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Toni Braxton Says Oprah Was Mean To Her + Did Toni Hide Secret Cash Stash From Bankruptcy Court? [VIDEO]

Oct 29th 2012 | Written by ATLien

Toni Braxton performed at The Paley Center for Media’s Annual Los Angeles Benefit at The Rooftop Of The Lot in West Hollywood, California last week (October 22, 2012).

The soulful songstress also recently appeared on VH1’s Behind the Music, where she speaks of how her 1998 appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show felt like the beginning of the downfall of her music career.

Braxton, who filed for bankruptcy prior to her appearance on the popular daytime talk show, details how she was “reprimanded” by the media mogul for her lavish spending habits and basically made to feel like sh*t during the interview.

Details + watch the “Oprah” segment of Toni’s “Behind The Music” episode…

Toni speaks of her 1998 appearance on Oprah’s show, stating:

She was so frickin’ mean to me. I was in shock.

I couldn’t believe it ‘cause I loved her so much. I admired her and looked up to her and she pretty much reprimanded me.

She says to me, ‘I heard you have Gucci flatware. I’m Oprah Winfrey and I don’t have Gucci flatware’.

You ain’t got Gucci flatware because you didn’t want to buy it, not because you couldn’t afford it! What do you mean?

And immediately she made me feel this big. That moment completely changed my career. It made people look down on me. (source)

For the record, Toni’s still struggling through money issues so maybe Oprah’s “reprimand” was meant to guide her towards a better way of viewing dollars and cents.

(Just a thought.)

On a related note, bankruptcy trustees are currently accusing Braxton of inappropriately transferring money to her ex-husband that should have been used to pay off some of her creditors.

TMZ is reporting that Braxton fraudulently transferred over $53,000 to her estranged husband, Keri Lewis, in order to avoid paying back creditors in her bankruptcy case.

New documents have been filed in Toni’s ongoing bankruptcy case alleging that Lewis received the large sum of money AFTER Toni’s money was already earmarked to repay her creditors.

Toni filed for her 2nd bankruptcy in 2010, claiming she owed between $10 million and $50 million in debts.

Braxton’s bankruptcy trustee is now suing Lewis to recover the monies that Braxton transferred over to his accounts.

A rep for Braxton is denying the accusations and states:

“All of the payments made to Lewis prior to Toni’s bankruptcy filing were appropriate transfers for reasonable and necessary personal and business expenses in the ordinary course of her business.”

The rep adds Toni will continue to provide the trustee whatever info is needed to address the allegation.

Welp… it doesn’t look good for Toni’s “secret stash”….

What do you think of Braxton’s recent Oprah revelation?


  1. hotdogsonthegrill says:

    I agree with you Michelle…considering the fact she filed for bankruptcy twice, I would say Oprah was trying to help her and maybe her delivery wasn't so great but I think it came from a good place. I think her career changed because music went in another direction and nobody wanted to hear that slow tempo stuff anymore. I'm a fan of Toni and I hope she gets a hold of her financial troubles.

  2. RiseOfTheKing says:

    Toni is stupid you dont cross the queen!! LOL

    • HotCombsandCurlers says:

      People need to blame someone…when they can't take responsibilty for their own shhhh. Sad.

      I thought that was silly of her. To say Oprah has the power of presuasion over people…lol
      to "look down" on folks…what! stop chile.

      I still love Toni….But, she needs to get it together.

    • mon88 says:

      the queen? NO surprise folks, Oprah was/is always willing to put African Americans on BLAST (remember rapper Ludacris; he was there promoting a film and she began bashing him about his rap career). Now that her shyt is not right, now she wants the African American community to embrace and support her “causes”…BYTCH PLEASE!!!

      • It's her business says:

        Oprah has read some whites on her show too. I just saw a flashback today where she read Amy Fisher when she came to her show. She also tried to read Madonna. But Madonna wasn't having that and blasted her back. LOL…

  3. Shell says:

    the little Oprah gif's are hilarious!!! Especially the "Deal with it" i cant stop looking at it!

  4. Khadija Jackson via Facebook says:

    Ummm who wouldn’t she had a baby right after, Oprah was being pimped not just by her.. but Tracy Edmonds, Later Jennifer Hudson. they knew what was going on. sorry O.

