Kim Zolciak Pre-Nose Job No Wig

Kim Zolciak Denies Plastic Surgery – Says She’s Au Naturel! You Be The Judge… [PHOTOS]

Dec 23rd 2011 | Written by ATLien

Kim Zolciak of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was a vision of botoxed perfection last week as she shot a PSA pretending to take a New Year’s taxi ride home.

Kim and several of the other housewives will be participating in the Ciroc sponsored campaign to offer vouchers for free cab rides for drunken New Year’s party-goers.

Kim clearly has had a lil more work done since she dropped that baby fat and perhaps that’s all a part of falling in love with a much younger man.

Whatever the case, Kim’s wigs are pretty status quo these days… blonde & big! But have you ever wondered what she looks like without it?

Find out now…

Here’s a photo of Kimmie way before the wigs (and the botox… and the nose job… and the lip injections… and the… ). Brielle was even almost unrecognizable back then.

I don’t know when the photo above was taken, but it had to be “pre” RHOA. She looks like almost a different chick now…

What do you think of Kim without her wig (and the plastic)?



  1. 1908 says:

    She look better before

  2. Kamalla says:

    It still looks like a wig only with more dark roots!

    And she looks so much older without her makeup.

    Kroy must be visually impaired or something.

  3. Jackie says:

    She looks genuinely happy in the unaltered photo. All the fake stuff makes her look fake- polished but fake.

  4. shad says:

    she looks better without the wig…but o well whatever makes her happy…

  5. NewMeKnowYou says:

    I think Kim still has a head full of hair, Kroy even said it in one episode. The wig was ploy to get people talking about her and her name constantly being mention. Great strategy Kim!

  6. There is no way this chick is only 31. She looks every bit of 39 and that's a generous estimate.

  7. ThaQueen Rider via Facebook says:

    Damn near everyone of you all wears weaves or synthetic hair. And?

  8. Deborah Smith via Facebook says:

    She looked way better. I can’t figure out why these celebrities ruin their natural beauty to look fake & plastic. Spend that money on helping someone in need. That will make u feel like a billion bucks!

  9. Lat'hesia Prettygirlswaghinton via Facebook says:

    She looks better now but to me she’s still a raggedy white girl sorry just my opinion!!!!!!

  10. Chi Town Diva says:

    Wowser!! She looks better without all the extra stuff. You can clearly see she had her nose and cheeks done. As well as a face lift. When a person has a face lift their usually around age 38-42 the first time around. Touch-ups are done much later kinda like Kim Kardasian's mom.

  11. Jennifer says:

    LOL at the comment above me. Po white trash but funny nevertheless.

  12. iKeishanna says:

    I like Kim! I think that she looked better before all of the enhancements but still I'm have for her and the baby is so cute!

  13. Ky G says:

    She's starting to look like a white version of Sheree! Doubt me? Do a side by side photo 😉

  14. Joyy says:

    Big Barbie WannaBe looks much better without some of the "Plastic Surgery" of course she needed the Nose Job, however she went "Overboard" with the Lip Injection, why is it nearly "Every White Woman Wants Angelina Jolie Lips"…..just saying.

  15. She looks younger…….. Much better!!

  16. She looks more synthetic now. She looked okay before.

  17. Pat says:

    I see ONE after photo. There is no way in hell the other pics are of her real hair. Look at the pic where she has no make-up and look at the others and tell me again, how those are after pics. A wig, is a wig – is a wig.

  18. karen says:

    It's unfortunate thar young women feel the need to shoot their faces up with poison and whatnot in an effort to look better or younger because IT'S NOT WORKING!!!!

  19. says:

    TheQueenRyder, stop generalizing. I don't.
    Nothing iritates me more than a woman over the age of 18 starting a post with "Umm." She's obviously had work on that nose. It looked like a penis in that pre-wig pic. I think she should lose the wigs. She may be lying about her age, but I still take her over NeNe anyday and twice on Sundays.

  20. says:

    ^^^Don't wear synthetic hair, that is. All natural, all day long.

