The REAL Ghays of Atlanta Want Marlo Hampton to Know… [VIDEO]

Jan 30th 2012 | Written by ATLien

Dear Marlo Hampton… girrrrlll! The gays are NOT happy with you boo. Not at all!

You had the right to remain silent, yet you chose to act a fool on camera, calling Sheree’ Whitfield, clearly the prettiest housewife [insert side-eye here] “UGLY” and calling her male friends the F-word (rhymes with maggots).

[WATCH: DRAMA! Marlo Hampton: Sheree Whitfield is “Ugly” and Hangs with “F*aggots”]

I’m gonna give you props for getting Miss Lawrence aka the “closet freak” to speak on your behalf…

But you need more people!

It’s quite clear that since Lawrence fell out with Sheree Whitfield after her hair fell out, and dissed Kandi Burruss over that “closet freak” single, he’s grasping for air and you just happen to be handy.

Trust and believe Miss Lawrence is only speaking kindly for no other reason than the fact that you pay him and he’s not speaking for all the kids! Funky Dineva on the other hand… speaks for the MAJORITY and he has some thangs to say!

“How dare you MARLO… and you look like a NIGGA!

YOU look like a f*ggot! You would think you would want to befriend the gays considering you look like one…. “

Ummm… and that was just the beginning!

The “REAL” GHAYS of Atlanta want you to know…

VIDEO: My Hair is layed like Marlo Hampton

Welp… I guess that just about says it all!

What do you think about this assessment of Marko Marlo Hampton?




  2. silk says:

    Marlo is suffering from some kind of mental illness. It is very obvious. Shame of Bravo for exploiting this troubled young lady.

  3. it was on point with marlo..but dont fault Nene..she is coming around

  4. s. fernandes says:

    I am sitting here dying laughing from the video about Marko Hampton. He was so on point with this. Haaaaaaaaa

  5. miguel says:

    personally i dont think that comment was meant to be taken in as offensive to the gay community i felt like it was said just to get under sheree skin but anywho who cares anyway?? words are words …..

  6. reita collins says:

    I think we say a lot of random shyte when we get mad.I know I do.We go for the jugular at whatever cost and we don't care about the casualties til' it's over. I think Marlo may apologize to the gays that understand,but it's mostly people who want her to suffer consequences like the "Shorts" who will inflame this to the Max.

  7. speakinmymind says:

    any gays who were offended by marlo's use of the word "*aggot" need to get over themselves and have a big glass of stfu. the argument was not about gays and i'm tired of them getting their panties in a knot everytime somebody uses the word gay, tranny, *aggot, etc.

    anyhoo, marlo aired the fukk outta sheree! that ish was hilarious and clearly sheree needs to do a better job of keeping her business out of the streets cuz marlo touched on every single piece of gossip being blogged about in reference to sheree. when she told that bish to stop sleeping on air mattresses, i 'bout died! told that bish maybe she could introduce her to her sugar daddy so she could come up! OMG!! Sheree shoulda went in a room and closed the door to escape that tongue lashing.

    say what you want about marlo, she aired sheree's ass out and it was priceless!

  8. PhillyFinest! says:

    @speakmymind I read your comment (about Marlo airing out Sharee)I bust out laughing so hard that I spilled my tea.

    Did this happen on last night episode?

  9. MiMi says:

    Marlo is a tragedy. She's insecure and lives a very ungodly lifestyle. Sheree doesn't always have her stuff all the way together but she has yet to stoop as low as Marlo is alleged (i.e. sleeping with rich men for favors). Sheree wasted her breath trying to defend herself with Marlo. It was sad to watch that mess. Grown women sitting on 40+ acting a fool. Sad!

  10. speakinmymind says:

    @ PhillyFinest

    yes, it was last night's episode. all sheree kept saying was that marlo had a criminal past and that she slept with an 80-year old man. marlo clarified that dude isn't married and continued making sheree look like a damn fool!

  11. Everything about her is disgusting! We’re really going to have a show when Nene n her have a falling out,”the two mouths from the south”,its going to get ugly.IT WILL HAPPEN!! Cynthia had to run n tell them what was said about the no invite.What happened to all the ” ETIQUETTE”????

  12. Forkasster says:

    I can't with Marlo. She's like an onion, with one layer after another of 'WTF'.

    Why on EARTH would she be that upset about not being invited to a party of someone she doesn't know? Adding that this party takes place on a trip she WAS NOT invited on? The use of the term "f*ggots" was just more f*ckery piled on top of everything else.

    Like the video stated, "I don't have to read Emily Post etiquette to know not to show my a*s up somewhere, uninvited."

    Nene, if your star is rising outside of RHOA, please start distancing yourself now, chile.

