Major Developments in Lorenzen Wright Murder Investigation

Aug 2nd 2010 | Written by ATLien

Lorenzen Wright’s girlfriend Alexis Bradley, posted the above pic to her facebook page on July 18th, just one day before he was reported missing. The two looked happy and in love in several shots taken directly from her home computer.

Alexis captioned the photos in a way that left no doubt the two were a couple, had been dating for some time, and loved each other: “I LOVE THIS GUY,” “SEXY IN RED,” “I’M ALWAYS HAPPY WHEN YOU’RE AROUND,” “LOVE, THANX TO HIM MY SHORT BUS BUTT GOT MY TONGUE PIERCED,” “HIS FAVORITE PIC!!! BOOBIES.”

Wright was a veteran of 14 NBA seasons and was reported missing by his mother on July 19th. He was subsequently found shot dead, riddled with bullets, in a field just outside of Memphis.

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The former NBA baller had been dating Alexis at the time of his death and had reportedly been going back and forth between Memphis, where his children lived, and Atlanta. He was recently divorced from Sherra Robinson Wright and was the father of six children.

Sherra Robinson Wright now seems to be a “person of interest” in Wright’s death after police in Memphis spent much of Sunday in the home of slain former Atlanta Hawks player’s ex-wife.

According to a Memphis area news station:

Investigators with the Memphis Police Department spent much of the day Sunday, searching Sherra Wright’s home for evidence. They could be seen removing several items, and at one point, were in the backyard looking very carefully at Wright’s grill and fire pit.

Neighbors reported a large fire in her backyard after Wright’s disappearance, and say they thought it was unusual for Wright to light a fire on one of the hottest nights of the year.

A woman was also taken into custody after a visit to Wright’s father’s home on Friday and there’s speculation that it may have been his ex-wife, Sherra.

Lorenzen’s former personal assistant, Wendy Wilson, has also come forward with information that could lead authorities to believe Sherra Wright was involved in his death. In an interview with MyEyewitnessNews, Wilson reveals she has tape recordings of Sherra threatening Lorenzen.

“She said things like if she ever caught him with anyone else she would kill him.” Wilson went on to say she kept the tapes at the request of Lorenzen, who she feels knew that a day like this would come. She also said that the tapes were played for Wright’s parents and even the Memphis police well before this incident.

Wright’s girlfriend, Alexis, is rumored to have been visiting with him in Memphis at the time of his death. One theory is her presence with his family could have sparked fury in his ex-wife. Another is that Lorenzen had gotten into an altercation with Sharra’s new boyfriend.

One reader reveals the following theory:

First of all, I live in Memphis and know some of his close family members. Sherra his ex-wife, her brother, and boyfriend had something to do with his murder. Lorenzen divorced her b/c she got hooked on drugs (crack). Her boyfriend and Lorenzen had an altercation b/c the boyfriend damaged his vehicle and Lorenzen kicked his a*s. Lorenzen had planned to remove his kids out of her home and relocate them to Atlanta…All of this nonsense lead to his death.

As for his girlfriend I was told that she was here in Memphis when he came up missing so….if she didn’t mean anything to him he wouldn’t have brought her home to meet his family. For those of you that don’t know him, his family, or even his girlfriend (Alexis)….SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!! I don’t know his grilfriend but I do know him and his family members. A man doesn’t bring a “groupie” home to meet his family.

There’s a lot of twists and turns in this case and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the ex-wife is involved in some way.  Wright’s family and friends are all upset at how the media has portrayed their loved one.

Wright’s Atlanta roommate, Michael Gipson, spoke about what he’s been going through.

“I’m just hurting right now,” he said. “I feel like I lost part of me, like I lost my brother, you know?” Gipson, who knew Wright since he was nine, lived with him in an Atlanta suburb. He spoke with investigators when Wright disappeared.

“I’ve been trying to help them as much as I could,” he said. “I just don’t have any answers. Nobody does right now.”

Gibson said the toughest part about grieving is hearing all the rumors that paint his lifelong friend in a bad light.

“Some of the stuff we’re reading and hearing about, I can’t see him getting him mixed up in something like that, but you know, I guess everything is going to come out pretty soon,” he said.  “I’m hating that he’s been tarnished like this, but my God, I don’t know. “It’s just awful.”

Gipson said he speaks with Wright’s mother daily, and will be traveling to Memphis soon.  Neither Gipson or Alexis Bradley were aware of whether funeral arrangements for Wright have been finalized.


  1. SilentbutSmart says:

    Wow – this is crazy if this is true – i am speechless because I was a fan of L-Wright and he was really good at them rebounds and came off as a nice player.

  2. MsTrendy says:

    The ex wife more than likely had something to do with it.

  3. Gwendella says:

    Sad Shell SAD

  4. Miko says:

    Sad. Wow, I pray that the mother of his children did not have anything to do with his murder. THAT WOULD BE TRAGIC.

  5. Alovelymess says:

    After what i been through…I wouldnt put it pass the ex wife… 6 kids , your ex has moved on.. losing houses etc.. due to no money,,no work.. people do strange thangs these days..
    If you feel like you have lost everythang, you will do anything…

  6. 51Smooth says:

    I suspected the ex all along, and there are several reasons why. One being the fact that he'd left HER place in the wee hours of the morning and got caught-up.

  7. Toni R. Reed says:

    The evidence is EVIDENT! That bottom feeder ex wife, her boyfriend and her brother. They need to 'Guantanamo Bay' those sorry ass cowards and they will get their confessions. People on drugs; his ex, they do desperate things. It doesn't get anymore obvious than that. Memphis PD, DO YOUR DUTY and put those three dogs down!

  8. nanci says:

    on the tapes you can hear a distressed voice, which is very sad for the mother to hear, but I dont understand why some people say the mother is ugly and she want all this attention to her son, but that is her child, and she have every right to know the truth about what really happen to him.

  9. SydVixen says:

    Tragic and Confusing, I just saw his story on Celebrity Crimes. From what I can gather a lot of things look suspicious starting with his new girlfriend,
    I may not have all the details of this case but did anyone find it strange that the girlfriend (who was supposedly with him) didn't report him missing or call around for him?
    His mother reported that he was due to attended a baby shower, the Ex said he left with a box and a stranger, Police says if true then he trusted that person, so wouldn't it be reasonable to consider that this "stranger" was going to attend the shower as well? Did the police even try that theory?

    And finally, how lame is that police dept? In 2010 they were able to find cell phones vicinity from the towers so if a call comes in with guns firing what more is needed to take action? Isn't the purpose of 911 to respond to emergencies? Isn't that the type of call that they should expect and know it was a call for help?

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