  21. Rheap Joy via Facebook says:

    I sure do lol

  22. Rachelle Needisay Moore via Facebook says:

    She looks the same to me. No dramatic changes. People wear wigs nowadays, nothing wrong with that.

  23. Quatessica Trammell via Facebook says:

    nope who kim about.

  24. No. She’s got more plastic in her face than a Frisbee….lol! She’s had a nose job it looks like, and she’s had Restylene and Juviderm injections around her nose and mouth to soften some lines. Botox in her forehead, etc. I’m a nurse, I know the little tweaks when I see them. She’s not fooling me.

  25. Nastassja Morse via Facebook says:

    umm she’s had a nose job we can clearly tell by the pics and her lips done i dont know y these ppl get this stuff done then deny it and act like everybody’s dumb n cant tell … umm shut up kim cus u look dumb sayin that stuff ur all fake aint nothin on u real

  26. Deborah Smith via Facebook says:

    Who is she trying 2 fool???? She looks like a “STEP-FORD WIFE”……PLASTIC….PLASTIC….PLASTIC!

  27. The Truth says:

    I really don't care about petty stuff like her nose or lips. I'm glad she's found happiness and hope it lasts. :)

  28. carmelcup says:

    I'm laughing so hard over here! Normally caucasians women aged rapidly; and even more so when they drink and smoke. Kim led a very fast life when she was younger; let's not forget that she too was a "dancer." That being said, I can only speculate about some drug use (I'm including weed in this one), seeing that she hung with the black crowd. She was smart to get the surgeriezzz done while she had the means to do so. Not all dancers end up hitting the jackpot you know! I'm overall happy that God has Blessed her to find a man that can bring stability to her life. Kroy is bringing out a new side to Kim. I wish them all the best in their future.

  29. People who get plastic surgery are happy with the way God made them

  30. Angie says:

    Seeing as I just have hair, I cant help but think to myself that, that wig looks hot as hell. It cannot be comfortable. Why does she wear it?? I dont get it at all? And why all the plastic surgery? Why is she jacking herself up. DONT lie KIM, there is no denying you have had work done!

  31. Eloise Hang OninthereMcfadden via Facebook says:

    hell no.

  32. Tamara PShontel Tims via Facebook says:

    She had some em done…

  33. Danika Dash via Facebook says:

    NOPE! NOT BUYING IT! Botox is NOT aunatural!!!!!

  34. Willie Fonte via Facebook says:

    That b¤tch crazy!…

  35. Willie Fonte via Facebook says:

    Than she had the nerves to say that the other chick sleeps with wealthy men for money & than said ‘WHO DOES THAT!?….LMMFAO! Thats when I knew this ho lost her muthaf¤cking mind! Lol

  36. Ebonie DuPree via Facebook says:

    Not sure. The weight in her face definitely changed around her cheek/nose area. She may not have gotten a nose job but she definitely got lip injections.

  37. Mrs.Melanie Evers-Parker says:

    Hell 2The Yes She's Had That Nose Done,Boobs,Botox&Ain't No TellN What Else,,U Can't Turn A HO N2 A Housewife,,BoyToyKroy Betta Hope He Don't Get Hurt&Loose That ATLFalconsMoney,,,She'd Go Back 2Big Papa If He Did,,1Thing I'll Say Bout Kim,She Looooove The Finer Thangs N Life,,,,&She ShouldReally Come Outta Denial,,AnyFool Can C She's Been Under TheKnife,,,Merry Xmas&Happy 2012,,,,,,,,?

  38. lexdiamonz says:

    out of all the housewives look like to me she the one got the brass ring, baby, ring, money… and ALL them bishes got a wig on and have had plastic surgery!!! i will admit she is happier this season … and she got her own show!!!! LOL

  39. Octoberbeauty says:

    Kim is that you

  40. Kaye Hill Hawkins via Facebook says:

    Imma have to side eye this one. She keeps it real most of the time, but that mug has been beat with more plastic than a two liter Pepsi bottle.

