Boris Kodjoe Nicole Ari Parker Claudia Jordan Kenya Moore

True Lies: Kenya Moore Says She’s Never Been Drunk & Her Butt Is Real… [PHOTOS]

Jan 24th 2013 | Written by ATLien

Boris Kodjoe Nicole Ari Parker Claudia Jordan Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was a vision in White during inauguration ceremonies in Washington Monday evening (January 21, 2013).

Moore prowled the streets of Washington, DC in search of her new boo but came out empty handed, what she did gain was a few photos with friends like Boris Kodjoe, Nicole Ari Parker, Claudia Jordan and even Gabrielle Union.

The former pageant queen also made time to hit up her Bravo blawg to dispute few things that have been said about her lately.

More photos + peep Kenya’s lies responses under the cut…

Kenya Moore Inaugural Ball 2

Here are a few quick quotes from Kenya…

I’ve NEVER been drunk a day in my life! This is so absurd and hateful it’s laughable.

[My sources confirm that Kenya was drunk as a skunk in Anguilla on more than one occasion. ]

My behind is REAL. I work hard for this body and it’s built from sweat and dedication to fitness, not a plastic surgeon’s scalpel.

[A source close to the reality star says that Kenya’s butt is totally fake and that her butt implants were done by a doctor in Mexico. Whether he was actually “plastic surgeon” or not is questionable so that part may be true…]

-I have no mental disorder or chemical imbalance and have never been diagnosed with nor taken any anti-psychotic medications.

[That’s very cleverly worded. How can one be “diagnosed with” anti-psychotic medication? ]

For the record, Kenya’s statements have all been disputed by close friends, family members, former co-workers and even her own cast mates but I’d never snitch and reveal names.

At any rate, here are a few more contradicting facts about Miss USA 1993 Kenya Moore courtesy of HSK

She’s been gold digging since her days in Detroit as a high school student at Cass Tech High.

Kenya used to date a drug dealer, his name is Mike Evans. By 16-years-old, she was a seasoned vet – I heard she learned that from her grandmother, who raised her. I was told her grandmother trained her and showed her how to be a proper sack-chaser.

When Kenya won the Miss USA title, all of Hollywood was after her – she went the easy route and got with Mike Tyson. She was spoiled by him, well taken care of by him, he even purchased her a home. But their sex sessions where so bad, she soon stopped seeing Tyson entirely. Mike didn’t care because I heard he video taped their sex acts. When Kenya started to act certain ways with Mike, he passed her to Keith Washington.

Kenya is all fake – her tits, ass implants and hazel contacts are all paid for by her sponsors. The only thing real about Kenya is her hair. Jacky, if you don’t believe me.. Ask Jay Z. After Jay was finished with her, he passed her over to his football player buddy Larry Johnson.

Well dayum!

Do you believe Kenya’s tall tales?

The season isn’t over yet so we’ll be seeing much more of Kenya’s antics. Stay tuned…



  1. Hopearella Tullwhitenorris via Facebook says:

    Hell no, but she’s special.

    • BAD says:

      Shee's gorgeous. Michelle aka Atlien on the other hand is a hot ass insecure mess.. lookin like a ghetto black Cabbage Patch doll. This girl needs to lay off Kenya Moore, she is clearly obsessed with her

      • ThisBloggerStayHatin says:

        I agree! Most of these bloggers who sit online and hate 24/7 on ATTRACTIVE people are BUTT UGLY.

        • LyteSkinFriend says:

          Michelle is not ugly and you know it. At least shes made an effort to lose weight and keep it off. I bet you both are 400lbs with bad acne. lol

          It's people like you who hide behind screen names to call people names that have low self esteem and are insecure but I'm sure you look in the mirror everyday and already realize that.

          Here's two reinforced seats for your fat hatin a*sses…. \\__. \\__.

        • ATL to the Bone says:

          Naw, Michelle is not ugly physically but her attitude and demeanor is!

        • watchwaytoomuchtv says:

          At the risk of being deleted,but first of all I have not heard one member os Kenya family talk about her being unstable and a alcoholic, Id like to know who your sources are besides Phadrea. Phadrea has been caught lying before i.e. Nene caught her cussing on "butt dial" to Cynthia, now thats the real Phadrea! Anywho its fun to pontificate about a show that folks are getting paid to act a fool on for my enjoyment.

