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In Case You Missed It: Being Mary Jane (Episode #4) – “The Huxtables Have Fallen” [WATCH FULL VIDEO]

Jan 22nd 2014 | Written by ATLien

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“Being Mary Jane” season 1, episode 4: “The Huxtables Have Fallen” aired last night on BET (Tuesday, January 21, 2014).Being Mary Jane StraightFromTheA 8

On last week’s episode, Mary Jane Paul was left pondering a proposal from her married boyfriend, as he ignored her texts while he was making love to his wife.

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Episode #4 deals with Mary Jane’s coke addicted brother’s sobriety, but she also gets introduced to the thought of having her own addiction, as her brother Patrick points out her unhealthy attraction to another woman’s husband.

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In case you missed it, dive into the full episode of Being Mary Jane’s 4th episode below…

VIDEO: Being Mary Jane – Season 1, Episode 4 (FULL)

What did you think of episode #4 of BET’s ‘Being Mary Jane’?

Is it fair to compare Mary Jane’s ‘addiction’ to her extra-marital relationship to her brother’s ‘addiction’ to cocaine?


  1. Ashley Lasha says:

    Mary jane was gvn her married boyfriend head then her brother walkd N lol #embarassing

  2. I love this blawg. I missed it shopping. Thank you.

  3. i think we spend too much time being entertained

    • Independent Film says:


      You are soooo right! I googled this episode because they were talking about it on the radio-news this am – censored dialogue. Could it be that my sisterfriends put way too much effort into 'being-Mary Jane' addicts, and too little into 'being-Me'. Life mimics Art…

  4. Shirley Ghee says:

    Addiction is Addiction no matter what you Addicted to, it comes in all forms of being Addicts.

  5. Omari after that pool was just what the doctor ordered lol

    • Mrs. Hardwick lol says:

      YESSSSSSSS.. A man could have anything he WANTED after that line.. little do they know! Just solve our problems and we'll solve yours! It's so simple!

  6. Omari after that pool was just what the doctor ordered lol

  7. Omari after that pool was just what the doctor ordered lol

  8. Omari after that pool was just what the doctor ordered lol

  9. Omari after that pool was just what the doctor ordered lol

  10. Omari after that pool was just what the doctor ordered lol

  11. He´s married. I can´t stand watching it so, I don´t! There´s a pattern. I watch, after a few days im questioning my own husband. And for what. Fbmj. Js.

    • Nikki says:

      YES! So glad I'm not the only one! Married is married, and no one deserves to be treated the way Andre treats the women in his life. Honestly I wanted to watch it in hopes that Mary Jane will show that she has a backbone and is woman enough to walk away from this married man and find her own. But, this show drives me to start over-analyzing my own relationship with my husband! Plus, I'm so tired of the media portraying a successful black woman as a mistress and sending the message that adultery is acceptable just because it's commonplace in this day and time! Common doesn't make it right! I'm over it.

      • Independent Film says:

        Right on Sister! Where's the R-E-S-P-E-C-T, the dignity, the loyalty, and common decency you are supposed to have for those you have committed yourself to. W all want to see Gabrielle's career evolve to more than B-movies. I believe her role in "Being Mary Jane" will reap the opposite. Remember she is not yet "A-list". "G" take a lesson from "Stars" like Angela Bassett, Sharon Leal, Taraji, Alfre, Debbie Morgan, Lynn Whitfield, et. al. Nuff said.

        • Yana says:

          I'm with you ladies on these comments! Because I don't sleep with married men I just can't fathom how a woman could be silly enough to even consider accepting a ring from a married man. I also can't fathom why the whole golden rule and how you gett'em is how you lose him rule doesn't naturally click for these broads.

  12. Tia Lindsay says:

    Enjoyed the pool scene with Omari asking: Is there anything else you need? Lord have mercy the short sex scene was everything!!!

  13. I think an attraction to something os similar but not exactly the same….

  14. She´s like the perfect side chick .. She´s freaky , she doesn´t ask for anything ,she has a career and make her own money .. I love the show

  15. symphony says:

    I've been in MJ's shoes before, not presently as I am now married for the last seven years ( not to the same man). However, I have been there. It's an addiction, a bad one. You have to physically have that person or the control that you think you have and it is manifested by an emptiness that you have. I tricked myself into thinking that what I was doing was sufficient because it allowed me to not be tied down. But I wanted to be tied down. It allows the man to use you and you can't realize it because you are caught up in your own stuff. This happens to anyone and can happen. And an addiction is an addiction no matter the vice. I replaced that addiction with shopping and ended up in a different type of situation but thats another story. The story resonates with me from so many angles because I can understand that 1. its entertainment and 2. I have been there, I know how she feels.