  5. Gossipgirl says:

    Wow I can't believe she is blaming Oprah! Yea Oprah can afford Gucci flat wear! The point she was making is that YOU are broke buying Gucci flat wear and I am RICH and I don't even have that. Get it together Toni and own up to your own issues.

    • LocalATLien says:

      YES!! that's exactly what Oprah was saying. Why you so worried about her being mean, you should have actually been listening to the MESSAGE Toni!! #NEXT

      • LXL says:

        Exactly, and it's really hard for me to feel sorry for people like Toni who doesn't know how to handle their finances. She should have learned from the first bankruptcy but a second one, please. No one put a gun to her head to buy a big mansion, lavish cars, etc. There are plenty of people out there who are wealthy but aren't living in million dollar houses and buying cars that costs over $100,000.

      • It's her business says:


    • HotCombsandCurlers says:

      The point was she can afford it and she's not buying it…cause a fork is fork. But, then that's why Ms. O is on that Forbes list…and Toni is not. Oprah was not born rich either….she worked and earned everything she has and is still grinding and she don't have to. Her story is powerful. PERIOD
      If Toni didn't want anyone to comment then she shouldn't not have put her business out there. She told us about the Tiffany shopping and Gucci flatware…not Oprah. People already had an opinion…Oprah tried to be big sister…everyone was thinking just what she said…anyway

  6. Please? Oprah didn’t give you enough tough love because your ass filed for Bankruptcy….TWICE. Listening to the inteview, Toni didn’t know how to budget her money. Its one thing to blame the record label for your money problems..but when you are buying Gucci & Tiffany dinning room sets….than you need to take full responsibilty for your role, in your bankruptcy.

  7. Levi Springs IV says:

    I love Toni and Oprah but Toni needs to get a life on this one. Toni should have plenty of money because she had not paid a lot of her bills for past 15 years bankruptcy in 1998 for millions and another Bankruptcy in 2010 for 50 Million LOVE YOU TONI I REALLY DO BUT GET A LIFE AND PAY YOUR BILLS!!! Oprah is a reporter and talk show host her Job is to asked the hard questions. For Toni to say Oprah made her feel like $#&* She learned nothing and went out and did the same thing all over again!

  8. Nicole Winter via Facebook says:

    I actually seen that interview, I didn’t take it as oprah was being mean, she was simply trying to get her to see just because you have the money to buy those things don’t mean you have to go buy them cause look at the situation ur in now, and the same thing happen again in 2010, so apparently she didn’t take anything from that interview except she was being mean. A lot of black artist and ball players spend there money on frivolous shit and toni is the prime example of what happens when you don’t invest.

  9. Julie says:

    I remember this taht interview…Oprah talked about the importance of signing your own checks when Toni was talking about the silverware…it was good advise…

    • hotdogsonthegrill says:

      I was trying to find the interview on youtube was she really that mean or was Toni exaggerating?

    • CityGirl81 says:

      I remember that part, Oprah said you sign the checks and know where your money is going. I was 16 when that interview came out. I got one O was trying to say then, manage your own money. Toni needs to get it together. Oprah was NOT mean to Toni. Toni is one of those people that when you tell them the painful truth they want to call you mean.

  10. LXL says:

    Well in reality Toni should feel like shit for blowing through money like that and I remember that interview. Filing for bankruptcy twice is not a good look for anyone in my opinion, a person who wasn't good with finances before aren't going to be good with money afterwards, well some people learn and some do not. I don't understand people who feel that just because you have millions that you have to go out there and spend money on Versace and Gucci bed sheets, flatware, dishes, and buying these ridiculous Louboutin shoes all because of a damn red bottom that's going to wear off, it's really stupid. I know Toni isn't the only one that has done that but people really need to use their common sense as well. I see people going through all their tax return money in less than a month on bullcrap.

    • stlchick says:

      I don’t understand people who feel that just because you have millions that you have to go out there and spend money on Versace and Gucci bed sheets, flatware, dishes, and buying these ridiculous Louboutin shoes all because of a damn red bottom that’s going to wear off, it’s really stupid.

      Will you tell it? Add expensive as weaves and berkin bags to that.

      • It's her business says:

        The expensive weaves are what get me. Instead of buying the most luxurious hair, why not invest in a nice comb, brush, 2 or 3 shampoo and conditioners and grow their own luxurious hair?