      • Ryanswarr says:

        Regardless of how you FEEL about her on the show Kenya is GORGEOUS. She looks like a living Barbie Doll always has. She's a beautiful chocolate sister and I really don't care if she is real or not she look amazing and her body is sick and clearly toned from working out. I'd love to know whatever secrets she has including who her doctor might be b/c she's a pretty damn flawless 40 year old woman. Shitting on most 20 year olds so all the haters have a seat.

        BTW she looks hot at the balls. Very elegant and classy.

        Phaedra little donkey ass need to have several seats. We all know she's Faketra.

        • Farther East says:

          Clearly Kenya's family members are now posting on her behalf, or each one of Kenya's personalities has a screen name! Kenya is not gorgeous. Looking much older than her years, I'd say.

        • VoiceofReason says:

          Pretty is as pretty does.

      • amouia says:

        why do u have to do that now .. the woman is beautiful so what if she is not as pretty as kenya
        at the end of the day Kenya is crazy and someone needs to talk about so let her be.

      • Kiki says:

        Kenya is NOT gorgeous nor flawless. She looks like the average African American Woman these days. For her to compare herself to women her own age is really not apples to apples considering that most women and MARRIED or have CHILDREN by 41. Children change the entire chemistry and structural make up of a woman's body. So sure she looks okay. Kenya is very unattractive IMO due to her skin type, constant scowl, and artificial enhancements… More than that her attitude makes her hideous.

        To all you Michelle haters:

        Are y'all retarded? Why do you come on HER site to talk crap about her? She is getting paid to stir up gossip and talk about people. Why do you do it? Why do you need to comment on HER weight? Could it be because YOU are insecure and unhappy with yourself? If you don't like the content of her website, stop supporting it. Trust there is enough of us who do enjoy the piping hot tea served here.

        Perhaps you are the one with an obsession….

      • watshesaidwuz says:

        co-sign! This chick is not even cute by the farthest stretch of the word. Not even. I think she was the obese chocolate kid that was bullied in school and this is her revenge.

      • teejay says:

        yeah something smells like BV around this bitch!!!!

  2. ALM says:

    Nicole Ari Parker looks amazing!

  3. Technically her butt is real. She has no implants but it has CLEARLY been injected with fat. Thats why these Coco T & Kardashian chicks keep saying their butt is real and "prove" it with xray. Butts that have been injected look oddly shaped. Looks like they got a butt lift or something.

    Anyway – to me, Kenya looks like an old boy in drag. I dont know how or why, she just does.

  4. 2bme says:

    Kenya has truly KILLED her brand..get out NOW, while you still have some dignity left..the worst thing anybody can do is go on a realioty show..editing and secrets are friends to no one

    • tb says:

      What's this "brand" foolishness? Is she on the shelf at the grocery store?

    • Celina says:

      Say it again! I thought she was an accomplished person (albeit no longer in the limelight) Now she is in the limelight and she is a complete crazy person.
      It is better to be quiet and let people speculate if your a fool than open your mouth and remove ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL doubt.

    • Laila says:

      I was thinking the very samething. Kenya is committing career suicide and no PR firm with a respectful repuation would even consider representing her at this point. The damage is done. Sady, at this point, she is her own worst enemy.

  5. Kim says:

    I think she has had something done to her butt since the show aired…I noticed when she performed her twirl song it looked more like her old butt.

    At least the Kardashians and Coco T high school pics etc showed they had huge butts even then….Kenya but was like that when she won Miss USA. Hell even Rob Kardashian had a huge butt as a kid.

    • Upenzi says:

      That's not true at all. Looks at Kim & Coco's before pics on Google..both of them has small regular asses.

      • Laila says:

        Thank you! Truth is stanger than fiction. I don't know why people believe lies over the truth even when it's staring you right in the face.

    • CubanFlowers says:

      CTFU @ they had huge butts.. do you have access to a different world wide web than the rest of us?….

      because EVERY SINGLE BEFORE PHOTO of coco and kim shows them with flat a…ssses….

      Kim has a new nose…

      and some other madness done to her face…

      new breasts..

      fat transfer/grafting (she had implants but had them removed)

      and weave..

      be blessed.

  6. Kenya is full of shit lol I can’t take this woman serious . Lies Mo Lies

  7. lockstress says:

    Uhm Kenya suffers from dillusions of grandeur. Yeah you were Miss America…Miss USA however; in one season of the Housewives Franchise you have flushed all that "hard work" down the damn toilet for noterity and in the end what was gained?? Right…..nothing and the world now knows your crazy like yo momma!