  16. Melissa says:

    This show may seem ratchet from a far view, but I like the concept. No adultery is not right at all!! But why are black females the majority not married? Every other race group put a ring on there ladies finger, however black females are only left to be baby mothers. Now here we have a successful black female that can't find nobody but a married man. This show for me opens my eyes more to the another reality that black females face.

    • flyguy says:

      You want to know why? The black woman attitude is destroying their chance at love and marriage, their attitude has robbed the black man as the head of their own households. Even men of other races are scared to date black women. They don't want all the drama. Black women believe being confrontational and mad is acceptable behavior, society tell black women not to trust black men ability to make decision so black women insist of having their way and that pushes the black man away. Then they wonder why we turn to other races. Black women talk about how stupid other races are listening to their men, Put other races are getting married and the black woman is not.

      • Vicki says:

        I was agreeing with you flyguy to a certain point.LOL. I will say that I am puzzled about why enough black women aren't married. I have so many successful single friends. However, I am happily married. I think one problem may be that black women dont want to submit and allow their men be head of household. Yeah…true you make money too Miss lady, but children need to see a strong male figure as head of household. Two…I believe black women limit themselves by not dating outside their race. But I think thats because black women are so loyal and want to have a black man rather than other races. Third…I do agree we tend to bring too much anger, agreession, and drama. I have been guilty of that for years. But you know what…I realized i had to fix that s**t because it's not cute. However, i've been abused sexually and had a lot of pain built up and i think that's why black women seem angry. So…most men need to be understanding and loyal. (sry for the long unexpected)

      • Mademoiselle says:

        I enjoy the show. I am always happy seeing a black woman who is successful.
        She is intelligent. Life is about making choices.
        Putting yourself in a position to make a bad decision is often a matter of choice.
        She is smart enough to know better.

        Let us remember this is entertainment.
        It's going to be salacious. It's going to be
        controversial. Any publicity is good publicity.

        There are so many paths life takes us on.
        I think for black men and women life is challenging.
        On one hand both have to be strong and in control.
        Both face obstacles that no other race faces.
        Both want love and a stable relationship.
        Both want to be nurtured and respected.
        The black race itself has been so abused
        making it hard for us to come together in trust.

  17. I feel some type of way about myself for entertaining this show, but I still do. I haven´t decided yet if its awful or just the truth for these days and time. Beautiful successful and insecure women allowing themselves to be a side bucket of beans, and the men who get to double dip…. let us pray.

  18. Katy Rice says:

    hot and steamy….

  19. Some addictions are worse than others. Cocaine have ruined that man´s life and his kids. Mary Jane going to be alright even after that married boyfriend is gone.

  20. RHOA Fan says:

    This show seems to a reflection of a segment of our society. I have a few friends who dated married men. The men weren't always upfront about their marital status. They didn't wear rings. The men revealed their martial status after my friends developed feelings. Same as this show…

    The scenes were very eye opening. Why was MJ doing that with the curtains open? Seems to me that would be off limits with a married man.

  21. damn are there any shows where the lead black woman isnt someones Side piece!?!

  22. true says:

    This show is terrible! I cannot beleive most of you think it is okay to cheat. Only females with no integrity would stoop so low. What happens when all parties find out they are HIV positive. The producers of this show on a African American network should be ashamed!

  23. Love Addition is real. Its a habitual choice of the absolute wrong relationships over and over hoping and seeking love and acceptance.

  24. jay fool says:

    I cant believe black support this then complain about how our communitie is. Mary Jane is worse than hood chics, and just a rich ratchett chic who thinks she is better and looks down on the less, when she is just as sinful as all. Making it harder for career women and young girls

  25. Brooklyn says:

    The gratuitous sex scenes turn me off. I don't want to see them in that much detail. Also, it feels like the script is a bit remedial. I don't know…somethings off. Oh yeah…its predictable as hell.

  26. Dee Dee says:

    I'm MJ now, but the guy is not married! I hate this position I am in….I haven't been in a relationship for 5 years prior to this man and I was ok with it just being me and my kids then he came! I fell for him-HARD! and this past October I found out he was engaged. That crushed me! We talked about marriage, buying a house, being a family, etc. and to have this come out hurt so bad. My mind told me to be DONE, but my heart couldn't let him go. I see him and his 'fiance' around the neighborhood and it's humiliating. He says he doesn't just love me, he's IN LOVE with me! Wth…I just don't like this, but I don't know how to let it go. I do love him, but it's too much for me. I'm angry with him, I'm starting to resent him and again I'm humiliated! I know how MJ feels. You keep holding on to that hope when you know this is not what you need!

  27. K says:

    Was episode 5 already posted?

  28. Lynn says:

    Where is episode 5?

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