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Election 2012 – President Barack Obama Defeats Mitt Romney! Transcript + FULL Video of Victory Speech…

Nov 7th 2012 | Written by ATLien

President Barack Obama won his re-election after a tough battle Tuesday night, defeating former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney with 303 to Romney’s 202 electoral votes.

The nation’s weak economy plagued Obama’s first term, but in victory, he confidently promised better days ahead.

In the wee hours of the morning, Obama spoke to thousands of cheering supporters in his hometown of Chicago.  He praised his opponent and spoke of optimism for the next four years.

While our road has been hard, though our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up, we have fought our way back and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America, the best is yet to come.

Video + transcript of Obama’s 2012 Election victory speech below… Continue Reading…

Shady Buisness!! Voting Machines Change Obama Votes to Romney… [VIDEO]

Nov 6th 2012 | Written by ATLien

 There’s some shady business going on during the 2012 election.

NBC News reports that a Pennsylvania electronic voting machine was taken out of service earlier today after a voter captured on video a glitch where the machine changed a vote intended for President Barack Obama to a vote for his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney.

The disturbing viral video was posted online and shows a voter’s finger repeatedly pressing the button for Obama.  The check mark for Obama never appears, instead a mark pops up next to Romney’s name.

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Video proof of the tomfoolery + the voter’s account below… Continue Reading…

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For Those of You Who Assumed T.I. Couldn’t Vote… [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Nov 6th 2012 | Written by ATLien

Every election there’s debate about whether rapper/entrepreneur/reality star Clifford “T.I.” Harris can vote.

As you know, Tip pleaded guilty to weapons charges back in 2007 and his high priced attorneys found a loophole in Georgia law book, which allows convicted felons the right to vote.

The catch? They can only vote if not currently serving probation or a prison sentence.

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Tip fit the bill back in 2008 and cast his ballot for Barack Obama, and since he completed all requirements of his federal sentence back in September 2012, he’s free and clear to vote again!

Tip also sent a video message from the polls. Check it out… Continue Reading…