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A Pastor Shares Why He Feels ‘The Sisterhood’ Reality Show Should Stay On Air… [VIDEO]

Jan 4th 2013 | Written by ATLien


People are really up in arms about “The Sisterhood”, the new reality show which features the lives of a few of Atlanta’s ‘Pastor’s wives’.

[READ: “The Sisterhood” = The Real Church Wives of Atlanta – Watch 1st Episode (FULL VIDEO)]

The show has drawn protests from “Christians” who feel that it portrays the first ladies of the church in a negative light. There’s been an ongoing debate about the show, with some calling it ‘blasphemous,” while others were thoroughly entertained.the sisterhood sfta

Someone even created an online petition to get the show off the air event though only ONE episode has aired so far.

In light of all the strong emotions, a real Pastor recently posted a video sharing his thoughts on TLC’s controversial new reality show and he has a surprisingly level-headed response to the drama.

Pastor Rod Lumpkin says that instead of praying to remove the show from the airwaves, it’s probably best to allow the Lord to do his work using that platform.

…and let the church say “Amen”!

Watch video of a REAL Pastor’s take on the real church wives of Atlanta The Sisterhood…

VIDEO: Pastor Rod Lumpkin Shares Thoughts About “The Sisterhood”


rod lumpkin videoMy prayer is this… let’s not fight over was the show appropriate or not. Where we need to concentrate our prayer is that THE EDITORS that edit the show will not edit the “Christ” out. That’s what the real battle is.

He goes on to issue a prayer…

My prayer is this… that when all is said and done that ‘The Sisterhood’ will touch somebodies lives, that somebody will see an example of a godly woman and a godly man, and a godly marriage.

And that Christ will be glorified in the end and that the editors will have no control of that message coming across.

That’s really what we need to be praying.

What do you think of Pastor Lumpkin’s take on “The Sisterhood”?

In case you were wondering, Pastor Rod Lumpkin currently serves as the Pastor of Worship at Changing A Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA under the pastorate of Bishop Paul S. Morton. Read more about him HERE



  1. hotdogsonthegrill says:

    Wow a petition started already sheesh….I don't think it will be taken off the air, seems like the ratings will be great despite the protesting.

    • Redbone says:

      So true

    • Chris Brown's Concubine Kock-a-doodle-doo TRAN says:

      I really like the show.. and Ive met some messy first ladies and many arent all that "christ-like".

    • straight to the point says:

      I agree with you! they shouldn't have started a petition because they haven't even given the show a chance! i really like it and hope it will continue.

    • SK says:

      Just what we need a another Reality Show but this time with a Christian bent. Lord help us. As if the church is not in enough trouble and confusion with the Prosperity run after money teachings and scandals on sexual misbehavior.
      Essence Feb. of this year has an article on Pastor's Wives. The late Zachery Tim's wife talks about her efforts to get help for her failing marriage and husband's problems but was told to just ignore it because he was tons making money and drawing big crowds.

  2. nikki says:

    I have that same black, white and gold dress the first day has one. I wear mine to the club!!!! I think it's a bit much for the first lady to have on a club dress. her entire back is out. I don't want my first lady dressing like that.

    • TheOne says:

      Oh, so it's OK for you to wear that dress and attend the club! Throwing rocks in glass houses aren't we

      • Diva D says:

        @theone.. Amen

        • Pluto says:

          "I wear mine to the club!!" Lol!

        • nikki says:

          so you want your first lady doing what you do??? Wow i would like a like lady to guide me…. I bet she doesn't wear that dress to church it's all for TV and as a woman of God you shouldn't change for ratings. Now you should say AMEN to that!

        • Diva D says:

          First of all i rather my first lady to keep it real.. i do not need to look up to someone high and she has not been there and done that.. someone that can relate to everyday life and tell me a scripture is a Woman to look up too.. These so called Uber
          Christians are just over rated.. I like the show and thats my opinion..

