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TMZ Crack Mayor Headline 2014

FOR DISCUSSION: Should TMZ Apologize For Controversial Marion Barry ‘Crack Mayor’ Headline? Online Petition Started…

Nov 24th 2014 | Written by ATLien

TMZ Crack Mayor Headline 2014

Marion Barry‘s death was announced yesterday morning and while many honored the life lost, it seems TMZ thought it would be a good idea to make a joke of his death.

Barry passed away during the morning hours of November 24, 2014 and When the popular gossip site announced his death, they posted a controversial headline, which reads: “Marion Barry — Crack Mayor Dead At 78.”

Many took offense to the statement, referring to it as disrespectful and crass and hit the net to demand that TMZ change the offensive headline.

Nene Leakes So Nasty So Rude
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WATCH THIS! A Day In The ‘REAL’ Life Of Your Favorite Flossin’ Facebook Friend… [VIDEO]

Jun 25th 2014 | Written by ATLien

There’s an interesting viral video going around this week about how easy it is to flex on social media.

Now, I’m not one to floss online (insert side-eye) but I’m sure you’ve seen quite a few people online who love to ‘show off’.

Like that one guy who’s always posting photos of all his cash… or that chick who is constantly posting ‘boo’d up’ photos with her boyfriend of the moment. We’ve all been ‘catfished’ a time or two or three (and probably don’t even know it)…

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Don’t front, I’m almost positive you’ve ‘flexed’ online a time or two too!

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In The Tweets: Mimi Faust Announces Father’s Death, Stevie J Says She’s Next…

May 9th 2014 | Written by ATLien

Mimi Faust StraightFromtheA 5

Mimi Faust of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has gained quite a bit of popularity with her reality show stint, but she had a rough childhood to say the least.

[WATCH: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 (Episode #1) (Episode #2)]

If you recall, Faust shared on LHHATL that she ran away from her mother at the age of 13 after her mom converted to Scientology and Mimi didn’t feel comfortable following the new rules. And it was at that time, that Mimi reunited with her estranged father at the age of 26.

Sadly, Mimi’s Dad passed away recently and she wrote a small tribute to him on Instagram. But what followed was a series of mean text messages from Stevie J and you won’t believe what he said!

laptop shut done over

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Look Up Gary Turk StraightFromTheA

VIRAL VIDEO: ‘Look Up’ – An Inspirational Poem for the ‘Online Generation’… (VIDEO)

May 5th 2014 | Written by ATLien

Look Up Gary Turk StraightFromTheA
An awesome spoken word video entitled, ‘Look Up’ has gone viral and it’s specifically aimed the “online” generation (yes you!).

The piece is Written, performed and directed by Gary Turk, is described as ‘a lesson taught to us through a love story’. Look Up Gary Turk StraightFromTheA 1

We have now created a world world where we continue to find ways to make it easier for us to connect with one another through social media, and while it’s easier to ‘meet’ people nowadays, it’s also resulted in us spending more time alone.

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What’s the use of spending quality time with one person when you can communicate with many people at the same time while you sit at home alone?

“We’re a generation of idiots. Smart phones and dumb people.”

Take a moment to watch ‘Look Up,’ an inspirational spoken word piece targeted to those of you us who rarely ‘look up’ from their cell phones these days… Continue Reading…

Social Media Experiment 3

WATCH THIS!! Social Media Experiment Proves We Post Way Too Much Online… [VIDEO]

Apr 10th 2014 | Written by ATLien

Social Media Experiment 3

Comedian Jack Vale shot a video a few months ago of a ‘social media experiment’ to prove that many of us post way too much personal information online.

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One can learn a lot about a random stranger simply based on information posted via Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook and Vale’s video is solid proof that a lil snooping can go a very long way!

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Random strangers were shocked when a stranger (Vale) walked up to them and casually mentioned facts only they would know (ie hey it’s your birthday… or did you just eat chicken?).

If you post your every meal… your every whereabout… your every ‘everything’ online, you might think twice and may even change your privacy settings after watching this.


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Mother Facebook Lesson Fail StraightFromTheA

Facebook Fail! Mom’s Quest to Publicly Shame Daughter Backfires Online…

Mar 22nd 2014 | Written by ATLien

Facebook Fail StraightFromTheA 2014

A Colorado mother attempted to teach her daughter a lesson about placing photos online, but ended up learning a valuable lesson herself!

Kira Hudson posted a public photo of her daughter on Facebook, asking friends to share it.  The caption stated:

My 12-year-old daughter doesn’t understand why she can’t have an Instagram or Facebook account… Please ‘like and Share’ … She just doesn’t get it!

Hudson had the youngster pose with a sign that read, “3/18/14: Mom is trying to show me how many people can see a picture once it’s on the internet.”

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The photo got very close to receiving a million ‘likes’ and Hudson felt she had taught her daughter a lesson.

But wait!  The true lesson in this experiment was learned by the mom after the photo went viral and and her address and phone number ended up online!  She also noticed that the innocent message in the photo had been altered numerous times and some even included obscene messages!

laptop summer+school+monika

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