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Tamar Braxton Shares 1st Photo of Baby ‘Logan Vincent Herbert’ + Sends Special Father’s Day Message…[PHOTOS]

Jun 17th 2013 | Written by ATLien

Tamar and Vince StraightFromTheA 2

It’s been a little over a week since Tamar Braxton gave birth to her first child, a boy she named ‘Logan Vincent Herbert’.

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Braxton recently revealed a first look at her newborn by posting a photo on Instagram along with a special heartfelt message to her hubby Vincent Herbert.

Meet baby ‘Logan Vincent Herbert’ below + read Tamar’s special ‘Father’s Day’ message to the new daddy below:

tamar braxton baby

Tamar father's day message

Congrats again to the happy couple!

(hopefully we’ll get to see lil Logan’s face next time…)


  1. Munchie says:

    Where is the baby face??? Maybe it's Tamar's old face!!! Thank God for that:)

  2. Kim Edwards via Facebook says:

    You act like this was an actual pix of the baby. We saw this the other day from another site of his hand, smh

  3. No Ma'am says:

    I know her baby is a doll. Can't wait to see the whole picture.

  4. Tia says:

    If that child looks like his parents then hiding his face was a great idea!!!

    • Ashley says:

      @Tia,That is so mean;and YOU should be ashamed.Congrats Herbert family.

      • hotdogsonthegrill says:

        Tell 'em ashley and you know I'm ignorant but even I don't mess with folks kids

        • Ashley says:

          Youre a mess @hotdogsonthegrill!lol I actually like most of your post.We all should know children are off limits!That goes without saying.I dont fight and to be honest, I cant fight;but you mess with my babies and Ill kick my shoes off like I can!!!! lol

        • Kaycee says:

          Youre one of my favorite posters ms.Ashley! Dead @ kick my sboes off!!!!

        • Gwendella says:


      • Tia says:

        Yeah, I was just being a jerk not ashamed though. Quiet as its kept Im bout dat lyfe when it comes to my kids!

        • Ashley says:

          At least you admitted you were being a jerk.Most people wouldnt,that says a lot about you.So BRAVO MS Tia. Dead @ bout that life!!!!

    • unique says:

      That baby may just be ugly.Nothing heard from her fam on his looks YET.Her husba

      nd lppks down syndrome BTW

  5. Antoinette Daniels via Facebook says:

    I actually think its rude……I’d rather they not post anything.

  6. BabyGirl says:

    What the hell…

  7. msking says:

    I think the pic symbolizes how their love goes hand in hand, their love shared together, and Father's Day was just the begining. That was a nice gesture from Tamar.
    The pic and the words, it all make sense.

  8. Christic Prout via Facebook says:

    Babies at this stage all look basically the same anyway…

  9. Gwendella says:

    Everybody doesn't want their child splashed everywhere. Personal to some is personal. Congrats to them.

  10. All I can see is his little fingers ….conngrats Vince and Tamar

  11. Can’t wait to see him I think he may not start off cute but he will as he gets older

  12. Really!!! says:

    Why would she send out a pic of his hand….. that's so silly. If she think that will make more people watch BFV she need to think again. I have watched the show from day one but a lot of people I know don't watch this show because Tamar get on their nerves or they are not interested. lol. Just send a pic of the baby's entire body and face Tamar. Geez.

    If nobody was interested that baby's entire pic would have been all over the net and in magazines by now.

    • tina says:

      for real though show the baby!!! they acting like they some for real diva celebs. dang yall aint no j and beyonce get over it cause im bout to

  13. REALLY – LOL CUTE I GET IT but don't let kim have all of the baby spotlight with baby news

  14. Sherri says:

    Tamar admitted to not having love at 1st sight of her baby. Maybe when the love is there she will post a full pic & be proud of her baby no matter what he looks like. (Next baby she will find a pretty woman with nice hair to be her surrogate.)

  15. Sammy says:

    I'm sorry but there's a picture of the baby's face on Bossip and the baby is not cute.

  16. Harry Assole says:

    does Vince have Down Syndrome?

  17. Vince says:

    How severe is Vince Herbert's down syndrome? Is it profound or does he have a mild case of Down's?

  18. Vince Herbert says:

    Dear, Beloved Fans,

    Yes, I do have Down Syndrome. I was convinced it was common knowledge but apparently, I was mistaken. I was born with 3 extra chromosomes, so my Down Syndrome is quite profound. Tamar has been my "rock". She wipes me, feeds me, and helps me get dressed every morning. She completes my life. Thank you for all of your wonderful support.

    God bless,

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