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EXCLUSIVE! Meet Maya Fox-Davis: Tameka’s Bridesmaid/Usher’s Cut Buddy… [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

May 25th 2012 | Written by ATLien

Usher Raymond was photograph with the woman above frolicking with his first born son (Usher V) September 2008, just 3 months prior to the birth of Lil Cinco’s baby brother Naviyd.

Appears to be the nanny or something so it’s no biggie right? Well, think again.

Meet Usher’s former jump-off Maya Fox-Davis.

Davis is a celebrity stylist/former friend of Usher’s THEN wife, Tameka Foster Glover Raymond, who even stood in the couple’s wedding as one of Tameka’s bridesmaids.

She’s also the ‘smoking gun’ used in the recent custody battle between Usher & his ex-wife.

Tameka’s attorney brought up the fact that one of the nanny’s caught Fox-Davis and Usher bumping skins (ie fornicating) during a trip to Miami.

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But wait!  There’s a helluva lot more tea to spill…

Fox-Davis and her business partner Ashley North appear to be very well known in the entertainment industry and have styled celebs like The Game, Kevin Hart, Chris Brown and J. Cole.

They most recently styled Monica and Shannon Brown for the Billboard Awards.

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One of her main clients just so happens to be Usher’s protege’ Justin Bieber, so I’d almost put money on it that he’s still hittin’ that.  But if Grace don’t mind… it don’t matter. Right?

But I digress…

VIDEO: Usher Raymond Asked About Maya-Fox Davis In Court

Maya’s also clearly feeling some kinda way about her name being “outted” in court…

How foul is it though that this broad (who was clearly SUPPOSED to be a friend of Tameka’s) slept with Usher while Tameka was sitting around 7 months pregnant?

Yes… Usher bears some responsibility too.  But then again… he claimed he’d left Tameka in July 2008 when she was already knocked up with their 2nd child.

The couple went through a very public break up and while we all read the official divorce documents and clowned Usher for even getting involved with Tameka in the first place, we are just now discovering he played a major part in the drama.

The truth always comes out eventually, and while it’s sad that all this is being played out publicly, I can’t help but wonder if Usher really anticipated that it would be like this.

All I know is… that next album BETTER BE A BANGER! 😯

What do you think about all of these explosive accusations?



  1. angela says:

    I dont like the fact that the chic kissing the baby in the mouth UGHHHHHH with lips fresh off Us's D_ck. I wish a Bish would kiss my baby in the mouth

  2. 2bme says:

    I had a feeling this was the chick! Damn..but you know what? Usher is a dog..he's used to getting his way without regard for anyone's feelings..I'm on the fence with feeling sorry for Tameka because she KNEW the man she was with..i'm assuming she felt like many other women who date men in the industry that as long as it's not done in my face we don't have a problem. However, to have sex with a friend and to be with another friend(Grace) that's a personal hit and NO woman deserves that, no matter how you feel about her. I used to have respect for Usher(VH1 Special) but now…..

  3. Monique says:

    Sounds like maya fox davis is the broad that Tamika should have been spitting on and beating down. Shes a nasty bitch. she actually kissed baby on the mouth????? Usher is standing there watching her do it too> OMG. I would kill a bitch. Usher is a foul guy! what a bum ass. I cant believe this!!!! He is so wrong, there nothing that he can say to defend fucking his wifes friend and BRIDESMAID! My word, Chilli was right about him, good for you for not marrying this creep.

  4. MISHA says:


  5. Kobaine says:

    u people see a 4 minute clip and now all of your minds have changed about usher… u dont know what lead to anything.. just a 4 minute clip and 3 pics and yall form an opinion.. please be children on this post, i would hate to think adults dont have the mental capacity to.. nvm smh

  6. JerseyMike says:

    This is my post from the last usher story and I will post it again. Usher's history with woman says it all….

    "Ladies.. you better be mindful of how you are call Tameka crazy.. Thats what men do to you when you don’t agree with them or you continue to love them through their cheating and bullshit. What are the first words out of their mouth when you are arguing.. B. you crazy. Yes I have done it before but my mother called me on it. I have seen the men around me do it to their women. You are label crazy because you are emotional. You are NOT CRAZY.. you just love with your hearts. You love different than a man. Usher is doing the samething to Tameka that a man has done to you and you are supporting him. I don’t know them personally but I do see that pattern in him.. Usher has done this to just about every woman he has dated. The common factor in all those relationships is Usher. Everybody else is the problem but him.. Yeah right.. When I think someone is wrong I will call them on it. My mother, sister, brother or friend. Like my mother used to say, You will not do wrong and get away with it. Tameka or Usher, Karma is going to be a bitch on them. They have so much hate for each other they are destroying their children. Lets keep those kids in our prayers."

