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Rumor Control: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Erica Dixon and Shay Johnson ‘Scrap’ But Dispute Blade Story… [PHOTOS]

Apr 11th 2013 | Written by ATLien

Shay Erica Dixon Fight StraightFromTheA

Word on the curb is that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Erica Dixon and Shay “Buckeey” Johnson got to scrappin’ during an event in Atlanta last night (April 11, 2013).

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MediaTakeOut was first to report the incident, stating the Erica had pulled out a blade and cut Shay’s face, but both ladies have disputed their report… and even have photographic proof of it’s inaccuracy.

[Sidebar: I can proudly say that that’s why it sometimes pays to be “late” reporting a story like this because while there was definitely a fight last night… no one got cut.]

As stated a few weeks ago, Lil Scrappy and Erica parted ways and no longer live under the same roof (click HERE if you missed that), so he’s fell back in the arms of his fail safe BFF Shay.  Clearly, that doesn’t sit to well with Erica and there’s been animosity between she and Shay for months now.

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That being said… somebody put ‘dem paws’ on somebody but say they didn’t need a switchblade…

Erica Dixon

Here’s the real TEA about Erica and  Shay’s fight last night…

karlie-flyer-e1365696367844Love and Hip Hop cameras were rolling last night as Karlie Redd played host to her red carpet release party for her new hair line.

That should have been a red light to all attendees that there was some tomfoolery about to go down, but many guests were caught totally by surprise during the melee.

Apparently Shay and Erica came to blows during the event after Shay (who was reportedly not invited) showed up and showed out.  Sources say that Shay arrived and began beating on the windows of the salon to get Erica to come outside and face her.

Erica is not one to shy away from a fight and she’s heard talk of Scrappy and Shay being seen around town, so she went outside.

There was so much yelling and screaming between the two that no one knows for sure who threw the first punch, but apparently Erica got the best of the situation.  Shay was spotted afterwards with her weave all disheveled and sources say she was bleeding from somewhere (just not from her face).

FunkyDineva revealed that after the fight, Shay was taken to a bathroom where she remained for about an hour while one of the stylist at the salon attempted to put her hair and face back together.. and while there were no visible cuts to her face, Shay definitely got the beat down according several attendees.

Shay revealed the photo below stating that it was taken today (April 11, 2013)…

Shay tweetShay Buckeey Johnson StraightFroMTheA

I guess that at least proves that Erica didn’t bash her face in, but stay tuned… I’m sure we will be hearing more about this sordid love triangle as the premiere date of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s 2nd season approaches.

Can you believe these two women are still ‘scrapping’ over Lil Scrappy?

Lil Scrappy Blank Stare


  1. Duane Harris via Facebook says:

    tell shay shay to call me – i am drama free !

  2. NewMeKnowYou says:

    O……K Shay, she could have at least wrote on a piece of paper the date and held it up in the pictureThe real question is when was this picture taken verses posted.

  3. Escalady says:

    Another episode of Days of Our Lives in the Hood, SMH, Jesus Take the Wheel!!!!!

  4. Raquel Xu via Facebook says:

    im just glad this show coming back on.. got tired of love n spics new york lol

  5. Cynthia Cornelius via Facebook says:

    Shay needs to fall back!

    • Ashley says:

      Exactly,but Erica needs to stop letting Shay bring her down to her level.Pretty soon we are not going to be able to tell which one is a classact and which ones a clown!

      • Loving This Site says:

        Very true but Erica needs to leave Scrappy alone and let her be with that trashy Bucky. Get someone who will love and respect you, not laugh on camera behind your back that you dont know about his relationship with his "friend".

    • teejay says:

      um heck no! erica is just as ghetto or even more

  6. LXL says:

    And how old are these females?

    • Shanika says:

      Erica should've left her outside banging on the windows like an idiot. I understand how hard it can be to ignore ignorance, but you have to learn to just walk away from the bullshit.

