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RHOA Season 6 Reunion TEA: Did Porsha Stewart Beat Down Kenya Moore?

Mar 27th 2014 | Written by ATLien


The Real Housewives of Atlanta taped the reunion show for its explosive 6th season today (March 27, 2014) and reportedly there were fireworks on the set!

While most would agree that Phaedra Parks was the person who shoulda ‘b*tch slapped’ Kenya Moore for her comments about Apollo Nida (CLICK HERE if you missed Tamar Braxton’s message to the ‘Kenya Moores’ of the world), word on the curb is that it was Porsha Stewart who beat the breaks off of Miss RATCHET USA.


Details below…

I’d heard about the ‘fight’ early this evening but couldn’t get a solid confirmation.

Sources revealed to Radar Online that Porsha ‘beat the sh*t’ outta Kenya as her startled castmates looked on…

“Kenya brought sex toys to the reunion taping to taunt Porsha about Kordell’s sexuality and she couldn’t take it anymore,” an eyewitness told Radar about the Real Housewives of Atlanta drama.

“Porsha beat the sh*t out of her! She is a little thing and she jumped on her and pulled her down to the ground by her hair, and Kenya doesn’t have a weave, it is all her own hair.”

Porsha has been quiet online but oddly enough, NeNe Leakes sent a tweet of support after word spread of the ‘beat down’…


Do you believe Porsha beat up Miss Ratchet USA?


    • ISAIDIT! says:

      Phaedra WHY did Porsha do what you should have done all along! I can just see you sittin there watching,probably eatin a damn porkchop sandwich.Kenya could have been on stage tongue kissing Apollo,your scary behind would not take your gap teeth out of that porkchop!Get it together or LEAVE IT ALONE!

      • GirlSixx says:

        OMG.. Stoppppppp!!!


      • legaleagle says:

        I have to agree 100% with this comment. Phaedra is just a little too consumed with this southern bell act. Sometimes its ok to place your decorum on the back burner when a woman gets out of line with your husband. I'm an attorney as well but if a woman ever got out of line with my man the way Kenya has with Apollo, that juris doctorate would be placed on the back burner while I beat her down.

        • Jennifer says:

          I'm pretty sure she is more worried about being disbarred for catching an assult charge then she is about being a southern belle.

        • ISI says:

          Why worry about being disbarred ,when you haven't represented anyone since Bobby Brown ! Unless you count the time Bob Whitfield educated her non letigating a ** in court ! Phaedra has never been a southern belle ! Lies she tell!

        • WatchwaytoomuchTV says:

          Violence, REALLY??

        • Seanjuanatl says:

          I agree with you 110% percent, but as an attorney or any reputable career, doctor, lawyer , realtor, etc. You sign a morals clause where as if you do something on the line of violence, corruption, assault, etc… you can lose your license and disbarred and your career is destroyed. Trust me Kenya deserves an asswhooping, but if I was a professional with a lot to lose like Phaedra. I wouldn't do it on camera.

      • BrownOcean says:

        Lmao….you done took my life.

      • cns says:

        Because Phaedra is a coward and gets others to do her dirty work. Porshaflunky behind did the heavy lifting for both of them cowards(Nene & Phaedra)an got herself fired from her only job. Phaedra and Nene throw Porsha under the bus.

      • JRoc85 says:

        Hahahahaha, you wrong for that! I won't believe it UNTIL I see it!! Kenya (in the words of Sheneneh Jenkins) "you got to bob & weave. Bob & use your weave!!!" IMO, if Porsha's gonna go off on Kenya for saying she was a "beard," then she should go off on Peter for asking her the EXACT same thing.

    • womanwithabackbone says:

      Im all for a good fight but porcha is too cute to carry on like that but kenya needs to stop being so damn jokey joke and stop pushing people's buttons.

    • DominicanChica says:

      SMH Porsha-grandaughter of a great activist – is on tv FIGHTING?!?! She has a legacy to protect but she let Nene convince her to do the dirty work?!?! Nene has to be feeling some kind of way about Kenya being on Celebrity Aprrentice – she never seemed to be okay with other people's successes so she probably got into Porsha's ear. There goes any potential endorsements you may have received Porsha.

      • ISAIDIT! says:

        This can not be blamed on NeNe Leakes! Porsha is a grown woman.Youre being ridiculous!This dont have anything to do with Nene.SMH

      • aries says:

        I read that is exactly what happen, Nene hyped Porscha up and Porscha had been drinking a whole bottle of champagne and just snapped as soon as Kenya said something about her.

        • ISI says:

          People do what they want to! People kill me talking about someone hyped someone up! Please! If a weak minded person is hyped up that's their fault! Not Nene's or anyone else. Handle yourself like a grown woman !

      • Mannie says:

        LOL I have to disagree … The comment about the underground railroad opened those doors a long time ago. Porsha is a pretty face and she is still getting paid…After all, Apollo and Peter jumped Brandon and not only are they still on the show but still benefiting financially from the press.

    • Tanya Terry says:

      Good, somebody should have kicked Kenya's ass a long time ago. You go Porsha!

