Fanmail: Boondocks Creator is a Cheater Who Hates Black Women…

Jun 24th 2010 | Written by ATLien

Aaron McGruder, the mastermind behind the Boondocks cartoon series is not only the creator/writer, he’s said to actually BE one of the shows most popular characters in real life.

McGruder, who’s show pushes the envelope on racial matters weekly, once made this statement about President Barack Obama:

Obama is not black because he is not a descendant of a slave. The person who is one of us in the White House is Michelle Obama and her momma. (source)

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll quickly recognize that mentality as Uncle Ruckus, who is described on the show as “a self-hating black man, who disassociates himself from other African Americans as much as possible, and is outspoken in his support of what Huey calls the “white supremacist power structure.”

Yeah.. that about sums it up. Apparently McGruder’s similarities to Uncle Ruckus don’t stop with his political beliefs, at least that’s what one of his jump-offs is saying:

I’m sending this email because I’m sick of fake ass, cheating men. I was involved with Aaron McGruder, a man who is a short, lunatic psycho & I didn’t know he was married on top of all the other sh*t. I met him at a party & I approached him b/c he was cute & I didn’t see a wedding ring.

I’m half white & half Asian…this is very important b/c Aaron told me plenty of times that he hates black women!

Aaron referred to them as “Sistah Girls” & spoke about how the most beautiful women in the world were ANY Asian women and ANY Caucasian women…then after that he would consider Bi-racial women as long as they didn’t look African American.

At first I didn’t know what to think about this b/c I knew he produced an African American cartoon yet more importantly his mother is African American. Over the time we spent together I realized he IS “Uncle Ruckus”!!!

Anyway, he became an asshole to me so we stopped seeing each other. Now I know not only is he short in height…he’s short in another AREA as well. I began to start to ask people about him…& what the f*ck did I find out…he’s MARRIED!!!

But that was only the start…after talking to a friend of a friend…I find out he’s truly an ASSHOLE not only to the women he screws but also to the people who’ve worked for him & work for him presently!!!

From the information I found I’m not the first and I want to warn my Asian sisters…. BTW Aaron Mcgruder”s wife is White and Asian.

Tyler…?? Tyler Perry? Chile…is that you? I swear this reads like Why Did I Get Married Three

In case you missed it:

VIDEO: The Boondocks “Outs” Tyler Perry


  1. Carmen says:

    Im sorry, Im sick of "jump off" stories… let me get a story from someone who is not scorned. This man opens up eyes to whats real in our community and society. I wouldnt be surprised if Ms.Tyler Madea Perry was behind this story. And personally, I dont care what this dude's personal preferences are… his cartoon stories shed a light we attempt to dim on a daily basis. At least he doesnt hide behind Christ to tell his message like Ms. Perry does.

  2. Miko says:

    Never could “stomach” the cartoon, ever. It was just too vulgar. AND, this is NOT shocking. Nope.

  3. manchild says:

    at least he would be a hypocrite for all the
    black is beautiful crap he slings out,so how
    is he better then Tyler if he banging white
    birds and has black issues.

  4. Truth says:

    It was always so obvious a person who hates blacks created that garbage. Uncle Tom.

  5. Wally says:

    Obama's not black, he's mixed. Get over it already.

  6. Miko says:

    @Wally… Whatever he is, he’s MYYYYYYY President! *sticking my tongue out at you*. : ))

  7. anonymous says:

    Spare me. George Bush was your President too but none of ya'll gave him the respect that office deserves. I personally dislike both but I respect and honor the title they held or now holds. Politicians are all the same so screw the fact he's black.

    He and his family and friends moved up, look around, blacks still in the same state we were before he was elected. The only person that can change your station in life is you, not some politician telling you what you want to hear for they can get their agenda across.

    Wake up from My President is Black and realize he is just a politician. Nothing more. Nothing special.

    As for Mr. McGruder, truth hurts. Stop talking about black folks all day on blogs then get mad when someone else do so too. Log off and buy a sense of humor or at the very least the common sense to not watch, listen or support it.

