Greg & Nene Leakes Essence Day 2

Spotted: NeNe & Greg Leakes “Boo’d Up” in the Belvedere Lounge… [PHOTOS]

Jul 6th 2011 | Written by ATLien

NeNe Leakes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and her husband Greg were spotted boo’d up in the corner of the Belvedere Lounge during the 2011 Essence Festival last weekend (July 2, 2011).

The storyline of next season’s “Housewives” is rumored to be focused on Nene & Greg’s “divorce,” so it’s obvious why the two made sure they weren’t photographed together. If you recall, Lisa Wu-Hartwell was booted from the show after she WOULDN’T pretend there was drama in her marriage, apparently NeNe & Greg have decided to play the game.

Greg sat around looking bored in the corner while NeNe left to pose on the red carpet…

More photos…

One day y’all will pay attention to me! It’s my understanding that these two will NEVER break up because they know too much dirt on each other (at least that’s what I’ve been told).

The Leakes’ have also been spotted chillin ‘on the low’ during NeNe’s trips to Miami and L.A. It’s all good though… at least they’re working together for the common good.

And YES… they left together. Make that money girl!

Would you PRETEND there was drama between you & your significant other to keep household income generating?

Be honest!

Photos: Joi Pearson & WireImage


  1. sad to say i didnt even know exactly wat was goin on but the 1st thing came to mind was Ne-Ne. Becasue after watching the show all the ladys got things goin for themselves except her. her husband is the bread winner so if she left him she couldnt support herself and her son.

  2. Son”S”…plural. Her oldest is a bum so she’s supporting his grown ass too….

  3. yes….I would,if it’s paying the bills!

  4. LaMonica Hall via Facebook says:

    No, would not think twice about!! I would move on just like Lisa did, I have to have a happy home, no amount of pressure or $ could make me cause stress and strife in my home!! What other people do for $ is a damn shame……

  5. nene is the bread winner in that marriage! but yes i would pretend to keep the flow of money streaming

  6. k says:

    i never believe that crap anyway. sheree speaks like she's reading a script. phadra the "coon" says the most ignorant crap out her mouth for shock value. they all broke cept for phadra and the newest one is a convict. iaint watching that hotmess. stopped long time ago

  7. she really loves him thats all…all relationships have some drama now thats reality

  8. sugarmomma14068 says:

    NeNe is soooooo phony….she’s so predictable yet she always claims to keep real….real messy…she’s hopelessly devoted to drama. I would never deceive anyone about anything GOD put together.

  9. ashley says:

    1st of all just because dey relationship were having problems and now there back together that doesn’t mean they were never having problems and don’t believe everything you hear they could just be friends and if they got back together that’s there business and not no one elses you never heard the saying talk what you know and not before but on another note its clear the ugly lady who owns this site doesn’t like nene cause she never post nothing nice about her I bet she didn’t post that Marlo Hampton and NENE are friends people who blog will post anything to get hits on there website and to get people to read so don’t believe everything u hear!!!

  10. Kamalla says:

    Gregg looks miserable and Nene looks hungry.

  11. Tanya says:

    Maybe they are trying to work it out. Why must you assume they are faking it; even if they are, isn't it good news to see that their marriage is still thriving? Now let's get the scoop on you and Sheree's cock-eyed ex-husband.

  12. shad says:

    happy to see them together…hope it all works out for them…

  13. nope cuz she claim to b so real n out spoken b real then

  14. KoatedKandie says:

    I wonder why with Greg intelligence he had not done a TELL ALL book. This says it all-regardless I don't see them surviving the storm because Nene has gotten to big for her britches.
    I wish there was something plastic surgery could do to make her beautiful. She is so masculine looking.

  15. k says:

    @ michael greg is the bread winner? greg dont work in a pie shop. lol where he going?

  16. k says:

    @ koated kandie cuz bfravo paying greg too. made for tv yall

  17. lesa says:

    YES!!I Would in ah heartbeat like you said to work for the common good long as we know its ah recession heey! lol

  18. JazzyJ says:

    Nene is a loud lying cow with a quick weave! I cannot wait until her 5 minute fame bus pass is revoked so she can crawl back in the gutter she fell out of.


  20. tifany says:

    Sooo, what's really going on???? See I was suspicious before, but now I am convinced that the person who writes for this blog has some sort of jealousy or vendetta concerning Nene Leakes. @Ashley called it correctly, I too visit the site from time to time and every story that I read regarding Nene is so negative and one-sided, it is ridiculous. I am a fan of Mrs. Leakes and would be the first to say that she is loud, she can be crass and confrontational and elegant and soft-hearted and genuine all at the same time. That's why most people like her because that is real (we are complex). Nene reminds you of a black woman that you yourself know and want to be around. Why is it sooo inconceivable that these two were headed towards divorce, but they have allowed God to reconcile their marriage???

    So when this "nickel and dime" gossip blog takes his/her personal, insecure, childlike rants, that's full of one-sided hateful views, just to throw shade on people that they have issues with, then I know that this isn't a site that I will re-visit.

    Really, what is it??? Did she not give you an interview, didn't acknowledge you on the street or at an event? Whatever it is, get over it because jealousy and envy are wasted emotions.

    Note to the editor: CHECK YOUR MOTIVES!!!

  21. thats nothing new. They were at esso’s a few weeks back

  22. Tracie Marshall via Facebook says:

    Are these recent?

  23. These pictures were taken this summer during the time RHOA was being shot. I only reposted this to prove a point cause Nene is talking about being separated on tonights show…

  24. Greg better run real fast from NeNe !

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