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Not So Blind Item: We Just Call Her Lisa We Don’t Know Her “Real” Name…

Jan 26th 2012 | Written by ATLien

This former Real Housewife of Atlanta cast member used to be one of my personal favorites when she was on the show.

My feelings for her honestly didn’t change until way after she got the boot from RHOA, when I was approached on some ‘ol confrontational type ish when I spilled the TEA about her divorce and her fake name.

Since I’m already on her sh*t list, posting this new “blind Item” shouldn’t make a big difference, but I’m almost positive I’ll still hear about it even though I didn’t write it. But whatEV…

So without further adieu, take a long sip of industry TEA on an ex-housewife that may (or may not) be named “Lisa Wu-Hartwell“…

Courtesy of JackyJasper:

“She slept with Ralph Tresvant while he was married to his wife Shelly. She smashed Teddy Riley while he was married to his wife Donna, she lived with Curtis Conway until he met and married Laila Ali. But her biggest come up was when she married Ed Hartwell.

This chic went on a reality television show pretending to be educated, wealthy, monogamous, honest, in love, trust worthy, a mother and wife. By the second season she was exposed as a liar and manipulator.

She refuses to acknowledge the truth, and she’s a sneaky messy liar. Don’t believe me.. Ask Andy Cohen.

Chic is so desperate to be seen on television, that it really destroyed her when she got fired (she didn’t read the Bravo contract properly). She lied and said two years ago that she was filming and doing a movie with an A- list celebrity. Where is the movie?

Don’t believe me.. Ask Robert Downey Jr.

I also would like to understand how a woman who’s a real estate mogul never owned a home of her own.

Once she slept in a full bed pushed against the wall until Keith Sweat saved her. I Remember when she and her sister both worked at AAA Auto Insurance. This woman could only date a man with money.

Don’t believe me.. Ask her former millionaire husband Ed Hartwell.

She’s so scandalous, onetime she when on a long road tour with some entertainer and lost her two children.

Girl is a hoe, her sister and her took a trip to Las Vegas and she smashed her sisters wealthy boyfriend for $15,000. When her sister asked her where did she get the money from she told her sister ‘ Keith Sweat wired me the money’.

Her sister called Keith on the phone and he told her ‘I didn’t give your sister a dime’.
She ended up telling her sister the truth about smashing her boyfriend, but she told her it was all for the money.”

Our blind item should stop chasing fame and she should focus more on being a mother. Don’t believe me.. Ask our blind items publicist Jonell Whitt.

DISCLAIMER: The blind item above originated at HSK and the photo of Lisa Wu-Hartwell Lisa Wu aka Sharon Millette was used strictly for illustration purposes. Any information contained in my Blind or Not So Blind posts are unverified rumors and should not be taken as fact. takes no responsibility or liability for the assumptions or comments made by our readers.

Oooooh JUICY!

To be fair, I don’t even think Lisa Wu can afford a publicist any longer. But then again… some publicists around these here parts HAVE been known to work for free so…

All that drama & no husband should actually RE-qualify Lisa Sharon for her RHOA spot.

Do you miss Miss Wu Sharon Millette on RHOA?



  1. coupe_22 says:

    Ohhhhh ATLien I lub you!!!

  2. Nikki Brown via Facebook says:

    Oohh…that was some GOOD Tea!

  3. Hmmmmmmmmm Oh Baby you be on it….. This was truly an Blind Item

  4. Gwendolyn Gwendella Johnson via Facebook says:

    Oooh 0_O

  5. Phat Kat says:

    I've followed you for a year so and you make the rest seem sophomoric. Really thought you were cheated for the best blog of the year when they gave it to Nichole Hitchie or whatever she calls it. Just my point of view

  6. cutiepie says:

    Sounnds like somebody is mad and bitter whatever Lisa do why you mad though?

  7. That’s that past she changed we love lisa( professional name) wu

  8. Tee says:

    yes, i do miss lisa on rhoa. whe was one of my favorites.

  9. NewMeKnowYou says:

    @atlien, you shouldn't have to defend yourself on your articles. Wendy Williams started off on the radio by spilling the TEA on a slew of people and she made some enemies along the way by speaking the truth. Now look she's a very successful woman doing the same thing on a national level. Don't change what you do to appease the public.
    And no Lisa is not missed on RHOA, I can't even remember her story line. Ed had the story line trying to get back on the field.

  10. NewMeKnowYou says:

    wait, didn't she exit RHOA because she didn't want to PRETEND she was divorcing her husband. She should have taken that opportunity it would have giving her practice for her reality.

  11. Agree Celeste, that her past, a past that she left behind..I like her!

  12. shad says:

    i liked everybody on rhoa during the first season…lol..i dunno what happened after that

  13. Kena Elle via Facebook says:

    It may be her past, but what an interesting one. To stoop to prostitution w/your sisters boyfriend is a shameful low…

  14. Haley'smom Lewis via Facebook says:


  15. msmin23 says:

    So "Closet Freak" was the correct title then?!?!