    You have the power to avoid it, use it instead of ranting about people who could care less about your life let alone your opinion.


    Listen here people, all the below listed COON's can kiss black womens ass…………PERIOD

    Slim Thug
    Mechad Brooks
    Ocho Cinco
    Terrell Owens


  9. Miko says:

    @Anonymous aka @Wally, why are you hiding? ANDDDD, you’re the ONLY one speaking on his skin color. You, you idiot. You’re so angry. Take a laxative and release some of that tension. George Bush who??? You’re mad. : )

  10. Denise says:

    Who cares about the man not liking black women,As a black queen i care less because i already have my black king so people get over it and worry about your own life i still think his cartoon is funny.

  11. CCGroovy says:

    Sooooooooooooooooooo SAAAAAAAAAAAADDD!!!

  12. Think about the similarities to Aaron McGruder and Dave Chapelle. Both created comedies that spoofed Black life and although it’s meant to be thought provoking, ends up casting their own people in a negative light.

    Chappelle once said that he decided to leave his billion dollar show after he realized a White man on the set was laughing AT him and not WITH him. Sometimes we as African-Americans have to consider how we’re portraying each other on a broader scale. As these coonish images hit mainstream, other countries begin to think of us in a negative light.

    I watch Boondocks on occasion and while it’s funny sometimes I want to cry because it feels like we’re being sent back to the days of Blackface and shucking & jiving.

    Mr. McGruder’s choice to not date Black women is of no concern to me but its his attitude towards “sistah girls” that’s the issue.

    BTW Chappelle’s wife is Asian too. Oh well.

  13. BebeBaby says:

    Yeah. You have a point but how can we can laugh at ourselves but get upset when people laugh AT us. It's like how we can call each other nicca but they can't.

    Boondocks is my shit too but that nigga this nigga that does bother me too.

  14. ATLDiva says:

    Wow! Just wow!

  15. Miko says:

    @ATLien, Wooooow. I could NOT watch Chappelle's show either!!!!!!! And, my son has begged me to watch then and now the reruns and, it's a FIRM, "NO, SIR". BOTH shows are COMPLETELY inappropriate for my household. Yuck.

  16. TxTwoStep says:

    Both shows reflect paradigms amongst our people. The fact really is we have diminishing outlets to express what’s going on in our community as it is (I don’t even want to START talking about videos and “mainstream” artist- that ship sailed long ago) but then we have sites where we denigrate each other and perpetuate the “crab in the bucket” mentality that has always been the wedge. Sure, we can lament what appears to be “shucking and jiving” but I bet there’s a part of your mind that says “I sure appreciate having a paying job.” Art isn’t always pretty or easy to swallow. It’s why we have choice to support what we like and ignore what we don’t. Whatever Mr. McGruder’s personal issues, he has given us a raw show that deals with subject matter in a fashion that simply is NOT mainstream. And for that I thank him. And if you feel his show isn’t thought provoking, perhaps it was something you thought already and are taking for granted, or you just don’t get it.

    BTW who cares who they’re married to? The other great shame visited on us by the Europeans is their sense of racism. We can’t run around hollering about inequality and spit that devil mess at the same time. Nobody respects a hypocrite.

  17. somefoolsgetpaid says:

    I heard the language of this show and turned it off immediately. There is a right to freedom of speech, there are lots of fools with rights as well. This young man is making money on his ignorance, and catering to the mentality of those who hate him. He can hate black woman all he wants, as far as any racist is concern male or female, he is still a nigga………….

  18. ADA says:


  19. Kromen says:

    "Somebody" sends an email and everybody takes it for gospel. If you don't like the cartoon, understandable, because it's not for everyone. Getting mad because he isn't married to a Black woman? The OJ argument is so five years ago. People of all races can be trifling, Basketball wives anyone?

  20. WhatDatBroadSay? says:

    One thing, this is absolutely NOT true. Aaron pokes fun at the stereotypes of how black people are portrayed and the degradation of the hip-hop community. At this point, I would think that this is one of Tyler Perry's people trying to out this man viciously. Yeah, the language is something to be desired, however, Macgruder is pointing how the coonishness (I know it's not a word) that's happening in our black communities, in our music and on our tv screens. C'mon, any Boondocks fan knows, he's making the statement, "I love Black people, but I can't stand niggas." I think that's something we ALL feel.

