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5 Mo Minutes ~ Chicago Larry at American Idol (Video)

Jul 9th 2009 | Written by ATLien


Chicago Larry is back. Still tryna extend the 5 minutes of fame he stole from Ray J and Cavaiar on “For the Love of Ray J” last season. He’s a really creepy funny guy so I’ll lend him a hand in granting him 5 mo minutes! This time dude is lurking around the American Idol auditions in Chicago where he found all the rejects and no potential winners…well actually 1 or 2 of could sing a lil bit. I probably woulda voted for Lonzo had he made it, but he was booted as soon as he opened his mouth:


Lonzo said they ‘scriminated on him because of his teeef! 😆

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Pimp + Player = Chicago Larry & Trey Songz (Video)

May 26th 2009 | Written by ATLien


Chicago Larry is back! I know ya’ll remember me telling you he’s on a mission to secure his own spot on TV…well, this time he’s dragged Trey Songz into one of his hilarious videos. Larry and Trey chopped it up for a bit and he even got Trey to sing a verse acapella.  Yet again, Larry’s proved that he is television ready.  Get ready to laugh!

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Video ~ A Message from Chicago Larry

May 16th 2009 | Written by ATLien

I’m a Chicago Larry STAN for life!! I seem to have this thing for wannabe pimps 😕 Anywhoo….Larry wants everyone to know he’s appreciative of all the love he’s received….even though he’s already forgotten that it was For the Love of Ray-J that put him on the map. Most importantly, Larry wants you to know that he “ain’t no pimp!”  Hilarious! I can’t wait for the VH1 pilot episode…

In case you missed it:

Future Reality Show Alert ~ Chicago Larry
Spotted ~ Chicago Larry Lurking at ANTM Casting Call

Spotted ~ Chicago Larry Lurking at ANTM Casting Call

May 2nd 2009 | Written by ATLien

Chicago Larry sent over this recent video of his visit to an America’s Next Top Model model call. In classic predator mode with camera in hand, Larry pounces on all the poor, innocent model wanna-bees. *sigh* I dunno what’s worse, the fact that creepy “A”zz Chicago Larry is pounding the pavement for new recruits or the fact that he has my email address. 😕

Video below:

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Flix/Video ~ Future Reality Show Alert ~ Chicago Larry

Apr 19th 2009 | Written by ATLien

Flavor Flav proved that spin-offs can be mad profitable [I love New York, Real Chance of Love, I Love Money]. Hell, it’s only natural that Ray-J’s show would sprout a few. I told you a few days ago about Danger’s new show and her crazy twittering, now word on the street is that Chicago Larry, the ummm creep voiced pimp photographer/manager that was linked to For the Love of Ray-J‘s Caviar, is currently shopping his own network reality show. Chicago Larry is Grade A, 100% proof, prime realty show material. Not only does he *cough* “manage” 300+ women, providing their services for rap videos and such [insert side-eye here], but he’s hot on the scene rubbing elbows with celebs from coast to coast.

Tons of celebs have been spotted in his presence. Including a few “A” town favs like Rocko, Shawty Lo, Lloyd, Yung Joc…hell even Chilli has been up in the mix!

What can BROWN do for you?  😆

Now, I’m not knockin’ the man’s hustle by any means cause a pimp’s…oops! I mean a photographer’s gotta eat too. But I’m bout to lose a bet cause I just knew mean green Bishop Don Magic Juan would be the first official P.I.M.P. with his own show. Oh well…there goes my $3 bux.

Check out a few Chicago Larry candids where he’s posing with several of his celebrity johns….tricks…clients, friends as well as a hilarious sneak preview video of what’s to come: Continue Reading…