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2013 Soul Train Awards Red Carpet Arrivals: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly… [PHOTOS]

Nov 9th 2013 | Written by ATLien

Toni Braxton and Baby Face 2
The 2013 Soul Train Awards is being taped in Las Vegas, and as expected, the red carpet arrivals were quite entertaining.

Toni Braxton and Babyface 1Spotted taking a stroll down the red carpet were Toni Braxton and Babyface, who many feel were a bit too close for comfort considering Babyface has a wife and kids. But they clearly have an album to promote, so let the chatter begin.

[WATCH: “Hurt Me’ – Toni Braxton & Babyface (Official Video)]

So here’s my list of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from the Soul Train Awards Red Carpet:

The Good: Vivica Fox, Ashanti, Chaka Khan (who looks dayum good for her age!) and Ruben Studdard (who dropped a ton of weight since his divorce).

The Bad:  Jennifer Hudson look very uncomfortable in her itty bitty mini and Lil Mama’s entire ensemble!  And to think, I gave her so much credit for those Derek Blanks images I posted yesterday!

[READ: Derek Blanks Shoots Lil Mama (PHOTOS)]

The Ugly: I’ll let y’all decide… 😯

Others spotted on the carpet: The Braxton sisters (Towanda, Trina and Traci), Faith Evans, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Chrisette Michelle, Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick, Eric Benet, Bobby V,  Keith Sweat, Ruben Studdard, Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe & More.

Photos from the 2013 Soul Train Awards red carpet below…

Vivica Fox - 2013 Soul Train Awards 1

Vivica Fox…

Lil Mama 2013 Soul Train Awards 1

Oh Lil Mama… why has thou forsaken me. *sigh*

Faith Evans 3

Faith Evans looks amazing!!!

Jennifer Hudson 1

Jennifer Hudson and her itty bitty mini….

Keisha Knight Pulliam

Keyshia Knight Pulliam looks cute in blue…

Chrisette Michelle 1

Chrisette Michelle throws the peace sign…

Jamie Foster Brown S2S Soul Train Awards 2013 - 3

Jamie Foster Brown (Sister2Sister) shows off her new bra…

Lyfe Jennings 2013 Soul Train Awards

Lyfe Jennings suits up well…

Boris Kodjoe Nicole Ari Parker Big Tigga

Boris Kodjoe, Nicole Ari Parker and Big Tigga

Ruben Studdard Soul Train Awards 2

Musician David Foster and Ruben Studdard (Ruben looks GOOOOOD!!)

Ashanti 2013 Soul Train Awards 1

Ashanti betta werk…

Whasserface aka K Michelle 2013 Soul Train Awards 2



Chaka Kahn 1

Chaka Khan is like 100 years old and looks better than most 30 year olds!

Gladys Knight 1

Gladys Knight looks happy in red…

MC Lyte 9

MC Lyte always gets it right (see what I did there?) :-)

Who gets your Good, Bad or Ugly vote from the 2013 Soul Train Awards Red Carpet?

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

CLICK HERE to view more photos from the 2013 Soul Train Awards Red Carpet…



  1. Cory says:

    Can we go into the new year and maybe not even post about K. Michelle then?

  2. Keke says:

    Naw naw naw Michelle.
    Keep posting about K girl.
    *cackles* you so crazzzzy

  3. No Ma'am says:

    Michelle girl you know K kilt it. I wonder why David's wife, the Housewife chick, didn't show up.

  4. QueenieG says:

    Good – Faith Evans
    Bad – Jennifer Hudson
    Ugly – Jamie Foster Brown

    (And in that order!)