      • nikki says:

        I am not a first lady!!!! Would you want your first lady wearing a dress with her back out? Nope don't think you would. You would stop going to your church if that happened so stop making a scene for not reason. it's my option and i stated what I wanted to say. Thanks

        • 2bme says:

          you don't go to church for the people you go for the word..people are fallible as we are all born into sin..stop putting these"soldiers of the lord" on pedestals

      • 1GROOVEYCHICK says:

        Church is a club! lol.

        And don't let a single man walk in there, let alone a unhappy married man…watch how fast these hoes jump on the Dick…lol
        Just like a club. If I am lying…remember that one article where a "pastor was giving the women in his congregation AIDS.

        • Free kroy says:

          You aint lying boo, I am very active in my church and people just don't know how thirsty the women are and yes, the men there are dogs too

    • Sunny says:

      Child…from the looks of these people…they in the club too. : ) Just hope you two are not wearing it at the same time.

      • Erin says:

        The show is….
        They literally attacked Tara like alley cats. Something may be suspicious about Tara and her hubby being kicked out of the church but the wife that owns the clothing store doesn't seem too kosher herself. Her husband is suspect and she got that "hoe on the track" etiquette, like she will stab a bitch if necessary. They scolded Tara about quoting the bible, yet this show is about pastors and their wives. The show depicts pastors with no church.
        The latina wife is nosey and "better than.."

        • JewelofTheWild says:

          Ol – Exactly! The other wives seem to be very envious of Tara, not sure if its because of her toned physique or her passionate relationship with her husband.

          I did notice how the other’s all desire the lifestyle of that Latina chick & her insecure hubby. That one with the clothing boutique, who pastor hubby lost his church to foreclosure, seem to have chosen to finance her store over the church. And that Ivy chick is out for fame.

    • stlchick says:

      Many of those dresses in the pic look more club appropriate than church appropriate. Common sense. Since I'm already posting…
      I've not seen the show, and based on what I've heard I have no desire to. What I'm about to state many may not agree with, but here's my take. First, they started attacking the black comm. by targeting the males, with shows like Cops. Then they realized that the women were the backbone of our community, so then they came up with shows like BBW, Bad Girls Club, LHH NY and ATL. Now, they're targeting the last standing entity in the black community that represents any positivity, the church. Wake up, people. There's poison in the Kool aid.

    • SK says:

      The only real first lady is the mother of Jesus and the President of the United States wife is given that title. Where is the first lady title in the bible? There lays the problem, making idols out of people who Jesus said should be servants.

  3. Redbone says:

    So true Im a bit old fashioned and they are just like me not representing nothing. If we follow them we will be lost. We have to read the bible and ppl keep in mind this is not how holy women act.

  4. lockstress says:

    When the hell did club wear become chuch clothes? R U SERIOUS? THat dress is too damn short to box w/ god! Get it together!

  5. Diva D says:

    The show was great.. These are woman that have their own struggles even though they are a pastors wife.. they are telling the storying that even the most looked up to woman still has to work on her while working on others.. This show can be a true blessing to someone that might be going through something and feeling they have no purpose in life.. Everyone has a purpose..

  6. Diva D says:

    and further more.. Everyone does not go to church with a dresses to the floor or pants on.. New generation New trends.. This is not our grandmothers church.. I think the ladies look great.. You can be sexxy and be of power too..

    • Sunny says:

      Well…it looks and sounds tasteless… at any rate.

      I understand about your new "trends" as you put it…But, the bible.. honeybun.. has always said come as you are! rich, poor, dirty, sick, whateva.

      I don't know how you set an example for young girls and women lost in these streets when you look like you work the streets too. I'm just saying. I'm side eye on anyone concern about being a "bad bicth" at church.

    • SK says:

      Sexy and power are oxymoron words. The bible says women should be modest in dress and have a gentile and quiet spirit pleasing to the Lord. A reality show exist on controversy, strife and self importance to the thousandth degree. How is this glorifying the Lord by imitating the world? Most Reality Shows are mindless and meaningless.