  11. Mizze Thickaden Poundcakethick via Facebook says:

    I guess u have to blame somebody for ur own actions…Honestly it should have made Toni work harder at proving Oprah wrong….this jus brings up she still holding this baggage in her heart..I guarantee Oprah has not lost any sleep…and if that was the case Toni , just showed Oprah she won….ijs…another case that shows even with money it does not bring u happiness and brings more problems….ijs…sorry booboo..u controled ur ARM and hand to extend to pay for ur enjoyment..own up to it…p.s. if that was the case u should have prayed for Oprah and left it with God and kept it moving and NOT looked back..

  12. Donna says:

    Toni obviously hasn't learned her lesson. Oprah knows that you don't stay rich by living beyond your means. I know that Toni has lupus, so she does have medical expenses and her son has autism. Toni hasn't been sucessful in a while, so i won't go in on her, but her lifestyle should fit her income.

    • LXL says:

      Oh yes, medical bills are no joke.

    • HotCombsandCurlers says:

      I'm not going in on her either. Like India Arie…The truth just is!

      Toni has an amazing catalog of music…and not everyone can say that. But, you have to think about your future..your health, your kids future. No artist is guaranteed a life long hot career…not one.

    • facingreality says:

      Toni's sister Tamar and brother-n-law Vince have money – plenty of it and Vince was Toni's manager for a while so Toni's problem wasn't money but not knowing how to manage it.

  13. From Fl to Va Chick says:

    I remember that interview and it was tuff..I guess she was looking for compassion. I think Oprah was saying eventhough I have more than you,I dont find it needful to own Gucci silverware.I dont think much has changed because she was looking to rent to own a mansion on season 1 of BFV. Some people like to see their money in material things while others like to save their money.

  14. Suthernhummingbyrd says:

    Excuse me for not being an Oprah worshipper, I actually sympathize with Toni on this one. Of course Oprah was harsh, she's that way with all her African-American guests and audience members, especially women. This is the very reason I have never enjoyed her show. She seems to go all out to make them look bad-It was already news that this chick went bankrupt, why bring her on to rub her face in it? Who else needed to know she owned Gucci flatware and you don't? She had a whole husband and kids-Oprah has never had either, why wasn't that discussed?Discuss what she plans to do in spite of her circumstances, not kick her when she's down.. Just like she seemed so snippy with that young lady from Family Matters who ended up in the porn industry, but smiled in Kim Kardashian's face.I will admit she has done some wonderful things, but this is definitely not one of them. Knock that chip off your shoulder, Oprah, and start showing s lil more sympathy-we showed it for you when OWN wasn't doing a damn thing.

    • HotCombsandCurlers says:

      Oprah didn't put that out….see how people twist stuff. Toni released that information in an article and in the media…How do you think Oprah knew about the Gucci flatware? stop. Everybody was talkin…even the news channels…so please.

      Funny, how you think Oprah's not doing enough for "black" people…Yet, there are so many who have never looked back. *interesting* Oprah gives to many…No one can lie about that. So whateva.

      • Suthernhummingbyrd says:

        Reading is fundamental EVERYDAY. So everyone knew about the Gucci flatware, huh?S top that. Once Oprah's producers knew, THEN the world knew.All the talk about it was after that interview. Also,I clearly stated Oprah does great things, but this wasn't one-no one can dispute her giving spirit. No one said she doesn't do enough for black people-what post are you reading? I commented on how her whole demeanor changes when it involves any other black person but Gayle. Can I get a list of those so many black folks she helped and never looked back? Probably not, because she doesn't specifically help any race, she helps them all.
        What she didn't do was help the situation by harping on Toni's financial issues without addressing what she should do in the future.

    • It's her business says:

      "Oprah has never had either, why wasn’t that discussed?"

      "we showed it for you when OWN wasn’t doing a damn thing."


  15. cam says:

    the shade being thrown with those oprah pics!

  16. ALM says:

    I love Toni, but she needs to take an intense course on money management. I understand bills related to her health, but all of the other things- hair weaves, excess makeup, stylists, etc. need to go. Toni must learn to live below her means.

    The gif of Oprah shaking that gorgeous hair is everything!!!