    • Just peachy says:

      You pretty much read my mind, minus a few more. Vivica's face always looks tight and botoxed to death, which ends up making her look older, plus her neck is a wrinkled dead give away! Toni looks amazing, as does Faith! Keisha Knight doesn't have the shape for that dress, but she still looks nice. Chaka Khan most certainly DOES NOT look better than most 30, or 40 year olds. She looks good for 50 and that's the most I can give her. K. Michelle looks good

    • Sasha says:

      Jamie foster brown are you serious? She' gets the UGLY with no competition!shes giving it to us ugly no chaser! Ashanti's is the goodl!beautiful dress!get it right Nelly! The bad is Toni Braxton! This is not the first time you've snuggled up to BFace . Not a good look.toni looks too desperate and disrespectful and nasty ! Lil mama please don't erase all of the positive things coming your way . People tend to go back to who they are, but this quick? DAMN!!!

      • TNJ says:

        so on point about Toni B. why is she like so desperate all of a sudden. give the man some damn room. she did this when he was getting his star. geesh!

      • dixie says:

        I think babyface makes her get close to him in pictures. He has been making her take pictures with him like that since the 80's. Way before any of the so called other women came along. Do the homework check out old pic, video, shows with them in it. He came to her and made her get back in music its on braxton family on we tv. Keep in mind he has been married twice and now he is with this girl. Babyface is a player.

      • dixie says:

        Babyface is a player he came to toni its on braxton family we tv.

    • JENNY JONES!!! says:


      • JENNY JONES!!! says:


  5. Kasy Volney says:

    It´s time to do some professional journalism. Stop calling KMichelle names. Are You bloggers is high school? Smh. If you dislike her that much just don´t post anything about her. If you continue posting shit like that you´ll never be a successful site.

    • XoXo says:

      I disagree. Michelle has the right, as a journalist, to write how she likes, what she likes, when she likes, & if she likes. You…the audience…should not dictate how you think her writing style should be. Wendy Williams talks about people she doesn't like all the time, and she is successful. If it acts like a wasserface, walks like a wasserface, and talks like a wasserface, guess what…it's a wasserface!

      • ED says:

        Sorry XoXo. I disagree with you. The audience should dictate the product or else you deliver a product no one wants. Wendy Williams has her style and she is successful. Oprah has her style and is even MORE SUCCESSFUL. Neither of those two women come across as petty because they are holding on to "personal beef" and bringing down the same person all the time. It makes SFTA look unprofessional and childish.

        • Lena says:

          I agree ED.

        • STLChick says:

          Am I missing something? I don't recall seeing anything derogatory about KM. Instead of us not making negative posts, how 'bout you don't bother reading them, huh? Devil's advocate, you know?

      • Tkinmotion says:

        Exactly, it's not like whasserface, carries herself with class.

      • No Ma'am says:

        Sorry, but as a writer going to school to be a journalist, the first rule of good journalism is to be objective. K. tried Michelle and Michelle is holding a grudge and she continues to call her Whasserface. I don't come for Michelle because this is her blog and she can writes how she wants, because hell, everybody else does, but for me, I think writers should relay facts without bias.

        • STLChick says:

          Are you going to school to be a blogger? Because I don't put blogging and journalism in the same category. And if journalism is supposed to be objective I'd love to hear your take on MSNBC and Fox news.

      • Gavin says:

        journalist? what school and what degree no shade.

    • Kacie says:

      Girl what? K. Michelle is not the end all/be all for a successful sight. I've read SFTA for years and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

      ATL can post what she wants. If she doesn't like K Michelle/whasserface than so what? Who cares? Move on. How many other pictures are on this post for you to see?

      K. Michelle ain't shhhhht. You act like she's Michelle Obama and deserves so much respect but all she is a ghetto nasty hoodrat who can sing. Go buy you a website and dedicate it to Whassetface and stop trying to dictate whae someone else likes. Everyone is not a fan of what you like.

    • angela says:

      i agree 100%

    • TNJ says:

      she get most of her hits when posting about K Michelle. hell she may as well print her damn name.