  7. mart says:

    Usher really disgusts me, I was not on the side of Tameka but there really is very serious he sleeps with the girlfriends of his ex-wife!!

    His current girlfriend Grace is not jealous because this bridesmaid working with Justin Bieber … What food pigs.

    It is not possible Usher gave me not seem to be like that it has a sexual problem??

    Why did he not remain single so he can sleep with all women on earth …. I hope he protects.

    Poor Tameka actually I pity her.

    I had already found that it is now very serious in a relationship with this woman of 47 years Grace because it was a good friend of Tameka.

    Yeurk I do not know if this is a revenge against Tameka but he should be ashamed of him, for this Grace disgusting at her age she do such things with a man 15 years her junior, who will not necessarily not with her even if it accepts all the crap. Usher counsel leave it all, really stay unmarried, then to church and pray to the lord forgives you for all your trompreries and then either you stay single all your life adventures with you or put you in a relationship with a single woman of your decade and start a family without cheating … it's just sex with your wife!

  8. M.RHODES says:


  9. aries says:

    i do not feel sorry for Tameka. she was still married when she got w/Usher. so i am sure she was sleeping with Usher already, while married. she was also in Usher life when Usher was w/Chilli. she was his personal stylist. so she probably was sleeping w/Usher while he was w/Chilli. so what goes around always comes around. he is no angel, but neither is she. but the bridesmaid is wrong, IF she slept with Usher and i would have to get her for kissing my baby in the mouth.
    Tameka was his stylist, they have inside information on their clients, cause they r with them all the time, so she knew and saw Usher thru the years cheating on people. i still think this marriage had a secret agenda, i think Tameka saw something and was going to blackmail him, so the marriage and baby was the shut up. plus Tameka didn't get mad until he cut her Saks credit card off. u didn't hear nothing about Usher being a bad dad until he cut off that card.
    didn't mean to write a book, this is better than tv.

  10. Saida says:

    Kissing the baby on the mouth while fucking the mothers husband? Maya is about that life huh? Her tweets show that shes fully "fine" with her actions and is like whateva………………

    but hol up is she the girl in the pictures walking with them from Disneyland with them like last week??? *goes to Google images*

  11. 2bme says:

    I'm Team Kids..dealing with the both of them is going to have them in serious counseling when they get older..From what i'm reading they are too much alike..BOTH childish,selfish and vindictive..let go and mediate

  12. miss says:

    I feel sorry 4 the kids #that is all. Money truly is the root of all evil. Tameka had a husband whom she left 4 the highest bidder(usher). She was smiling all in Chilli face all the while phucking her man (Usher) so now Karma has come around in the form of her two previous friends Grace Miquel and this Mya chick phucking Usher with no regard for her. What goes on n the dark always comes to the light and this phony good guy image he has is tarnished forever although he makes good music that is all. Chilli was a ho fro sleeping with LA Reid while he was married to Peebles. Nothing is real in the entertainment world and that has to be sad. No real love or respect for marriage just the love of money! SMDH

  13. Kim Woods via Facebook says:

    Every time I see stories regarding Usher and his ex-wife, I always seem to think of one thing – HE SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO HIS MAMA lol lol

  14. miss says:

    OAN- Usher obviously has some mommy issues to keep running up after these old ass women. At least Tameka is cute for her age cause this Grace chick is bussed looking like a grandma with that curly Q crap hair style! Bwahahah Anywho, Usher feels his best when he is taking these old heffas from their husbands and families. Maybe he feels powerful in taking Grace from her husband and Tameka from Ryan, buut now I'm sure he has realized that he was only taking out the TRASH for them and getting stale leftovers! :)

  15. Angie Middle via Facebook says:

    ugh!!! y is she kissing him on his lips…u r not the mother” i’d be mad too! if I was Tamicka. and i’m a huge fan of his… Usher jus wanted to have kids and get marrige out the way. so he can ge back to the spot light.

  16. No question, no doubt. Team Usher.

  17. Yoblack Chile via Facebook says:

    I didnt think he like fertile women! Hmph guess he does just not young ones!! LOL Usher a baby daddy

  18. Jaye Edwards via Facebook says:

    Team It Doesn’t Matter At This Point…she knew Usher’s resume when she met him. What’s the old song? ‘Mama used to say, take your time young man…’

  19. Team Tameka… When u fire your mom over abitch.. u deserve everything u got coming…but u know all the black women are gonna be on his side… they love a down and out black man to mother!

  20. Jaye Edwards via Facebook says:

    Good point, Quincy @ firing mom…LOL

  21. Tammy Wheeler Williams via Facebook says:

    I luv Usher, but he is a Liar and a cheater… Team Tameka all the way..

