Who Rocked It Best? Nene Leakes Resurrects Marlo Hampton’s Reunion Show Dress on The Wendy Show [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Oct 3rd 2012 | Written by ATLien

Nene Leakes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta made yet another appearance on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday where she discussed her newest gig on NBC’s “The New Normal”.

While most were soaking up Leakes’ bright smile, many RHOA fans immediately recognized her attire..

Could it be that since Nene’s made it into the pages of Vogue Magazine, she’s trying to rub it into Marlo Hampton’s newly nipped/tucked face by flossing the fashions that only Marlo could afford back then?

Oooh… How dreadful!

Photos of Nene rocking Marlo’s RHOA reunion dress + video of Nene’s WendyShow appearance below…

Reality star turned Hollywood diva, NeNe Leakes, always says it like she means it.

Find out why NeNe was originally concerned when she first read for the part of Rocky on “The New Normal.”

Then, we play “Fave Five” with NeNe. You’ll never guess who her favorite co-star is and what her favorite quality is in a man.

Plus, NeNe tells us her favorite “Nene-isms!” (source)

VIDEO: Nene Leakes on The Wendy Williams Show (October 2, 2012)

[Sidebar: I would almost believe that Nene borrowed Marlo’s reunion show dress but we all know she couldn’t fit it. (YEAH… I said it!)]

CLICK HERE for more info on Hampton/Leakes’ fashionable embellished shouldered dress

Who rocked it best?

Nene or Marlo?



  1. Loving This Site says:

    I cant see Nene's shoes so I cant compare. She has on no accessories and Marlo does. Plus I like the long hair on Marlo, so far Marlo. But until I see Nene's shoes I wont pass judgement

  2. SkinnyMini2xs says:

    Marlo may be a man but she rocked it better.. Try again Mrs. Leaks!!

  3. Pretty in Pink says:

    Marlo, she can dress her ass off!

  4. TheException says:

    Marlo gets my vote! Hands down.

    What's up with Nene aka MsRichBitch wearing clothes she knows her "girl" wore on tv anyway? This isn't an oversight. Either someone set her up for the okie doke or she's seriously trying to send Marlo a message.

    • It's her business says:

      Or she borrowed the dress from Marlo

    • Miniani says:

      I think it's a set up cause this isn't the first time I've seen NeNe in something that Marlo wore on the show (or in this case the reunion). I saw pics of her on NB where she was wearing that same dress that Marlo wore in her first appearance on the show.
      S/N I don't mean to sound like a hater but I really wish NeNe would do something about her bad skin, that acne and deep pours is really annoying and the makeup only makes it worse.

  5. Vay says:

    That close up on NeNe's hair is NOT a good look. BUT I think that dress is made for a shapely person so I gotta give it up to Marlo on this one

  6. Jeff says:

    I don't really care for Marlo's mouth, but she is easy on the eyes.

  7. YEP I SAID IT says:

    That dress was too damn small for new money boo boo. Had more rolls than a donut. Bawaaa

  8. Philly Finest! says:

    Nene face is beat (nice makeup) the dress looks okay on her.

    Marlo whole outfit is well put together.

    Marlo on this one!

  9. A.W. says:

    That dress is terrible no matter who rock'd it.

  10. Sasha T. says:

    "She can't fit it" Go sit yo shade giving ass down!!! I can fit it, but @atlien definately can not!!!

  11. TrinaIsTheQueenOfRap says:

    Marlo slayed that shit!

  12. Mona says:

    R U al blind..LOL. That hair on Nene is fake.

  13. It's her business says:

    Didn't NeNe also rock a handbag last year that Kim had 2-3 years prior? Kim tweeted about it. I think NeNe is a copycat. You don't wear the same stuff your "friend" wore on national TV.

  14. Suthernhummingbyrd says:

    I'm not sure what to say about this, Linnethia. This is a definite epic fail, "rich bishes" don't do this. Marlo rocked it better anyway.

  15. Love the tea says:

    Marlo. Not a big fan of Marlo but that dress is great on her. And those shoes!! Liked NeNe's shoes much better than the dress (Wendy gave her some shoe cam love). NeNe coyly dodged the Gregg questions with Wendy. Chile please! Who cares, do what you wanna do!

  16. RyRy says:

    Nene's hair is disastrous when shown from the back… and I'm a Nene fan.

  17. koatedkandie says:

    Nene has to do better with that tupay. When the camera showed her head from the back it was obvious that the back is a deep shade darker than the front. Now Mrs. Glam mother, if you gonna talk the talk you need to walk the walk….get that tupay fixed….She need to stop showing all her new vaneers….I know she proud but her mouth looks like a foot ball field. She so into herself that she forgot to take that darn gum out her mouth. Ghetto

  18. free kroy says:

    Marlo did. Marlo is Fab and those shoes!!!!! I've been trying to get that hair since the reunion.

  19. East Oakland's Finest says:

    Marlo lettin em have it all day! #FASHIONISTA

  20. MyTwoCents says:

    Maybe she wore the dress so people would start talking about Marlo again. You know she has sort of fell off the radar. I think they are friends.

  21. versatile says:

    I saw show and Nene is my girl…but when she walked out in that AWFUL dress I was amazed! Maybe it was the sort hair,that shoulder biz or the color but it was bad, but her personality showed through(after she spit that gum out!??)On Marlo, it's a TOTALLY different dress. Marlo's silky weave and the way she wears ANYTHING will always make her the winner hands down!

  22. No Ma'am says:

    Manlo wore it way better!

  23. mary says:

    i need marlos hair!!!! LOL LOL LOL

    GO NE NE…. they could have given her a blue dress since she looks good in blue! lol why it have to be the same color?

  24. Bee says:

    Marlo rocked it better! The hair, the accessories, and the shoes. She wins, hands down.

  25. Lady A says:

    I like Nene better than Marlo…marlo is a ghetto axx hoodrat…now that heffa Marlo can dress and has great taste and a nice figure but that FACE can't be helped…ain't enough plastic surgery in the ENTIRE universe that can help that face…we all have gifts….obviously brains AND beauty just ain't one of hers….but as long as she keep putting out she'll be able 2 find a man….I don't know about KEEPING one, but she can certainly find one 2 beat it up till he gets bored with it….I'm glad they cut her from RHOA after she lied about that "Faggot" comment….

  26. Shawana says:

    I would have to say NeNe… Thats my girl!!!

  27. YungMike89 says:

    Fuck Who Wore It BETTER…Im #TM NeNe Leakes ALL DAMN DAY & What Some of Yall FAIL 2 Realize Is That, When They Made 1…They Made 2…Im Quite Sure Its Something U Have That A Friend May Have/Had So, Miss NeNe With The BULLSHIT Ppl !!!

  28. Candy says:

    I'm not understanding why this is a big deal. Folks cannot buy/wear an outfit because someone else wore it? Y'all need to get a damn life! I doubt Nene, nor her stylist did a check to see who wore what before choosing an outfit. That's just silly!

  29. faith says:

    Idon't know why all the man-looking comments to
    Marlo because she is a beautiful woman, very
    stylish and has a body to die for. she looks
    nothing like a man, you people need to stop
    hating, it's petty.

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