  17. lisa says:

    Karma…own up to your crap Toni you're no victim the downfall of your career was you trying to be sexy and singing in such a low range no one understands you.

    • LXL says:

      I guess that's why I never bought any of her music because I couldn't understand a word of what she was saying.

    • lilkunta says:

      lisa wtf are you talking about? toni's low range is wonderful toni's downfall is that she overspend and th music industry changed. sadly andunfairly RB music doesnt sell. sh*tty music does.

      • Suthernhummingbyrd says:

        Rite…that serious contralto Toni has is EVERYTHING..Let's go back to talking about her money issues, cause she might have 99 problems, but singing is definitely not one of them.

  18. Dana T says:

    Come on Toni dude… We all need some assistance in the area of money every now and then and you get advice from the black queen of media herself?
    For real???

    Dana T.

  19. TxSunshine says:

    If she wanna be like most other black people and go buy 60in t.v's, Louis Vitton, Dolce, and Gucci. let Toni live her life, why she can't have Gucci flatware?! Is there some law against that? Stop counting her pockets and count your own. How Bout That?! Now you miserable asses that just have regular forks should stab yourselves. I bet yall wouldn't say this shit about Beyonce. haha.

    • TxSunshine says:

      & what I mean by that is! They will buy what they want when they want, whether they can afford to or not! K! Don't budget for her when you ain't doing your own! & got your life together! & I'm wondering why ATLien ain't went in on Beyonce carrying around a fake baby, then switching the baby, multiple times!. (random thought)

      • Vay says:

        A fake baby?! Swithing the baby?! Sigh…people please..what would be the point

        • TxSunshine says:

          lol. Yes a fake one, you don't have to believe me. Its just my opinion in the matter which is backed by pics and video. IDK what her point would be, I'm not a fan.

    • stlchick says:

      Must've been slow over at Bossip today, huh? Where's my crystal ball? I see bankruptcy in your future.

    • It's her business says:

      " I bet yall wouldn’t say this shit about Beyonce"

      I bet Beyonce has all kinds of Gucci flatware. LMAOOOOOOO!

  20. sunflower says:

    I dont agree with the way Oprah approached this. Oprah has been doing anything to stay relevant and I'm sorry to say, it seems as though Oprah has sold herself out when she didnt have to.

    Anyway,Icame to the conclusion that this woman has enemies that have it out for her that she may not even know about. It could be entirely possible that the people she entrusted with her money conned her, stole from her, mislead her because no one can possibly spend 10 million-50 million. Its just not possible. Someone, or a bunch of someones could have maniuplated her monies. She is a very good, decent and talented woman and I just dont understand why she is getting this kind of luck for over 15 years. I know this woman is not an evil hearted woman. She didnt wind up a crack head like whitney houston or sell out on her morals, so I am more than convinced that somebody, somewhere has it out for her or doing some voo doo on her, for real. She don't deserve this. Toni, please know you have supporters that no one can convince you did anything wrong. I'm sure you made some mistakes, but dont we all? I never come to someones aid unless I truely feel they are a decent person. She is so talented and her music is amazing. No vile or dirty langauge. She should be praised for remaining good, not torn down like this.

    • sunflower says:

      When I say "this woman" I obviously mean toni braxton obviously. I should have started out with that. Sorry for the typo.

      • lexi says:

        Sorry, but you are absolutely wrong on this one. People–especially celebs–can definitely spend 50 mil easily! Bottom line is that Oprah may have been harsh and could've been more discrete in how she offered guidance (especially to another sistah) but the lady is right on point about the overspending that was done. That is the problem among us nowadays. Everyone wants to live lavishly without thinking about what the future holds. Stack money not red bottoms…its how the wealthy stays on top. BTW I love Toni as an artist. Just don't think she needs to place the blame on O. Take responsibility for your own choices, that's calls living and learning.

        • sunflower says:

          Problem is lexi is that Toni Braxton should have been worth 50 million. All those records she sold in the 90's?? If she really spent 50 million than it should have been easily covered. The question is , why was she getting paid so little and where is all the money? Maybe management told her she had more than she really had and somehow bamboozled her knowing full well she would have to take responsibilty for the debt while they get away with taking her millions? Sounds more likely to me.