  22. Shayla Patrice Williams via Facebook says:

    although HE cheated people will still blame tameka. smh

  23. Philly Finest! says:

    Siiiips Tea! Ahhh!

    Ahem! Usher whole existance is to make Meeka look bad (he knows the public dislike her)

    I do not believe Usher expected all of his dirt to come out.

    What you say about Chilli?

    Sips Tea!

  24. mary says:

    why is her ugly a@# kissing that baby in the mouth? wow…usher need his a@# whup..friends or not..she wouldn't be kissing my baby in the mouth, that's a no go..i didn't even do that to my nephews..FREAK!

  25. Wow says:

    ATLIEN I think that u are going to far, children are involved. I don't understand why u feel like posting this. Especially the pic of the kid with Maya. This is very sad. Usher is known as a cheater and had a DIAMOND CERTIFIED ALBUM for CLAIMING HE WAS CHEATING ON CHILLI so his fans could careless about him cheating on MANEKA.
    I don't understand why u are defending MANEKA we all received tweets, DM or emails from her. I received death treats from Tameka and she evn said she would kill Grace Miguel. I still have them and I am going to send em to MTO because I am tired of all the BS going on about Usher. He is a cheater so what? He made his whole carreer on being labelled as a cheater. But using this pic of his kid for entertainement and hits purpose is heartbreaking

  26. JerseyMike says:

    @Asia Mzflawless Robinson and Philly finest :

    I am with you all 100%.. Until women do better you are not making your man do better. I am man and I think Usher is a PUNK.. Those who think Im hatin. save it. Im just a man who think We men need to do better. All Usher is going to do is make his sons hate him. Boys will always protect their mother. Usher has done everything within his power to protect his image by making Tameka look crazy. I hate to see women turn on each other over a No good man. Minister Farrakhan said years ago, A no good woman was made that way by a no good man.

  27. chanel says:

    Hunny youz a cold bitch to do that.

  28. Rena White says:

    Plain and simple – i think Tameka is a triffilin ass bitch – but as far as Usher i am a HUGE fan of him and i look at it this way – he should have listened to his mother and left dat heifa alone and watch goes around comes around. He did Chili wrong and now he gettin his. But just because he is a celebrity does not make him immune to lifes lessons – he is still growing up and making his mistakes. I do not feel as though Usher is a DOG! He is a normal man who is going through the growing proccess of life. Like Steve Harvey said a man who is a dog will NOT always be a dog he just has to meet the right woman to make him better. Obviously Chili and Tameka was not it. He will evemtually grow up and find his place in this world. But hating on him and doggin him out just because he has cheated on woman in the past and he loves sex is wrong. Who cares! He is not diffferent then any other person. Usher baby keep doing you and you will eventually figure it out! Love them boys and bump all the nonesense! PEACE!

  29. Britt McLay via Facebook says:

    Team Usher!

  30. Duane Harris via Facebook says:

    2 wrongs doesnt make a right – he should just take the high road and be cordial… he just wasting money and messing up his brand.

    and he should have listen to his mommie in the first place – she didnt approve of her for a reason and she was dead on. I need one of yall to interview usher’s mom to get her perspective/side of the story in this.

  31. Filthy says:

    I dont usually comment on these sites but this story made me feel I had too.

    What kind of SICK individual accepts the role as somebody's bridesmaid knowing full well they are either attracted to or sleeping with the GROOM.

    Let me tell you this, I am not fooled by Usher's crocodile tears because I know what when it comes down it he's a cheat and a liar. I'm sorry, if he wasn't sure about marrying Tameka he should have politely declined whatever the repercussions might be.

    Because the way I see it, you only get one life and it shouldn't be wasted living with people you don't truly love and care for.

    As they say, karma is a real bitch and if this two bit stylist hooker thinks she can get away with this I'd urge her to think again because life has a funny way of catching up with people.

  32. apple says:

    I need all them hoes to leave usher alone, what the fuuuck so what he cheated on tameka, he didn't love her and he probably was unhappy. and how do we know if this story is true, this could all be a lie from tameka, if usher indeed cheated on her why didn't she leave him? ya chill usher is innocent in all this, and people remember to get a copy of "looking 4 myself" june 12th. peaaaace ya

  33. JerseyMike says:

    @ Rena White:

    You are one ignorant woman. First for calling another woman a bitch. Two you are ignorant to think that it is ok for Usher to use and abuse these women. Men continue to cheat and disrespect weak women like you because you allow it. Third and last, you are ignorant to listen to anything Steve Harvey says about relationships with women. He is working on his third wife.