  21. Brian says:

    It’s funny and ironic how all of this comes out AFTER his parody on Tyler Perry.

    ((waving my hand at this bullsh*t))

    For those who says he insults Black people in his show, you really don’t see the pure genius behind what he does. His message wasn’t intended for you anyway.

    Good luck, Aaron. Keep the haters hatin.

  22. Brian says:

    BTW- Why, oh why when a woman is scorned she ALWAYS has to talk about how short a man is in other areas??


    Grow up.

  23. Blackpeoplearedying says:

    The Willie Lynch Letter (Please Read Them) It's coming to pass!!! Mission Accomplished!!

  24. Melba says:

    I love how everyone is up in arms about The Boondocks but I hear crickets when I ask for complaints about Tiny and Toya, Basketball Wives, and Flavor of Love….

  25. Jamie kelson says:

    Hey come one people this sounds like bullshit,this is nothing more than pure propaganda, and it’s a shame how everyone’s smashing this bothers show, we never support each other and always bring each other down.

  26. angela says:

    "Obama’s not black, he’s mixed. Get over it already."

    Yes…mixed with black.

    People who say this don't make any sense. I guess H2O isn't water.

  27. Herewegoagain says:

    Yeah sure he's "short" in another area. Of course if he had of wifed her with no pre-nup she'd be calling him her "Mr. Perfect" lol.

  28. Herewegoagain says:

    The show is not "coonish". It brings up some great issues that aren't talked about. Besides what exactly ARE we hiding from white folks. All this "keep it in house stuff" is silly and delusional imo. And they have their own problems-especially poor white folks.

    As far as the infidelity-thats his buisness. Not dating black women-disappointing but if so many successful black men are dating out, then black women need to at least admit they must have some problems. Can't everyone of these guys be complete sell out uncle toms….just not realistic either.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I sort of believe her… Aaron is so sexy. He knows how to push buttons, good and bad. I think he can be mean too lol just wish I wasn't mean first. He doesn't necessarily go for just Asian lol I'm not Asian. I'm just another girl that felt discarded to the side. I was hurt too. I hope she get's over it. I'm still getting over him. But as sad as I have felt before, I wish the best for him always. I know it's bad but I would go through all that heartbreak all over again. Inside out, I truly believe he is a beautiful man and I have always loved his art.

  30. Anonymous says:

    They edited out s3xy…

  31. dwayne says:

    Scorned woman strikes yet again.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Yeah you tell em! What gorgeous successful man with the world at his feet would cheat? He would never have hot sweaty sex, puffin on L's in the hot tub without his wife cause you know, he drew Huey and Huey keeps it righteous! :)

  33. wise says:

    Who dose not have a problem with someone at some point we all do but this story is just not true.
    McGruder has been doing this for over decade now.
    This web site is pro T.Perry and that's fine and responsible for breaking this story just do the home work the writing is on the chalkboard. It’s ironic how all of this comes out AFTER his parody on Tyler Perry After a decade. No parody on Tyler means no spin from this web site, this made up story would never have come out this year.

  34. never4gotten says:

    i personally dont care if tha man likes black women or not he'll juss b one more Black man who doesnt like black men,lol, personally i think black men dont mess with black women is because were strong minded, and strong willed and u not going to feed us tha same bull ch@t u feed tha next female, i like boondocks i think its a funny a@@ show and ill still watch it.

  35. UTBLKMAN..whatever! says:

    I wonder how much of this is true….women that are scorned often lie to protect themselves. If this is a real person(starting to thnk it's a fabrication) she may have already known he was married. Who wouldn't given his known , but limited celeb status? Which brings me to another off beat point that could be that this is a fabrication! So, often the most heated topics about IR's are that of successful BM and a female of another ethnic group. Especially, if she happens to be Caucasian(weirdly some spanish women are put into the same ethnic group too) and sometimes asian. What a typical, but strangely effective tactic using a W/A character stating that this successful BM HATES all BW. A trick used to both degrade so called TRAITORS(usually those that have IR's and "uncle toms")because they didn't pick up a BW on their way to success. Also, to uplift those that are scorned or just RACIST.