  16. Catherine Harvey Parnell via Facebook says:

    That is sad

  17. Lj says:

    I liked Lisa but *shrugs* its whatever

  18. sexxy says:

    Lisa was messy on rhoa,don't care for her so much.

  19. grownnsexy says:

    These reality shows are all fake.I like Lisa's part and who cares about what her real name is.It's all staged and edited.I wouldn't have cameras all in my personal life either.

  20. Donnica says:

    This is a mess! But you are hilarious!! :)

  21. Lol! This is some funny tea. You ain’t got to lie to kick it! Just go back to school and earn a degree in maybe psychology or even better, finance. *Shrugs *

  22. @Atlantaaaaa says:

    No I dont miss her on RHOA. The sad part about it is that I knew that she was unfit when she was on the show and Keith Sweat had full custody of her kids. WOW just WOW! I thought Ed Harwell would never leave her. LLH!

  23. mzw says:

    This site is truly my ALL TIME FAVORITE. Ms. ATLien, folks need to "shift some stuff" around and get you on primetime TV. You have outgrown yourself (smile)….And the way you "correct" folks…. when they are trying to put YOU on blast is amazing! GOOD JOB!

  24. Pam says:

    Hmm! I guess that's why Keith Sweat kept his foot on her neck.He already knew she was messy. Playing the "victim" and Keith was the "bad" guy. Should of know I always question why women end up losing custody of their kids. What u put in the wash always come out!!

  25. aries says:

    i read that tea a couple days ago. if lisa is messy, then she will fit right in with nene and the rest of the crew. i would like to see lisa and deshawn return to the RHOA along with all the women on the show.

  26. GlamFashion says:

    Say it aint so…Damn she was my favorite and I always thought she was the "realest". I guess not. Whats up with them chicks not wanting to use their REAL name damn are you that afraid of your past boo?

  27. deeznuts says:

    This is old news *Yawn*

  28. F says:

    Awwww I really liked Lisa/Sharon. No wonder she couldn't get back on TV. I thought she would do well with her Hollywood looks. Sad.

  29. If I correctly remember her opening line for RHOA “If it doesn’t make me money, I don’t do it!”. But hell it seems like she “doing” a lot.

  30. lockstress says:

    Ok…so was that really her momma and daddy?

  31. Angeleyez07 says:

    Damn… that sounded personal! But…it was ever so hilarious nonetheless! She is gonna scratch your eyes out Michelle! lol

  32. Rocci says:

    OK Michelle. The next time she "confronts" you and smacks you in the mouth for being messy what are you gonna do?

  33. lilkunta says:

    so sharon went on tour adn that is why she lost custody of her 2 sons w keith?

    why did lisa get fired from RHOA?

    where is she living now?

    does she have custody of EJ?

  34. Taffy Clay says:

    I can't STAND Lisa Hartwell! The bitch aint shit! I know Ed AND Keith well, and I know Lisa. She got into it with Cadillac Kimberly at an audition and when Cadillac cut her down AND walked away she wouldn't let it go. I saw it for myself! She almost died. The bitch went to EVERY LEVEL at BET to bring about even MORE of a problem! It really made HER end up looking bad. She's a STRAIGHT GOLD DIGGER, CAMERA WHORE AND NAME DROPPER! Yeah, where is the movie she kept saying she would be in? Or the clothing line? And the line for babies? And the………And if she says one more time how tight she is with Tyler Perry. Give it a rest Kung Fu, and tell her fat ass suck girl "Talkin with Tami" to get her big ass nose exfoliated. That white shit around it is gross!

  35. JENNY JONES!! says:


  36. Dede says:

    I agree Celeste, I swear I have to start checking these articles before I read them because this is 2nd hand news.

  37. Maurie says:

    At the end of the day,its her life..people make mistakes as long as they learn from it who am i to judge.I hope she changed or matured now to know better atleast for her kids sake.!

  38. critter says:

    This breaks my heart, I bought what she was selling – duh…

  39. Dana Rann via Facebook says:


  40. Eboni Brewer via Facebook says:

    well damn..that was my tea for the day lol #rachet

  41. DemetriseJoi BabyCakes Pete via Facebook says:

    She was 1 of the few that I DID like, damn!!!! TEA HAS BEEN SPILLED!!!

  42. Charketa Buie via Facebook says:


  43. Arnitra Sugah Brewer via Facebook says:


  44. Dottie says:

    WOW, That's some good gossip. I knew that girl was fake, I can tell by watching the show

  45. SMH says:

    What I can tell you is Lisa Wu is her real name…I went to school with her.and the other sister I think your talking abt is Sherry Wu. I remember them being back dancers for Teddy RIley n them..

    I think her biggest come up was Keith Sweat…I read she ran through a lot of his money…I think she got an alias, becuase she was being sued by a lot of people.

  46. Suthernhummingbyrd says:

    But I always got the vibe from her that she was a messy gold digging heffa-who the hell comes all the way and leave their folks in the hood?Guess that pretty face and body didn't save the day after all.

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