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THe Jordans Take LA - Stevie J Joseline 2

Reality Show Alert! Stevie J. & Joseline Hernandez Land #LHHATL Spin-Off Show…

Aug 28th 2015 | Written by ATLien

THe Jordans Take LA - Stevie J Joseline 3

It’s official.  Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta have secured their own spin-off show. (As if we didn’t see this one coming!)

The music producer and his ‘Puerto rican princess’ have officially moved to the west coast, where they have been shooting their new reality show for  a little over a month now.

joseline dabaddest 1

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Derek J The J Spot 1

CASE DISMISSED!! Celebrity Hairstylist Derek J. Wins ‘Stolen Weave’ Lawsuit…. [EXCLUSIVE DETAILS]

Aug 28th 2015 | Written by ATLien

Derek J Benita Williams Case Dismissed

NEWSFLASH! The ‘stolen weave’ case against celebrity hairstylist/reality star Derek J. has officially been DISMISSED!

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Derek J Benita Williams Court Case (READ MORE)It was just a little over a month ago that Derek J. and his attorney in the case, Phaedra Parks of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, were in court facing the accusations of Benita Williams, a woman claiming that he’d ‘stole’ her weave right out of her head (click HERE if you missed that).

During their 1st court appearance (July 23), Derek refused to settle with the Plaintiff, who was seeking THOUSANDS of dollars in ‘damages’ and the case was subsequently rescheduled after Williams ‘fainted’ due to the stress (insert side-eye).

The parties appeared in court again yesterday (Aug 27) and Williams was no less dramatic than the first time.  However, this time around the outcome was favorable to Derek J.


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Nick Gordon Bobbi Kristina Gravesite

PHOTO OP: Nick Gordon Reportedly Paid $40K For ‘Teary’ Pics Taken Near Bobbi Kristina’s Grave…

Aug 27th 2015 | Written by ATLien

Nick Gordon 2

Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s fake husband, Nick Gordon, may have been banned from her funeral but that apparently can’t stop him visiting her gravesite.

While a multi-million dollar wrongful death lawsuit still looms over his head (click HERE if you missed that), the ‘grieving’ former partner of Whitney Houston’s daughter took the opportunity to pay his own respects to his lost love last week, as he remembered Brown in his own way by paying a visit to her grave.

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With red and pink roses in hand, and carrying a folder full of photos featuring himself, Bobbi Kristina and Whitney Houston, Gordon spent about an hour at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey, where both Brown and Houston were laid to rest and shed a few tears for the paparazzi.

While his visit seems like a noble gesture, it’s being reported that Nick copped a check for about $40,000 for his time.

SMH The Wire

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Trinidad James 1

QUICK QUOTES: Trinidad James Addresses All You Instagram ‘Models’…

Aug 27th 2015 | Written by ATLien

Trinidad James 2

Rapper Trinidad James hit the net recently with an Instagram post aimed at the women of the world.trinidad james pop molly woo

The artist, known for poppin’ mollies and sweatin’ in his song ‘All Gold Everything,’ provided a few heartfelt words of wisdom online yesterday after seeing a few too many naked Instagram THOTS.

While James clearly appreciates the free peep show from all the chicks on Instagram ‘straight flexing,’ he encourages those same women to develop talents outside of taking it all off, stating:

If you can get yo booty right, then you can get ya character right. Plain and Simple.

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Bloggers on HOT TALK Jill Tracey

Bloggers ATLien, Funky Dineva & Darius Cooks Talk ‘Social Media & Money’ on Miami’s ‘HOT TALK w/ Jill Tracey… [AUDIO]

Aug 26th 2015 | Written by ATLien

Darius Cooks Jill Tracey Michelle ATLien Brown Funky Dineva Blaze Comedy
After celebrating my birthday in Miami last week, I had the distinct pleasure of appearing HOT105FM alongside fellow bloggers, Darius Williams (aka Darius Cooks) and Quintin Latham (aka Funky Dineva) last Sunday night (August 23, 2015).

Miami’s own Jill Tracey (of Hot105’s ‘Hot Talk w/Jill Tracey) was kind enough to invite us all to appear on her radio show to discuss our various experiences in being an online entrepreneur, but the official topic was ‘if your social media isn’t making money, then it don’t make sense’.I-Have-Got-to-Blog

Each of us brought something different to the table and it made for interesting conversation.

For the record, I apologize for the lack of blawg posts lately… but I needed a BREAK!!

Rest assured that things will be back to normal soon, but in the meantime… in case you missed it, check out our ‘Bloggers’ Hot Talk radio segment below… Continue Reading…

Blac Chyna Amber Ross Kiss 2

REALITY SHOW ALERT! Amber Rose & Blac Chyna Reportedly Up Next…

Aug 26th 2015 | Written by ATLien

Ambr Blac Chyna 1

NEWSFLASH! Professional strippers turnt ‘baby mamas,’ Amber Rose & Blac Chyna are headed to a small screen near you!

The two BFF’s who became notorious after being wifed up and knocked up by rappers Wiz Khalifa and Tyga, respectively, will be collaborating with MTV for a new reality show.

Amber Blac Chyna

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