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ATL Falcons RB Michael Turner: 7 Kids, 5 Baby Mamas & Tons of Drama! [PHOTOS]

Mar 6th 2012 | Written by ATLien

Last week Atlanta Falcons running back Michael Turner (#33), pictured above with his daughter Misa Marie (who turns 2 this year), reportedly broke up a fight in front of his Atlanta mansion between ONE of his baby mamas and his new girlfriend.

When that story hit airwaves, it understandably didn’t sit well with Turner’s OTHER baby mamas, who had no idea that he had so much going on… and by ‘other’ I mean at least 3 more women who heard the story and are all pissed about how they found out.

I’ve discovered a few key facts about the fight Turner broke up last week and it reads like a made for LIFETIME mini movie… and ONE of his baby moms (who happens to be related to a former Atlanta Brave) has been blasting Turner online for almost 2 years now for not seeing their child.

You’ve got to read this to believe it (and it’s a LOOOONG sordid tale!)…

An anonymous source revealed to me that Walker, the mother of 2 of Turners’ kids, is apparently still romantically involved with the Falcons player and on the day of the altercation, she was distraught about finding out that ANOTHER woman had given birth to a Turner baby just two months after she had her 2nd child, who is now five months old.

As reported last week, Walker claims to be pregnant with her 3rd child by Turner.

[Sidebar: I swear umma need a calculator in a minute!]

I’m told Turner didn’t bother to tell Walker about the new baby and she unfortunately found out through mutual friends (or snooping).

Whatever the case, several of Turner’s women found out about each other and it’s alleged that he’s been hiding all his baby mama’s from each other and he now has at LEAST 7 kids by 5 different women!

Walker went to his house that night to confront him about what she’d found out and that’s how she and DelaCruz, the OTHER child’s mom, got into the altercation! [try to keep up…]

Fast forward a few days…

NecoleBitchie comes across yet ANOTHER one of Turner’s baby carriers, who happens to be Maria Grissom, the niece of former Atlanta Braves player Marquis Grissom.

It looks as though Maria was one of the first to attempt to put Turner on blast for his indiscretions by hitting the internet to voice her frustrations.

According to Grissom’s online rants, which she’s been posting online for the world to see for just about the duration of her 2 year old daughter’s life, Turner had at least 4 kids (that she knew of) prior to their daughter’s birth and now she’s just finding out about the two (and possibly one on the way) from Rasheeda, who was involved in the fight in front of Turner’s mansion.

Grisson also says Turner hasn’t bothered to see his daughter in quite some time.

I can tell you better than she can. He going around lying about being single and making kids saying he only has 2. I have a daughter that he don’t see. I hate [that] I am in this situation!

He said he had only 2 kids I didn’t find out about more until I had her. That’s so sad it pisses me off to see him doing Rooms To Go [commercials] around Xmas and he haven’t seen his own kid. I am always trying to tell him treat your kids right they didn’t ask to be here. I just want him to be a better dad. I use to say that to him how you being phony on these commercials you’re don’t even see your own kids.

I was always trying to get him to let them meet but I guess he couldnt keep count on how many he [has]. I asked him why my daughter haven’t met her grandmother because my mother is deceased. This fool said he can’t tell her. I just wanted her to meet his mother but he pretends to his family like the only kids he has is with the Mexican.

That’s why I am hard working, never quit my job, making my own flow so no matter what he do we good. It’s cool I knew his situation he created would soon come to light just didn’t think it would be that kind of drama. I wasn’t going to play with him,once i found out about more kids I had to get her stuff in order. He goes around saying he is single until he create a baby then he run. I think we all just need to pray for him because I clearly think he has a problem.

Grissom has also posted texts she received from Turner’s newest baby mama Elizabeth Delacruz but regardless of all the baby mama drama, says that she won’t turn her daughter against her running back dad:

No matter what he does, he is still her dad and I try to say good thing. I,have his pic up in her room so she can look back when she is older and just see the good.

Thanks to everyone for being positive in this negative situation. We can just all know everything isn’t always what it appears to be. If we want good things to happen we have to do good things right and be there for our kids. Make better choices because Karma is a B.

So my overall assessment is that it’s clearly the “in” thing to be a footballers baby mama these days. Who the hell cares if he gives a dayum about you? As long as you can score a WIN without a condom it’s game on nowadays…

The sad thing about this entire situation is that there are (at least) 7 kids involved who didn’t have a choice in the matter.