  13. The Truth says:

    I don't dislike or like Marlo, but I must say she entertained me last night! She read Sheree DOWN so bad that I forgot she even used the "f" word, which didn't bother me at all!

  14. Gwendolyn Gwendella Johnson via Facebook says:

    She was trying to get to Sheree sometimes out of anger you say things you may regret. And Sheree wanted it known that she invited Cyn she just didn’t count on all of that. Lol

  15. RiRi says:

    Let’s not forget that it was Cynthia that started this whole fight! I don’t care for Cynthia at all! This whole trip shes talking about how the room better be luxury or talking about Pheadra’s bathrobe allegedly being from Marshalls. No part of Cynthia screams luxury to me. Even when she tries to look nice it’s a big fail… pink dress…. I agree with 'The Truth' I don’t like or dislike Marlo. She is what she is… However Sheree telling Marlo that she worked for her money is calling the kettle black in my opinion. All Sheree does is try to suck more money from Bob Whitfield. Marlo won that round hands down.

  16. RiRi says:

    "You better Google me and check my records" Marlo HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! If you cant beat em… join em. Well i guess she can "beat" em…

  17. J says:

    And this is coming from a group that references themselves as females and b*ches…mmmmkay…Marlo went for the jugular with Sheree and I loved it…your disdain for Marlo only makes me like her more

  18. OneOfTheKids says:

    See the thing is, if Kim said "You go hang with them Nigg*rs" it would have been a problem. So you damn right "the kids" are hot about that. It was derogatory and if any real queen was around, she would've been gotten right on together right then and there. And while she was talking all that shit, her ass sure wasn't trying to run up on Miss Sheree like that. And Lawrence vouching for her doesn't count. She's about as relevant as Marlo.

  19. OneOfTheKids says:

    And while we're talking about beat downs and alla that. Last time I checked, jiggas with charges get they ass whooped too. Marlo ain't fooling nobody but herself and it ain't nothing for her ass to get whooped to

  20. Dime Lynn says:

    Cynthia Bailey was super messy, and responsible for that whole altercation. She should be ashamed of her self. Marlo on the other hand talks way too much. I just dont understand why she was doing all that talking, or even why she upset because she didnt get the invite, 1st off you wasnt even invited on the trip, and you and Sheree are not friends, so whats the big deal? Marlo is so extra! I mean you can dress and all but damn you are a real trouble maker!

  21. mochababy says:

    I think both Marlo and Sheree A$$ED themselves out! I have never been so embarrassed on my peeps as I was after last nites show.I'm not going to get on a soapbox but dang, but they are on a trip of a lifetime, with all the opportunity to get a firsthand education of our beginnings and hopefully bring home some life lessons that would benefit themselves personally. What a waste. Having said that…Marlo's weave was a mess, She had the prime opportunity to demonstrate all those manners and proper ways to handle situations, but chose to be billigerent. Did yall see how Nene was looking at her like she had lost her mind. And alla that becuase she wasnt invited to a dinner?? Wow, guess Ms. Manners doesnt have a chapter on What To Do When You're NOT Invited". She could have taken a cue from Lisa V. on RHOBH. When she wasnt invited, she threw an impromptu party, invited everyone, and let Taylor know she didnt appreciate being left out. Anywho I still had to LMAO at the "drive-by fruiting" comment from the VID.

  22. BlkButterfly says:

    Hate to say it but any chance she had of becoming a regular went out the door. Andy started shitting on Teresa the minute her husband used the word and after that he was always short and snappy with her.

    Sorry Marlo… Deuces..

    Besides the fact, that, that entire thing seemed staged, she went 0-120 quick…

  23. BigDaddyKane says:

    To evryone saying that Marlo's use of the word "fa&&^$" was NOT a slur or insult to homosexuals needs to read what OneOftheKids wrote, "if Kim said "You go hang with them Nigg*rs" it would have been a problem." or if anyone non black makes such a reference, people would've been up in here invoking the name of Dr. King and calling for marches & boycotts. As a STRAIGHT black male, I was taken aback by the way she threw that out @ Sheree, yet was just seen hosting some gay party a few weeks ago.

    Marlo and NeNe are faker than most of the stuff they flaunt, and after Ms. RunTellDat, aka, supermodel Cynthia, ran back like the loyal lapdog and reported everything to NeNe, I lost any respect for her I once had.

  24. koatedkandie says:

    I am wondering what would make a jailbird felon so offended by not being invited to a party. I noticed she said Sheree needs to google her…..well I would think Ms. Marlo would have a little remorse over the things she has done, considering she just had a cease and desist letter sent out. I hope Nene feel real good about bringing this trash out….that is why she was reading that etiquette book, she wanted to exhibit good behavior but she can't help some of her thug behavior. Marlo is a thug in a cocktail dress. Ms. Lawerence can blow if off but she said just what she wanted to say and just how she feels how gays. Marlo can dress up and she can have the best life has to offer but she will indeed see some of the bad things she had done one day.