  6. ED says:

    Just a little advice to Michelle of Straight from the A. Your blog is a blog, not a diary. So report the news or events or whatever. What you should not do is take personal swipes at people you do not like; or overly hype the people you like. It makes it hard to read your blog and enjoy it. If you do not like a person or a celebrity, its simple – Don't talk about the person on your blog. Get rid of negative energy inside you and on your blog. Let go of hurt, pain and anger.

    I cannot say I am a K. Michelle fan though I've heard her sing, but whatever personal issues you have with her let it go and run a clean blog. Ditto for others you have "beef" with.

    That way your blog will be neutral, transparent, and professional. If you take this advice your blog will get bigger than it is now and you will enjoy great success. Not only that, new opportunities will open up for you and your empire will grow tremendously.

    • Whatshername123 says:

      Dear Mr. Ed, you just wrote a book and debunked your entire theory in the first sentence. I think you should google the definition of 'blog' because we are all laughing at you.


      Everyone who knows what a blog is.

      • ED says:

        Laugh all you want.

        I know what a blog is and blogs are of different kinds; SFTA reports news and events. Therefore it isn't a place to post personal issues with people and how you feel about them (ATLien can write that in her personal diary or journal). If that's the kind of blog SFTA has become, then I will simply move on and go elsewhere for my news and events.

        Talk to Michelle of SFTA, I'm sure she needs more traffic.

        • Alexis says:

          a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.

          Ed you are not as smart as your mom told you.

        • ATLien says:

          Ed darling I appreciate your passion but in this case, the audience doesn't dictate the product. I love my readers but StraightFromTheA is (and has always been) a place where I share MY thoughts, feelings and opinions on issues and topics that "I" find interesting. Maybe this is your first (and last) time visiting, and I'm ok with that. But what you should know before you go is that I value everyone's OPINIONS (which is why you can freely disagree in the comments) and love the fact that we can all agree to disagree.

          How boring would it be if all bloggers were the same? How entertaining would it be if there were no opposing views? How exciting would it be if everyone loved the same things or were 'fans' of the same person?

          It's our individuality that makes the world so great. Don't cha think?

          BTW thanks for visiting. I'm sure Whasserface appreciates your support as well…

        • STLChick says:

          BAM!! lol. Act like this is that ratchet ass Bossip or something.

    • 2bme says:

      I just LOVE how people will dictate an opinion based on someone else's have free will..just like you wrote this long winded also had the choice not to click or comment at all..find a blog worth your time or make one of your own..see all this free will at your fingertips…either leave permanently..go with the flow or CHOOSE to comment on the posts that you feel are worthy..these are not hard decisions

  7. Rodriquez says:

    Wasserface?" Really? Bloggers maturity levels, up there with with professionalism! K.Michelle kills it in everything she does, and then there are the haters..hmmm. If you're gonna post a blog be neutral.

    • STLChick says:

      What is this girl killing exactly? That one hit is autotuned to death, and she looks idiotic in the videos.
      She must have a lot of peeps in the ATL lol

      • Peaches says:

        If you haven't heard….. K. Michelle WON best new artist over Tamar.

      • STLChick says:

        And that's supposed to be impressive because? Tamar ain't shit either. When it's Beyoncé then it'll peak my interest. JMO

        • james says:

          your comment just gave me life!!!! comparing k michelle to tamar is just like comparing mcdonalds to burger kind. Neither one of them are fine dining !!! with that being said i do personally like k michelle, i also understand why people dont like here!

        • lockstress says:

          OH….I fainted…came to and passed out again! Bwahahaha! And that's s'posed to be impressive b/c Tamar ain't shyt neither……
          Man down…again!

  8. Jeloi says:

    I have to say I agree with wanting to read a positive blog instead of a negative one about certain individuals. I know you do have the right to write a negative or a positive blog about whoever, but sometimes it is hard to read. This blog is starting to remind me of SR blog, always negative. And for that reason I don't visit SR's blog as much as I use too. Good luck ATL!

  9. Lexi says:

    I thought babyface divorced his wife? did he remarry?