  8. Susan Caldwell via Facebook says:

    if her hair is real, she gets props for that!

  9. NaNa says:

    Hoe is as hoe does…next!

  10. Foolery says:

    Once again has anyone ever saw the movie "SENSELESS" with marlon waynes? Kenya plays a hoe (of course) and clearly ms Kenya has no A$$ in that movie or breasts. She does not have to lie to kick it …SMH. ….I wish i could post a picture but you guys should really just google kenya in the movie senseless and you will be surprised. and when i say no A$$ i mean it.#goodday

    • Vay says:

      You are absolutely correct about her butt…there are very clear shots of it in the movie and work has been done. Her breasts were larger in the movie then when she was in the pagean though. Also her eyes appear to be dark brown and her teeth has definitely had some work done. Sad part is I am not sure any of this would even matter if it werent for the fact that she tries so hard to make it a point to let us all know just how fabulous she is…

      • LyteSkinFriend says:

        Vay – "Sad part is I am not sure any of this would even matter if it werent for the fact that she tries so hard to make it a point to let us all know just how fabulous she is…"

        ^^^ TRUTH!!

    • TexLex86 says:

      So true. I remember that. She showed up on a BET show back in the day. I think it was Girlfriends. And that's the first time I was like she never had that big ol booty before. I don't know why these folks think they fooling someone.

    • Free Mind says:

      I'm dying laughing at your description that Kenya "plays a hoe" (of course)….I know she has some really bad skin….

      There are some very funny people that come to this site!

  11. Koko says:

    Not a fan of hers per se as she's just too thristy, but, she is stunning in that group, love that hair and dress!

  12. Kim Mack via Facebook says:

    Kenya is just so so so fake and phony in all tht she does. Her walk or fame has turned into a walk and talk of shame. Get it together and live in the real world. her medication sure needs some adjustments…

  13. sheena215 says:

    i dont really know much about Kenya but I first saw her on Girlfriends (she played Williams girl) on the show and had a few episodes. I googled her and surprise surprise today is her birthday. Never saw her on on housewives.

  14. watchwaytoomuchtv says:

    Are your sources FAK-TRA??

  15. Goldie says:

    The gold-digging since high school at Cass Tech, dating Mike (drug dealer) and learning to trick from her Grandma is definitely true…

    She was crazy as hell then and is crazier now. Always thought she was better than everyone….

  16. Keepitbay says:

    Frankly who cares ?

  17. Get into it... says:

    "Her booty got more lumps than a bad batch of gravy"…that is all.

  18. she is fake from hair to azz! @ the end of the day she don’t have no DONKEY BOOTY OR STALLION AZZ!

  19. Philly Finest!!! says:

    I looked at the previews…this week show will be off the hook. Lawrence…I can't ba leeeb you encourage Kenya to walk in there like that. I fell over in my chair!

    We all know Kenya is Krazy but her antics on the show gets me to tune in each week. Without her IT would be boring who would argue….Nene& cynthia are friends, Phadera & Kandi are friend….Porcha …."Crickets" yup! exactly

    Only wish she would find the right foundation and make up that works for her.

  20. ladydiinpa says:

    I think her hair may come to her shoulders, but it surely don't hang down way past her breast…she wears extensions..
    I think she is attractive & has a nice body..

  21. ThisBloggerStayHatin says:

    Seriously you people are pathetic! LOL! First it was Beyonce and her "lip singing" and now everything about Kenya is fake! Who are these so called "sources"? For the record, this entire story was published in the SPRING of LAST YEAR MONTHS BEFORE the season even premiered. Why put out gossip about people if you don't have the balls to come out and say who you are? In my opinion it makes YOU the joke, not Kenya or Beyonce or any other celeb who has done nothing to some of you bloggers. So many celebs have lied throughout their careers to get where they are! Do you honestly believe EVERY celebrity tells the truth 100% of the time? Who really does tell the truth ALL THE TIME? You people need to get a life (those hating on Kenya 24/7) because at the end of the day she is living her life and making money while all these haters are broke and trying to figure out how they are gonna get next week's grocery and light bill paid based off a Wal-Mart or McDonalds check. This is where we are as a society people. Reading Kenya's blogs she does sound pretty educated to me and she is who she is, and that's cool. I don't think Kenya is worried about these haters. She can stand on her own.

