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Kandi Burruss Hosts Rasheeda’s Baby Shower w/ Phaedra Parks, Erica Dixon, Mona Scott Young & More… [PHOTOS]

Aug 12th 2013 | Written by ATLien

Rasheeda Kirk Baby Shower
Rasheeda of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and her hubby Kirk Frost posed lovingly in front of a wide selection of cakes and goodies during her baby shower yesterday (August 11, 2013).

The cute couple, who have caught a ton of flack for “allegedly” faking their marital woes but are moving on with the business of having their new baby.

[FLASHBACK: Rasheeda & Kirk Separated? Don’t Believe the Hype… ]

Rasheeda revealed the sex and name of her unborn child during Part 1 of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 reunion (click HERE if you missed that) and in preparation for their son ‘Karter,’ a baby shower was hosted by her BFF Kandi Burruss, who invited all of Sheeda’s friends, family & cast members down to ‘The Kandi Factory’ to celebrate the upcoming birth.

Phaedra Rasheeda Kandi - baby shower]\\

Other attendees included: Phaedra Parks, Toya Wright, Monyetta Shaw, Kandi Burruss, Erica Dixon and Mona Scott Young even attended the event.

Photos below….

Rasheeda and Erica Dixon -  Baby Shower

Rasheeda and Erica Dixon…

Rasheeda Baby Shower Cake

Rasheeda’s ‘Karter’  Cake…

Rasheeda and Toya - Baby Shower

Rasheeda and Toya Wright…

Monyetta Shaw Rasheeda StraightFromTheA

Monyetta Shaw and Rasheeda…

Mona Scott Young Erica Dixon - Rasheeda Baby Shower

Mona Scott Young is all smiles as she poses with Erica Dixon…

Rasheeda Kirk Frost Family - Baby Sower

The Frost family…

Congrats to the happy couple on their pending arrival!

Photos via Instagram


  1. Sara Kyle says:

    Everyone looked gorgeous, but am I the only one that's tired of Kirk's over grown ass dressing like a teenage boy??

  2. Lady K says:

    Cute!Rasheeda is the truth, minus Kirk!

  3. juicy shyt says:

    Why is it Kirk never looks happy when posing with pregnant Rasheeda? When he was with those strippers, his ass was happy as hell but whenever he takes pics with her now….it seems like he really doesnt want to be there. I dont think he wants this baby. I believe he loves Rasheeda and is going along for the ride because he wants his marriage but I think within a couple of years they will be filing for divorce.

  4. Yalanda Lattimore DryerBuzz they are happy. They only pretended to be miserable for tv… lol

  5. where are the photos of kirk smiling or is that more pretending lmao

  6. 2bme says:

    lol..Damn Kirk smile..ooh wee I know Rasheeda is ready to drop that bundle any minute but she IS glowing! Such a cute cake!

  7. No Ma'am says:

    LOL at Kandi advertising Bedroom Kandi at the shower. I'm not mad. Get that bread mah. (In my Steebie J voice.)

  8. i lost ALL respect for Kirk & Rasheeda with this season. I hope the have a healthy baby boy but i could care less about them. -__-

  9. TINKWINKS says:




  10. Cynthia says:

    Nice shower the cake was real cute. Rasheeda
    Is huge I know she will be glad when has that baby.
    Neyo baby mother are you having a bad hair

  11. ms_mewiththebullshid says:

    Phaedra always looks so out of place with this crowd. she looks like the friend that's always tagging along.

  12. james says:

    Kirk looks like he is in pain….probably from that metal ball his surgeon placed in his throat during his sex change surgery…..

  13. Gregg La says:

    The last two people to even be having a kid.

  14. Jai Said... says:

    It's nice to see Mona Scott-young in attendance. It's good to see that she is vested in her heaux (ooopss I meant her cast's) personal lives!

  15. Lisa says:

    Was Kirk working out in the yard and he didn't know about the shower? What the hell?

  16. Is it the camera angle or did Phaedra get botox?

    Something about the forehead makes her look like a Clingon or something.

    It's not how she usually looks.

  17. MsKing30 says:

    Rasheeda looks good. Monyetta aint gettin no monre of Neyo's money that's why her hair look like that.LMAO!
    The babyshower looked like it was fun.

  18. CoCo says:

    Faking it or not, KIRK LOOKS MISERABLE!

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