  25. cd says:

    I think everyone need to refocus and look at Cynthia Bailey. She is something else. She listen to everyones conversation ten go back and repeat and get some mess started. She know that they don't like each other and know that once she repeat what she hear the focus is going to go straight to that person and they will b so busy arguing at each other they won't pay attention and see that it's her tha's starting all the arguments. She is the one keeping a lot of that drama going between nene and the rest of them for the most part. Not all but she is doing her fair share.

  26. Katrina says:

    Based on the footage we have seen, before the trip Sheree and Marlo did not have any beef. I think Sheree told Cynthia about the party to try and set off Nene. Sheree already knew that Cynthia was going to tell Nene. Sheree and Phaedra constantly complain about Cynthia being Nene's lackey. Sheree was not expecting Marlo to go off on her and neither was Nene. I hear that Marlo and Sheree know each other through Lawrence. I've been noticing that Lawrence has been to a lot of Marlo's events. Also, the insults to one another seem to be very personal in nature. Some of the things about Marlo are not known. To this day, no one can really say where Marlo's money comes from or who gave it to her! It is mostly speculation at this point. There is some kond of triangle between Phaedra, Sheree, Lawrence, and Marlo that we are not aware of.

  27. Gwendolyn Gwendella Johnson via Facebook says:

    And this video lmaoooooo starter townhouse, I wanna be down braids and raggedy dried bleach blonde hair had me crying.

  28. koatedkandie says:

    What heppened with Kandi and Lawerence closet freak?

  29. mstrina954 says:

    although im not a marlo fan i dont think she was dissing any gays more like putting sheree in her place. sheree is an idiot i wish bravo would replace her. she is a joke. I mean seriouly thinking instead of her going off on marlo and how she getting paid she really should be finding out how to meet these millionaires. i know sheree wouldnt say no either. you can tell by her actions that she likes to shop she like expensive clothes, cars, bags, etc. so sheree if i was you if a 80 yr old tried to holla give him sum head whatever it takes to avoid you returning stuff. be about it boo!!!!

  30. lockstress says:

    Its not about what was said…the behavior was TRAGIC! You know you are way to the far left of the building when you are in AFRICA…screaming like a wild banjee and NENE is playing peace keeper! These women are a mess and with all that goes on and the history of that country…THIS was the best ya'll had to offer? I CAN'T AND I WON'T!
    As for Cynthia…if I were Sharee…I'd punch her in her jaw! ugh!

  31. Lissa says:

    If she truly has no malice in her heart, she would not have F***** in her vocabulary….marlo is friends with people that can do something for her…hangs with gorgeous Lawrence bc he is famous…can you say photo op ??? Marlo is a low down con woman and that is all…. Shree is a gorgeous classy woman !

  32. politicallyincorrect says:

    Marlo hates the gays? I thought she was trans-gender. I think Marlo is really Marlon

  33. CHRIS D. JOHNSON says:

    NeNe I am soo proud of you woman! You kept a cool head and tried to keep the peace. Cynthia could have gone to the party without feeling guilty because I thought that she did not need NeNe or Marlo's permission to go anywhere with her friends. But, what she did is proved that she can not stand alone and think for herself! Ding-Bat! Sheree Girlfriend, you don't owe Marlo any explanation about why she was not invited. marlo is a back stabbing you know what! NeNe brought her for company, but I hope that this shows NeNe and all of the others the REAL MARLO from the HUD can not ever be TRUSTED or LADYLIKE! So she can just shove those fake manners up her you know what!

  34. Tracy says:

    Last nights show was tragic..it just goes to show that you can dress in designer clothes and still be ignorant and lack class. I just hope that as I get older I remember that. There's no way I will conduct myself like that at their age. Love your blog Michelle!!

  35. Riann says:

    It's funny how Phaedra, Sheree and Kandi were all cool with Marlo when they were trying to start some mess between Marlo and Nene but it back-fired, so now they don't like Marlo because she and Nene get along…. WOW ! Go figure….. Marlo read Sheree up oneside and done the other……However, I would have not gave it a 2nd thought about not being invited she and Nene should have just went own out and had a good time.