  34. Big Boy says:

    You on the money with this one! And might I add – There is ANOTHER bridesmaid in this picture that he sexed as well. She's a stylist! She in the picture. There is more stuff hidden than y'all know! Maya ain't the only one!

  35. Asia Mzflawless Robinson via Facebook says:

    Team wifey all the way, usher is a PUNK and he finally got with the right female thats not gonna kiss his butt because of who he is.Tamka can’t b to bad he had TWO KIDS with her, then again i would b in court fuccin up my so called girl. Now you see why black women GETS KNOW WHERE and stay getting disrespect time and time again. Look how we do each other. Once usher got married those childish games should have bn put up ur a “GROWN MAN” right???? His fans give him a pass usher took vows under GOD smh…. As for his mother’s read the Bible ur wife cums b4 mommy damn ppl cut the cord somewhere

  36. So she was a bridesmaid in their wedding….Triffling…..No wonder Tameka tripping

  37. angela says:

    What goes around comes around Maneka smiled in chili's faced and fucked Ushers so thats the samething her friends did to her LMAO Becareful who U brag too

  38. Andrea Branch via Facebook says:

    i’m on neither team i think they both are at fault. i dont know how long they were dating but they got married the year she got divorced so they should have waited.

  39. FREE KROY says:

    Now, I'm on Tameka's side. Why would he let this lady kiss his son in the mouth know they she just s**ked on him and all those other athlets and celebrities that she "styles". Really Usher. She could have given your baby something. This is real. They are both a hot ass mess with all these Nanny's. You can not have a leave your kids with all these people. There are some sick people out here that will do crazy things to your kids. There are some that are obsessed with celebrities too and will try to get close to your kids just to get close to you. It's crazy that they would allow all these people in and out of their kids lives. 20 different Nanny's and the kids are like 2 and 3. So, you just leave your kids with anyone that give you a resume. Moma Raymon needs to step in. I think they both have busy schedules and no time to parent these kids. What the hell is Tameka doing that she can not stay home with her kids. Or, take them with you Bitch. You get enough child support, house payment paid, unlimited shopping sprees, to just sit your ass down and take care of the kids.

  40. STL chick says:

    I don't think she was ever a nanny. She is the bridesmaid that the nanny caught him in bed with. I agree with whomever said this bitch is showing NO remorse AT ALL! And the fact that she's not denied it but is basically saying she's keeping her mouth shut is as good as a confession (no pun intended) in MY book.

    I'm a fan of Usher's talent and I plan to buy his next album. Although I find him sexy, I've NEVER thought much of him as a man. The revelations coming out about him doesn't surpise me whatsoever. And although both these hoes are wrong for their affair, it wouldn't surprised me if he fucked ALL the bridesmaids.

    ATL, people keep saying Tameka slept with Ush behind Chilli's back. I say they're wrong, due to all the relationships he had between the two. Can you confirm who's right?

  41. NoSheDidn't says:

    Someone would have got their ass whopped if some slut kissed my child. Thats all I know

  42. STL chick says:

    I just noticed…5 bridesmaids, 3 groomsmen…WTF?

  43. tb says:

    Wow and Angela are the same person. Get a life and stop posting under different names to drag Meka.

    It's so pathetic when people see wrong right in front of their face and still try to persuade others it's right.

  44. tb says:

    Tameka should have really kicked this bish in the throat. That pic with her kissing the baby is so nasty. Ugly bish.

  45. msmel8 says:

    I am not condoning or agreeing with anything Usher did or is doing. But I'm pretty sure Tameka knew what kind of man she was getting. Then married him and proceeded to have 2 babies with him. She shouldn't be shocked at anything that he has done (which means she should have never got in that situation, to put up with it) Love…my A$$, why even go there when you know the person and seen them in action first hand. Don't make a bit of sense to me *shrug

  46. lala says:

    Nasty bitch kissing somebody else baby in the mouth…Tameka you have grounds to whoop her ass for that nasty mess.

  47. Lashanda Johnson via Facebook says:

    its so personal, but the media is going overboard because he is usher. people go through this every other day.ijs# tired of the media at times.:-)

  48. MyBiz says:

    I don't believe this story and I won't until usher admits it. If it was true foster would've left him and took some money, cause there is probably a cheater clause in that pre-nup. It wasn't a issue she brought up in the divorce case so why is it one in a child custody case? I hope the judge gives him full custody, but I don't think it will happen, but she shouldn't be able to pick and choose which kids she wants to keep.

