Who gon? check me, boo?

Sheree is smokin’ hawt in her joggers leisure wear that she’s now marketing for Spring/Summer 2019.

Whitfield shared a first look with Life & Style magazine where she states that the athleisure clothing line was designed with comfort in mind.

She by Shere? is expanding into a lifestyle line, and I?m so excited! It will consist of contemporary, everyday, fashionable, fun, and comfortable athletic clothing for today?s active and sporty woman,.

Pieces that can take you from the gym to the streets to lunch with the girls.

Ummm… I hope she plans to shower first!

This is what balling on a budget looks like when you can no longer afford designer brands.

Sweat, Sweat, Sweats for everyone!!!? Maybe this will become a trend since so many are tired of seeing their timeline filled with Fendi sweaters.

Listen… I would NEVER spend a penny for Sheree’s sweatpants line, but I’m certainly not knocking her hustle.

I just hope that just because Sheree can no longer afford to rock fashions, she doesn’t think that sweatpants are going to replace name brands out here in these Atlanta streets.

But I digress.

What are your thoughts about Sheree’s “JOGGERS” photo shoot?

Hot? or Nah?

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