  36. florida says:

    Wow how utterly sad. I believe this story because Boondocks doesn't have any respectable black female characters and the uncle ruckus is the worst character on the show but seemingly Aaron's favorite. I hate to say this but let's be honest, the most damage done to our black people in the last 50 or so years have been done at the hands of black men. Black women are the ones holding it together but unfortunately its a losing battle because we're doing the work all on our own.
    Whether the writer is a jump off or not, she's exposing this man for the fake ass coon that he is. I will not be watching his show anymore…it's for white folks amusement anyway.

    Also, his comment about Obama was pure idiocy. If the only requirement for being black was having ancestors who were enslaved then EVERYONE is black because slavery has been around since biblical times and Indians were enslaved before Africans were brought to America. Irish had been enslaved by the English etc and so on. Gawd I hate these dumb ass self-serving nigg*s.
    ~ a sistah-girl

  37. Sage says:

    I don't have an issue with what he's saying about Obama because the truth is that Obama is Biracial but Blacks and hardcore racists actually have a problem in admitting that Obama is half White.

    Obama is just as much a White man as he is a Black man but for some reason,many Blacks want to pretend a man who was born out of a White woman is soley a Black man.You will then proceed to quote old slave law to try and make him Black based on the game of percents.

    The world does and will not begin with Barack or Michelle Obama and guess what "Blacks are allowed to not support Obama" if we don't want to….Only a fool would believe that Blacks of all people owe politicians something in particular.

    Aaron McGruder is a satirist and his work is for those with a "thought process",his work is not for those with a "follower's mindset"…

  38. Sage says:

    @Wally,I agree but many Blacks will believe the man is 100% Blacks even though he was carried in the womb of a white woman for 9 months or so.It's hard to reason with people who have a belief based on a lie.

  39. Sage says:

    The thing that I'm laughing at is the writer of the email having to make it a point to say she's White/Asian as if that is supposed to solidify her comments,when infact many women of other races that deal with Black men can't stand Black women and yet many of you fell for the trick.

    Truth is what she says may be true and then again it may be a big lie.I am not a Black woman that let the taste of what a man like define who I am and who I will be and only a very fragile woman would allow themselves to be offended by the likes/dislikes of others.I realize there is more to life here and beyond.

    The person that wrote the email could just be a woman scorned.She claims he was small in penis size and yet she stayed with him so why is she so mad now?If she did not care about him,she wouldn't be so upset…

  40. Sage says:

    @Miko…I mean no harm but many Blacks did vote for him because you see him as a Black man even though he's also half White,so there is no need to act as if 'Wally' is so stuck on his skin color when most Blacks seem to be just as stuck on it as any racist is….

    If someone DARE to say that Obama is half white,many of you will almost pull your hair out as if someone spoke an untruth.You will then proceed with the regular "Well what had happen was",according to slave law,he's Black and you will totally act as if his mother's biology doesn't have a thing to do with his actual racial racial make-up….

  41. Other says:

    The show is great. The positive messages outweigh the negative by far. It shows many different stereotypes besides black people. Im not sure why people are so offended by these characters if thats not who they are. Be grownups, laugh and take what positive you can from it.

  42. Derek says:

    This article is bs. First of all, being a loyal Boondocks fan (of the show and the comics, owner of all 3 seasons and 3 books of comic strips), I think I can safely assume that that is NOT the attitude Uncle Ruckus would have. He wouldn't care about the representation of black people, he would just hate him for his skin color. Second, Aaron McGruder is an intellectual and a satirist. He's not a racist. The people hating on his work think that they're being smart and "reading between the lines," trying to pick out details they can use to misconstrue McGruder as a racist. They should read a little deeper and get it right. Morons. And by the way, yeah, let's believe the "jump-off," the same woman who calls him "fake ass" and a "lunatic psycho." Because those are surely testimonies of a calm, sane, honest woman. If you're gonna compare him to anyone on the show or in the strip, compare him to Huey. He's a well educated man using his words as weapons. I support anything he says or does.