  49. msmel8 says:

    Yeah that is nasty she kissing that baby in the mouth, and probably just got finish giving h–d, I bet when Tameka saw it she had some words for her lol

  50. msmel8 says:


  51. MyBiz says:

    How can you f'ing idiots side with a women who walked away from her first husband and minor children for a man who enabled her to not work? Say what u want about usher, but he seems to be taking care of his kids. The same isn't said for her. I'm not reading another usher/foster story until the judge rules. The ignorance of team tameka has my blood boiling. U ride for her, but bash other bad moms.

  52. chanel says:

    Ummm hunny they shit as as juicy as a soap opera! And I was team usher all the way but after reading all the stories you have posted about whats going on in court I have to wonder.You a dirty bitch to sleep with the groom and he is an even worse for letting it go down. Idk it's a bunch of bs goin on and they need to get this shit together for the sake of the kids. I would have beat that hoes ass 7 months preg. in all the nanny would have been pulling me off that heffa!

  53. Sarah says:

    I can't believe she's kissing that baby in the mouth like that. Nasty tramp! Ain't no telling where her mouth has been.

  54. Real_ish says:

    Hah boy y'all aint heard the half of it. For those who are foolish enough to be Team HAMeka, sad. This is her karma for what she did to Ryan. She had a husband who loved her and did right by her, instead she saw dollar signs and opportunity so she ran her ugly, thirsty sack chasing ass behind Usher. She knew how he was in his other relationships, she was a damn fool to think he'd be different with her. Ush has had some BEAUTIFUL women. Lmao at her man faced used up ass thinking she was gon be able to tame and train him. Smh. I have no sympathy for her. Tameka has always had a nasty attitude and a false sense of entitlement and now Ush has dragged her ass. She still the same Oakland hood rat she's always been.
    And for those clowning Grace, Tameka doesn't look any better than her, kill that noise. Usher ain't had a pretty woman since Chilli and Eishia. But Grace isn't that bad looking and actually has a nice shape. Regardless, Ush likes it and is happy with her while Tameka's ass is miserable. I wonder will she go stalk Ryan and his new WIFE again. Sad ass old fool.

  55. Rocci says:

    My son has a stepmother and I will slap fire in her mouth for kissing my baby in the mouth like that. Sorry…cheeks only bitch.

  56. ladydiinpa says:

    they probably were all f'ing him, Tameka just won for a minute, hurried and had those kids so she would be set.

    Tameka would do the same thing no doubt, feel sorry for the kids, Usher should have listened to his MOM, He sure does like older women

  57. Brenda says:

    Thats not your baby, dont kiss it in the mouth, If I was Tameka I would be furious, Yuk!

  58. Bee says:

    Wow, wow, wow. Those pics say it all. My BF has never kissed ANY of my children in the mouth, ever, and that fool is just sitting there all smitten. SMFH. Usher is truly a disgrace.

  59. Bee says:

    Did anyone watch the video posted? Usher is smirking and playing stupid like this is some sort of game. He is an idiot.

  60. stlchick says:

    Her comments on twitter is a confirmation to me…
    loose lips sink ships
    May the bridges we burn light the way.

    none of these are a denial. In court, his attorney never said it wasn't true. What the lawyer said was that it was settled during the divorce proceedings. Here's my question: If it wasn't true, why was it a part of the divorce proceedings and brought up during these proceedings. Hhmmm?

    Miss–taking out the trash? Hilarious!

    Bottom line, this bitch and Usher need an ass kicking behind this. You don't do this shit to ANYBODY, even Tameka.

    Sidebar: When oh when will people stop insulting others for posting a difference of opinion?

  61. sideeye says:

    Really? No wonder why Tameka clowned when he brought this chick to the house. Just trifiling…smdh

  62. chanel says:

    Ok!!! Cheeks only bitch! Lmao…

  63. TK says:

    Someone please tell me again what does the fact that he cheated on Tameka have to do with a custody hearing or whether or not Usher is a good father? Regardless of what he did while he was with Tameka, the fact is they are not together anymore and he has moved on. The fact that she is still acting a fool over him proves that she is crazy cause Usher has made it clear that he wants nothing to do with Tameka romantically. Tameka even called herself trying to go off on Kandi from Real Housewives of Atlanta via twitter for saying that if she had to sleep with a celebrity it would be Usher. Mind you it was a questioned asked in a game on a late night talk show Kandi was on. If that's not the sign of a crazy b*tch than I don't know what is. Tameka even stated in a previous court hearing that threatened Usher when she found out he brought his new girlfriend with him to pick his son up from school. Tameka claimed it was embarrassing because it's a tight knit community she lives in.

    My thing is b*tch why do you care? If the man has moved on, let him move the f*ck on. You don't see Usher worrying about who she is with. You don't hear stories about him acting out. Cause if there were those types of instances you know Tameka wouldn't hesitate to feed that sh*t to the press. Come on now people. Put your damn smart hat on and quit just believing anything. Tameka is clearly unstable. #TeamUsher.

