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DISCUSS: Is T.I.’s Reality Show This Decade’s Version of “The Cosby Show”? [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Jan 19th 2012 | Written by ATLien

Clifford T.I. Harris and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris were spotted boo’d up in Miami this past MLK holiday weekend.

The cute couple dined at the finest restaurants and partied with the likes of Rick Ross & Gabrielle Union at Dwayne Wade’s 30th birthday bash.

Tip has barely been out the clink 4 months and he’s already making moves many celebrities can only dream of.  With a successful rap career already under his belt, Tip kicked off 2012 with the release of “F*ck The City Up,” a free mixtape that’s getting mainstream airtime.

Tip and Tiny’s highly successful VH1 reality show, T.I. and Tiny Family Hustle, showcases how the hip-hop couple manages their blended family and they’re doing it so well, that many are comparing the hilarious reality show to a popular family sitcom.

It’s definitely a question worth asking, so umma ask it… Could T.I., a rapper fresh out the clink be this generation’s epitome of Cliff Huxtable?

Hmmmm…. let’s ponder this for a hot second:

Yeah… right! Whoodathunkit?

For those of you (like me) who are too YOUNG to remember, The Cosby Show was once the most watched family show of the 80’s and the very first to focus on an affluent African-American family.

The Huxtables consisted of a father who was a doctor, a mom who was a lawyer and 5 kids, who all had an issue to overcome during each weekly episode.

VIDEO: The Cosby Show Compilation

In comparison, The Harris’, clearly affluent due to T.I.’s successful music & film career portray Black family life in a similar manner.  Tip, flexes his wit as THE KING of his castle weekly with Queen Tiny by his side.

Despite the fact that a few of the kids are from other relationships, the couple portrays a united front with a successful father at the helm.   Personally, I’m quite pleased at the image both Tip and Tiny portray on the show and off.  They’ve always been a cute couple to me and seeing the chemistry between the two onscreen is awesome.

Combine their obvious adoration for each other with that of the kids, and I call it a win/win situation. It may be called “T.I. and Tiny: Family Hustle” but Tip ensures that FAMILY VALUES are being brought to life onscreen… just like Cliff Huxtable.

The difference? I don’t really see one. Well… besides the fact that one was “scripted” and the other is a “reality show.”

With T.I. showing the world his fatherly wisdom weekly, and Tiny holding down the fort with all the kids, could the Harris’ possibly be “THE COSBY SHOW” of our generation?

CLICK HERE to watch the recent episode of “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” (ep7).



  1. 2muchflair2care says:

    There is no comparison to the shows in my humble opinion. Bill didn't have (and still don't) have multiple baby mamas. He hasn't been in and out of jail either. I could go on and on…smh…this article was a bit of a stretch. You could have just said that you just like TI & Tiny's show. I'm just saying.

  2. isyakiddin says:

    @2muchflairtocare Im just going to chop it up to maybe they paid her to write this article to continue repairing his image. *shrugs* Or maybe she was seriously sleepy and bored. What makes the show cute are the children because children are adorable to watch. Yes one is scripted but lets keep in mind that the other is half scripted as well. And it still doesn't sit well with me that King lives with Diane. Like… there are six children but 3 of them have mamas they go home to. Like why is your mother raising king and I see boo hoo pictures of Tiny at EVERY SINGLE EVENT T.I. is at. I mean I have yet to see her NOT around him unless he's in jail. No matter where he travels she's there. And its been that way since the beginning of their relationship but as Diane said their children NEED attention and Tip can't give it because he has to make the money so why is she running behind him as well. Just my analysis as a married woman and mother of 2 that I have no understanding for that situation. Anywho. They are nowhere near the cosbys. Im just not drinking this the koolaid. HE IS REPAIRING HIS IMAGE PEOPLE. KEEP THIS IN MIND AS YOU MAKE YOUR ANALYSIS! He has a hell of a PR team because he's already putting the Voodoo on you folks.

  3. td says:

    Even remotely suggesting they could be the new "Cosby's" is like a 300 pound person attempting to fit into a size two…
    severely stretching it; yet never, ever being able to make it happen.

  4. divaish says:

    Lmao and cosign with ^^^^^^

    Sidenote…why does tinys nose look like it came with those glasses in that first pic?

