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Mike Vick and Kijafa Frink Plan Summer Wedding…

May 16th 2012 | Written by ATLien

NFL Baller Michael Vick  and his fiance Kijafa Frink are prepping to finally jump the broom this summer!

Details…Vick proposed to his baby mama back in December 2009 and now the couple are planning  a June 30th, 2012 wedding to be held in at the Fontainebleau hotel and resort in Miami.

The NY Post reports that invitations began arriving in mailboxes this month and the guest list includes at least 300 family and friends.

Sources say the couple’s guest list includes Vick mentor and former Colts and Buccaneers coach Tony Dungy, Eagles coach Andy Reid, Vick’s NFL superagent Joel Segal, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy and other teammates.

Fashion-loving Frink co-owns accessories line and boutique PNK Elephant.

Kijafa, the mother of Vick’s 2 kids, has been a supportive force and stood by his side throughout his whole dog fighting ordeal back in 2007, so I say ‘it’s about dayum time!’

Congratulations to the cute couple!



  1. KeepHope says:

    I'm glad he's finally going to do the right thing!

  2. missthang84 says:

    at least she isn't a half white woman or a long haired heavy make up wearing latina..now i said it. now what??

  3. l says:

    Congrats,Mike & Kijafa!Good for you guys!

  4. Rodney Roberts says:

    I still think the brudder is a lousy DOG KILLER

  5. sexxy says:

    Rodney Roberts the good thing is you're not God so he don't need your permission to move on with his life,since he did time in jail and whatever punishment he went through for that mistake he did..congrats to the happy couple may God almighty bless their union…..

  6. ladydiinpa says:

    Congratulations!!, Vick is a cutie, black love…

  7. Joel Burgess says:

    Congratulations Mike and Kijafa. Mike, Im from New Hampshire, but met a Virginia girl in the early '90's, moved to Lynchburg, Va in '93, bought a house, had a child and also came to VT just to watch you play football!! Phenominal!! Good luck.. I am also an animal person, (responsible pitbull owner) and am just letting you know, It's all in the past, bud.. What you have done, is NOT who you are.. I have seen who you are on the football field back in the day.. and the integrity you have on the field is the MICHAEL VICK. Congratualations on the engagement, and good luck to you and your beautiful girl..

    Joel Burgess

  8. Ms Meanie says:

    I like these two together! I hope the best for them!! What happened to the show! I really ike the show, it was more of a family show like T.I.'s show! I liek to see black folks doing good and not making a fool of themselves for the rating!!

    Please watch and support the show if they decide to bring it back!

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH missthang84 DOE!!!

  9. southdallaswag says:

    I love these two!

    I wish them the best!

  10. ill b nice says:

    go vick! black love!

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