    • WatchwaytoomuchTV says:

      Porsha is taking DUMB to a whole new level to let a bitch get in your ear(pheadra) and brawl on national television, and have a hoe get under your skin (NeNe) to the point of losing your job is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Porsha has consistently played the dunce throughout this entire season, and now her ending is getting into a fist fight with Kenya, this is how you go out?

  1. I was hoping this not a rumor like the Georgia prune beatdown was that one time. But since you posted it my popcorn allllll ready popped and waiting.

  2. Bryan says:

    someone needs to beat KENYA DOWN. hopefully she gave her a good old sharkeisha to the face and knocked her teeth out.

    • Porsha has the Monster? says:

      Bryan, why don't they just beat your gay ass down instead? Anywho I heard Porsha has the MONSTER.That's why she's so sensitive suddenly about Kordell gay rumors that she helped promote all season long. Same source says Kordell Does NOT have the monster, just Porsha. Can anyone confirm this tea? I heard it from an ATL dude who says his bf works at the clinic.

      • dame says:

        What is "the MONSTER"?

        • Tami Roman Beer Bottle says:

          Aids and this made up story he posted no one has heard such thing or even told you such shit just like an Atlanta sissy going around lying about people having aids the irony

        • KING says:

          This hateful ass person is trying to imply that Porsha has AIDS, which no one else on earth has heard or reported

      • 2bme says:

        You are truly miserable to even try and spread this..Wth is wrong with you?

        • Ariyana says:

          I agree. I can't believe the direction these posts have taken.

          Please people…. These are 2 BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMEN! Lets celebrate both of them and not tear them down….. PEACE TO ALL….

        • you are right I should not have repeated that says:

          I should not have repeated that. There is no option to delete or I would remove it. I was curious to know if that was the answer but it is bad thing to repeat or entertain.

        • agreed says:

          You are right. It was a disgusting thing to repeat and post. I should not have posted that questionable tea especially since the guy who told me is so gross in general. I was just curious if that was the answer but I doubt it's true.

      • TRYAGAIN says:

        You are dead ass wrong for implying this shit and starting a fucked up ass rumor about thatgirl, Kenya! I guess you must have sent for her because she came for you!

        • you are right I should not have repeated that says:

          Hey, wait a minute! I never said she had it for sure. She's a beautiful black woman so I pray not. Maybe I shouldn't have repeated it but I was curious if that's why she was suddenly sensitive about allegedLy being a beard. Just a question but you are right I should NOT have repeated that. I am sorry for repeating that especially since the guy who told me is really just mean spirited and nasty person in general. I would remove the comment but there is no option to delete or edit on here.

    • greer says:

      I agree, Bryan! This beat down was coming to Kenya. This is what happens when a person has arbitrary hatred for all other women just because they have a relationship/family (natalie, porsha, phaedra, kandi… Kenya bitched about them all and seemed offended that they had something she did not).

    • kk says:

      I completed agree keyoon been starting mess with was time for her but to be kick.she need to be off the show

    • mskayty says:

      She had it coming. Porsha flipped and went straight Diamond from the Player's Club on that ass. Good for her. It ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun. She snatched that shit right out of Kenya's hands. I wonder if Porsha went all "light skinned gorilla" on that bitch. Honey, Kenya and Miss Brandon probably got ribs broke on the same side. BWAHAHAHAAAA! *shew*

    • bella says:

      Its about time that hoe got her ass beat .im sorry but she step out of line so many time so she had it coming. I new they all would be gunning for her at the reunion so i hope it true. Oh well dave queen b the chance of getting her hands dirty.#porshatunupdeting…

      • Ggapproves says:

        I can't stand people like you, jumping to conclusions when you have no FACTS that she got her ass beat,your just mad

        • WatchwaytoomuchTV says:

          Y'all are some violent women in here. It's sad that when you can't handle yourselves like intellect women, you have to resort to violence. GROW UP.

  3. SHAWTY B! says:


  4. I really hope she didn´t step down to a BW (basic woman) she knows better. And I really doubt Kenya would let her even near her. Porsha is better than that. But everyone has their breaking point\

    • Lyntee says:

      BW level or not,(no body's perfect…shit happens) sometimes you gotta go there and put a Bitch in they place.

  5. I really hope she didn´t step down to a BW (basic woman) she knows better. And I really doubt Kenya would let her even near her. Porsha is better than that. But everyone has their breaking point\

  6. It was a matter of time. Should´ve been Phaedra though. Lawd knows she needs to beat Kenya down.

  7. justpeachy says:

    Oh, say it ain't so. If it's true, I wonder how Kenya will spin, I mean twirl this tea.

  8. I don´t usually condone violence, but this heifer deserved it.

    • ISAIDIT! says:

      I gotta see this for myself.I can not see Porsha whipping Ms.Stallion booty! If she did I say,BRAVO! No pun intended!

  9. justpeachy says:

    Porsha gave Kenya that A town stomp?