  64. Mimi says:

    The bottomline is Maya Fox davis is a bottom-feeder hoe, she's probably on this thread leaving tons of "Hate Tameka" comments. She has to be, only a bottom feeder woman would try and justify her nastiness. There is no defense for sleeping with her man and kissing her son in the mouth. Why is Usher okay with this slut kissing his baby in the mouth anywayz??? That makes me think of how much nasty stuff he allows them to see. Usher is a scum bag, but stayed consistent with his pre-marriage hoe-dom.

  65. RM06 says:

    Tameka's legal eagles have been doing a stellar job in showing how nasty Usher Raymond really is, her lawyers are slaughtering his credibility and showing his true colors. In court cases you must create the whole scene and his infidelities are examples of his partying fun life and his lack of self control. I mean, sleeping with your wifes friends is as immoral as one could stoop. If that was his married life steeze, we can only imagine what he's doing right now unmarried. Her lawyers are smart and I would build my case the same exact way if I was trying him.

    Im a Scandal fan, this should an episode. Better yet this this should be a "Snapped" show, Usher and Maya are better off together, cause to me they are both scumy. Tameka is better off without him, what a douche!

  66. jamaicanbeauty says:

    This shit never ends i remember MTO broke that story about usher cheating wit that woman in the pic. My take on it is i dnt like cheater period but everyone knows usher as a cheater n him cheating on Manbeast is no surprise we all saw that marriage was fake fr get go he was strapped n didnt want to be like his deadbeat dad. Mekmek knew who he was she even said in an interview wen they got married that she's seen him with woman that didnt deserve his love so i guess she did. I dnt believe he slept wit dis maya bitch maybe somting went down but the truth is being swayed cuz if it was tru n it was brought in the divorce proceedings she would have gotten a big settlement n the media would hav broke this shit back then. Also usher could not be such a big idiot not to think manbeast wouldnt use that info to make him look bad abck then and in court not that its relevant to his parenting skills anyways. I dnt believe it!

  67. stlchick says:

    RM06, you answered TK's question perfectly. His being a ho is as relevant as her being a nutcase. His hoishness shows, as RMO6 said, a lack of contol and a desire to live a fast lifestyle (remember, the claim is this happened while the FAMILY was in Miami, not just Usher…at least that's the way it's presented here). It shows an amoral attitude, and a certain selfishness unflattering of a parent.
    Her being a nutcase shows instability, which may hinder her ability to be a good parent. What weakens this theory for Usher is that she's raised three other young boys without incident.
    Tameka's attorney is a bad ass. Made Usher look deceitful. She better be careful, cause when the break is over his attorneys are going to come out swinging.

  68. child boo bye says:

    Ummmmmm Monica was styled by Jason Bolden. he kept tweeting Monica on all the Best Dressed list, and how he LOVED being her stylist. Dont know who this ratchet bishh is. shes so foul! i hope tomeka..whatever her name wins everything!! usher is sick

  69. l says:

    "Cheeks only *888*&!"CHANEL, anybody slutting it up in the streets with Tom,Dick &Ursher needs kiss those babies on the hand…..That is just too gross to disrespect that baby like that…Slimeball watching it all go down.huh…Uggghhh!!!! so gross and nasty.

  70. threelastnames..huh says:

    @angela I agree it's a little disturbing seeing her kissing this womans child in the mouth and he's letting her. These pictures need to be exhibit A in this court room. Letting Hoes do whateva to your child…not a good look as a parent Ush.

    Tameka has raised three other boys I don't understand the point of this case?

  71. chanel says:

    To "I"…..hunny I'm just keepn it real!! Cheeks only bitch! And if I was Monica I 'd keep a careful eye on her.You know these hoes have no standards! I am just tooo messed up abt her kissing the baby in the mouth.I tellz you about these hoes….

  72. 2much mouth says:

    OMG Tameka Foster. It pays to listen to Mama sometimes. Ask Usher. Big fan of Usher's for years!! But he made this bed with Miss Tameka. I never saw the attraction. She always seemed arrogant and self absored. Did not have Usher's best interest in mind. He always defended her and she turned out to be exactly what she perceived herself to be; a hot tail mess. I clearly remember that Usher was seperated from Tameka when she annouced the second pregnancy. I clearly remember reports that he had a DNA test done for the 2nd baby to ensure that he was the father. Their marital problems is no secret; so who he was sleeping with IMO, is irrelevant. Good Luck and God Bless Usher, you will certainly need it.

  73. Keya says:

    Wrong on so many levels. They say all men cheat so I won't comment on that flaw, but to choose your wife's friend or your nanny is the dirtiest and grimmiest BS a celeb could do. You have thousands of women you could choose from but you decide to step outside your marriage with a chick who is friends with your wife? Thats low.