It’s easy to throw stones at Turner in this situation and call him the bad guy… the deadbeat dad… or the sperm donor, but where does the responsibility fall for all the women who CHOSE to bear children with a man who clearly wasn’t in it for the long haul?

Did they all REALLY think they were the “one” or was it all about Turner’s NFL dough?



  1. Karl Liquid says:

    …that's what you get for spreadin' that love juice around.

  2. Monika says:

    This guy is really sad. I'm sorry the blame is on him because the other women didn't know about each other, he is the only common person in all of their lives. Then the children are the ones that suffer in the end. He needs to turn his penis in and get snipped, because this is really an ugly story to be told about the black man. For real.

  3. Msknozit says:

    Don't take it to the streets, take his trifling, lying, cheating, deadbeat azz to court. He sounds like a pathological liar, sex addict, incapable of being faithful. So sad for all the kids, even the one he tucks in at night because it's going to hurt her the most when he dumps that mother for the next one. This story is disturbing on so many levels! So sad for those kids!

  4. reshon says:

    This dude should come w/ a DISCLAIMER: DO NOT FUCK W/ ME!!! The chic thats doing all the fighting is stupid as hell. What does she think is going to happen when he is no longer intrested in her. She gone be the crazy baby momma that he can't handle

  5. mzw says:

    Lawd….Im just glad to hear that he is financially supporting these children. Truth be said, would you really want this type of character in your child's life? Daddy or not.

  6. Bee says:

    "Turner had at least 4 kids (that she knew of) prior to their daughter’s birth …"

    ^^^ & she actually wants sympathy. Participate in groupie behavior, and THIS is what happens. The most recent babymama sounds like a damn fool though, telling her that he kisses her daughter every night. Idiot. It's all about those dollars signs. Chicks like this feel like they've accomplished something by saying they've been with a professional athlete, but then they wanna cry when that athlete treats them like the groupies that they are. He already had a few kids that she knew of…WHY would she lay down and make children with him?! That's her fault.

    • dep says:

      I'm with you dude. These gold diggers has more choices than a man. To give it up or put a lock on it. To kill the child before it's born. Then they want to blame Mike.

  7. Duane Harris via Facebook says:

    smdh …. that ninja i dont understand why they dont feel obligate to wear a jimmy hat – dude is a carbon copy of Malik from the game… does he even have money management skills?

  8. NewMeKnowYou says:

    See I fault the women in this. First off Walker, if the man did not commit to you after the first baby and wasn't emotionally or financial involved in that childs life, why would you open your legs to birth another one of his kids just to rack up the child support payments? And why haven't you gone to child support by now and forced him to do so( is their some sort of doubt about paternity)? As for the other woman instead of jumping on female when she comes to your man's house not your house you should have sat your ass back and learn a few things before being so quick to react, she probably would have put you up on some things. For all you know she could have been trying to tell him she got her venereal disease results back cause clearly this man doesn't use protection with whom ever comes along. By the looks of his picture with his daughter this man don't even like women, he look gay as hell or at the least on the down low.
    What is this a new trend father as many children as possible without the practicing being a father. SMDH in sorrow for our youths future.

  9. I don’t feel sorry for these broads. I feel sorry for the kids. Don’t have unprotected sex with men you aren’t married to. Especially athletes/celebrities more likely than not, you’re not the only one he’s been with in that way. Just be thankful that you ONLY walked away with a baby in Atlanta.

  10. citygirl81 says:

    He needs to be sterilized and all these broads are dumb as HELL! The more foolery I read these days, I don't EVER want kids! I would rather be rid of a fool with some heartbreak then have to look at his "seed" forever.

  11. The sad part is, from what I’m reading, he appears to have relationships with these women. Deception is what appears to be the problem. My honest opinion, take his butt to court, all of them together, and see his face then. He don’t have to do right if no one takes proper action. It’s not about the money, its principle, force a visitation order. He don’t show, then u know where he go.

