Usher Premieres SCREAM Video + Rocks London With LIVE Performance of “Pumped Up Kicks” [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Jun 13th 2012 | Written by ATLien

Yuuup… it’s official! Usher Raymond has totally given up on R&B and has transitioned himself as a “rocker” or sorts.

Raymond was spotted leaving the BBC in London earlier today (June 13, 2012) and he totally dressed the part of his new persona.

Appearing in leather like blank pants, sneakers with black/white zebra print paired with black tee, sleeveless jean jacket and rocker chain necklace, Usher premiered his newest video for “Scream,” which mixed some sultry dance moves with footage from his “Fuerza Bruta” performance.

He also performed Foster For The People’s hit song “Pumped Up Kicks” LIVE in front of the London audience and rocked the stage with his guitar skills.

Watch Usher’s new “Scream” video + this morning’s LIVE performance below…


VIDEO: Usher Performs Foster The People’s Pump Up Kicks

Wow! Who knew Usher could play the guitar?? 

What do you think of this new “rocker” Usher?

Hot or Not?

Just FYI Usher’s New CD Looking 4 Myself is in stores now!

Looking 4 Myself (Deluxe Version) - Usher


  1. 2bme says:

    Welll… Rock and Roll is technically OUR music..RNB derived from that, all genres are related..I actually love the fact that he's exploring..he hasn't forgotten his roots he's simply showing he's much more..For those who will come one here complaining about his hair and his sound for the umpteenth time..let the man do him..he's doing a complete crossover as a POP(ular)artist..if he cared about what you thought he would have taken that into consideration a long time ago

  2. Rocci says:

    I wish he would take a bath.

  3. Raymond Jedidiah via Facebook says:

    trst mi! ijst can’t wait to watch dis!!!

  4. Real_ish says:

    Do you Ursh! I love the new album. He's definitely switched it up.. But still has that Usher sound, if that makes sense. Grace must be so proud of her boo.

  5. aries says:

    i see he is throwing up the horn sign in the first pic.

  6. stlchick says:

    So Usher's exploring…it's about time he's doing it MUSICALLY. Better to have his hands fingering a guitar than another bridesmaid from his wedding.

    That was harsh, wasn't it? Sorry, bad day at work lol. I do have the CD and the R&B songs are slammin!

  7. mart says:

    I don't like what happened to Usher, look, song, skull on his T-shirt, sign of the horns strange …. !
    Congratulations and thank you Grace to destroy it because there is no longer credible just ridiculous.
    Let him do 1 or 2 songs pop / electro ok, but then the album is bad!
    This old skin Grace had better take care of her two offspring and leave Usher alone.
    This 47 year old woman is DEVIL, from what I know (music industry) it authorizes him to sleep with whoever he wants, he says that there are even 3some … which it participates) but manages everything the poor, even her phone, she answers for him!???
    It's normal that she fears steals his hen that lays golden eggs, by the way it was said that his ex-wife Tameka had distanced him from his mother, provided it is no longer with her and we no longer see his mother! Bizarre … it does not shock anyone that this is normal pretty woman with dark skin (Tameka) 40 years was too ugly, was supposedly too old for him, controlled his life and etcc across this woman neither ugly nor beautiful, nor pretty old obese, but Light skinned, 47 years old (14 more than Usher !!!!) control ALL his life, his career, was a friend of Tameka, what has been said has encouraged questionable sexual practices, it says she likes smoke i**egal substance and there we never heard anything (Now see it starts b * SSIP).

    I even read some fans saying: "We are pleased to Usher a small friend (I would rather say a mother at her age!) she is pretty (just because it is a light-skinned Puerto Rican, not an Afro-American) "shame!
    There is there one around her (other than Grace's friends) to help him? His mother, Chili etc.

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