  5. divaish says:

    That was to isyakiddin

  6. NewMeKnowYou says:

    This story is like the seams on Monique's g string, stretched beyond capacity.

  7. NewMeKnowYou says:

    lmao @ divaish

  8. jaye says:

    I was not a big fan of TI, but I have a new respect for him. This show proves you can't judge a book by it's cover. This man is a great father, an excellent husband. They may be the hip hop version of the Cosby Show, I didn't plan on watching the show but I did, and I love it!!!!

  9. NewMeKnowYou says:

    Furthermore, this reality show is more like the VH1 show Strange Love. I'm sure TI can can be featured for his zoophilia fetish. Isn't it illegal to f**k a pig in Georgia.

  10. Kena Elle via Facebook says:

    They are not the new Cosby’s. They are Tip & Tiny. I do admire their relationship and sense of family values. They resemble our generations blended family in a very positive way.

  11. Ebony Darkandlovely Hudley via Facebook says:

    hell no, bill cosby never got locked up. and he was a doctor for crying out loud. i love t.i and tiny…but they are no huxtables.

  12. yeap_you says:

    isyakiddin, Tiny's mother dianne said that T.I. always wants Tiny with him. She dont follow him. Also,if he didnt want Tiny with him everywhere..i'm sure she wouldnt be.

  13. Jiffawni Teena via Facebook says:


  14. Nicole English via Facebook says:

    Bill Cosby was also accused of serial date rape and settled out of court. Don’t act like Bill ain’t got his own shit in the closet. BAM! Google it.

  15. Pkasso says:

    Its just a comparison, the modern day cliff hux may have more than one mother of their children. I grew up watching the Cosby show and I sure did not have a household like theirs. The purpose is to show the family values that they have developed with in their own home. For the ones who were old enough to see the Cosby show, if they would have based it around bill Cosby'sife you would find he was not a saint either, who hand more than one "baby mama" so it's comparing their life and acting.

  16. J says:

    So Tiny and TI are the 'Cosby's' although he was just in prison less than a year ago but Marlo is still labeled a felon from a situation that's more than 10 years old mmmmkay *major side-eye*

  17. isyakiddin says:

    @yeap_you I don't care who wants to be around who! That was not the point I was making. He clearly wants her around if she is always around BUT If my husband WANTS me up under him all the time and my children NEED me with them…….. Is it a no brainer or that's just to me. Please don't make excuses for the foolishness. She needs to be AT HOME WITH HER KIDS! point……blank………period

  18. Ralph J. Taylor via Facebook says:

    She, The writer is just making up with shit!!

  19. Dana Andrews via Facebook says:

    They are nothing like the Cosbys….the only thing they have in common is that they’re black….there will NEVER be another a Cosby Show

  20. TheirSuperwoman says:

    I honestly think the article was just to promote family living. Back then there was the Huxtables. Now in todays time TI and Tiny represent the family today, which is married with kids from prior relationships. As far as Tiny goes she does the best that she can. And coming from a woman who is both married with kids (2 from his previous relationship) its hard! So before you go judging a book by its cover remember its just T.V

  21. dreama says:

    Tiny even said that she with T.I all the time so that they won't have problems in their relationship.she more worried about losing t.i then raising her own kids.All her kids stay with Diane not just King.I pray they don't have anymore kids because Tinys mother has enough problems of her own like take taking care of her husband with alzheimers instead of raising tiny's kids.

  22. NicoleB says:

    Cliff Huxtable prescribed drugs.
    Cliff Harris…well…gets caught with them.

    Its slightly insulting to make any comparission to the two. IMO.

  23. miguel says:

    ok now i think everyone can agree with me on this one….. we all know the cosbys is A LIL TO FETCHED IN THIS CATOGORY!!! NOW LETS KEEP IT REAL NOW.

  24. Ebony Darkandlovely Hudley via Facebook says:

    @ nicole english we are talking about the cosby show, not bill cosby in real life. i didn’t know he had some date rape charges though…

  25. Chivon Alderman via Facebook says:

    I luv T.I. and Tiny!!!

