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Kandi Burruss Launches “Bedroom Kandi” + Sends Special Video Message… [PHOTOS]

Sep 2nd 2011 | Written by ATLien

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Kandi Burruss has bravely embarked on a mission to make your sex life a bit less boring and last night, she increased those odds by hosting an Atlanta launch party for her new line of intimate “pleasure products” i.e. sex toys.

I know there’s a need out there for products to enhance peoples sex lives and when I think about it, every woman I know has at least one sex toy or some type of self pleasure product… a bullet… a rabbit.

So I was like ‘you know what, if most woman have them… and you see them in the store and they’re always marketed to men (with the big porn star on the box)’.

I wanted to put out a product that was a little more discrete and something that you can just have in your purse…

Video: Kandi Discusses “Bedroom Kandi” w/

Kandi treated guests, which included several of her Real Housewives of Atlanta cast mates, to a pamper party that included sexy male masseuses, manicurists and more.

Photos + additional information about Kandi’s new line of “intimate” products below:

Miss Lawrence (aka “Closet Freak”), Cynthia Bailey, NeNe Leakes, Marlow Hampton & Kandi

Kandi gave everyone a “goodie” bag full of samples…

I can almost hear Phaedra’s wheels turning in this picture…

Kandi & her mom Miss Joyce

My mother always says that women are the same at 60 as they are at 20 and 30, and that means that we all love to be taken care of and pleased. You gotta know how to take of yourself before you know how to tell your man to take care of you.

If your are single, and have your own toy, it’s the safest sex there is… and if you are in a relationship, it only makes a relationship better!

Kandi says that before you guys sit in judgment about her new venture, keep and open mind and understand that it’s all about business. There’s a need out there for quality sex toys and Kandi is the one who can fill it!

Be open minded people! It’s not about ‘oh she’s this SUPERFREAK’ which I know some of you think… but I don’t really care because I’m a realist.

If don’t know anything else you should know, I’m a BUSINESS woman.

One of my products connects wirelessly to your stereo and will vibrate to your favorite songs, so seeing as though I’m a music industry vet, it made sense to me to say ‘ok, you know what? this would be a product in my line’.

I hope you are open minded and I hope you understand it’s not about me being a superfreak or anything, I’m a business woman, I’m a mother and I’m just a normal person like anyone else. I like to have fun and I hope you do to…

Make sure you visit to check out Kandi’s new line.

Major props to Tresa Sanders (TreMedia) & Videographer/Photographer Chris Mitchell for assisting me in my absence.  ((hugs))



  1. Bout time she did that. She gonna get mad money just watch. Ihope they feature her line on the RHOA show

  2. Eddie Boles III via Facebook says:

    Love it

  3. Duane Harris via Facebook says:

    she got anything for the men? like a NeNe’s blow up doll?

  4. Duane Harris via Facebook says:


  5. Jess says:

    I like it! I am happy for her. I hope it is a success!

  6. Ebony Daley via Facebook says:

    I am happy for her.

  7. lady k says:

    The one thing I love about Kandi is that she is always about her business and is not sleeping her way to the top like Kim! Sex sales so make that money girl! #teamkandi;) the

  8. lmao @ duane U want a Nene doll?

  9. dulce says:

    That's an interesting get up Kim has on… she knocked up again???

  10. Jay1 says:

    Kandi you were my favorite Atl housewife, but I'm really not feelin this ssex toy business mess. Really!! I'm guessing the music thing is not workin out for ya huh? I'm really lost for words. Hopefully the show is comin back soon.

  11. superstar says:

    @Jay1 I'm not feeling it either. I really do like Kandi but this chick comes off as a sslut. It's too much for me. She needs to tone that is down a bit.

  12. KoatedKandie says:

    Congrats Kandi,
    Keep walking to the bank as you HATERS try to determine why and WHAT? As long as it's legal; you keep bringing in those $$$$$$!

  13. Kamalla says:

    Since Lawrence is there I'm guessing he will buy a toy to stick up his azz! How dreadful.

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