      • Nia says:

        Exactly!! "Come outside, Imma eff u up."
        Really? Who do dat in 2013?!?! And Erica actually went?!?! DAFUQ?! I lubs me some Erica, lawd knows ahhhs do but she was prolly out there arguing sounding like there's a period after every word & shat…dat ish irks the hell outta me

        • KELAP says:

          what the hell are you saying? i had to read your post 3 times before i understood it. sheesh

  7. 2bme says:

    Soooo you call someone outside thinking you gonna get the best of them..get your ass whooped instead and you STILL talking? Boo stop..wth is between Scrappy's damn sure ain't a check with his broke ass

  8. Don’t let me these PAWs on ya! LOL

  9. Loving Mee via Facebook says:


  10. Rawhunee says:

    Shay bitch please!! After you fixed your weave with somebody's brush, and applied some more foundation. Erica did beat the makeup off your ass down to the lip gloss. And you still talking greasy?! You one of them type of bitches that keep talking shit irregardless. Lost cause. Erica a beast! That's my bitch!!!

  11. Leslie IamwhoIam Fleming via Facebook says:

    Over lil scrappy puhleeze!!!

  12. Tonya Martin via Facebook says:

    that’s because momma dee keep pumpin shay head up that she can get scrappy back! uggh

  13. lockstress says:

    Now see…if you would put forth half the effort you put in yo hair and appearing in places you are not wanted…maybe just maybe you'd be somewhere in life and not on a ratchet azz show…oh wait…that's what you do. You slob Flavor Flav and now you fighting over puppy dogs. I can't with these low goal, nut bucket hoes!

  14. Erika GiGi Fields via Facebook says:

    My dog name Scrappy. Ye shrug

  15. versatile says:

    That animated emoticon of Scrappy says all. "Bitches Be Crazy!". So why SHOULDN'T men exploit them? Crazy is as Crazy does, and what do they get for exposing their brains?…nuthin' but a knock back from the next dude in line lookin' for a soft brain back board to bump his head on. 'Swallow' the pride bitches.

  16. Correction…Shay is fighting for Lil Scrappy & Erica is fighting for her respect bc she got the man !

    • Loving This Site says:

      And Scrappy probably someone getting head in parking lot while they are fighting. Why should Shay respect her if her own man can't do it? Ladies shouldn't be fighting in the street, leave that for reality tv where your getting paid to belittle yourself.

    • teejay says:

      anytime you gotta fight period. it aint worth it

  17. mon88 says:

    that was some good tea lol
    @atlien get some emoticons please!

  18. more says:

    two women fighting over a man what else is new!! These two woman need to get some self respect cause it aint cute

  19. Erica needs to fall back and move the fuck on from the! If that’s what Shay(and Momma Drama) want let her have him because he obviously is not leaving Shay alone. What is Erica really losing?..nothing ie: he doesn’t pay child support and when was the last time he released a “selling” cd. There comes a time where a “real woman” needs to step evaluate herself and her situation. Erica has a child to live for which should be her #1 priority not “putting paws” on people!. #growup dam~

  20. Tiffany Lovemyboo via Facebook says:

    Rotfl lmbo ________ at “weave all disheveled” haaaaaa!!!

  21. Team Toya/Memphitz/Chrissy/Jim says:

    Shay is stupid for fighting over Scrappy how he did her on the reunion show. Shey is stupid

  22. Sean Namori via Facebook says:

    women fighting over losers smdh

    • Rawhunee says:

      I'm sure Erica wasn't fighting over Scrappy, please, give her more credit than that. Shay is immature letting people pump her head up, she came disrespectful and Erica said enough is enough and "put them paws on her".

      • TRA says:

        I agree, Erica probably is tired of SHAY professional ghetto hoe ass running around the streets of ATL with MAMA dee chasing Scrappy and trying to break up a engagement because SHAY wants him back after he treated her like a cum dumpster. So she was fighting disrespect.

      • KELAP says:

        True!!!! I doubt that she wasn't fighting over him either..