  7. Shell says:

    this show is so funny. it reall just exposes the black church for what it is…a money making hustle. No its not our grandmothers church but, short shorts, mini skirt, club dresses and camel toes are NOT appropriate for "1st ladies" of the church no matter how many bible scriptures you can quote.

  8. Jane says:

    @Diva D i agree! I loved the show! I’m COGIC and I wear skirts that all come from Forever21 and they are well suited for church! and no they dont go all the way down to my ankles lol! who wears that?! lol so a christian is not suppose to be sexy? oh ok! bye ppl with these holier than thou attitudes! plz stop!

    • Please says:

      Forever 21? Oh, ok.

    • mrspresident says:

      When did being sexy become a christian value?

      • Diva D says:

        When did frumpy become cute?? I dont fault anyone for being sexxy or keeping the spark alive.. they are human when its all said an done.. Last i checked every MARY MARY showed a little skin and still having kids but no one is judging them..its the word,the msg and the talent of theit craft that i love.. and they too have drama..

        • Sunny says:

          But, Mary Mary are tasteful women…don't go there. Listen, We are all human. ALL! lol I don't care as much about what you have on…it's why do you have it on.

          Some of the conversations…I heard were not good… coming from not the memebers of the church…But, the pastor and his wife…side view stare.

          I like that old time, no nonsense religion….I need to feel better walking out then I did walking in. That's what these people are suppose to deliver.

          All this money that they are collecting…should be doing Gods work. Not, buying jets, and mistresses condo's and paying off sex cases with young boys. God is not in that. These folks are playing with God. And don't say it's not our business…but you jumping on a reality show. lol

        • ashamed for my people says:

          Mary Mary 's wardrobe is questionable ,also. I can not give them a pass either.

    • Jesus take the wheel says:

      I'm now certain that the end is near…folks are now relating Christians with the word "sexy!"

      Chile what kind of Shepard are you under? Obviously he/she is not properly interpreting the Word.

      The bible talks against lust & temptation, but its ok dress sexy?! Stop the madness.

      • Chris Brown's Concubine Kock-a-doodle-doo TRAN says:

        if they werent "sexy" christian their wouldnt be sexy "little" christians being concieved everyday.

        I bet you're a single, 300lb angry black woman, who spends 6 outta 7 days out of the week at chruch mad cuz she can't get a man.

        • stlchick says:

          Your name says all there is to say about you. If she's what you said, then by default you must be some pimply faced social reject that's saving up your allowance to buy a toy like the one you've seen in your mother's drawer that she doesn't think you know about. Grow up, chile.

    • Jesus take the wheel says:

      Well who are we to stop you from wearing your finest polyester skin tight skirts into the house of the Lord.

      Gone wit'cha bad self…lol.

  9. MissKitty says:

    TLC put the full episode up and the people who commented went in. Michelle do you have any T on Tara and her husband. How does one get fired from a church. Must have been something deeper than the dirt for them to be fired and not removed

  10. Diva D says:

    The same people that claim to dislike this show.. are you the ones in the club,barely there clothes,sleeping with whoever ,bent over and bussing it wide open.. these are women that are mariied have a foundation they are building for there family..They are not perfect that is why they have agreed to let the public in there personal circle.. Some of these older churches have more skeletons in there closet then these people..

    • Pluto says:

      Skeletons….babies…mistresses…domestic violence…..etc. People commenting how dare they…are the first ones to make a phone call to verify the latest Pastor/ First Lady gossip.

  11. koatedkandi says:

    Personally, it gives us a better insight on how Pastors and first ladies conduct themselves. Now we can see on TV what get published when the Pastor and first lady are caught doing things that seems unGODLY to us. I say let them stay, if they hurt anyone, it will be them and their love ones.
    It is a bit much but it is what it is. If they have no more respect and wants to flaunt this mess…..let them have at it. I couldn't believe Eddie Long wife dosen't want a part of this. She has a GREAT story line.

