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Killer Mike Surprise Party-16

Party Pics: Big Boi, Chamillionaire & More Attend Killer Mike’s Surprise 40th Birthday Party… (PHOTOS + VIDEO))

Apr 22nd 2015 | Written by ATLien

Killer Mike Surprise Party-17

Michael Render aka ‘Killer Mike‘ recently celebrated his 40th year of life at a surprise party surrounded by friends, family and supporters last Monday evening (April 20, 2015).

Yes… Mike was really born on the day celebrated by pot smokers all over the world and his 40th birthday was all ‘green’ everything, including a cannabis shaped cake.Killer Mike Surprise Party-22

The talented lyricist has gained a ton of notoriety with his eloquent raps and speeches focusing social activism (click HERE if you missed Mike on CNN) but that didn’t stop him from totally losing it when faced with a crowed fulled with many of his favorite people.

Guests were treated to an open bar (Hennessy & Jack Daniels flowed freely) and included Big Boi and his wife Sherlita Patton, Chamillionaire, Jason Geter, Joe Baker, Kawan Prather, DJ Toomp, Ray Murray, Bonecrusher, BackBone, DJ Cutmaster Swiff, DJ Princess Cut, Mika Means and many many more.

Photos + video of Killer Mike’s emotional speech below… Continue Reading…

Butter, Andre 3000, Seven, Cheez, Lil Rod, C-Bone, Slimm Calhoun - StraightFromTheA

Not So Blind Item: Outkast / Dungeon Family Camp Member Accused of Running Ticket Scam… [AUDIO]

Dec 8th 2014 | Written by ATLien

Butter, Andre 3000, Seven, Cheez, Lil Rod, C-Bone, Slimm Calhoun - StraightFromTheA
Word on the curb is that a particular Outkast/Dungeon Family camp member has been accused of stealing money in a ticket scam that ran for several of the group’s festival tour dates.

Outkast 20 Festival Tour Dates 2014 - StraightFromTheAY’all know how I love me some Outkast & Dungeon Family, so I ain’t saying names, but wrong is wrong and scamming fans of the legendary supergroup is even more of a crime when done by someone so close to the crew.

[FLASHBACK: Outkast #ATLast! 3-Days of Atlanta Memories + Surprise Performance By Erykah Badu (PHOTOS + VIDEO)]

Several sources confirm that this particular Outkast camp member admitted to scamming hardworking concert goers in several states and even ‘allegedly’ sold ‘meet & greets’ with Andre 3000, that reportedly never happened!

SMH The Wire

More details about the Outkast ticket scammer below… Continue Reading…


StraightFromTheA Ticket Give-Away! Win Tickets to Killer Mike’s ‘Dungeon & Dragons’ Concert!

Oct 7th 2014 | Written by ATLien


Legendary Atlanta rapper Killer Mike is hosting a REAL A-Town Experience and you could be in the house to witness the jam session!

This Friday, October 10th, Killa-kill from Adamsville will be performing alongside several of his Dungeon Family brethren for the ‘DUNGEON & Dragons’ concert, which coincides with the AC3 music festival in Atlanta this weekend.

Renegade El Rey, EJ the Witchdoctor, Pretty Ken, Backbone, Blackowned C-Bone, Slimm Calhoun, Scotty ATL and as a StraightFromTheA reader, you can win tickets to see my hometown crew LIVE onstage!

Killer Mike Dance

Details below… Continue Reading…

ATLien TMo Khujo Goodie Circa 2003

Quick Quotes: ATLien on Why We LOVE Atlanta…

Nov 30th 2011 | Written by ATLien

Creative Loafing recently revealed the top 157 Reasons Atlantans love ATL in their “We ♥ ATL” edition and looky who they hit up for a quote.

Of course, y’all know I’m always hyped about reppin’ the home team, so the number #1 reason I personally love Atlanta is…

Because we have our own terminology:

“ATL, SWATS [South West Atlanta Too Strong], Old NAT’L, and, of course, ATLien — all invented by Dungeon Family artists. Also, true Atlantans also know that the only ‘T’ found in ‘Atlanna’ comes in a glass with lots of sugar and a lil lemon.”

~ Michelle “ATLien” Brown, hip-hop/gossip blogger,

[Sidebar: Yeah… I took it waaay back with that pic of me, T-Mo and Khujo Goodie! 😆 ]

Please feel free to share reasons you LOVE and/or HATE the great city of Atlanta…

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Dungeon Family GQ

The Dungeon Family FULL GQ Article aka ‘All About Cee-Lo Green’….

Oct 28th 2011 | Written by ATLien

The Dungeon Family
‘s full GQ article has finally been released, where they are being recognized amongst “The Survivors” of the music industry.

While some feel there are a few missing from the GQ photo… it’s evident even from the article that only ONE was chosen as “The Voice” of the classic crew.

But at least the gave Big Rube a lil bit of video time… *sigh*

Read a bit of CeeLo Green’s interview below…. Continue Reading…

Nappy Roots Hey Love

“Hey Love” ~ Nappy Roots ft. Samuel Christian [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Oct 28th 2011 | Written by ATLien

Nappy Roots release the official video for “Hey Love” from their newly released project “NappyDotOrg” project.

In the visual, dem Nappy Boyz revisit a classic Spike Lee joint, “Do The Right Thing.”

The director did a great job of capturing the classic Spike Lee joint…. from Mookie delivering pizza to Radio Raheem with his boom box and love/hate knuckle ring…

They even have a Rosie Perez look-alike shimmying around.

Watch the OFFICIAL video for “Hey Love” and see if you can a few more “Do the Right Thing” moments… Continue Reading…