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Atlanta Exes 105 - StraightFromTheA-12

In Case You Missed It: ‘Atlanta Exes’ – Episode #6 [RECAP + FULL VIDEO]

Sep 16th 2014 | Written by ATLien


Atlanta Exes aired the 6th episode of their premiere season last night (September 15, 2014).

Last week, the ‘exes’ all bonded during a girl’s trip to the Caymen Islands and this week, they return home to deal with their everyday lives.Atlanta Exes - StraightFromTheA

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This week, Christina Johnson reunites with her blind date love connection while her ex-husband (Ceelo Green) tries to block her happiness by keeping her emotionally entangled.

Tameka Raymond gets grilled during a radio interview about her ‘celebrity ex’ status and also plans an event in honor of her deceased son.

Torrei Hart and Sheree Buchanan go on a road trip to visit Sheree’s ailing dad and Monyetta Shaw gets good news about her irreversible birth control procedure.

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NEWSFLASH! Usher Has Marriage on His Mind… [VIDEO]

Sep 15th 2014 | Written by ATLien

Usher Raymond StraightFromTheA 2
Usher Raymond recently did an interview with E! News where he admits that marriage is on his mind.

If you recall, it was just about a week ago that Usher stated he’d snatch his last name back from his ex-wife, Tameka Raymond if/when he ever decided to get married… (click HERE if you missed that).

Raymond has been dating his manager/gal pal, Grace Miguel for years now, and based on his latest interview, he may be prepping to marry his live in love.

[FLASHBACK: Confessions: Usher & Grace Miguel Talk Love, Life & Management in Billboard Magazine]

When asked about his marital plans, Usher reveals:

As of recent, I’ve been even more excited about the idea of it.

Maybe it could be the fact that I’ve spent the last year at everybody’s damn wedding, like I’ve become damn near the wedding singer.

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QUICK QUOTES: Usher Is Very Aware of His Decreasing Popularity… [PHOTOS]

Sep 10th 2014 | Written by ATLien

Usher Fault Magazine StraightFromTheA 3

Superstar Usher Raymond covers FAULT magazine’s Autumn/Winter 2014 issue, where he is apparently blaming someone for his decreasing popularity.

On the cover, the singer/songwriter appears in all-black ensemble, with the caption ‘Usher – This is your fault.’ The single dad also appears in one photo where he bares his chest while biting the leg of a faceless model.

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In the FAULT interview, entitled ‘The Man Who Can Do It All,’  Usher opens up about his new music, NBC’s ‘The Voice,’ his upcoming role as Surgar Ray Leonard and addresses his decreasing popularity.


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Atlanta Exes - StraightFromTheA 1

RECAP: ‘Atlanta Exes’ – Episode #5 ‘Girlfiend’s Getaway’ [WATCH FULL VIDEO]

Sep 9th 2014 | Written by ATLien

Atlanta Exes - StraightFromTheA 1

Atlanta Exes aired the 5th episode of its premiere season last night (September 9, 2014).

Last week, the ‘sisterhood’ between Tameka Raymond, Monyetta Shaw, Christina Johnson, Torrei Hart and Sheree Buchanan, strengthened as they resolved quite a bit of conflict with the help of a life coach.Atlanta Exes - StraightFromTheA 2

[RECAP: Atlanta Exes Ep. 6 ‘Frientervention’ (WATCH FULL VIDEO)]

This week, the ‘exes’ take a girlfriends getaway to the Caymen Islands, courtesy of Torrei , who invites them all down to a friends island home for some fun in the sun.

The ladies enjoy some bonding time and while there, Tameka reveals she’s having issues with Usher’s new live-in girlfriend, Monyetta deals with the pressure of her fresh break up from Ne-Yo, and Sheree talks to Christina about why she broke up with Willie.

In case you missed it, recap + full video below… Continue Reading…

tamar braxton shade

CONFESSIONS: Usher Tells ‘Dish Nation’ He Hasn’t Seen Ex Wife’s Reality Show… [VIDEO]

Sep 5th 2014 | Written by ATLien

Porsha Williams Usher Raymond - StraightFromTheA

Porsha Williams of The Real Housewives of Atlanta poses with Usher Raymond during her side gig on Dish Nation a few days ago.

The superstar singer appeared on the popular radio show to announce his the launch of his new tour, ‘The UR Experience,’ where he will celebrate 20 years of being ‘Usher Raymond’.

In addition to his grand announcement, Usher also shared his thoughts about his ex-wife Tameka Raymond and her appearance on the new VH1 reality show ‘Atlanta Exes.‘  When asked about it, Usher ‘confessed’:

“I have no feelings about it whatsoever.  I haven’t even seen it.

And yes. He actually said that with a straight face. 😆 Usher goes on to say…

I’ve been kinda busy… you know, raising kids… making records…

[Translation: I took the kids, so she has nothing better to do. ]

tamar braxton shade

In case you missed it, video of Usher on Dish Nation under the cut… Continue Reading…

Monyetta Shaw - Skimpy Mixers Event

RECAP: ‘Atlanta Exes’ Episode #4 ‘The Frientervention’ + Watch Full Video…

Sep 3rd 2014 | Written by ATLien

Atlanta Exes Group Shot - StraightFromTheA

VH1’s Atlanta Exes aired it’s 4th episode Monday evening (September 1, 2014).Atlanta Exes 3

This week, Tameka Raymond, Torrei Hart, Christina Johnson, Monyetta Shaw and Sheree Buchanan all focus on their ‘sisterhood’ as Christina once again plays peacemaker.

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After all the name calling, shot firing and mud slinging on last week’s episode, Christina and Monyetta talk Tameka into doing a girl’s trip to work out things between her and Torrei. While the trip started out awkward, it seems that the ladies are all open to letting bygones be bygones and moving forward with their friendships.

Atlanta Exes

In case you missed it, check out ‘Atlanta Exes’ episode #4 below… Continue Reading…