  12. Jackie says:

    I won't watch….cause some church folk are no different to anyone else…did anyone see the pastor and his first lady on alyana save my life? One pastor told my partner 'I'm not saved all the time' when they had a disagreement ! And yes I live in Shreveport! Lol

    • Ms E says:

      Huni i watched it today, shame shame shame, im glad she left him, and he still preaching, you cant just let anybody preach to you, even though nobody is perfect but God, when you cant keep his word, you dont need to lead!!

  13. Camille71 says:

    I was disappointed in what I saw. These women act like the women they should be trying to mentor. I am blessed to have a Pastor's wife who does not look, act, or dress like these women. When Christian women get together, it shouldn't be like their get togethers with the screaming and cattiness. God is not the author of confusion. It is worse than a "real housewives" show because they are supposed to be representatives of Christ and showing Christian fruits instead of their fleshly behaviors. Sad

    • Donor Sailed says:

      What exactly is the appropriate "Look" for a pastors wife? you only see what this "perfect pastors wife" wants you to see.
      All am saying is no one should judge. No one is perfect and clearly that is evident in the show. I like the show,so am watching.

      • Sunny says:

        Please cut the crap…lol No one is naive enough to think any of these people or anyone for that matter is perfect..we know this. But, do you understand when people claim they have a calling on their life…that should include all times. Not, Girl I got my custom made suit on with the matching hat…and I'm killin'em. Or I just got this from Forever 21 or I mean really. Materialism, lusting after folks, envy and sexual misconduct…just don't fall under TRYING to walk right for me. sorry

        What would Jesus do…do you think Jesus was walking around looking for his next baby mama? lol

  14. SAM says:

    Hahaha, Michelle! I see what you are trying to do with the post, but did you call him a "real pastor"? So are the other ones fake? Also, why is the name of his church so long?

  15. Shay Shay says:

    I think it should stay on too just to show people who they are really following. People are so caught up in fake images, titles, and putting on fronts that we become shocked and disgusted once we realize just how much "the saints" ain't saints. This show isn't showing us anything most people didn't already know. The ones who seemed shocked and embarrassed are brainwashed church folk. These women AND their husbands are blasphemous, entertaining, and educational all rolled up into one.

  16. lockstress says:

    Many will come in his name…don't mean they represent him! He said…not me!

  17. Reesie says:

    Ivy is a wannabe.

  18. Really!!! says:

    "Pastor Rod Lumpkin says that instead of praying to remove the show from the airwaves, it’s probably best to allow the Lord to do his work using that platform."…….sorry but that sounds so ridiculous to me. The Lord is going to use them through a reality show. Okaaaay.

    • l says:

      I know,Really! Christ was edited out of the show,when they decided to sashay on to the scene in Hustler and Black tail wear.He is just interested in looking up in those women's faces because the Lord wants nothing to do with confusion.Sigh….

    • Sunny says:

      I'm thinking…the celebrity will make people want to become groupies and show up at these folks churches. The is a platform to get attention and money…of course. Not a platform to do good.

    • the non gossiper says:

      Watch the video closely and you'd see Pastor Lumpkin did not say let the Lord do his work using that platform but to pray that God would not be edited out the show to get ratings and that in the end someone would hopefully would be touched.

  19. tea says:

    'By their fruits u shall know them'….enough said

  20. td says:

    I think the pastor hit the nail right on the head. The ultimate goal for anyone who follows the Lord is for God to get the glory as He prospers you. As the Apostle Paul states: "I claim to know nothing among you, but Christ crucified."

    And as I stated in the earlier post about this subject: People should not base all First Ladies, First Families and Christians as a whole on what they view on this program. Other thsn that, let the program do what it is going to do. God will eventually be glorified, regardless. He will see to that.

  21. Jane says:

    LOL yes XXI and Steve Maddens!!! every Sunday..thank ya!

  22. Ricky Bobby says:

    Uum. Pastor Lumpkin can't really talk. Loads of crap where he is concerned.

  23. Rodriquez Antonio says:

    I think the show is harmless, if it offends you then you have hands to turn the channel. These ladies are letting you in to see what their lives are like behind the scenes…and to tell you the truth, some of this is what real first ladies go through…Politics, Scandals, judgement..and so on..I'm happy that someone shows what goes on in their world to us, the world. And if you don't like it, that means something must be wrong in your spirit! BC stuff like this does go on in our churches…Amen to that!

