Rihanna Goes “Geisha” For Coldplay + Hits Hollywood Club With Gal Pal… [PHOTOS]

Mar 26th 2012 | Written by ATLien

Rihanna got all “gangsta” Geisha a few days ago as she tweeted a few pics from the set of Coldplay’s new video for “Princess of China.”

Rih Rih is apparently channeling her ‘Good Geisha Gone Bad’ look and her hair, jewelry, and costume are all in homage to the country to which Coldplay’s song refers.

She describes the look online as “Gangsta Goth Geisha,” and I have to agree that Rihanna’s “3G” description fits perfectly as she rocks nails longer than her fingers (middle finger up muthasuckers!), a deep slit in her gothic long black skirt, combined with dark eye makeup and cigarettes.

Photos of Rihanna dressed up Geisha style + dressed down for date night with gal pal Melissa Ford…

Warning kids… smoking is bad for your health! 😯

She looks great but you do realize that “Dark haired Rihanna” is a thing of the past right?

Pick One. Dark Rihanna or Blonde Rihanna…

From black to blonde in .05 seconds…

“Blonde” Rihanna was spotted all boo’d up with her bestie/constant companion Melissa Ford after the shoot.

The two partied the night away at Las Palmas nightclub in Hollywood, California (March 23, 2012).   You would think Rihanna’s presence at the club would garner some sort of reaction but is it me or do the faces of those club patrons waiting in line look less than impressed with the superstar??

Maybe since she’s out almost every night, they’re used to seeing her. *shrug*

Rihanna’s been rocking a lot of denim lately and club night with her gal pal was no exception.

What do you think of Rihanna’s chosen club attire?

Hot or Not?



  1. Ebonie DuPree via Facebook says:

    I like the geisha look on her.

  2. She must hold the record for most photographed chic of all time….yet there's nothing interesting about her. Nothing to know,nothing to hear…ESPECIALLY NOTHING to hear.

  3. jay says:

    i say all publicity is good publicity….i am no hater so do what you do girl and do it well….after you find love in crazy places…lol

  4. Sharron says:

    its not that people aren't impressed. but Rihanna is always out and about n LA every weekend so to us folks who see her every weekend at this point its like oh theres Rihanna and then its back to regular convo

  5. reita collins says:

    Unless this chic gets her head rearranged again…there's just nothing to say here. She's pretty?…whateva.

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