  12. customcalendars4u2 says:

    Another dummy that can't control his dick! Hopefully all the children will get to know one another as they grow up,because that's all that matters in the end. Sadly, even though he's been exposed as an irresponsible father there will still be other women lined up for his affections and other births which will result from it…

  13. Stephaniee says:

    See here yall go, first off these women laying up with men in this day and age without a condom is STUPID on your part. These boys out here pretending to be men come on wake up women mature faster BOYS and you know this why bring a child into the relationship if A. You are not married and B. If he has other kids? Plese women be stronger carry yourself better and get and education take care of your selves and stop being fools. Investigate the situation and still dont sleep with a man without protection. Why do we want to create all these kids in this day and life is it just a show because you are hurting these kids because of your damn feeling between your legs. Cover up or make them cover up Damn. This is so sad this generation is getting worse its like they just want to say thats MY BABY DADDY. Get a job got to school, do something else but make babies without HUSBANDS

  14. Parris Adams via Facebook says:

    Imma need all these Turner and all these BM’S to run to the nearest free clinic STAT!

  15. Tracey Burton-Anderson via Facebook says:

    Hey Michelle, Michael T. Is from my Hometown. HE has never kept his children a secret. Ever. These ladies didnt know because they didnt WANT to Know in my opinion…

  16. Tracey Burton-Anderson via Facebook says:

    I would also like to add that no one mentioned how he provides for his children. They ALL are well taken care of. Im sure these ladies arent complaining when that child support check arrives….

  17. Nicole TheStylist Williams via Facebook says:

    It’s very sad that in Our community… man use money to get @$$…and women use @$$ to get money, and no one thinks of the consequenes until it’s too late…Smh

  18. Pb Banks via Facebook says:

    Get it how ya live.

  19. I.c. Watkins via Facebook says:

    Black man of the worse kind. Stereotypic dumb jock. So disgusting and disrespectful. I see more court dates and less money in his future!

  20. all parties are WACK here . I cannot stand that kids are involved but since they are their well being is the most important.

  21. Tracey Burton-Anderson via Facebook says:

    I do not feel sorry for these young ladies. A man will do what u allow him to get away with doing. These ladies knew the consequences of having unprotected sex with him and some of them CHOSE to have not 1, not 2, but 3 children by a man they are NOT married to. Shame on THEM.

  22. These females either knew what they were getting themselves into or are very naive. Now they have to deal with the reality of their stupidity. Hopefully he does the right thing & handle his business. I’m almost certain that what’s been reported thus far is only the “tip of the iceberg”…

  23. A.N.D. says:

    This is 2012 and there are ao many methods of birth control availible this is not the 1950s so anyone who gets pregnant todat Wants to be pregnant. Some of the women dont even know how many kids he has no one is getting to know anyone. Everybody is to quick to exchange fluids. If he lie about how many kids he has he will lie about his STD status!Whats wrong with taking a method of birth control AND handing him a condom from YOUR purse so YOU can insure that you have your own back ladies. Isnt everyone tire of baby moms getting stuck with the kid and the drama from dealing with men they really dont know. Duse has a 2month old a five month old a 2 yr old and a few other kids in the mix. With all those kids that close in age by all those different women how is it that anybody got to know him in that short amount of time? Ladies we got to do better by protecting ourselves and having our own back. Use bith control and condoms with these men who want to be with everbody! Whats wrong with birth control and a condom until everyone Proves that they are who they say they are? The children are the ones who hurt in the end and grow up with abandonment issues.

  24. Nikkia Miles Mason via Facebook says:

    All of the parties should know the consequences for having unprotected sex. The sad part is these children have to grow up in all of this drama. Ridiculous!!!

  25. eyecandy says:

    the women are partially to blame smh poor children they are innocent

  26. It's a shame how irresponsible we remain concerning reproductivity. Athletes have short careers but make millions.Marry or sex chics,have multiple babies and are f**ked by the time they're in late 30's.After shady accountants,baby mamas and ballin',they gotta' fork over mansions AND go to jail for unpaid taxes because a fool and his money are soon parted.Women are sentrys of their wombs.These chics KNOW that baby is a paycheck bigger than the DPA's.It's a stupid game really played on kids who grow up playin' the game mama and daddy exemplified, studs and goldiggers.

  27. Sherre Walton via Facebook says:

    Maria has been chasing ball players for at least 20 years. I blame her for putting herself and this poor child in this position.

  28. @Carrington;You are so right. And THAT'S the huge difference between a FATHER and a BABYDADDY.

  29. td says:

    My question: Does he pay child support? And if not, than why? Hit him where it hurts: in his pockets, since he don't want to be around his child/children.

    Why don't SOME women take the time to get to know a man; especially a professional athlete? Stop being excited about his career and bragging about your "man" to your girlfriends. Stop living your life through who you are with.