  21. Mo80 says:

    Sometimes the wrong people end up with millions, so sad. Just because you got it doesn't mean you have to spend it. Finance 101.

  22. Helya says:

    I just can't grasp how people can be so careless with their money. WTF…I mean You have to be your own book-keeper, your own accountant. You have to manage your money and invest for your future and pay your damn taxes. Millionaires should not have to file bankruptcy, manage your damn money…you have enough of it to do that. And the comment Oprah made to her was not to put her down it was to give her a reality check and she took it as someone being mean. She will never learn.

    • sunflower says:

      I dont think you know how hard it is to manage that much money. I think its impossible espeically for someone who doesnt know anything about accounting. I am pretty sure people who were in charge of her money stole from her and misguided her big time.

  23. Kittycat says:

    These comments are crazy.. Did you not watch the VH1. Special.. she did not willy nilly her money.. SHE GOT PLAYED IN HER CONTRACT.. floks so quick to talk shit…HOW MUCH MONEY YOU GOT.. Worry about that. URHGG

    • foolery says:


    • C Berry says:

      I was wondering the same thing, did they not watch the VH1 show! The record company did to Toni, what they did to the old Motown stars; basically, they made the stars take all the financial risk(paying all overhead cost) and the record company got all the profit. She had a bad manager, and her mom needs to stop making her feel responsible for her sisters.

    • B24 says:

      What people fail to realize is that when you get a record deal, you are fronted money a bit like a loan. Out of that loan, the label recoups the expenses for putting you out and promoting you. So if you sign a 10 million dollar deal, fantastic–but you need to watch what you spend and watch your overhead so that you actually come out with something at the end, and this is where Toni failed herself. Just ask all the people who would be on her video shoots in Miami in the 90's, and she would hold up production for Chanel Vamp nail polish to be found somewhere in Miami for her to wear…imagine, stopping a video production for entire crews to sit around (but still being paid) while a production assistant has to call around South Florida, then track down and drive all around town to find a single nail color by a single designer because Lacome, Bobbi Brown or any other version of that color from any cosmetics counter is not good enough. Then shooting ends up going into overtime, above mentioned crew is paid their rate, and the video budget is run up thousands of extra dollars…all because the artists refused to wear any deep red wine color nail polish by any company except Chanel (which isn't even that great a polish- it dries too slowly on the nail and evaporates something nasty in it's bottle).

      This money is recouped from the advance the artist received as part of their record deal. In 3 hours time, it's pretty easy for an ego inflated young person who doesn't know how manage money to just blow $20,000 on some BS. That's 20 grand subtracted from their money they could have kept and invested for their future and had for TODAY. So yes, it is ALWAYS on the artist to watch how they are spending and to sign their own checks. The reason why she ended up with $2,000 checks is because she was reckless with the money that was forwarded to her to steward over and have something decent left over. Bless her heart. Hope everything works out for her future, though.

  24. foolery says:





    • stlchick says:

      Can we have your life? Never mind; we'd still be here reading and posting.
      Gossip blogs are set up for people to share their opinions. Funny thing about opinions, they tend to differ.

  25. DanniGirlATL1 says:

    Whats interesting to me is that Oprah gave this advice only to African American celebrities (especially to women) on her show. She was looking out. That statement about signing checks was something she was told by Bill Cosby and she shared the knowledge. Perhaps if some of us were working with the right people when these "opportunities" came along we would not sign contracts that entitle record companies to all of our money. Everything offered to you is not an opportunity sometimes it is just a trap. So to blame Oprah for telling you the truth about your habits when you have stated I got a 2000 dollar check, ok you made the choice to purchase Gucci flatware with nan dollar to your name. How is she mean for pointing out the truth to you. Women are accused of not being supportive all the time, so Oprah told you the truth and because she didn't lick that truth on you with puppies she is mean and the source of your problems. Child no. Sometimes folks just want to have someone to blame. Oprah is doing fine and Toni is still on scandal row. One thing I must say is Toni still is a fab diva. Lover her music and wish her the best but I hope she just moves past this financial stuff and can be happy all around.

