Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez and Anel Baez

Facebook Fail! 16 y/o Girl Stabs ‘Best Friend’ 26 Times For Posting Nude Photo…

Apr 2nd 2014 | Written by ATLien

Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez and Anel Baez

NEWSFLASH! Your BFF might possibly be your worst enemy!

Two 16 year-old girls in Mexico found that out the hard way recently.

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It appears that when one of the ‘besties’ chose to post a nude photo of them together on her Facebook page, the other party in the photo wasn’t too pleased.

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16-year-old Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez became so angry with Anel Baez after the picture appeared in her Facebook timeline that she stabbed her BFF to death!!

Nicki Minaj

Details below…

According to The Mirror, Police in Guamúchil, Sinaloa, about 500 miles south of Arizona, say Gutierrez “became furious” and threatened to kill her friend multiple times but Baez never took the threats seriously.

Gutierrez even hit the tweets about her feelings when she spotted the incriminating nude online, stating:



“It may seem that I am very calm, but in my head I have killed you at least three times,” Gutierrez wrote on Twitter.

Baez reportedly invited her BFF/alleged killer over to her house on March 19 to “patch things up” between them and Gutierrez said she need to use the restroom.

Instead of going to the bathroom, police say, she went to the kitchen and got a large knife and stabbed Baez 65 times in the back.

Police say Gutierrez tried to conceal her involvement in the death by openly grieving for her friend and attending Baez’s funeral, where she was arrested.

If convicted of murder, Gutierrez, a minor, can only serve a maximum of 7 years in prison. In other words, she will likely be released by the time she is 23.

That’s plenty of time to live a long, full life like the one her friend will never have. (source)

Both of the girls are clearly wrong in this situation… but did homegirl really deserve to DIE over it?

What do you think of this bizarre ‘facebook fail’?



  1. Senona Ross says:

    Damn thats just crazy

  2. Still don´t see the good of Social Media at times…

  3. You gotta be more careful. You never know what someone´s breaking point is.

  4. She did not deserve to die. says:

    Im not sure why ANYONE would post a nude photo of another person without their permission.BFF or not! But to kill someone over it ,is extreme! Young people look toward the future as the next day,instead of long into the future.Thats sad.It may be a whole lot of people forcing her to get naked in the lock up!and they may want to do more than look.So saddle up and pray the victim has no relatives in your new temporary home.SMH.Such a tragic story. Rest In Peace young angel.

    • Manguuo says:

      At 16 you are old enought to drive, so you're suppose to have MUCH BETTER judgement about the repercussion of killing.

      What are the parents saying? Where are the parents?

      And she posted that on twitter?? Smdh This Planet has gone mad

  5. Msking30 says:

    Are you serious? (mouth dropped) SMH

  6. Jesus…..please take the wheel!!

  7. Ya Feels Me says:

    Ummm this could just be me, but I'm not inviting NO-ONE over to da crib that already said they have killed me three times in their head. Child please. Lol

  8. STLChick says:

    I say it time and time again, they need to start teaching anger management in schools. These kids are ill-equipped to deal with their anger, jealousy, feelings of rejection, etc. Bless that girl's family. So senseless.

  9. Davislegacy says:

    Were they lovers? When I was 16, I definitely did NOT take naked pics with my bff.

  10. MzScorpio says:

    This is a sad story!! That's absolutely correct, children now are I'll equipped to control their emotions and seem to resort to violence not fully understanding the consequences!! This is real life, not TV! I've heard time and time again kids saying, I'm a minor, they (police) can't do anything to me. Here in Md, the juvenile justice system (and the adult system for that matter) are very lenient which is why crime is getting so bad. I think that the System needs to be more swift! Social Media has taken a role with these kids that I'm sure wasn't the intention of the creators! I'm missing the 80/90's, things wre so much different even with the crack epidemic, kids are rude, disrespectful, etc! I'm praise children who are on the right path and do not succumb to the negative that it so accessible to them.

    One thing, parents should take more control of what they listen to. I wish artists would understand that they are big influences on the youth and make better choices as to what they record!! All the bitches and Hoes songs they put out, young girls "twirking" not being ladies AT ALL!! Like it's cool or acceptable to act in the manner instead of the reverse. Pray for the next generation!!

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  12. Philly Finest!! says:

    Young girls like that normally fight it out, this here (stab someone 26 times) is a person who was extremely angry (rage) jealous perhaps it's not normal.

    She( who killed the other young woman I can't say best friend because a "real best friend wouldn't do that ( you fight,stop speaking, whatever,but not cause intentional harm to another person) could have had ill feelings toward the young woman already and it built up and this was the final straw.

    All that crying was fake. Believe it!

    People when a person make veiled threats take it personal and serious doesn't matter who it comes from.

    Not every one is your friend. There are levels to friendship,and make sure "everyone is on the same page reading from the same book

  13. reality blackout says:

    I hope this story makes it on to Snapped for next season.

  14. lockstress says:

    Uhm…OVERKILL! I could see beating her up (not saying that its ever right) or pressing charges but this????
    I feel sorry for both families.

  15. Dana Terrell says:

    With friends like that who needs assassins.
    seriously? ??
    Dana t

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