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WATCH: Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta: Episode #5 “No Receipts” [FULL VIDEO + RECAP]

Jul 16th 2012 | Written by ATLien

Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta aired it’s 5th episode tonight to the dismay of many of a DirectV customer (I am one of ’em).

There were a few live streams online but I didn’t manage to catch any.

So what did we all miss on Episode 5? Basically, JoJo Dancer Joseline Hernandez and her 4 big braids muster up the courage to apologize to Erica for accusing her of sleeping with Stevie J. when that fight went down between he and Lil Scrappy during ep 4. (click HERE if you missed it).

“I probably owe her an apology. I thought she had sex with Stevie,” says Joseline. “I thought he smashed her. I guess I was wrong.”

Unfortunately, even though she’s sorry, she and Erica aren’t about to be friends.

For those of you (like me) who missed Episode 5 (No Receipts), watch FULL VIDEO below… Continue Reading…


Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Ep. 4: Stevie J & Scrappy Brawl + JOEsaline’s “Secret” Revealed By Momma Dee! [FULL VIDEO]

Jul 10th 2012 | Written by ATLien

 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta continues it’s reign of ratchedness with more deception from Stevie J and his boy toy/jump off Jose-line.

While the world still asked “Can a man get pregnant?” the deception continues as Joseph Joseline “recovers” from the “abortion” she had during episode 3 with Stevie J is right by her side. [Sidebar: I wonder if he was by her side as she recovered from that fight at the club last week too?]

Anywhoo… Mimi Faust is still playing the victim and Lil Scrappy moves into his own place as he’s shown chillaxin with reality show vixen Shay “Buckeey” Johnson from Flavor of Love.

The sh*t also hits the fan between Lil Scrappy and Stevie J. as Scrappy confronts Stevie for disrespecting his baby mama, Erica Dixon.

Erica and Scrappy are outside waiting for Stevie J when he walks out of the studio with Joseline. Everyone is calm, and Stevie attempts to be the bigger man by apologizing for calling Erica a “bitch.” Everything goes left when Scrappy calls Joseline a “bitch” (cause we all know she’s a dude) and Joseline accuses Erica and Stevie J of having sex. (via VH1)

The argument turns into a brawl and after a few rounds of fighting between the two couples Scrappy yells… “Ain’t nobody getting a check in the A now. Y’all better go to New York with that bullshit!”

I guess Scrappy’s cutting’ the checks these days huh? Who knew…

Watch the FULL episode below PLUS check out what Mama Dee reveals (off the record) about Joseline’s “womb” (or lack thereof)… Continue Reading…

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Joseline Hernandez Attacked During Love & Hip Hop Episode 3 Viewing Party! ~ [FIGHT SCENE VIDEO + FULL EPISODE]

Jul 3rd 2012 | Written by ATLien

It was a hot time in downtown Atlanta last night during a viewing party for the 3rd episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.

While a group of people assembled at a spot located on Auburn Avenue to have a good time and discuss the outcome of the show, one “fan” in particular approached Joseline Hernandez and bluntly asked her why did she have an abortion.

Details are sketchy as to who threw the first punch, but apparently Jose pushed the girl and the ATL chick promptly issued her a beat down.

Additional details about the fight as well as video from the scene under the cut PLUS watch the episode that ignited the altercation… Continue Reading…

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WATCH: Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta ~ Ep 1 “The A List” [FULL VIDEO] + Funky Dineva’s Review…

Jun 16th 2012 | Written by ATLien

VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta is set to air in a few days and the cast celebrated with a premiere party for the new season of the show last week (June 13, 2012).

[PHOTO GALLERY: Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta Premiere Party at Frank Ski’s]

I’m trying my best to hold my tongue about this show because CLEARLY it is purely for entertainment, but I just wish there were some better representations of Atlanta on the show.

That being said, I’ll let y’all draw your own conclusions. But after watching a sneak peek of the premiere episode, I see umma have to hold my tongue and just let the cast get that VH1 dough.

Watch the FULL premiere episode below + Funky Dineva’s assessment of the tomfoolery… Continue Reading…