    • LXL says:

      Exactly and well stated. When you're in the industry of Entertainment you have to read over and make sure you understand everything before you sign on the dotted line and also get a good and reputable entertainment attorney, accountant, someone who is going to look out for you. Some people do not realize that you have to pay a publicist, agent, stylist, makeup artist, the band, etc., everyone has to get paid. Another problem is that some of these entertainers have family working as their managers, bookkeepers, agents, etc. and sometimes causes a lot of conflicts in certain situations. Oprah has a good team working for her and maybe Toni can take a cue or two from her. By the way most of the material possessions Oprah has was given to her for free anyway.

      • sunflower says:

        ya, how are you suppose to understand contracts and accounting if you're not a lawyer or accountant. Its so easy for you to say "find a good accountant". Ok?? How do you know who you can trust? How do you know she was not forced or manipulated to use accounatants that were hired to steal from her? You're in a business were everyone is referred to you and I can imagine someone in power telling Toni who to use and why she has to use that person. I dont think any artist is allowed to find their own people. So easy for you to judge and thats the problem with Oprah. She was judging. Some people are lucky like Oprah to have trustworthy people with her money, others are not. And how do we really know Oprah is good with her money? Why is she STILL working after billions and billions of dollars she supposedly has and trying so desperately to stay relevant? Maybe its because she has to? Maybe she aint got it like we think she does? Dont believe everything people tell you. I have been seeing Oprah selling herself out a lot recently and have been very disappointed in a woman who I wants considered my hero. she should have done like seinefeld and left while it was good.

        • LXL says:

          Yes, there are shady people in all different fields out there and that's why I said that's why you hire a good lawyer and accountants and you do your research. If I'm looking to buy a house I'm going to do research on certain realtors I'm interested in and that's with anybody that I'm doing business with, I'm very anal about that. People also get confused about judging, opinions, and criticism. I don't think anyone is trying to judge Toni but moreso sharing their opinions and
          critiqueing. And so what if Oprah has billions, maybe she enjoys her work like other rich Americans. Look at Donald Trump, he's been in bankruptcy before and still making billions or millions and he's working everyday because he enjoys what he does. I don't believe everything I read and what someone says or tell me but I can have an opinion just like you have yours.

        • sunflower says:

          Lexi what part of ' how do you know who you are hiring is trustworthy' didnt you understand. I'm sure you would have done this and that. I'm sure you walk on water too.

        • It's her business says:

          You made some interesting points. Oprah does judge. And so does her annoying ass side-kick Dr. Phil.

        • LXL says:

          @Sunflower, apparently you don't know about the BBB, background checks, and other resources out there to see their credentials, licenses, etc. It doesn't take a genious to figure that out, now have a good evening.

        • sunflower says:

          You think those agencies are full proof or something? come on, a con artist is good for a reason and most of hollywood and LA get away with being con artist. Its not as simple as you think it is. When your being pressured to "sign" and getting told "we can find another person just like that" and the same time, we see now.

  26. legaleagle says:

    The bottom line is,she needs to accept responsibility for her actions instead of blaming others. Oprah shared some very valuable insights with her but it totally went over her pretty little head. Let's face it, this woman has the financial IQ of a third grader.

  27. Lovethetruth says:

    I'm no Oprah fan but she was completely RIGHT about Toni. The fact that Toni said what she has about the interview shows that she did not get the point and she's feeling sorry for herself. She acts like her $h!t don't stink and seems to think that she can spend with no repercussions. EVERYBODY has to budget, rich or not. Not everybody even saw the interview so some people just stopped buying her music cause it didn't appeal to them anymore. I felt like Oprah gave her some big sister advice and Toni was so busy feeling defensive she failed to "hear" what was really being said and repeated the same mistake. How do you owe 50 MILLION in debts but can afford an assistant and for things that she clearly can do herself no less? Some people never learn. Hopefully, she starts to look at the real source of her problem…her thinking.

    • sunflower says:

      Right, this is all Tonis fault. What about the creditors who gave her stuff knowning full well she had a bankruptcy in the past? When do the creditors take responsibity to lending to at risk people? Also, there is NO way one person can be responsbile for EVERYTHING. I think people are taking advantange of a naive woman and probably doing something shady, REAL shady with her money. Dont forget that she has enemies in the music business. I'm sayin, this can't be ALL her fault. Not realistic.

