TI, Tiny, Ciara and Future exit Crustacean's restaurant in Beverly Hills

Boo’d Up: Ciara & Future Hang Out With T.I. & Tiny in L.A… [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Jan 29th 2013 | Written by ATLien

TI, Tiny, Ciara and Future exit Crustacean's restaurant in Beverly Hills
Just days after confirming the status of their relationship, Future stepped out with his boo Ciara for a double date with fellow Atlanta superstar couple Clifford “T.I.” Harris and his wife Tiny.

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More photos + video of the cute couples below…

TI, Tiny, Ciara and Future exit Crustacean's restaurant in Beverly Hills
According to SandraRose, the couples were spotted leaving Crustacean’s restaurant in Beverly Hills yeserday (January 28, 2013).

T.I. and Tiny are already filming season 3 of T.I. and Tiny: The family Hustle. VH1′s hit family oriented show returns in March. Ciara is reportedly dating Future, whose anemic song with Rihanna, titled “Love”, is in heavy rotation on the radio.TI, Tiny, Ciara and Future exit Crustacean's restaurant in Beverly Hills

Ciara and one of Future’s baby mamas have been been at war with each other for at least a week on social networking websites.

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On a related note, KatTalesTV was on the scene as the couples exited the restaurant and tried unsuccessfully to get them to speak on the drama between Future’s ex-girl and his next-girl.

T.I. hilariously responded… “I ain’t got no comments on nobody else’s bid-ness…”

[Sidebar: The paparazzi is ruthless in La La land! 😆 ]

What do you think these two “power couples” are up to?


  1. Kiva Natt via Facebook says:

    Ciara n future make a cute team hpoes it last..Tiny n ti..they always show class n demonstrate a good team together. …that’s wats up

    • TI&Tiny my favorite couple.Because they real not fake. Happy Ciara has someone that is claiming her. She deserves happyness…

      • JENNY JONES!!! says:


  2. Kim Mack via Facebook says:

    1 power couple that TI and Tiny. who are the other 2.lol

  3. Jennifer says:

    Future look so happy. Guess turning up the lights was a good move for him. CiCi looks cute as usual. When you're happy you're inspired so I expect more good music from them both. (now let me go play some Goodies)

  4. mon88 says:

    lol damn them papps are rude af!

  5. Loving This Site says:

    I dont know about this one. The management company might have put them together. The industry does that all the time. She needs more buzz (and he is hot right now) and he needs to be linked to someone in the industry who handles themselves well aint at industry parties because KeyLoLo aint cutting it.

  6. A.N.D. says:

    For some reason I liked Cici with 50 even though he is an a**hole. Future is cute but he gives me a fish vibe sometimes and the fact that he's fathered two kids in two years with two women shows me that he's horny immature nasty. Heads up Ciara. He seems to sleep with them quick RAW and then gets bored do your math.

  7. tori says:

    Black ppl sure do love them some Crustaceans (2d floor) in Beverley Hills. Are we gonna act like it wasn't just REVEALED that FUTURE HAS ANOTHER CHILD THAT IS 10 YRS OLD? That man has wayyy too much baggage, but I guess CiCi likes her men that way!

    I DON'T understand why a successful SINGLE, woman with NO CHILDREN, would date a man with BABY MAMA DRAMA! But let's be REAL, Ciara stays in the press for WHO SHE'S DATING instead of HER MUSIC!

    • CoCo says:

      Agreed. I think she really wants to find true love, but she's looking in all the wrong places. The guy for her may not be involved in enternainment at all, but she may never meet him if her mind is set on snagging a baller.

    • HumbleKnight says:

      Probably because its hard enough to find and KEEP a man that wants her. It very difficult for the single ladies, so she has to take what she can get.

    • mzshoegal says:

      Best garlic noodles ever! LOL

  8. Lee says:

    Future is a cutie. I hope him and Ciara work out if they are a serious couple

  9. CoCo says:

    Ciara appears to make terrible choices when it comes to men. Not saying that Future is a bad guy, BUT, he comes with ALOT of baggage and drama that she doesn't come with. A 10 month old and a 2 month old AT THE SAME DAMN TIME? Plus a very angry babies mother? If she's THAT angry, it's probably because he's still sleeping with her or he's been filling her head with empty promises. SIGH….CiCi will regret having wasted her time in the manner that she has. It seems as though that whole crew that she runs with only want to date within the industry and they keep failing (LaLa, Trina, CiCi, Kim K). Could this be them trying to secure their future? (No pun intended).

  10. Choco aka Hipppie says:

    Good for TI and his comment bad for TI and that shirt choice! Future is looking suspect to me now! #SweetBrownSugar

  11. Choco aka Hipppie says:

    ALERT! KatTales Face scared the crap outta me!

  12. stlchick says:

    Forgive me for not jumping on the C Error train. She has a habit of dating men who are in relationships (LeBron, anyone?). She's an artist experiencing career constipation (not mine, picked that up off a blog somewhere), who's trying to latch on to a man with money. Lately it's been athletes. She has a reputation of being conceited, judgemental, and frankly, a whore.

    No sympathy here. I expect winter to last longer than this relationship. No hate, no shade, just sayin'.

    • Free Mind says:

      That's strange because I know Ciara and she's not conceited at all and she is very sweet.Ciara has always had to deal with a lot of jealousy coming from other people who has made up all kinds of rumors about her…..

      Ciara is not a whore either,infact she's the exact opposite.One of the problems that she has had is that she wouldn't have "sex" with certain people and she is somewhat shy.

      Go CiCi and Navi!!!!

  13. I think they went to tiny n tI for advice,
    They really seem to care about each other
    Future and ciara that is.
    But I love how he puts he in the car n shut her door
    Before he goes to the other side.
    I wish them they best she a sweet heart,
    His bm trya make them look bad but I love
    How they not sinking to her level

  14. Thats to be he putts her.
    N side note everyone talking bout how he engaged
    Please he has cleared that up several times.
    His intrests are in ciara.
    With fame comes no privicy n lots of lies.

  15. Twelve says:

    Future be wearing some bullshit….and claim he from the streets.

  16. Neisha#duh says:

    Doesn't Future have a baby that was born like yesterday? If the whole Amare situation didn't teach her a lesson had her ass walking around like Eeyore. Apparently she doesn't understand it is better to be alone than to be in bad company. They have been spotted together a few times and she already has baby mamas on her ass what does she think the Future holds?

  17. Jersey Mike says:

    She crazy and he look like Mr.Ed (look him up)

  18. TMarlett says:

    Congrats! Really happy they're back together. Gregg brings out the best in NeNe! Stay together.

  19. Kita says:

    WTH wrong wit Future face? He look like…. Nah uh.. he don't look right!

  20. zurline says:

    i love both of em they both good at they does so yall hatin ass peoples need to sit yall asses down

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