They Say: Usher Owes Ex-Wife Tameka For Justin Bieber Connect…

Mar 8th 2012 | Written by ATLien


While you were sleeping, the custody battle between Usher Raymond and his ex-wife Tameka Foster Glover Raymond continues.

A site called MTE (not to be confused with that media “fakeout” website) recently sent over details of communication they received from a good friend of Tameka’s who is apparently upset about the entire situation.

While in Atlanta a writer ran into one of Mrs. Raymond good friends who decided that she was mad at the way the media is portraying her friend. You know ANGER can make a friend spill the tea faster than a Bad Girl can call earl after a party . She then decided to follow up with a call.

On the call she explained the TRUTH behind how Usher got in touch with Justin Bieber.

Aw hell… here we go. Friends spilling tea?.

Here’s what “Mrs Raymond’s good friend” had to say…

Thank you greatly for allowing me to get my point across. Tameka is past the drama that is her Ex Husband. We do not speak on the issue because her main concern is being a great mother ! This whole court battle is very tough as it would be on any mother fighting against the machine to keep their kid’s living a regular life . When I met your staff writer I told her about Justin.

Justin was discovered by Scooter Braun . Scooter Braun is the short white boy (club promoter) in the Ludacris “Stand up” . He is a music mogul and has made MAJOR deals happen. I know the owner of MTE knows him and Bu so I am assuring you this is not about them in anyway. This is about how the media can turn things around and forget things. When Scooter started working with Justin he was trying to get him to Usher.

Usher and Scooter had fell out and were not speaking. Scooter had went to Keith and several other of Ushers friends so that Usher could hear this kid. Usher was not responding. Scooter decided that he had no choice but to go to his friend Tameka . Tameka MADE Usher watch the video !

Tameka booked Justin and his mother Patty’s tickets to ATL. After the performance where Justin sang ” You got it bad” ( you can hear Tameka say “BRAVO” in the background ) she told Usher you need to sign this boy ! I think it is rather shady that he is not giving the real story. Yet he chooses to slander her and defame her in anyway.

Please get this out there. Also ………has the media forgot that he is failing to TAKE THE DRUG TEST?!?!?!?!!?

[Sidebar: I don’t think anyone forgot that Usher refused to p*ss in the cup… I just don’t think anyone cares.]

It sems everybody wants a piece of the Biebs! First Ne-Yo claimed he had ’em before Usher and now this.

This “good friend” is really feeling some kinda way about how Usher met Justin. But whatev…

At any rate, I reached out to someone else who happens to be “close to Mrs. Raymond” and asked if Tameka had a role in the Usher/Justin connection. Their response?  “Sounds about right.”

If it’s true that Tameka actually IS the person responsible for making the Usher/Justin Bieber connection, should she be compensated or forever hold her peace?



  1. lmnop says:

    What does the pre-nup say???

  2. 2bme says:

    The only person that should be compensated would be Scooter Braun, all Tameka did was point Usher to him, it was ultimately up to him to sign him..She should have had something written down, signed and notorized saying she had a stake in Justin. Also, so what she bought the tickets? Can we guess with whose money? I doubt she used her own in ANY way. Usher brought Justin to LA Reid and took it from there, Tamkea has NO claim.

  3. ChiTownDiva says:

    Who cares?? Really?? If these so-called professionals didn't hammer out the details before he was signed, well it sucks to be you. The only winner in this fiasco is The Dream and Christina Milian. They both got PAID for "Baby, Baby, Baby, oooooh!!"

  4. sexxy says:

    She should forever hold her peace.lmao.

  5. NikkiB says:

    Is it just me or does Tameka & Marlo seem like they should be related? Maybe its all of that Remy hair they wear. lol

  6. sassynjazzy says:

    Uh, nooooo…she did something we all do in life. We all have insisted that someone do something in particular, I dont get compensated, its not like she found him singing in a school talent show, pulease !

  7. i would like to get in contact with the person who did this article

  8. MsD says:

    Ok, so basically everytime I recommend a video or song to someone to watch or listen to I should get paid. GTFOHWTBS!! Tameka and her friend need to have several seats!! Get over it and move on! Hmmm, I wonder why this is not the version Justin B talks about. Maybe because it's irrelevant.

  9. Coreena Lavender via Facebook says:

    Really? Some females need to gro up..

  10. Trina Henderson via Facebook says:

    Tell Sameeka, I mean Tameeka Foster, to go on and get her some business. She is trying her best to stay up in Usher’s face!

  11. Eboneé Hood via Facebook says:

    Really. Really. Guh GO ON!!!! Money hungry gutta hoodrat !!!

  12. Justin Killings via Facebook says:

    Crazy… Crazy people!!

  13. mary says:


  14. Lisa James via Facebook says:

    Nawww…I seen him first!! Usher cut me a damn check!! LMAOOO!!

  15. 2bme says:

    At the end of the day she would have to PROVE it..word of mouth won't do the trick..the key witness would be Justin who will NOt turn on Usher and Scooter..Scooter obviously doesnot have the clout otherwise Usher would have spoken with him, so if this is true he can be bought and paid for like everyone else..all he needs to say is that he contacted her to get to Usher to look at it, however it was ultimately Usher's idea to do so..therefore Greedy has no claim

  16. Jennifer Turner via Facebook says:

    faster than a Bad Girl can call earl after a party O_o that’s hilarious!

  17. smh on this! this woman has become a royal pain is usher’s ass. i feel bad 4 him. anyhoo, if she did convince usher to sign the boy, she should be compensated unfortunately.

  18. Lolita Williams via Facebook says:

    She need to focus on raising all those kids she got!! That’s s a job right there!

  19. lisa says:

    One would think big head not o.ly thanked Tameka for looking out but threw her something for doing so imma give him some credit.

  20. Tiana Jay says:

    This is my opinion but I havent seen Tameka tweet or say anything in an interview about wanting any type of money from Usher about JB because of a connection. If you havent heard it straight from the hoses mouth the it really doesnt even matter. Justin and Tameka seem to have had a good relationship up until the divorce of her and Usher. But then again most famous people probably cut her off because of that (which isnt fair)! What do I know im just a kid so whatever. ♥

    • stlchick says:

      Thank you Tia. This is some big mouthed friend talking. I tell you, if they're not fucking her husband they're putting her business in the street. She need to start with a new slate and get rid of everyone in her circle.
      People on FB clearly can't read because they're going in on Tameka like she's about to sue him or something.

      Nothing to see here folks, but I'm sure this thread will grow like fungus. I need to finalize things and go to bed…going to Washington tomorrow. Inauguration, here I come!

  21. No contract no payout…convincing doesnt equal pay. She did nothing

  22. Bee says:

    No she shouldn't be compensated. WTH?!

  23. Mrs. Fattbooty says:

    Lol lol Tameka ur seat is here \_

  24. Jamie says:

    This is a whole lot of tomfoolery if you think about it she did get compensated how much of usher's money did she spend while they were married I say she was over compensated she's trying really hard to stay relevant and she probably paid her friend to do this article and told her she'd throw her some more change when she get a check from this bs please make this chow go away!

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