    I'm a man. And good, mature men are willing to wait for sex, as long as we know the woman we are spending time with is worth the wait. Stop giving your cookies to any man with money, and/or good looks. Many women have failed, due to the aforementioned. Five more and counting according to this post.

  30. keepit100 says:

    i posted this shit about MARIE GRISSOM last week on NECOLE BITCHIE but she took it down like i was puttin her on blast..hell if you ask me she did this to herself!!why have another baby@40 YEARS OLD, when u already had raise two grown sons??? whores will do anything for a SMALL CHECK!!!!

  31. Marlaila Colbert Perkins via Facebook says:

    pray that he has a long career,cause CHILD SUPPORT IS GOING TO TEAR HIS ASS UP!!

  32. A.N.D. says:

    Im going to say it again ladies Use botrh control and carry your own condoms you have to have your own back. This man has a 2month old a 5month old a 2yr old and a few kids more with kids that close in age no1 knew him long enough to have children by him. If he lie anout his kids he will lie about his STD stats. Dont be a fool ladies its 2012 you get pregnent by YOUR choice only!!! U se birth control and condoms for your own good. Stop letting strangers hit you raw!!

  33. Really?!?! says:

    Forget being messy…this fiasco is down right GROSS. These girls should've known better…they must think it's impossible for a professional athlete to get AIDS.

    Hey BMs, consider yourself lucky that they only thing you got out of your fling was a baby…coulda been much worse.

  34. *Does taking care of your children justify making one with every woman you get with? Is it better to have 7 well-paid baby mama’s with no parental involvement from the father, or 7 babies whose father works at the mill, but is hands on? MONEY ain’t everything. I know some fathers who work at the mall and go above and beyond to make sure that they are present in their childrens lives. We don’t need “well taken care of” children in the black community, we need well PREPARED children.

  35. Dude…u need condoms r something there r 64 free forms of birth control take something r get married who does that grow up

  36. Kim Edwards via Facebook says:

    So sad, Aids is on the rise in the AA communities and idiots still won’t wear condoms! Black men do better, black women stop laying it low and spreading it wide for these fools! Our people have to rise, not fall!

  37. Diva'sOWN says:

    Co-sign Carrington – my dad was a city employee and there every day of my life. This has provided me more riches than money can buy. I do not look for a man to validate, but to accentuate what I already bring to the table as my father instilled values and praised me for being smart, responsible and beautiful!

    As for these women and Mr. Turner – you are all victims of your own doing. Now do the right thing, stay out of the media and work together for the betterment of your children! But do stop by the health clinic – Oraquick takes only 20 minutes!

  38. RUN'D Thru says:

    @ SherreWalton

    What is her alternative? It is obvious that the Fulton County education was wasted – just read her comments. SMDH

  39. Mimsy says:

    7 children by 5 women! That is way too much! I cant fault the women if they really had NO idea about what was going on. If they really thought that he only had the 2 kids prior, then you cant blame them.

  40. lexdiamonz says:

    and sadly this house nigga will wife a white girl with no kids *side-eye* weezy… i mean no WONDER there are no beaches in Atlanta the whole city drank it all with their THIRSTY AZZES…. this cat aint EVEN sexy with that damn brillo pad on his chin

  41. Kamalla says:

    Wow. There must really be NO MEN in ATL for all these women to lay up with this dude. 7 kids and 5 baby mommas? There are probably more and we just don't know it yet.

    Makes me wonder how many outside kids Kroy Bierman has. I find it hard to believe he only procreated with Kim given that he is an ATL Falcon and the rest of them are sluts.

  42. Tiara says:

    And he isn't all that. This is why it doesn't pay to be a golddigger . I feel sorry for the babies their mother's are idiots and childish. Why are you on the internet? Shouldnt you be down at family court? SMH he probably isnt the father of half of them that's why you don't hear them talking about child support cause they know a dna test is to follow. #dumbbroads

  43. All these women’s need to see the clinic and get tested for (HIV)awareness.Money is not everything of risking your life for a 1 minute quickie!!Ladies your body is temple to be treasured not an instrument…..Have you ever heard of the words ‘Condems or Birth Control Pills’ you should try them instead of using your babies as dollar signs!!Not jealous but I work for mine and proud of it!!IJS

  44. Lina M says:

    With there being men who are on the down low, substance abuse addiction, felons, and women beaters it is a must that whenever you meet someone new take the time to do an extensive back ground check. LOL but for real though…

    Ask about how many relationships they've been in. Find out if you know some of the same people so you can get the scoop on how he has treated women he's dated in the past. One thing about celebrities and athletes they have lots of money and feel that they are entitled to have as many women as they want. Like Trey SOngz said, the women he dates have an UNDERSTANDING. I guess that means either you role with it or role out.