    • Chris Brown's Concubine Kock-a-doodle-doo TRAN says:

      I totally agree.. People are so brainwashed in church these days. They look at these preachers as God and the First Lady as an Angel… I know the reality.

    • SK says:

      Unfortunately it make lead to more stereotypes of Pastors behaving badly or Pastor's wives behaving badly. What Reality Show does not have controversy and carnality to sell the show? Dream on if you think this will be any different folks.

  24. aTypical says:

    I actually like this show and will be watching…As for how they're dressed etc. if their church members are ok with…#ijs

    • SK says:

      But do we need another Reality Show but with Pastors and their wives behaving badly for ratings. Get real, rating is what it is all about and the bad controversy that brings in ratings.

  25. Ms E says:

    This show is terrible, i am a preachers grand daughter, and no first ladies dont act like that. They messy< the only one i believe is true to God, is Tara, and they mad at her for actually caring out Gods word. I will sign the petition, what has the world really come to???

  26. Wife of a Senior Pastor says:

    This show does not depit the character of a Preacher's Wife. I am the First Lady of a Senior Pastor and I am truly embarrassed that this show is on the air. The women on this show do not depict a true Servant of God! God's children do not JUDGE each other NOR despise one other. I support TARA in her Evangelism. TARA PREACH THE WORD OF GOD! Jesus said in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to go out and preach the word, baptizing in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So, TARA, CONTINUE TO EVANGELIZE! You are doing God's work. The rest of these "first ladies" are not on your level spiritually. I am ordering my church and community to DO NOT watch this show. The only guidance we need is the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT and the WORD OF GOD, and not the disgrace of God through a show that is controlled by the editors. Where are your spiritual morals? JESUS DID NOT BOW DOWN TO THE PRIESTS OF ROME-so don't bow to the editors! No matter how much money they offer! REMEMBER, WE ALL HAVE TO DIE ONE DAY AND FACE OUR FATHER! Represent Him well, so that He may represent you when the time comes.

  27. Miss Jones says:

    What a disgrace and a true embarassment, nationally. I don't see the need of the show besides for monetary issues, which In the House of GOD money is never an issue. I'm barely making it and i'm still being hustled in the house of GOD. This is the perfect treat to these sick damn people who can't wait for the show to come on and the sick ass participants. What is that we need to know about these women? How holier they are than the next person? How much their banking? How they really can care less about CHURCH? but they go because their man go to church and to find out the juiciest weekly drama of people lives? This is straight up SAD! SAD! SAD! But I do respect the promo pic of these floozies, cause.. on sum real tip! That is how how church women dress anywayz, so atleast they kept it real on that!

  28. SPEAKING MY MIND says:

    I agree with pastor lets just pray that the right message come across further more as a first lady of any church you should lead by example I don't care what she were if she is a true woman of GOD you will see it cause it will show one thing I like it's that they showing the people that hey nobody's perfect we all have faults etc but at the end of the day we can get together and serve God.

  29. Rhonda says:

    I like the show, I had doubts at first,before watching, but seeing the show was great, My opinion: I think they all are on different levels in Christ,which helps them and us. The most important thing is they believe and love the Lord,Jesus Christ.

    • Lady T says:

      Totally agree with your comment

    • Jade Nicole says:

      I actually like the show also I had alot of doubts. I understand where Domonique(store owner) was coming from if you are having a conversation about anything you dont always need to preach to someone.

  30. Loving This Site says:

    I have no plans to watch this show or Shawty Lo show. Not my cup of tea but if you like it, enjoy

    • Diva D says:

      Shawty lo Show is entertaining none the less.. when all else fails do a reality show for some quick money

      • Jay77 says:

        I think there are so many people getting the wrong point about what people are wearing and all that. Nothing wrong with being sexy but be that for your hussband if you are in a position as a first lady. The whole dressing thing is not even the big issue anyway.