  36. ladyl says:

    speakinmymind says:
    January 30, 2012 at 8:26 am
    any gays who were offended by marlo’s use of the word "*aggot" need to get over themselves and have a big glass of stfu. the argument was not about gays and i’m tired of them getting their panties in a knot everytime somebody uses the word gay, tranny, *aggot, etc.

    anyhoo, marlo aired the fukk outta sheree! that ish was hilarious and clearly sheree needs to do a better job of keeping her business out of the streets cuz marlo touched on every single piece of gossip being blogged about in reference to sheree. when she told that bish to stop sleeping on air mattresses, i ’bout died! told that bish maybe she could introduce her to her sugar daddy so she could come up! OMG!! Sheree shoulda went in a room and closed the door to escape that tongue lashing.

    say what you want about marlo, she aired sheree’s ass out and it was priceless!
    yes!!!!! when she told sheree you married a millionare ball player and don't have nothing to show for it, i was too through!

  37. ladyl says:

    I'm ready for Sheree to go off the show anyway.. I'm over her…

  38. gato says:

    Dayum some of ya'll are ignorant as HELL
    "the f word didnt bother me"
    "she didnt mean it against the gays"
    "the gays need to get over it"
    If kim had said the N word in any shape, form or fashion it would be on! So I guess yall are just a bunch of homophopes like Marrko! Try for once in your lives to put yourselves in someone elses shoes! DAYUM That video was funny as hell tho…Cynthia "africas next top model" HA!

  39. @Atlantaaaaa says:

    This video was ignorant. And the nasty FAGGOT in the video is ignorant. Everyone wants to talk about Marlo is fucking for money. Does anyone have any evidence to prove that? If she is fucking for money she is getting a hell of a lot more money that any of you all will ever get. Instead of hating on her get with her and maybe she can give you ragedy ass hoes some tips on how to get money.

  40. Tyra101 says:

    Both ladies acted childish as hell unbelievable weave swinging from side to side

  41. reita collins says:

    @koatedkandie;It's obvious Marlo only came to this show via (big 80 yr.ole white papa)to hang with the most popular tv sistahs we know. It's also obvious to most viewers that Marlo has intense hood issues that cannot disappear by being cast in a reality show.Reality is,Marlo is 35 yrs.old and fresh from the hood and jail.An etiquette book/lessons cannot change her brain.She obviously has sympathy or empathy for anything that's her past. All she seems to know is superficial survival. We know nothing about her younger years(and even the most fortunate which does not mean financial can be sociopaths) but we do know that whatever she gains can be swept away in a moment of what she perceives as jealousy or class demotion.She seems more likely to take ten steps back than one step forward. Life has lessons for everyone and only those in class will recognize their teachers.Nene declared in self revelation"Is this what I look like when I'm arguing with people?" Growth…not just for Nene but by her recognizing it,also growth for viewers.

  42. reita collins says:

    Marlo will probably NEVER leave her way of life,even after her Big papa dies. His money,just like Anna Nicole's(and Anna was married to him)will go to his family and all her biznezz is already revealed.Unless she's buying diamonds and gold bullion,her finances will fall fast after his demise.But then again,men tend to LIKE the riskier chics…and this chic is about as riskay as "Columbiana".

  43. randomness says:

    Wow came to your blog and thought I would find some positivity after running from the ybf. Nope! You seem obsessed with Marlo. Weird and icky

  44. wild says:

    I love Marlo, she is one Bad Witch!

  45. Kamalla says:

    Sorry but that was more disgusting than the actual fight between Sheree and Marlo.

    Plain gross!

    I think though, Marlo and Sheree will end up being friends. Gold diggers stick together.

  46. Kamalla says:

    Oh and can we please stop comparing the N word to the F word?

    I don't recollect a bunch of gays being kidnapped from a continent called GAYFRICA and being enslaved. I don't recollect Jim Crow laws and segregation laws ripe with separate drinking fountains and pools and schools for gay people or gay people getting beated and killed for merely wanting to go to school.

    I don't recollect any gay families where gay babies were stolen from gay mommas and sold into slavery forever forgetting their heritage, culture, language and faith.

    I don't recollet any gay mammies or gay steppin fetchetts. I don't see gay people being rounded up and put in prison while straight people go free for the same crimes.

    You gays have always had one major advantage! You can HIDE! Nobody knows you are gay unless you tell them or unless you act and dress clownish like Lawrence and that little person Derek J. Black people couldn't hide if they wanted to. And most gays are too happy to hide and do what they do in the dark, letting the disease and broken hearts and public embarassment come to the light.

    I try not to judge but gays make it hard not to judge them when they are always trying to act like somebody owes them something and that they are a protected class yet they continue to live quite foul and engage in high risk behavior and act like people are supposed to kiss their asses.

    Like I said on the other story. Sheree did not shut Marlo down for that comment so why are people not mad at her? Why are people ready to drag Marlo down when she said much worse things about Sheree, another black woman?

    If Lawrence can forgive Marlo then so should we all.

  47. Marlo's customer says:

    Marlo worked at an adult club in atlanta

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