  43. thom says:

    Bitter bitch i know your kind of person… ghetto hoe you.. you are a hater i had a problem wi a psycho lik you are you still mad he dont want to fuck u??

  44. AK says:

    To whoever wrote this:

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever read. You need to get up off of your uppity high horse and stop d-riding.

  45. Orion says:

    Fuck Google search for bringing me to a hatin' ass website, I take my click back bitches!

  46. Skitz says:

    I'm part black, part asian, and I never really paid attention to the boondocks but just seeing the episode with the "nigga moments" pissed me off. I dunno how blacks can watch this. It's damn insulting to me, but then again we degrade each other on a daily basis so i can see how this show would be excused. This show doesn't "shed light" on anything. I think the whole world already knows we bring our own people down. Instead of addressing that problem, all this show does is try to make that fact funny. When you can laugh at that, you become blind to the problem. You start seeing it as funny instead of taking it seriously. This isn't a damn joke. We're the only race I see that gets rich and famous out of insulting each other. Call it a joke, but none of the other races are dumb enough to do it, so what's our problem? This is idiocy…

  47. mr-stephen1 says:

    Wow! Why are some domestic violence organizations using women to filed false allegations against men in the state of Florida and possible elsewhere in the states. Well asked Harbor House, in Orlando Florida?

    There is a lot more going on in the state of Florida! Florida has their own set of laws different from those of the American constitution that have no merit at all. People family rights and human rights are being step on daily in this state. Read my article Yogi Lee felder on face book! There were other young brothers also killed in Sanford, and no one is talking about them. Florida is violation policies, procedures, refuse to conduct investigations and don't try to obtain the fact in a case. There are alot of organizations who used the women to bring the men down and then kick them to the curve later and their children as well. The leaders came to Sanford and marched with the outsiders, but no one listen to what the hometown people were saying about the state of Florida! Oh also ask some judges and lawyers as well! Money………………………………………………………….dollars$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ forget about human rights and family rights! I got to line my pockets!

  48. Nekima Tornes says:

    I would like to say to Aaron keep on doing what u are doing. There are so many people who are blinded towhat is really going on in our world. If u belive in Jesus then you would know the signs. Someone needs to speak out how our black community is being displayed. We as a culture have come too damn far to be down graded by our own. And the only way to open the eyes of ignorance is by some forum ofentertainment. So for those of you who are blind to the truth its you duty to educate yourself on whats going on and uplift our black community. It starts with you. In the end we all will have to answer to God, only. I hope you are part of the sloution instead of the problem. Keep on keeping on Aaron. And for the young lady who got cheated on by Aaron if thats the case. Give to God cause whats for u no one can take away

  49. Me says:

    Interesting the way he threw me shade at the party I met him at to get to my co-worker…umm well I'm surprised this site being in Atlanta ya'll can't really figure out this guy's uhh…tea as you say.

    Asian woman ain't the only ones that gotta watch out. He was total nasty queen to me for no reason so when I saw the Boondocks ep., about Tyler Perry I was well hell pot meet kettle…

  50. Fyre says:

    Well obviously people can belong to whatever culture they want regardless of race.. but to be honest, those don't seem like the words of an Asian woman. It sounds like something a black woman or gay black man wrote. It also just doesn't add up. So she dated him knowing how he felt about black women and didn't break up until she discovered he was married, but now she's writing to the black media to complain about his views on black women? Yeah right. If it was such a problem she wouldn't have been with him from the jump. I feel like a black woman wrote this but then again I don't see why a black woman would want to perpetuate this stereotype. So I will conclude that my opinion is that this is something from the Tyler Perry camp. It all adds up if you think about it that way. TP knows black women are one of the biggest consumers of media, so ruining Aaron's cred with black women would almost destroy him. Sounds about right.

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