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Cover Shots: Tiny & Zonnique For Hype Hair + “Sh*t Tiny Says” [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Apr 11th 2012 | Written by ATLien

Tameka “Tiny” Harris and her 16-year old daughter Zonnique cover the current issue of Hype Hair Magazine.

The mother/daughter duo are both known for their “Hype Hair” styles but each has their own signature style.

Tiny changes her hair colors as easily as most women switch lipsticks while Zonnique aka “Star,” sticks with her blue doo as part of the hot teen girl group, The OMG Girlz.

This year has already jumped off for the superstar teen.

Not only is she part of a successful girl group with the hot song “Gucci This Gucci That” making waves, but Nique Nique recently received a brand new Porsche at her star-studded sweet 16 party!

And speaking of ‘Nique-Nique’ have you seen the hilarious “Sh*t Tiny Says To T.I.” spoof video?

If you need a laugh…

VIDEO: Things Tiny Says


  1. ladyl says:

    Her daughter is a very pretty young lady.She would still be prettier without the blue hair.

  2. ladyl says:

    Hey Michelle, do you know why Toya took her daughter out of the OMG Girlz?


    You know, they coach was in violation of the law, etc., but seriously,… I'm not sure 'transporting the students to the next exit' is my idea of properly handling the situation. Is proving your point on a traffic violation sufficient reason to neglect the welfare of minors??? I would hope not!

  4. yeap_you says:

    That video is not funny. People need to leave Tiny alone. Shits annoying and redundant at this point. If Tiny wanted to change something(nose,voice,mouth..whatever..blah,blah,blah)…her and T.I. have the money to do so. So get off her SHIT! lol

  5. yeap_you says:

    and thats a beautiful cover. Tiny and Zeboe genes mix well. Zonnique is very pretty.

  6. jrzsfnst609 says:

    Eff that Tiny sounds just like that..that shyt is hillarious!!!!

  7. Kamalla says:

    Zonnique looks so old! She looks at least 30!

    Tiny is seeming more and more like a pimp to me.

  8. TheOneHeLoves says:

    I've always like Tiny since her escape days. Talk about her if you want, but you can't say she don't take care of her business. This impersonator is annoying @ some points and others has her voice, but she needs to sit down.

  9. The Duchess of Duke Street says:

    Tiny is definatley no oil painting.

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