  74. Bettie NuclearPharm D Jean via Facebook says:

    Daaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnggggggggggg……lol! Better than tv soap operas! Daaaannngg

  75. RoniReports says:

    Wow!Pictures together and everything! You wrong Usher!

  76. stlchick says:

    Keya, agreed. He has the pick of thousands of groupies, but he picked a bitch from his wedding? A friend of his wife's? That's as bad as a family member, IMO.

  77. marieingodshand says:

    Hello, Well i am just glad i got on wow. Anywho's i love Usher i truly do always will. I have four babies in the entertainment world Aaliyah, Brandy Monica and Usher they all came out at the same time and just were and are so powerful. I dont condone what Usher is doing you know it comes from what he saw his father do and how he just has a fear of commitment. And all of sudden the thing he commited to becomes gross or just tired yes it is extremley unfair and wrong. But Usher gone learn trust God will show all of us. Tameka on the other hand needs to thank God she don't have to beg a man to pay child support and run behind him. Yes it hurts like h— that he just does not want you after all the promises i know he made and the world he built but you know what run like a mad woman to the arms of God. Why do we as people always want some one to take care of us especially our heart who's heart is broken. Somewhere Usher is broken, but doing evil for evil is not the key. But becoming the woman God called you to be will burn his heart and then he''ll take notice. But your not looking for that it's for you for our completion and wholeness. May God heal all broken hearts and minds. P.S. that lady would have a MAJOR problem kissing any of my babies i'm just saying. Can you say no lips.

  78. YOYO says:

    @marieingodshands can you quit with all that God smack?! Doesn't matter what Usher's father did, he is a grown man! Tameka can feel however she wants to feel. Usher is a grown man and can make choices on his own and shouldn't use his father an as excuse.

  79. Name Required says:

    Here we go … Some of yall drinking that Tameka Foster Kool-Aid, including YOU Michelle. YES Usher is/was/still might be a player, but the 40-year-old broad he wifed (after several failed attempts to run for his life) got knocked up x2 for a paycheck. She knew he was screwing EVERYBODY, but at the time didn't care. Only when the FAME + MONEY bug bit her, did she all of a sudden want to act like she was the poor wife of an unfaithful man. We all know this thang is psycho. They were separated before Usher even knew she was pregnant with her 2nd paycheck. What 40+ year old broad with 3 kids dont know how birth control work. Again, I must institute the "clean hands doctrine" – That hoe Tameka Foster got mud on her hands (and a lot of it).

  80. customcalendars4u2 says:

    Sounds like everybody's out for Blood of Ms.Fox Davis, but all these people are a part of a dirty and moraless industry. They all know there is no honor amongst thieves and someone close to them is liable to stab them in the back at any minute. I'm sure Tameka didn't find out about Ushers infidelities during trail, but most likely during the marriage and she still opted to stay with him until he forced the divorce.
    Tameka's no saint she's just using all this ammunition against him in the divorce which is what she's suppose to do I guess,because she wants to punish him as well as win…. Tameka is vicious,Usher is a sociopath and I can't wait for the lifetime or HBO special about their Catastrophe of a marriage to play out on television and I will have my Garrett's caramel & cheese mix popcorn!

  81. JerseyMike says:

    One thing I find very safe with some of these post, is the women condoning what Usher is doing with these women. I am not giving any of these women a pass either. You all act like Tameka force Usher at gun point to marry her. He was a grown ass man when he had those kids. So what if they were separated. If he didn't want to be with her he should have moved on. If he didn't want kids with her, move the hell on. It takes two the have a baby. It sad to see women give the man a pass but will dawg the other woman like she the worst thing since SIN began.

  82. JerseyMike says:

    sorry.. not safe.. SAD

  83. Misha says:

    The women that are comment PRO Usher are the types that get beaten and then forgive, get cheated on and take him back, etcetra etcetra… Oddly this 'sweet sexy slithery' man is fuckin bridesmaids, wifing managers and taking names. Grace is a fool to think her sub-par, old, styleLESS arse is capturing this young mans heart or that he wont go for her daughter next… (well the daughter is young so maybe not) He doesnt have a type, a shade, a preference, just as long as they have a HOLE he's in. I blame Tameka for falling for the trifling man and grace is just in the whole deal for the checks and Maya is a groupie turnt stylist, so she doesnt equate. All are dumb. Tameka may be the dumbest because she actually married the guy and gave him 2 kids. only to fight to take them away, she was just an incubator for him. Usher is an indecent little boy, his mother should have taught him decency, instead of song playlists. I blame it on upbringing from her.

