLien

LaTocha Scott (formerly of Xscape) recently got all glammed up for a new photoshoot with photographer Calvin Evans.

Yes… she’s still around, but every since Kandi Burruss made it quite clear that there will NEVER be an Xscape reunion (click here if you missed that), it seems the other ladies in the group can’t catch a break.

LaTocha’s still grinding though and even released a new single a while ago…

[LISTEN: “Complicated” ~ LaTocha Scott (Formerly of Xscape) ft. Wale ]

More photos from LaTocha’s new shoot + behind the scenes footage below…

VIDEO: Behind The Scenes With LaTocha Scott

LaTocha looks amazing! Shout out to Calvin Evans for the pics/video.

Photos: Calvin Evans



  1. Just Saying says:

    Irrelevant! Next!

  2. Donna says:

    Om, Latocha looks great! She puts these new "vocalist" to shame, yes GAWD honey!!

  3. aTypical says:

    She always looked like a cabbage patch doll to me…

  4. Nitapie says:

    She the one broke the group up because she felt like she would do better by herself, but we all see where that got her. Now she wants to ride on Kandi and Tiny coatail. Smh at these "im better than the rest of yal folks"

  5. lockstress says:

    Uhm…I'm more interested in knowing who in the hell is wearing that orange bird on his back! Now that's glam!

  6. Sasha T. says:

    The Scott sisters can really sing. I like her a lot. Looking good LaTocha.

  7. Alfton says:

    I am happy for her and want to see her succeed because I am so tired of BS artist FRFR

  8. Cosign says:

    This so she would be perfect, if those poor people werent in it.

  9. stlchick says:

    Am I the only one who feels she looks the same? I thought she was pretty back then, it's just that she was noticeably bigger than the other group members. She still wasn't fat. And she was the best singer in the group. Interested in seeing what happens.

  10. dottie says:

    I am disappointed that there isn't going to be xscape reunion, I was a huge fan of that group. Something must have really went down in that group.

  11. crazybeautiful says:

    Is that what you call "glam"? Gurrrl let me get you some magazines…

  12. Loving This Site says:

    She can really sing but if you burned bridges by spilling business that is not yours then you cant be in the music industry, sorry. You have to know to keep your mouth shut and turn a blind eye to some things in that industry

  13. BouTthatLIFE says:

    It's so funny to hear the negative opinions of worthless people who are bitter and mad & more than likely doing nothing with their own lives LOL wow lots of ha8tred going on in this Atlanta region!!!! Don't think I will be moving there!!!

  14. Michelle says:

    Very talented young lady, I loved her voice with Xscape. Good to see her trying to do her own thing, I hope it works out for her.

  15. mary says:

    they dont need kandi for a reunion….kandi didn't do all the lead vocals anyway! she got kandi beat in the looks department anyway so hey and vocally so do your thing girlie! the group broke bad cuz the other sister told that kandi was a ho and screwing every nigga that called her cute including jermaine dupri! kandi broke up the group with her hoish ways and the others couldn't take it, hell she even dated tiny's ex now deceased aj so hey..kandi broke up the group cuz she was a ho! who wanted to be around aho?

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