  10. Whatshername123 says:

    The good: Ashanti
    The bad: Jamie
    The ugly: K. Michelle's stank attitude

  11. STACY JOHNSON says:

    Wasn't nothing Good about Ashanti and that back fat. Jaimie looked just awful and Jennifer is too damn knock kneeded to wear a mini.Faith dress was pretty but not on her,Lil Mama please go away. K.Michelle looked nice but should stop focusing on her assets Chaka looked way better tan Vivica.

  12. ^^^ hit the nail on the head. “Straight From the A” = When basic bitter broads create a blog

    • STLChick says:

      And what can be said of the visitors/posters, since you're one of them? Not being sarcastic, just genuinely curious of your response/thought process.

  13. Lawd!!! says:

    LAWD JESUS RUBEN!! Honey you done TURNT IT!! I am loving his grown man. The weight loss is amazing. He looks healthy and sexy.You did that. You might need to talk to Tamar's husband Vince on how to turn it. I don't how sexy he would be after the weight loss but you need to pass that down. Ruben doesn't have half the money Vince has and was able to lose the weight. There's no reason for Vince to be walking around here looking like a slob. He has the money to safely lose the weight. If you didn't know better you would swear that Vince was missing a chromosome.

  14. mon88 says:

    LOL @ this entire write up Chelly you made my day this morning…..

    The Good
    Toni-looks amazing I been saying she need to bring back the short cut since the early 2000's it looks perfect on her
    Ashanti-looks great i love my women to have extra thickness so I don't mind back fat I actually prefer it more cushion for the pushing
    Faith-Looking good, thick and scrumptious

    The IDK
    Vivica-She's not attractive to me anymore she was smoking back in 2003 now she looks like she's in her 60's and all that botox bs aint helping but she's dressed nice for a change and the braids are always better than those wigs she pushing
    Gladys-I cant stand this lady or her top lip she always seems like she stuck in the 70's
    Chaka- IDK and i really dont care lol
    Nicole Ari Parker-Man she was so fine when Soul food was on TV now she all skinny and she never dresses sexy anymore she looks butch and btw her husband and tiger look gay as fuck with them pink pants lol

    The Ugly
    JHUD-As usual she always makes the list not only is she a bobblehead, she has sold her soul and family for fame and she still UGLY the devil is so tricky lol
    Lil Mama-You doing to much with the makeup and hair just keep it simple and smile more.
    Chrisette Michelle-What happened to her she was thick and smoking back when she 1st came out now she looks butch and nasty with them tatts
    K Michelle-Until she remove that 8 pack of horse hair out of her head she will never be attractive to me and that booty looks stank.
    Jamie foster-We all know Jamie tacky just like her magazine LOL at least her hair is laid.
    The Braxton's-Look like DRAG QUEENS jacked straight from the Labelle reunion tour.

    The Brother's
    My nigga lyfe showing these fakes how to do it, make me wanna suit up
    Big RUB- Looking healthy brother but don't lose to much you'll get that jhud star jones bobblehead look LOL and quit hanging with David Foster i don't trust that fake jew.
    Overall Best Dressed Male & Female Winners are:
    Toni Braxton & Lyfe Jennings!
    Good Day!

  15. Fl to Va chick says:

    Wow I like most of the looks. Now Jamie,you are a seasoned woman..the whole outfit was out of order. No mam Lil Mama!! That fish tank algae colored wig plus the busy,heavy looking clothes was a wreck!

  16. KBFresh says:

    the Good: Lil MAMA.. Yes I thought she looked GREAT
    MC Lyte
    Ashanti (although I'd like her back to be a little more toned)

    the BAD:
    Chrisette's top of her dress
    Glady's top of her dress

    the UGLY
    JAMIE Good googaly
    Lyfe (sorry his face just looks rough)

  17. KBFresh says:

    oh also good: babyface and toni!