  41. She looked better back then!!!!!

  42. Kim “Funky Lips” Zolciak has to lie about her plastic surgery. She has a new husband to deceive, as well as her reality tv fans. Wow – she is beginning to resemble Sherrie’s white twin.

  43. says:

    Godfirstalways, that was a typo, right?

  44. smart balla says:

    She looks good before and now- and if she got a little work done then i aint mad at her.

    She looks like the girl next door and now she looks like a Stepford wife.

  45. jaye says:

    She looks just like you, a hot mess before the surgery and after, you a hot mess before the weight loss, and after!!!

  46. Gwendolyn Gwendella Johnson via Facebook says:

    We don’t believe you UHH you need more people.

  47. yvonne says:

    Kim hair looked better before the wig line, like how she wore it when sheree pulled it

  48. mary says:

    she looked better before her enhancements, the wig she wears over her real hair with some of her real hair showing is a hot mess, it's too big and it looks fake. the purpose of a wig is to look like your natural hair and HIDE your natural hair, not wear both! DOUBLE TROUBLE, cuz Kim you look like a clown! Take the wig off or hide your hair and put on a smaller wig, it's too much just like your over the top personality and comments! UGH! I feel sorry for her children!

  49. EMonique says:

    Nope I'm with Kim she looks the same in the face. Maybe vitamin B shots, that's all.

  50. Mrs. Barber says:

    I saw some reruns of the first two seasons and she was really pretty, the wigs she wore at the time were wack, but her face looked soft and nice. This new face is totally different, she looks hard and beat up. Also her lips were way smaller on the first two seasons…Hate the wigs on any and everybody!….

  51. Bee says:

    Idk who she thinks she’s fooling. She looks super fake in those pictures. She’s def done something to her face, or her makeup artist sucks. I’m not feeling her holier than thou attitude this season either.

  52. Kamalla says:

    Well, she's been pretty forward about her fake boobs, botox, wigs, and vella shape so why would she bother lying about her nose and lips when everything else is fake and she has said so?

    Maybe she really didn't have anything done to her nose and mouth. You can contour the nose with makeup and they have lip plumping glosses and you can make your mouth look bigger with liner and lipstick.

    I say give the prostitute a break. She done good for herself.

  53. MISS JONES says:

    HIT DOG ALWAYS BARK!! She doesn't even fit in with the other castmates..They're all sisters and she is just the LIQUID PAPER…

  54. Marytoce says:


  55. geneva says:

    People are gonna do what they wanna do period! Why is Black America still so shocked when people get nose jobs? Is it because most of you cant afford it or are too chicken because your afraid of what your friends and family will say? Most of Black America's strong and influential women have gotten nose jobs. It's not about "feeling like somethings wrong with them" its the same as going out and buying that favorite eyeshadow, or mascara that makes your eyes look how you want them too, Its about buying that girdle or bra to shape your body the way you want it to look. Except they have enough money to do so permanently. STOP HATING

  56. Michael says:

    Kim's real hair is beautiful. Nothing wrong with it at all. The reason why she wears the wigs is because of her wig line. In other words she is a walking advertisement for her wig line. Smart lady.

  57. Deborah Smith via Facebook says:


  58. Chicago says:

    Met Kim a few months ago. She was beautiful and SO SWEET. Rip into her all you want — KIM FAN FOR LIFE!

  59. Carol says:

    She still looks like a transvestite. This is one unattractive lady.

  60. sed says:

    ahhhhhh yall hate to much on her

  61. jackie says:

    HA HA HA HA HA…it really dont matter all the surgery she is still going to look like her MOTHER AND DAD…and you seen them

  62. bertha says:

    Heavy makeup & wigs make her look 20 yrs older. She looks like a dollar whore that gives change! What can't she just accentuate her natural features? She's not a bad looking woman, she just seems to have self esteem (yeah, that's right I said it!) issues!

  63. HA! FRANCINE... says:

    SHe was sooo gorgeous back then! What the hell happened!?!

  64. yevon says:

    why does kim have on the exact same dress nene wore to the bravo event in nyc

  65. Sam says:


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