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Tongue Tied: Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose at 2011 MTV VMAs… [PHOTOS]

Aug 28th 2011 | Written by ATLien

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose hit the black carpet of the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards at Nokia Theatre (August 28, 2011) in Los Angeles, California, and added yet another lip locking photo to their collection.

Ewwww…. not again! 😯

This may sound redundant but I swear every time I see a Wiz and Amber photo, I hear his voice in my head…  “shout out to Am.. shout out to Am”.

But I digress…

More photos of the happy couple below:

Wiz’s lucky arm piece didn’t come through for his tonight though, after Tyler the creator beat him out of that “New Artist” VMA, but he at least he has Amber to make him feel a lil better tonight.

Isn’t love beautiful!

Tyler has a moon man but Wiz has Amber Rose… who REALLY won the New Artist of the Year award?

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  1. Inga Lawson via Facebook says:


  2. EMarie Flowers via Facebook says:

    Who hasn’t had her…smh!

  3. Sha-kel Hughes via Facebook says:

    So when did Amber become an award for good music???! I mean really..what’s really good A?

  4. Amber and the moon man has sumthin n common just bout everybdy dun had their hands on that!

  5. YUCK….she’ll be on to the next one….whos the next new artist….

  6. Inga Lawson via Facebook says:


  7. Nick Parker via Facebook says:

    First Kanye, now Wiz. Who’s next?

  8. Gwendolyn Gwendella Johnson via Facebook says:

    Baby Carter won lol

  9. Amber says:


  10. Ro Humphrey via Facebook says:

    so sick of them

  11. Hot Caddy Girl says:

    Just GROSS! Who hasn't she been with?! Nasty beotch!

  12. Sasamina says:

    They really need to stop putting their tongue's in each other's mouths like that. I mean leave that for the bedroom. Just some nasty mothafukkas, man.

  13. Ms. Redbone says:

    Ewww!!1 like fa real they need to stop putting their tongues in each others mouth do that shyt at home..dam n amber rose gonna end up catchin sumthing cuz shes been wit lyke everybody..dam gurl

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