  18. 2bme says:

    I don't have anything to say except..Jamie Foster Brown WHO are you trying to keep up with?..either fire your stylist..or if you picked this out yourself, check your eyesight and get meds because NOTHING about this was right

  19. Sash says:

    Chrisette looks like a kewpie doll. It may be me but Vivica looks like she's eased up on the fillers. And Faith is rocking the Versace. She pulled it off. I LUV Toni. She always looks effortless.

  20. BaybeK8s says:

    Jaimie Foster Brown's dress? Uuuuh… NO! With a what the what on the side. Keisha and Jennifer Hudson should have switched dresses. LOL At the men checking out Chaka. Vivica's hairline is all messed up from those lace fronts. Not a good advertisement for her product.

  21. STLChick says:

    Back to the damn topic at hand instead of wasserface…

    I like the look of lil mama for an event like this. Would've been a good look for the grammy's or AMAs too.
    Chaka looks good from the neck up only. That damn Jamie??? Bytch you are not 30. Out of order on so many levels. Not vibing Ashanti's look, but I do like JHud's and Nicole Ari Parker is KILLIN' IT!!!

  22. The New Mrs. says:

    Everyone looked really nice except……Lil Mama…The thirst is REAL when it comes down to this chic..

  23. LoveIt says:

    So those two fellas behind Chaka certainly believe she is one of the GOOD!

    Is Ashanti single now since Nelly has a new boo? She needs to holla at Rueben! They would be cute together. 😉

  24. inkomation says:

    All these awards show and the Red Carpet being the biggest part of it I know someone suggested there should be Red Carpet Awards.. hmmm a Red Carpet Awards Show for the celebrity that have killed the Red Carpet.. my top choice would be Eva Marcille…

  25. Gigi says:

    I understand that many times the actors of color are not paid as well as many others in hollywood, but I stress the need for a stylist.

    Chaka Khan looks amazing!

    And no I will not say "for her age."

    Why do we always tend to say, women or men of a particular age look good to be 40, 50, 60, etc…

    If someone looks good, they simply look good. No need to add the rest.

  26. Shay Shay says:

    Sorry but no one looks fierce, they look from OK (Toni Braxton) to WTF (Boris Kodjoe).

  27. Juswannakno says:

    Is Babyface married or not? I remember a pic not long ago, whereToni was all over him. At the same event there was a pic with him and what said to be his wife and family. Because if he's married, (publicity or not ) Toni need to back up! If not, then do yo thang.

  28. Gigi says:

    Vivica – giving me Cicely Tyson in the face
    Lil Mam – No Mama
    Faith – Good
    J. Hud – No gawd
    Keyshia – Not for you
    Chrisette M. – to many tats
    Jamie Foster Brown – JUST WRONG on ALL LEVELS
    Boris – Don't get dressed in the dark
    Ashandi – Check that back fat
    K. Michelle – LOVELY
    Chaka – Check them boobs
    Gladys – Lil girl birthday day dress

  29. Muddin Head says:

    Good: Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Ari Parker, Ashanti

    Bad: Keisha Knight Pulliam, Chrisette Michelle,
    Faith Evans

    Ugly: Lil Mama, Jamie Foster Brown, & Boris Kodjoe's outfit-WTF. LOL….

  30. Anonymous says:

    Michelle, I am almost certain that Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds isn't married. I know that he has a young daughter with his girlfriend but I don't think that they are married.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I wish those other Braxton sisters would follow Toni's lead and wear their on hair for a change. I understand the versatility of wigs/extensions but every now and then try wearing your OWN hair. Just my opinion…

    • STLChick says:

      Agreed. Black women tend to look best with cropped or curly styles for a reason: It's close to their actually texture. God knew what he was doing.

  32. dixie says:

    He is not married. He just said that the young woman was his bride to be at the hollywood walk of fame but she does not have a ring on her and he does not as well. I think he just told her that to make her feel good.The young woman should go the other way he is playing her. He has always been in love with toni but he tries to hide it from the world.

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