  26. darknlovely says:

    Oh my….NOT! The Cosby Show, even though Bill C. had/have his ups and down – – T.I. is straight from the street!!!!! These reality shows kill me…the people place put their personal lives on blast for a dollar$ Then wonder why people have an opinion. To me, Tiny is along for the ride.

  27. V says:

    There is no comparison in my opinion. THE COSBY’S: A show played by actors, purposely crafted to display a positive black family image, led by a father who is a doctor and a mother who is a lawyer… Both are respected careers that are attained via a commitment to a formal education/academia. Per the script neither parent did drugs nor went to jail, neither parent used profanity, both parents demonstrated positive/functional conflict resolution. TI & TINY: Real people with real lives before making a deal to turn their life into a show. TI is a rapper and Tiny is a successful singer/song writer in her own right… Both careers are intriguing to many people in this celebrity obsessed, microwave, bling-bling, pop culture; “everybody wants to be a star” yet want no parts of the hard work and sacrifice, many have no business sense, and lots will not find long term success. Both have done/do drugs and have been to jail at least once [a behavior/pattern that is common among celebrities and is accepted/tolerated/​perceived as no big deal to their fans].

    TI & Tiny could never be “The Cosby’s”.

  28. reita collins says:

    I didn't think I'd like that show,but after watching T.I.'s return home,I think he is a very good father in today's society. No,he aint' no college dude but he has college common sense.I really like T.I. Just hopes he has learned his last jail lesson (though he is still hood age). If he can conquer King (the worst teacher's and mother's nightmare) he deserve's big ups. And that all stems from jail time and Tiny's poor mother skills.

  29. lockstress says:

    Cliff Huxtable prescribed drugs.
    Cliff Harris…well…gets caught with them.

    Its slightly insulting to make any comparission to the two. IMO.


  30. Bee says:

    No, no, no. Love them both, but comparing them to the Cosbys? No.

  31. Kamalla says:

    If T.I's show is comparable to the Cosby Show then I guess Love & Hip Hop is comparable to Girlfriends.

    If I were Rudy Huxtable I would be highly insulted.

  32. Kamalla says:

    @ V

    your comment was very well stated but I disagree with one fundamental point. Going to prison, using drugs and having multiple sex partners yielding multiple children does not equate to a "real" life and suggesting, however subtly, that the Cosby's did not represent real life is an insult to all the black doctors, lawyers, committed couples and those children who grew up with both parents in the home and had a positive upbringing.

    Its a shame so many of us have come to envision the Obama's as "unreal" and the T.I's and Tiny's as real. Bottome line is Tip and Miss Piggy are just a couple hoodrats who finally had enough of the drama and are trying to rehabilitate themselves in the public eye so that the money can keep rolling in. I'm not mad at them but I am not proud of them either.

  33. Ctfu at the new Cosby’s!!!!! #helltodanaw

  34. Julieanne says:

    The headliner should read "The Ghetto Version Of The Cosbys"….just saying….

  35. BT says:

    wow…why is everyone making fun of TIP's wife….rumor is she had an accident and had to get reconstructive surgery

  36. BT says:

    this is a great show….the people commenting negatively are just angry that TI has such a wonderful loving family…May God keep this family united and blessed. IT IS A GREAT SHOW and I am not even a fun of VH1 shows but i give this one a thumbs up….

  37. Gwendolyn Gwendella Johnson via Facebook says:

    No null nope and void. However they have a cute show.

  38. Collier's says:

    Lol it could be the Hood Version of the Cosby Show

  39. Cosby is no saint either says:

    Bill is extremely talented. But lets not forget that he is still a man. He has had his own interactions with another women while married to Camile.

  40. Blaze says:

    Now thats that dumb shit….don't even try to compare…just don't even try cause its not even on the same planet

  41. shad says:

    i like the show i love t.i and his family but cosby material they are not…
    if bill cosby heard about that comparison..he'd flip out…lol…and would be on cnn explaining why there is no comparison…gotta love bill cos

  42. tata sanders says:

    clearly this is just a comparison yes tip has a few baby mamas but in these days really its plenty women with 2 and 3 babymamas as well this man provides an takes great care of his children regardless if he is in jail tour or anything else why are people so negative at least they don't have him on television beating his wife/children doing things that could be considered negative and why is tinys looks people main concern she paid she can afford to look like that get it together people this is a great show and nice family

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