  23. Zam Zhinga says:

    The PREGAME SHOW for Love & Hip Hop ATL already 10x better than the PARENT SHOW, LHH NYC!!! I'mma let y'all finish talking about this NON FIGHT.. but my question is WHO FACE and BODY KARLIE REDD used for that FLYER!! I mean.. that ARTIST who CONCOCTED that PHOTO needs ULTIMATE PRAISE!!! LOL

    IJS… I mean who's body is THAT?????

  24. CoCo says:

    Damn all of this dialogue! Did anybody record it? I wanna see it! LOL! But really though. Shay got one them fightin' faces. So I'll believe that Erica won when I see it.

  25. Peace Out via Facebook says:

    Well if Shay is still fighting over Scrappy, she’s the dumb bitch I knew she was. Only becuz he dissed her ass on national tv and she still decides to fight over him. She needs to kick her own ass.

  26. Miriam M Gresham Black via Facebook says:

    One day people, especially women, will stop squandering all over their dignity with foolish, meaningless acts!!

  27. Black women need to LIFT UP THEIR STANDARDS! Id KILL MYSELF BEFORE Id knowingly slept behind ANY WOMEN! And for the WOEs who sleep behind other women U CURSE YOUR CHILDREN TO A LOW LEVEL LIFE! You sow what you REAP! I respect myself and my daughter who is watching me!! AYE ERICA DONT YOUR DAUGHTER HAVE EYES, THEN SHE CAN SEE PLAYIN THE FOOL! PUT THAT PUSSY ASS NIGGA ON CHILDSUPPORT AND DO YOU!

    • Rawhunee says:

      Ooops…grabbed my purse and left the room. Ms. Gillian Brown don't play! lol

    • CoCo says:

      @ Gillian Brown – You sound ridiculous! Did you mean you reap what you sow? And what curse are you talking about? Where'd you get that? That must be something that YOU want to happen to someone in particular. Just because you wish that on someone, doesn't mean that it will happen. You are a fucking character and your comment is laughable at best! Cheer up, go and find yourself a new man and relax.

      • VoiceofReason says:

        I think what she is trying to say that either sometimes Karma does not affect the person doing the wrong, it sometimes visits the children or she is speaking of generational curses. By looking at the fruit you can tell whether the tree is rotten or not. Anyhoo, a wise woman once said to me, the best thing you can do with a chick like Shay that be chasing after your man is to LET HER HAVE HIM. It's all good when you sneaking but when the responsibility of a relationship is manifest and it always does, side chicks always want to upgrade their own status, she will see. Actually Scrappy was clear about Shay when he proposed to Erica. That would have been it for me. But, I digress. Some women let men calculate their worth instead of doing it for themselves. When you know better you do better.

        • LXL says:

          I wish there was a like button for your comment, like this comment 20 times over.

        • MsNick says:

          Why do we always blame the "other woman"? Scrappy (seriously Im commenting about someone named Scrappy?) proposed to Erica. He could have blocked Shays calls & texts, ignored her, only met her about finances in her name WITH Erica, etc. he is no man, just a boy playing games. They should be arguing over who will leave him first.

          They can both do better. I hope they realize that sooner than later.

    • Tia says:

      You better tell em Ms. Brown! Nevermind ignorant Coco, real recognize real and
      we know what you meant.

  28. Philly Finest!!!!! says:

    The cameras were rolling? Which means the fight scene will be edited,and the uncut version "MAy or May not be shown during the reunion special.

    Like they did STebie and Scrappy fight!!!

  29. AroseinATL says:

    So u mean to tell me that no one recorded this fight on their cellphone "Worldstarhiphop" style?

    • Loving This Site says:

      Funky Dineva reports that producers had people erasing vidoes and photos from their phones.

      • Philly Finest!!!!! says:

        Atl says above that Love and Hip Hop cameras were rolling last night as Karlie Redd played host to her red carpet release party for her new hair line.