        We have so much negative depictations of us on tv today that when you say that this is a show about first ladies the you expect for it to be a better light on us. Thhis show is no different that Housewives. The show sheds a negative light on all churches not just the ones that are deserving of negative press. All churches arent money hungry. My pastor work a regular job and is not on salary from the church. All funds go to church function, bills etc.The first ladies on this show are the causes of things they are supposed to be leading young lady from are helping them through. If they are so called christian why cant they act as a christian suppose to act. So many people say the comment about keeping it real. That is ignorant. Why cant keeping it real be a positive message rather that jumping on each other and getting in each other face. White cant you set a speak like the position they are in requires them to do. Nobody is perfect but if you are a man or woman of God then your actions should reflect that. They should not act like the next person just because they want to KEEP IT REAL.Like i said before you can dress up to date and attractively without looking like you clubbing. Most when who dress to go to the club are looking for someone. Theyre dress is what get them attention of men. These are married women. They dont have to dress down to the ankles or with ugly big hats. What would we think about our president if he came to work in a dirty white tank and pants on his ass. It is no different with these first ladies. They are are held to a higher standard because of the office that they hold.If you are a businessman then people expect for you to be good at business or a doctor people expect for you to know anatomy. It all comes with the territory. Why would I want to watch first ladies that act like Atlanta housewives. We expect different. I wish alll the ignorant people would stop talking about Keeping it real because they can go above BS themselves.

  31. Tracy L says:

    This show is nothing more than another gimmick reality show for these women and their pastor husbands to cash in on at the expense of the Church and God.

    I'm also disgusted by it and won't be watching another episode.

  32. Fiction coming to light says:

    Reverend Curtis Black. Google it.

  33. Leslie Williams says:

    I am a Christian Pastor in the Dallas area. I must say I am very distrubed by this reality show. Christians have no business acting like the world. Romans 12:@ says, be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. The world should be looking at Christians and deciding by love to follow our lead. This show pits first ladies against each other, pastors openly and angrily disagreeing. I do not believe God is happy with this show at all. The only reality they should be a part of is the reality that Jesus Christ is coming soon, repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!

  34. just saying says:

    This show just seems to be a distraction that places a wedge between me and God if I continue to watch and analyze these peoples behavior. Think I just need to tune this show out and stay focused on God. I think this is something that should not be shown on TV, it in my opinion shows a lack of respect for the church. I was not aware of this show prior to it appearing on TLC last week, I watched out of curiousity and I came to this web site wondering what the public had to say. It just is not a show that I want to continue to watch it really adds no value to my life.

  35. Truth says:

    . . .God will NOT be mocked

  36. Truth says:

    False prophets, all of them. "He comes to steal,
    kill and destroy".

  37. Truth says:

    These women are the perfect example of possession
    and manifestation of the Jezebel spirit.
    Google Jezebel. Very spooky.

  38. Peach says:

    As a church, the world expect us to fall and america is trying to kick GOD out of everything (they cant even if they tried Revelation it speaks and declares that GOD is going to reign at the end). This Show shows how christians are sleeping and we need to get it together. Jesus is coming back and we have to be in a position to be alert where there are no spots or wrinkles literally. We are not like the world and we are to shun every form of evil. Jesus was christ and people did not like him. we should never dummy down to please people and just accept ungodly ways. We have the anointing to break EVERY yoke and bondage. Not saying not to have compassion for peoples short comings but come together confess out sins and have a hunger and a thirst for CHANGE. This show is on thin ice and prayerfully watching this show I pray that the lord will highten disernment, increase their sensativity of the holy spirit, give them the boldness in the lord to proclaim his name reguardless what people say or think.

  39. shanshan says:

    Why are people tripping on this reality show The Sister Hood. Instead of banning the show…how bout banning same sex marriage, banning guns so our young kids can have a future, ban drugs that are becoming legal so our kids can obtain it. Church folks focus on the wrong thing…jst focus on JESUS and leave the show along

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