  28. It's her business says:

    Um, first of all, turning down financial advice from Oprah is like turning down business advice from Steve Jobs. It's just not something you do. I don't even recall seeing that first interview with Toni and Oprah, so Toni can't say Oprah's Gucci flatware comments made her lose her career. Toni lost her career because everyone was shocked that she was bankrupt. And we all knew she was bankrupt before the Oprah interview. Bankruptcy made her look bad. What is she talking about? Anyway…

    I didn't even know she filed a second time. How does she owe $10 to $50 million when her debts were wiped out the last time she filed bankruptcy? She needs to pull her head out of her ass and go get that financial advice from Oprah and start using it. I don't even like Oprah, but dang it, if she gave me financial advice, you better believe I'll be taking it! Rich or poor.

    • sunflower says:

      Your screenname is ironic. Isn't it Toni's business? Just beause its Oprah doesnt mean Toni or anyone else has to take her advice. We all have different lives so what may work for one , may be a catastrophe or just not possible for another. I'm sure many in your life have given you advice that you didnt take. Oprah is NOT God. Oprah has been losing her own moral standing lately. I smell a bunch of right wing nuts trolls on this page hiding under the false given persona's.

      • sunflower says:

        And I would NEVER take advice from Steve Jobs. He employed a bunch of chinese people who are working and being treated like slaves. I hope Steve Jobs is in hell working on a manufactering line just like he knew other poor people were for 5 cents an hour.

        • It's her business says:

          Apple is the most valuable company in the United States today. No other business can fool with Apple. If you wouldn't take Steve Jobs' advice, then you are in the same boat as Toni. All you are doing is making up excuses as to why she/you can't take responsibility for not being vigilant over finances. Not once, but twice.

      • It's her business says:

        What does right wing politics have to do with Toni Braxton's finances? Nobody said Oprah was God. I just said I didn't even like Oprah. Oprah has the financial game on lock. Therefore, anyone needing money should take a page out of Oprah's playbook. Duh.

        Quit hatin and start following.

  29. Kimberly says:

    I'm sorry. I sympathize with Toni and her Lupus. I have an Aunt that suffers from Lupus so I certainly understand it. However, what I don't understand is her spending habits. Don't get mad because Oprah stated that she's Oprah Winfrey and she doesn't even own Gucci flatware. Toni, that statement went over your head. Oprah is considered one of the richest women in the world. If she doesn't own Gucci flatware, you're right it's not because she can't afford it, it's because it's an unnecessary purchase. It's your money and you definitely have a right to spend it on what you want but you have to save for a rainy day. it appears you didn't do that.

  30. C Berry says:

    What happened to Toni in the 1990's, is exactly what's happening to Rihanna in 2012, Roc-a-fellow records is making all the profit from her ablum sales, while she pays for everything to get the publicity to sale the albums. That's why the Judge in Toni's lawsuit against the record company fine in her favor. She should go after the insurance company for breach of contract for the Vegas money issues.

  31. Van says:

    I agree with both sides. You can be lured into poverty because that is how the celeb business works. They see a naive person coming. How come the IRS doesn't step in when they owe a few thousand dollars? Wait until it's millions? Because they collect more money. Oprah was right but could have pulled her to the side and schooled her.

    Celebs don't have time to look after all their business affairs and make the mistake of trusting people with their financial affairs.

    Toni was ill her child was ill. That can weigh on you along with her work which drains all your time. Bad advice and getting big eyes when you find you have money to buy whatever you want. Too much responsibility too soon and pressure for her to handle in an industry that preys on everyone. She was obviously schooled to live large to impress her fans and keep up with the celeb front.

    Some of us have careers or have had and we know when you get to a certain level certain expectations are required. The way you dress, speak and act do play a part. You have to spend money on professional clothing and personal upkeep which you have no time to do yourself anymore. All you know is you have to be where you're supposed to be to keep you job.

    By the time Toni learned some of the ropes they had already hung her from a tree. Yes she should have been more savvy and Oprah was throwing her a bone. But why didn't Oprah invite her for a one on one instead of eating her live on television. She knew her own sphere of influence when she did it. That's why people network to share information they wouldn't share with the general public.

    I can't even imagine the pressure for an unschooled person in that dog eat dog industry. So it was an expensive lesson but I hope she makes a good comeback. Need more people with some integrity out there.

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