    With HIV rates in the african-american community steady on the rise we as women need to insist that a man uses protection. Don't rely on him to bring the goods you can put one in your purse.

    In this situation the children are the victims.

  45. Dees Words says:

    This is so sad, I feel for all the children involved. Y'all it takes 2 to make a baby, stop blaming the woman. We don't know why and how this man has 7 children. I found out there are 3 sides to a story. His, Hers, and the Truth!!

  46. Kay says:

    @ Dees Words I agree with you…When are people going to start holding these grown men responsible for their actions..A woman gets pregnant out of wedlock man leaves its her fault because she wasn't married..Since when does marriage make a man a responsible father? Ask all the women who are now divorced and their ex-husbands dont do squat for the children they had IN wedlock. Or better yet ask all the women who are still married and their husbands dont do squat for their children and he's there. Does it make the siutation any better cause they were married first? NO..it doesnt because at the end of day these women (who were married first)are now raising kids alone and its the children who suffer. What difference does it make how she became a single mother married or not the results are the same the FATHER isn't taking care of HIS CHILDREN!!! It's always the woman's fault why? These men out here having all these children around the world need to be held responsible. These women married or single did not have these children alone so therefore they should not be the only ones left with the responiblity or the blame. It takes two.

  47. wellitseems says:

    hmm.. sound like most of these atlanta ex footballers are on the same shit…. remember the name oj… im sure if he keeps it up he'll be out there too…

    its all about that life…. they think that as long as they have that name and status and a couple dollars, then they can treat women however they want…

    instead of sitting here trying to make them act right, find someone else who's better.

  48. Kassidy says:

    @ Tracey-Burton..how do you know he's telling everyone about all of his kids?? How do you now his kids are well taken care of?? Because he plays professtional football?? I'm very close to the situation and he doesn't tell everyone about all his other kids. Mike is a very private person so you being from his hometown doesn't mean anything. It actually means nothing. When he goes home, noone knows but immediate family. So mind your own business.
    while I'm hear, let me address a few of these ignorant comments. Everyone is not out for a paycheck. Just because you have a relationship with a pro athelete, doesn't make your a groupie. Being married doesn't make your a better mother or father. I know several couples that are married with children and the fathers are hands off and not good fathers. So cancel that. All of the kids have been dna tested and are his. It's so easy for most of you to sit behind your computers and form and opinion but you really don't know what's going on. You're just automatically assuming everyone involved is a groupie.

  49. unknown but known says:

    After reading this I was horrified!!! I have been seeing Michael for a couple of months now and I have the messages to prove it. If he is kissing his children with those lips that he does those things with he should be ashamed. And for the record he doesn't like to use a condom he sneaks takes it off and will ejaculate inside with no hesitation. When I read about the confrontation at his home. (Which I have been to)I stopped dealing with him. Even though I was never in for the long run, I just felt he had way too much going on. But after this I see he is an irresponsable, all around bad person, who for future references those(what you doing?)texts will not be responded to.

    Signed WTF!!!!!

  50. realtalk says:

    Of course you angry Black women would feel like you do…who told those Jezebel's to get knocked up? They wanted to drop a seed because he is a NFL Baller right?

    If it was up to me they would not get a dime in child support. Let these gold digging heffers support their own bad ass kids.

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  52. Dee says:

    Go Michael, u ladies need to understand one thing he did not hold a gun to u'all heads. The Michael I know takes care of his responsibilities, so there must be some misunderstanding. R u sure all of these babies r his???

  53. Curren says:

    These women love the drama and the fact they can say they slept with Michael Turner. "Cut his penis off…?" That goes both ways- it takes two you know. Let's hear his side since there is always two sides to the story. I have had two accidental pregnancies because the women were "supposedly" on birth control pill. Next thing, what do you know?! I have met the guy twice at the car wash and at a gas station and we talked for a while. He is a really good guy and cares about people. Very down to Earth and waiting around until my son could come up and meet him. The guys was as nice as could be and very respectful. How about these women stop giving it up so easy and there wouldn't be a problem in the first place. Now I practice abstinence because they will lie straight to you about everything, and I am not even famous or desired like him. I am not blaming anyone- it takes two.

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