  84. marieingodshand says:

    @yoyo who's been out dated since 1990 what? i can't even remember buttah any way no i can nevernstop about God and i did not excuse Usher read again and i will never stop saying God as a matter of fact God God God God God God God God and More God 4 ever maybe you should get a new user name yoyo 4 God!!!!! God Reigns 4 ever baby baby.

  85. vanna says:

    Why do these nasty whores kiss the babies on the mouth. DO NOT PUT YOUR NASTY ASS DICK SUCKING MOUTH ON THE PRECIOUS CHILDREN!!!!!! This is totally disgusting!! I would kick her ass for kissing my baby on the mouth (point blank period).

  86. Kim says:

    "Team Tameka" Really?!?! First of all, all the Team stuff is juvenile. Second, Tameka needs to let that stuff go and move on to the subject at hand, their kids. She's still bitter that he's not with her. Allowing this to come out in public is just fodder for us…it's not doing anything for their kids. She needs to get over that man. He a dog, yes, the bridesmaid is a ho, yes…but she still acting like a fool too.

  87. Leslee says:

    I'd attack that bitch, if I found out she kissed my baby on the mouth!!! I'd be pissed off if she even touched my child's hand because she is just a backstabbing nasty ho!!! Wtf Usher?! Why the hell are you letting your whore kiss TAMEKA's son?!! He knows he'd be mad as hell if Tameka had some nigga kissing the baby! Damn and I used to like Usher, but he a lieing/cheating ho!!!

  88. roger says:

    thats crazy thats a true back stabber but she do look beta

  89. JanuaryShytown says:

    You guys are becoming as Disgusting as many Whites on these blogs. Wake up for goodness sake. You are a disgrace to mankind and a Disgrace to the almighty above. With the exception of two or three postings here, you people are true Idiots and its you who are the ones who are brainwashed and flawed. Your men taught you Idiots well that you have no common sense not to refer to your tribal sisters as B"tches and Hoes! Black men have a lot and I do mean massive when I say a lot, to get on their knees and ask God forgiveness for that the very creation that came from them they have so little respect and love for that they call you B"tches and Hoes. As you came from them, it speaks volumes about how little they love and value their own selves. But worse,is these Godless Idiots now have their Blk women degrading themselves and their own Black sisters and themselves by using the derogatory term B"tches and Hoes. And where did these Dumb black men get such derogatory terms, by none other than Whites. Do you people see the vicious cycle. You learned your bad habits passed down from your slave masters and now you are using the same abusive behavior towards each other. Please wake up people, less you start being referred to as the Hispanics are termed "Not the Sharpest Knives in the Bunch" Because there is smartness and brilliance in the Black race. You might be the remnants of what was once great, but you don't have to act like the animals many see you as. Do you not see the stupidity you've adopted in this Ugly cycle, You picked up the disgusting habits from your ancestors who picked it up from their slave masters and now you in turn have passed it down to your children who are in the schools, in public, on twitter, utube, facebook etc. referring to themselves and their Black sisters as B"tches,Hoes and all other derogatory, inflammatory names! Please! for goodness sake, wake up Black women and especially Black men as you are supposed to be their leaders yet look at where you have led them, down into the pits of hell which is exactly where they are headed as well as you yourself if you don't get your lives and your houses in order! As a wise man once said, "Its later than you think" WAKE UP PEEPS! Do you people not see how Ungodly you've become. You are becoming no better than Whites, who the Bible refers to as ESAU! And in case you are in any doubt about what is to become of these people, then pick up a Bible and start to read it for once in your Sad, Miserable, Ungodly lives! Learn to love and respect yourselves, because when you learn to love yourselves, you can then start to love others regardless of their faults and shortcomings instead of the hatred that you spew from within! You are supposed to be Kings and Queens, Leaders and Teachers, but look at what you've become! No better than the sewage that spews from your filthy mouths. How can anyone of you condemn Whites for their viciousness and evil behavior when you portrayed no better! Its not wrong nor a sin to call out another for what you feel is wrong or to debate a topic nor express your feelings on something you feel strongly about, but its the way you deliver the messages that causes a problem in how others see you and view your character. It is written in the Bible "Be Slow to Anger" No one is condemning you for being passionate about a topic or even expressing your anger, but please try to remember, its the way your express it that becomes the problem. You are reported to be the descendants of the most favored people of God, yet your mouths and actions are the furthest thing from your father in heaven on this earth. A little bit of practice daily can bring about change! Please for goodness sake, let us not see anymore blogs like this one, where you as a nation favored by God show such contempt, hatred and disdain for what he has created, namely you and your Black sisters and Brothers.For Petes sake, please Wake Up! Peace!

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