        So yup! We will most likely see the edited version til the reunion. If they decide to show it. Any ways if Shay "tripping" on Scrappy it means he still getting it in with her.

        Has anyone watche Medicine women (or something like that) is it worth watching or not worth it?

  30. humbleknight says:

    This is why I love Atlanta and the women who live here!!! Too good man…too good.

  31. koatedkandi says:

    I hope one day my AA sisters will realize fighting over a man is worthless. Use your intelligence……..and sometimes walk away from the BS.

  32. Porsha says:

    Shay needs to get a life & some standards too. Why is she still messin with Scrappy after he played her like a pur-tee fool last season? She must be desperate if she's not bothered by being the back-up chick time and time again. Erica needs to just let this pair have each other.

  33. CoCo says:

    They are not fighting over Scrappy. They have both disrespected one another repeatedly. That's probably what the fight was about.

  34. Nicola says:

    I hate hearing about females fighting over a no good ninja. Erica you can do much better let him stay with his fall back girl. And Shay you're a sad case he dissed you on national tv and you still go back to him & fight his girl. We got to do better black ppl.

  35. Nicola says:

    He's gonna keep playing the fence as long as these ladies allow him.

  36. msking says:

    Sad but funny! Being a mother and have found myself in situations like this..I am not proud of, but the older you get the wiser you get. Fighting the other woman does nothing but make you look ridiculous. Erica has a child with Scrappy. Shay and Scappy messed around a time or two. So why are they fighting eachother and not scappin on Scrappy's ass? At the end of the day, he made those choices, and if we as woman continue to be mad at the other woman and still chose to sleep with dude, then what have we learned? How do we feel better? Because the same bullshit he is telling you between the sheets, is the same bullshit he is telling her. Shay and Erica, stop it and deal with the core of the problem….SCRAPPY! Erica you are bonded with him for life and Shay …well check mate..your move!

  37. Looks Back and Fan says:

    Let's keep it real, the only reason why Erica is putting up with this mess, because she's getting paid, no drama no money coming in for her daughter.

  38. candi says:

    i hope they realize that Scrappy is playing the BOTH of them like a damn fiddle! fighting and sh!t…i would never fight over no dude, point blank period

    • Choco aka Hippie says:

      Yep thats my thought Erica doesn't know what he is saying to Shay and vice versa but Shay is looking hella desperate to take him back after he dropped her nationally

  39. Riann says:

    Erica you really need to move on from Scrappy Do.
    Run up and get Done up ! Love it ~

  40. barbara says:

    All other reports says Shay was getting the best of Erica..They're both to old for this and Erica has a child..So sad for the child to know mommy act like a Dumb fool over daddy..SO SAD AND MESSY…

  41. Michael says:

    I like Erica she seems very decent and Lil Scap seems to play both sides of the fence so ladies get it together and let it go..Erica you can move on and just with him as a father to your child. Buckey not sure why all the drama, thats his daughter mother respect that and you and Lil Scap can have your thing but just respect his daughters mother..Scap get it together and dont run to Momma D who i like LOL

  42. Really??? says:

    That Scrappy pic is giving me life right now. Too funny!

  43. Choco aka Hippie says:

    But what if Erica wasn't fighting over Scrappy and moreless handling her business because Shay allegedly came uninvited to start shit with Erica…I mean who wouldn't want to handle a trick bringing some stuff your way and you really not even bothered over it which why Shay got her azz beat in the first PUNKS JUMP UP TO GET BEAT DOWN

  44. lo j says:

    Luv's me some Erica…Shay "Butter" needs to sit down & plus this is over Scrappy…I digress

  45. Bored At Work says:

    As a man I am actually very shocked at the amount of women who are co-signing Erica’s actions to go fight in the street. Ladies do not need to be fighting over a man in the streets. Even if Erica felt disrespect, and with Shay’s gutter mouth I am sure she did, no one teaches women to handle disrespect without being physical? There is way too much patting on that back and high fives being thrown around for “beating a bitch ass”, “being about that life, or “bringing it to her door”. Am I the only one who was completely disgusted by the WSHH video of that women who threw her baby into an empty seat to fight another bus rider? She screaming “somebody come get my baby” so she apparently didn’t know that other woman who scooped her child up. Also what bus rider is going to get up out their chair to tend to that child so the mother can fight another woman?