    • Mr First / Last Name says:

      Since she is educated, she should know that when she signed that contract to join RHOA to help her career, she was going to be scrutinized by any/all of her actions.. All A, B,C,D or F list celebrities should understand that negative comments just come along with the territory, especially from our 'own' people. I want to believe that she is smart, but college degree(s) doesn't mean she is wise. If she is wise, she wouldn't waist her energy reading the things printed about her in these blogs and if you are wise don't take anything personal about what others say of her, its just entertainment 'unfortunately' at her image's expense. "Those who speak negatively about others usually have others speak negatively of them..#karma… She gonna be ok, trust me! Post your comments, read what some people say and them move on with your day!..

  22. mary says:

    who is your source? fakedra fake ass? chile please! one thing i can say about kenya is that she is real…fakedra is not and im not a fan never have been and never will be. fakedra is the one that need to be on bi polar meds, anytime you lie about being pregnant out of wedlock you are clearly delusional! fakedra lied about her pregnancy to save face….she is so fake im surprised hell has not caught up with her!

    • TK says:

      LOL! Kenya is real, REAL CRAZY!!!

      all these chicks really are crazy and their narcissism keeps them out there looking like a fool. Yeah, we know Phaedra lied about her pregnancy, she know better than to be on TV and let it out she had fornicated!

      But real talk, Kenya might want to see somebody, it's no crime to be a touch bipolar and with her background, it's understandable. The girl is pretty, she doesn't know it or doesn't believe it, cause if she felt a little better about it, she'd probably have never fell in with Walter. But it's certainly worth a watch, I love these crazy, self absorbed tricks!!!

  23. Katrina Gray via Facebook says:

    Kenya looked very elegant at the Inaugural Ball….

  24. Marqueita Sam says:

    You know, when a person does not recognize they have a problem or is crazy…That is what I call "Real Crazy" and it's not the kind of crazy that you want on your side. That is the kind of crazy that will have you on the streets talking to yourself and talking about and….SCENE to only the people in her head! They do have medicine for that!!!

  25. Gina Baldwin via Facebook says:

    After all she has lied about ..CHILE I dont know…BUT SHE is GONE with the WIND FABALOUS

  26. suspectsources says:

    Phaedra was the only one claiming she was drunk that night in Anquilla, do not know about the other nights. She kept saying it even after Cynthia and Portia (who is clearly not her friend) said she was not drunk. Phaedra is manipulating and a liar and no one should be mad because that it was she does for a living. Fake or real both of their butts are funny looking.

    • NEW2daA says:

      They do both have pretty funny looking butts….I keep waiting on someone to tell us we are being punked by both of these women trying to put out workout videos….all though, other than her booty, Kenya does have a nice figure….tone stomach, arms, and legs.

  27. NEW2daA says:

    If you don't like something about yourself, fix it! It is 2013…no reason to be walking around fat, the gym and diet can help that and if that does not work,gastric bypass and lipo. If you have flat breast or the life has been sucked out of them by your kids…get an augmentation. If you have a flat ass, get you a brazilian butt lift, or implants…to each is own…and at the end of the day, it ain't nobody's business but you and your doctor's. We all know plastic surgery is still looked down on in the black community so who can fault her for lying…yet the same people running around talking about keeping it real aint seen their real hair since 1989. Why in the hell must sisters tear down other sisters? Kenya may be a little crazy, she is a beautiful women, albeit, who needs to see a dermatologist, but she is stunning. As far as her never being drunk, well, maybe her drunk is not you or your sources drunk. Maybe she had a good buzz. I mean, I never heard her slur her words and she wasn't stumbling all over the place. Perhaps your source is just a hater…not perhaps, definitely, because whom else will find time to trash this woman?

  28. Really!!! says:

    I think Kenya silly and would love to see BRAVO give her the boot after this season….but my question is can someone please tell me what Kenya did before she got on RHOA.

    I have never heard of her before nor did I know what she looked like. Now she's on talk shows and on all the gossip sites. Once again, what did she do BEFORE RHOA?

    • Skittlezisthebest says:

      Hmm…you must live under a rock. She is one of the few black actreses that have starred in a lot of films…high and low budget…also miss USA…hmmm…but you havent heard of her? You never saw Tois?

      • Jeannine says:

        Not trying to knock her…but I would not say she has Benn in " a lot" of films, and I would use the term "actress" loosely to describe her. She is best known for being Miss USA and that's about it.

      • LXL says:

        Call it what you want but I've just known her for being Miss USA. I have never followed her or had interest I guess.

