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jerod brown - mugshot

Mugshot Mania – Jerod Brown aka Bobby Kristina’s Cousin Arrested in Atlanta…

Mar 23rd 2015 | Written by ATLien

jerod brown - mugshot

Meet Jerod Wallace Brown-Carter.

You may (or may not) recognize Jerod as the outspoken first cousin of Bobbi Kristina Brown who has been vigilant in his quest to clear Nick Gordon’s name. Most recently, Jerod was in the news for lying about being connected with the King Foundation regarding funds  to be donated for his Bobbi Kristina tribute video.

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Jerod, 27 posed for the mugshot above earlier today after being arrested during a routine traffic stop, while some may feel his latest arrest is all tied to ‘karma’ for his misdeeds.

Whitney Houston

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Jerod Brown Pray4BK Video 1

FACEBOOK FAIL! Bobbi Kristina’s Cousin Blasted For Lying About #Pray4BK Tribute Video Funds…

Mar 18th 2015 | Written by ATLien

Jerod Brown Pray4BK Video 1

As Bobbi Kristina Brown remains unconscious in an Atlanta area hospital another one of her family members is attempting to benefit from her dire situation.

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Jerod Brown, Bobby Brown‘s nephew, recently asked the world to support his new tribute song based off the popular social media hashtag #PrayforBK.

Jerod sent the song out via social media, claiming that all proceeds would be going to Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘Be A King’ Foundation…

Jerod Brown 1

Welp… the opportunistic artist may have got his song out there on the heels of Krissi’s tragedy, but he also got blasted by a representative of the King family for lying!

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Leolah Brown TMZ 1

WATCH THIS! Bobbi Kristina’s Aunt Leolah Brown Blasts Nick Gordon & Pat Houston… [VIDEO]

Mar 15th 2015 | Written by ATLien

Leolah Brown TMZ 1

Fresh on heels of Nick Gordon‘s controversial Dr. Phil appearance (click HERE if you missed that), Bobbi Kristina‘s aunt, is speaking out yet again.

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This time, instead of writing her thoughts on Facebook, Leolah Brown has done a sit down interview for TMZ.

In the footage, Leolah blames Bobbi Kristina’s brother/boo Nick Gordon for Krissi’s dire medical state, claiming she has knowledge of what Nick did to his girlfriend and calling him “guilty.”

She also has a few choice words for Pat Houston, blasting her for forcing an emotionally wrecked Bobbi Kristina into doing a reality show so soon after her mom’s death.

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ATLien Tweet

STUNTS & SHOWS: Watch Nick Gordon’s ‘Intervention’ + Dr. Phil Defends ‘Questionable’ Interview… [FULL VIDEO]

Mar 12th 2015 | Written by ATLien

Nick Gordon Dr. Phil

Nick Gordon, the brother/boyfriend/fake husband of Bobbi Kristina Brown, is apparently in such despair since her hospitalization that he’s been abusing drugs and alcohol.

At least that’s what Dr. Phil (and Nick’s publicist) wants us to believe.  That interview was so over the top that I almost feel like it was scripted.

ATLien Tweet

Nick Gordon went from pretending to be falling down drunk and/or high to walking upright and a matter of what seemed like 5 seconds.  He even seemed to have been briefed on the questions, which he answered several times before they were even asked!

It was a spectacle for sure! And don’t even get me started on Michelle Gordon, Nick’s mom *sigh*

Watch the full episode below + read Dr. Phil’s statement in defense of all the side-eye’s he’s getting below… Continue Reading…

Stunts & Shows: Nick Gordon Caught ‘Drunk’ on Tape + Dr. Phil Tells Him to ‘Man Up’ About Bobbi Kristina… [VIDEO]

Mar 11th 2015 | Written by ATLien

Nick Gordon Drunk

Nick Gordon, the brother/boyfriend/fake husband of Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown is working overtime to garner your sympathy.

As Krissi remains hospitalized in a drug induced coma, Nick has hired a publicist to get him featured on shows like Dr. Phil so that he can share the pain of being kept from his lover’s bedside.Nick Gordon Breaks Down 1

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The Brown’s and the Houston’s are reportedly outraged about the publicity stunt and Leolah Brown, Bobby Brown’s sister, pleads with the public to see Nick for his works.

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That being said… on the eve of Gordon’s Dr. Phil appearance, a video of him falling down drunk in an Atlanta hotel has miraculously surfaced.  There’s also more footage of Gordon’s television debut, where Dr. Phil tells him to ‘man up’ about the situation prior to shipping him off to rehab.

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Leolah Brown Facebook - Nick Gordon

Bobbi Kristina’s Aunt Pens Open Letter To Dr. Phil About Nick Gordon + Watch Teaser Video…

Mar 10th 2015 | Written by ATLien


As the world anxiously awaits Nick Gordon‘s drama filled television debut on Dr. Phil, one of Bobbi Kristina’s relatives is speaking out against it.

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leolah-brownLeolah Brown, Bobby Brown’s sister recently wrote an open letter to Dr. Phil via Facebook, which urges the TV host and the media in general to avoid giving BK’s thirsty boyfriend Nick, “a platform.”

Brown also spills tea about Gordon’s criminal investigation in connection with her 22-year-old niece’s near drowning, stating:

With all due respect, Nick Gordon is under investigation for attempted murder of my niece Bobbi Kristina Brown…

In the meantime, a teaser video has been released from the episode, showing Gordon displaying horrible theatrics and fake tears in an effort to garner public sympathy.

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