    • Rawhunee says:

      @Bored At Work, some people think they can go around antagonizing people like Shay did Erica, and how that Rat did to the mother on the bus antagonizing her while she was holding her baby. Some people seriously catch cases from shooting/slicing/stomping somebody out over antagonizing them. People like Shay and the rest NEED to leave people the hell alone.

      • Bored At Work says:

        Exactly the response I expect from a self proclaimed boughetto person. No one teaches y'all to handle disrespect with dignity n class. One day you may learn that a good tongue lashing can do more irrepairable damages than your fist can

        • Rawhunee says:

          @Bored At Work, I know exactly who I am and don't front, who and what the fuck are you? But nigga you "slumming" with us over here on an "Urban blog" GTFOH!!! Trust I've learned the haaaard way putting my hands on people first, and know how to ignore ignorance, it just depends on the situation. My father family are all well educated, "classy" and not ignorant, but they are scary as hell taking shit off of people. I in turn since a child defended the Underdog and hate bullies so again antagonism is NOT tolerable. Why talk shit? Classy people don't talk shit, only punks talk shit. Punks jump up to get beat down!!!

      • MsNick says:

        You proved the point "bored at work" was trying to make. TWICE, it's a blog, about a show, the show is a soap opera. In real life a person with any sense would have let Shay stay outside, name calling & laughed at her for being so pathetic.

        • Rawhunee says:

          You fake classy people are a mess on these blogs. It's all about image to most Blacks until the shit hit the fan. I've ignored a many people, never said I haven't like I said it just depends on the situation. Say what you want about me, I'm speaking the truth without anonymity.

        • Bored At Work says:

          Thank you. I never proclaimed that I am classy. So I'm stuck up because I prefer a woman who handles herself with class, wow who knew?
          Rawnee I am glad you are not always down to "put dem paws" on someone, but you pretty much saying that if someone calls you out to fight over some bullshit, your going outside. That's fine, and that's your court case. Just hit up on of those classy family member for bail, if you aren't already paying them back for the last stint

        • Rawhunee says:

          LOL you got jokes, NOT. I'm gone LMFAO. Enjoying this California sunshine, unsubscribing to this thread, tired of alerts on my cell. Dueces.

  46. Helya says:

    Awww, Really…This shit gets old. The only way I will be out beating the brakes off someone is if and only if that person trying to do harm to my family, that being my Husband and our Children.


    Erica please move on and let these two buffoons have each other hun why break a nail for a rat that don't matter you can do so much better and don't let him back in let dogs lay were they belong and as far shay girl have several seats cause he going to do the same thing to you that he do top her so get over it boo your not special and at the end of the day ERICA won cause she has rid herself of that dog scrappy

  48. Gwendella says:

    Muffy's face was puffy and why they fighting over Scrappy Doo hell I wonder too. I still can't wait for the rachetmessfest to begin.

  49. jbm says:

    At the end of the day….they forget to realize that they have a child and one day she is going to view all of this foolishness and say "I can't believe I have you two as parents and a grandmother pimp!" If you don't want to respect yourself at least keep your shit together for the child.

  50. crybaby says:

    why is Erica fighting over her man. Shay ugly as is so disrespectful ugh.

  51. vivainBR says:

    Well well well, this will be a fighting ASS season. CANT WAIT TO WATCH THIS UNFOLD. Thx 4 keeping us properly updated, WITH THE FACTS!!!!!!!!!

  52. this season will be a fighting ASS season, i cant WAIT TO C IT UNFOLD. Thx for keeping us posted on the current filming, WOW!!!!!!OOOWEEEE

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