  29. cns says:

    Jackie is just mad because he couldn't get her. These old, ugly, broke men kill me trying to claim that any woman that turns them down for sex is a whore. Jacky you are not Jay-Z. You can't get a hot chick unless you become a multi-millionaire. End of discussion.LOL.

  30. juici41 says:

    Too funny….kenya is fake fake.. get rid of her Andy…she still lieing. I didnt kno who she was either n dnt wnt to kno her

  31. SPEAKING MY MIND says:

    Thank God I know how to do squats and lunges don't know about none of these ladies but I know mines is real that's all I have over this Kenya and Phadera bs still entertaining tho

  32. Bunny says:

    no whats REALLY sad is that there are so many people with fake bodies that one has to ASK what is real! thats the SAD part.

    there was none of this talk in the early 90's….damn shame. women then just admired what they had,look at those rap videos from the early 90's. those women were A cups and not much ass. if you had some ass you were in the luke videos, lol. even in the "baby got back" video those asses werent all that big really. smh
    damn shame.

  33. Isys says:

    Kenya is hideous to me! Maybe it's her personality that makes her so ugly, I don't know, but she is not pretty and it's not just the skin. The makeup is tragic, those contacts are outdated, although her hair is real it always looks greasy and dry at the same damn time! I'm no hater and I give credit where credit is due, in Ms. Kenya's case though, umma have to label her insufficient.

  34. DEEDEE says:

    WOW, you guys act like you personally invested in these folks. but you keep me tripping. Journalists whether bloggers or others usually do not reveal their sources. If they do then who would tell them the juicy gossip. Somebody knows her from back in the day and knows the REAL on her. I could care less if her ass, eyes, or butt is real. She's a great actress and I really only think she's on here to show that to some other sources so she can get a job. I know booty modeling on men's magazine can't be that lucrative!

  35. Gaudie says:

    People kill me bashing people for no reason. Borderline obsessed! So what if she lied about what she had done on "her" body. People in general lie all the time. For those who keep saying she a nobody, everybody is somebody. She has many accomplishments. Who are you to down play someones accomplishments. Yeah she was Miss U.S.A 93', which was 19 years ago. And? If you held that title you would hold on to it too! Its a "Great" accomplishment.

    That reality show is for entertainment only! Kenya acts out because she wants to make good t.v. So what?! Just because someone acts a certain way on a "Scripted Reality Show" doesn't mean you "know their life".

    I believe Kenya is educated and most times speaks and asks that way. She probably got on the show to get buzz around her name for other opportunities in entertainment. Most of the people that comment on blogs wish the could be on any show especially if it comes with a check.

    Just like people can go on blogs tear someone down, others can go and build them up.

    • Ladydiinpa says:

      I just don't get why people don't realize this stuff is scripted–Kenya is doing a good dam job– every1 is talking about her–that makes her in demand– while ya'll callin her crazy she is laughing all the way 2 the bank & securing her spot on Bravo

  36. Cheryl Stewart via Facebook says:

    what Kenya does or dont do, dont affect me in the least,i dont lose sleep over her!! she dont give me her paychek so thisisa dumb question…next

  37. Dallas says:

    I totally agree with Ladydiinpa!

  38. angelface says:

    Maybe Kenya hasn't been drunk and her butt is real, both of those things could have been done by one of her other personalities.

  39. Sasamina says:

    Ok, let me set yall straight for a minute. Alert…Kenya's hair is NOT all real. Her real hair comes to about her shoulders, and it's nice and thick, so she's FAR from bald headed, but she wears extensions, fools….you can see her real hair on the episode in Anguilla when the white lady was flat ironing her hair. It was so damn obvious. But her extensions are fiyah. They match her hair type and color perfectly. Not mad at her. Far as her eyes go…I think that lady's eyes been hazel for YEARS AND YEARS, so I don't know if she wears contacts, but I could be wrong about that one…the hair, however, I'm 100% right. Yall so gullible on here, LOL…geesh.

    • NEW2daA says:

      I wear extensions…and I don't pay x amount of dollars for people to know I wear extensions….when someone ask me if my hair is real, I say, it sure is….If I wanted people to know I had a weave on, I would still be buying that cheap blend of plastic and horse hair that they sold in the box at the beauty store for $2 a pack.

