Queen B Baby Bump Watch ~ Beyonce & Her Leopard Louboutins in NYC… [PHOTOS]

Nov 9th 2011 | Written by ATLien

Beyonce Knowles strutted through the streets of NYC last night (November 8, 2011) after a long day at the office.

Carrying an over-sized royal blue crocadile print handbag, Queen B showed off her controversial baby bump by rocking a sleek black top and blazer, combined with a beautiful silk scarf and sky-high leopard Louboutin booties.

I swear Beyonce is the most fashionable pregnant woman I have EVER seen! You betta werrrrrrk!!

More photos…

It’s the black that’s so slimming… right?

Look at those cubby cheeks! She’s glowing! :-)

Are you still giving B’s bump the side-eye?


  1. Tiffani K says:

    her face is DEFINITELY chubby!♥n those booties..out my price and heel height range fa sho tho!

  2. Lol, that’s what I was thinking either she isn’t or she’s doing a great job of hiding that she is?!?

  3. Y’all took the words rite out my mouth

  4. Tonia says:

    Considering I saw her first hand at WTT on Atlanta she is definitely preggers. She looks great!!

  5. Taiye says:

    If these photo's was taken yesterday she definately don't look like she's expecting. Yes her face is fat but those clothes must be extra big. Now I really could care less however if she really want every1 to believe she's preggers then she should do like the rest of the famous mom's and take a nude photo. Now maybe that would shut every1 up and I bet she'll make a lot of money doing so.

  6. Eboneé Hood via Facebook says:

    She’s showing. She’s still pregnant!!! .. shes wearing black. && she look really sick. Solange was no bigger than a minute — was all belly

  7. tb says:

    She should just fall on her stomach. What pregnant woman wears those kinds of shoes when they are this far along? Not even Mariah could do it and she doesn't like flat.

  8. NewMeKnowYou says:

    When your pregnant your balance is wayyy off, I don't see how she stays vertical and try to level off a belly at the same time. I guess some expecting mothers are more concern with wearing some bad ass shoes than they are of falling.

  9. Celeste Perry via Facebook says:

    Awwww… You can see it in her face, she’s preggers.

  10. mixedchick says:

    Million dollar question why do Beyonce have to lie about being pregnant I mean really She’s one of the most famous women in the WORLD!!!. This is why so many celebrities keep shit so private I mean all the SPECULATION about if she’s pregnant or not. If she say she’s pregnant then that’s what it is. She don’t need the publicity can she get any more famous???

  11. shad says:

    if this child is pregnant…then chaz bono is pregnant too..i dont believe it for one minute…stop the side show…

  12. Gwendolyn Gwendella Johnson via Facebook says:

    She’s lucky cause I was big as a house and got bigger. I’ll have what she’s having…..

  13. specialk45 says:

    I just wanna know??? Why is everyone so concerned if she is pregnant or not???? At this point in her life..RICH..FAMOUS WORLDWIDE..Why does she have to justify ANYTHING to people..Yall need to get a life and worry about whether or not you are pregnant or if someone in your OWN personal life is…DANG get a life!!!!!

  14. Philly Finest! says:

    She put it out there front and center at the awards show (On the carpet and on stage) If she didn't want anyone wo know she could have kept it to herself. (Like she does everything else!) and let her belly do the talking. Take one of those pregnance phontos on the cover of a magazine

    I agree! She doesn't look pregnant to me, Unless she is not as far along as she have people believe.

  15. specialk45 says:

    Ok yea she did let everyone know on the awards show…BUT put yourself in that position would you want everyone questioning every thing about you..Hell if she didnt show yall, that would have been another topic..just bcuz she let everyone know that still doesnt justify EVERYONE making it part of their everyday life…WHO CARES if she is really pregnant or not!!

    My thing is if you are busy with your life and what you got going on…whether or not if she is pregnant or not should not be your life..comment on sum real shit…voting, kids dropping out of school, helping the homeless..etc..use that same energy in those areas instead of BULLSHIT bcuz at the end of the day if & when a child do cum r u going 2 take care of it? HELL NAW! AGAIN get a life! your own & not livin thru the celebrities..

  16. Philly Finest! says:

    Nope! I am not! If you put it out there just be pre pared to accept good and bad critique . It comes with the territory.

    If I want to be informed I go to CNN. This is a Entertainment site and I come here to post my (Freedom of speech comment!)and be entertained.

    That is all!

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