    • ladydiinpa says:

      in my 1st page on this topic, I said the same, she wears extensions, but her hair probably comes to her shoulders, don't know about the body, but she works out hard & her body looks good

  40. tia says:

    It really saddens me that someone would sit at a computer and try to destroy another person this way. what are your motives behind this atlien? are you jealous of miss kenya? what makes these comments of your sources (whose identities are not revealed) so valid ? If all of this is true they shoul not care how kenya feels about them telling her secrets and reveal themselves. Before you post things you atlien should be able to 100% stand by it. the statements about her grandmother training her to be a whore is an awful one to make. Atlien I feel your struggling with problems within yourself, so maybe take a step back and work on you. I hope we all can stop tearing each other down. GODBLESS

  41. NaNa says:

    Um, excuse me, she has destroyed herself. The concept of this blog is for the blogger to state her opinion about these so-called celebrity. When they put themselves in the limelight, and especially on reality tv, they are fair game. However, if you don't like what the blogger has stated, you have two choices…state your opinion, or just leave the site. Simple as that. I don't always agree with everything she blogs, but i respect her. Bloop! : )

  42. Kayleigh823 says:

    Glad to see one blogger call this heffer out. Straight out the gate this trick has shown her brand of crazy.
    Cynthia needs to watch out cos "bootlegger" Moore might just open a Pageant school to rival hers.
    Kudos to Kandi for her "read"- she sees the real Ms. USA 1993.
    Nene needs to stop counting her eggs before they are hatched. Her show is going down in flames, and from the looks of it she will be back in the ATL do her sad "rich B*tch" atlanta routine.
    Ms. Moore needs to start taking her meds- from the perview of the next episode she took Ms. Lawrence's bad advice and ended up making herself look a fool.
    Atleast Phaedra wasn't stupid enough to wear that foolish getup where she lived. She took it outside the US.

  43. Mzzzzz says:

    Everytime I see her I think of Mrs. Bozak from "Martin" Hey Winky LOL!!!!! I can't get past that.

  44. hotdogsonthegrill says:

    This woman is a joke.

  45. watshesaidwuz says:

    WHY does Michelle constantly go in on this woman. Yes it is free press for Kenya…and maybe her and Kenya have some kind of deal and we all are fools for buying into the drama, and Michelle with her
    "pay-per-click" fat ass.
    If they do not have a deal and Michelle is CLEARLY obsessed, why doesn't she go in as hard on others as often as she does with Kenya…say for example Joseline? Why? Cause JoJo would meet her somewhere and BUST her in the face that's why! She know hwo to play this mess with!

    • CheckMeToo says:

      why do people LIKE YOU spend so much time on her site if you don't like what she writes? maybe you are CLEARLY obsessed with Michelle since you spent so much time leaving negative comments.

      she's winning if you ask me because you keep coming back everyday.


  46. Christina Simon via Facebook says:

    Not sure about either.

  47. Cece says:

    I was watching old reruns of Martin and Kenya was on one of the episodes in a black leather dress and a purple fitted short dress- sorry. Her azz and her back were the same size. FLAT! Her buttocks is not real. And tonight when she embarrassed herself wearing that fishnet with padding, it was clear that her azz is fake. Btw- she should consider redoing her breast before wearing something like that again… They are hanging really low babes… Aren't you supposed to fix those like every 10 years? Lol

  48. Ray Ray says:


  49. Elise27 says:

    Don't know what exactly Kenya was trying to prove wearing that ridiculous outfit. Taking a shot at Phadrea in that way just made Kenya look foolish, not funny at all! If Lawrence was a real friend he would have advised her against it, instead of encouraging KRAZY! Maybe he needed a laugh….

  50. fat loss says:

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  51. Nyesa says:

    Ugly people shouldn’t call pretty people ugly… It makes you look even uglier!

  52. MissThang says:

    Obviously the Author is not a fan of Kenya. I like that she stands up for herself. Esp. at a time when everybody is judging and hating her. Thats classless to bash someone in the masses. And make accusations as ridiculous as some have on a woman no one here knows. SMH. No one is w/o sin. She never said she was perfect either or even tried to display a phony facade like some of the other women. She being herself, hate it or love it.

  53. Nat says:

    She's dogged but the men who dogged her are….saints?? Boys will be boys?? Society sucks.

  54. Sandra says:

    Say what you want about Kenya Moore but the girl is beautiful and is banking as well! Stop Hating!!!!!!!!!!!1

  55. wow says:

    Who wrote this, Mrs. Leaks? It’s all hear say. A few grammatical errors, And who cares if her butt is real anyway!. She’s an entertainer. Beauty is why people are talking about her. Her hair is real while others are buying her look and everyone that was on that couch for the reunion had greasy gigantic tits bursting out their dresses. Come on now

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