  10. Donna Jones says:


  11. Che Ramey says:

    I kinda hope this is true but then again I don´t. Kenya would press charges…even though she deserves it.

  12. If it really happened … Kenya had it coming big time!!!!

  13. I hope it´s true, I know I was too through when she told Pheadra “please don´t speak for your husband”

    • ISAIDIT! says:

      Im not going to be surprised if Apollo jumped on the stage,and pulled Porsha off of his woman! Then looked at Phaedra and told her ,your fat a** better not touch her either!!

      • GirlSixx says:


        *smh* I wonder if Apollo even showed up, I am glad to hear Phaedra did. I just knew them two was going to lay low.

        • ISAIDIT! says:


        • GirlSixx says:


          Yeah I figured that as well it had to have been a surprised attack (kenya not expecting it)cuz there is no way Kenya would have just sat there and done nothing.

  14. Lisa Getaway says:

    Yes!! I would of leaped on her head!! Lol

  15. Chunte01 says:

    That's what Kenya gets! My Gma always told me keep you nose out of married folks business that's between them and God. Porsha told her she would never know the conviction of a WIFE I guess so she showed her the conviction of crossing the line! I never advocate violence but if she bought sex toys to the reunion to taunt Porsha she deserved every minute of that A Town STOMP!

  16. When you talk too much you get shut the fcuk up!

  17. ateasweet says:

    Hit that guy with the strap on. Lol its all good nothing to fight about really. I couldnt imagine Porsha fighting at all. I cant even picture what Kenya would do.

  18. Damn its beat a beat down of all the ugly girls first Sundy now Kenya. She had it coming

  19. I bet Phaedra was sitting back getting her life, when it all went down.

  20. KING says:

    Lord knows I hate to support violence…. BUT YES GOD BITCH!!! I HOPE PORSHA GOT IN THAT ASS!!! Kenya is so fucking CHILDISH!! She gets on my damn nerves! *clears throat* ahem… goodnight…

  21. The shade is BRAVO will edit the hell outt´a this reunion so we probaly won´t see the brawl!

    • versatile says:

      You know they will. But I hope this was part 1 or during middle of reunion show because now that we know what went down, we will be looking for somebody lookin' busted and a smile on Porsha's face.

      • justpeachy says:

        Thanks for schooling me on what to look for. We will definitely know by Porsha's face…Let the games begin..

  22. Anonymous says:

    Of course black women will support violence. Blacks are always the first ones to scream racism but you treat your own worse than ANY other race and then you wonder why other races look down on you and see you as a joke. It's funny how NONE of that hardly happens on the white reality TV shows other than Mob Wives maybe. EVERY black reality show I've ever seen has some of the most violent people I've ever seen.

    My advice to Kenya Moore is get off this show with these bottom of the barrel hoodrats. Her and Cynthia should leave this show! They are way too pretty to be on this gutter show. I know Sheree and Kim are so glad they left this trainwreck. The fact that Nene would cosign another cast member beating another black woman speaks volumes. I wonder if Marlo showed up to drag her? I think I'm done with a lot of these shows for good.

    • STLChick says:

      While I completely disagree that you don't see foolishness like this from our white counterparts (ever see the Bad Girls Club?), I am saddened to see so many grown women condoning violence. I see the impact of shows like this. Entertainment? Maybe, just like boxing I supposed. But you have some minds too limited to think for themselves and co-sign this. I can at least tip my hat off to Phaedra for clowning Kenya's miserable ass with words to make her look stupid to the masses than fighting with her. Bet granddaddy Williams is rolling over in his grave. Deserving or not, when you lose control you give it to the person you're in conflict with.

      • STLChick says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Ha, I got news for you. Based off what I've seen and heard, it's mostly BLACK women CLOWNING Kenya Moore! Kenya took pictures with DIFFERENT RACES on Celebrity Apprentice. I wonder why? Probably because they were not bitter and stuck up and jealous like a lot of black women. Our culture in America in general is GARBAGE. Praising a black woman getting beat up on TV when you are black is crazy. There is a reason why these reports keeping surfacing online about black women and black people in general being compared to apes!

        • Who Knew says:

          So, your news for US starts with "Based off what I've seen and heard…." Does that make sense to you, CNN??

          Your ignorance is highlighted. Your opinion based on your research and basic obsession with black folks is void. Preaching on a black owned blog to black people about your perception of black culture……

          Seems to me…………..VERY DISTURBING. BUT studying US is what the rest of the world does best.

          BTW…. F.U.C.K.K.E.N.Y.A. the person, not the country…Is that black pride enough for you?

        • greer says:

          Why would anyone be jealous of Kenya? She seems to be the most insecure, lonely, hateful and bitter person on the earth. Yuk! She is a mess – I admire her beauty and used to like her as a model but since she has come on RHOA I see what she is really like and it a mess. She needs another lifetime to fit in all of the required therapy.

    • MissK says:

      Uhm Sheree and Kim were fired! Well perhaps Kim left thinking that she was moving on to greener pastures with that wack reality show she had with Kroy & kids.Sheree was fired for sure! All of these women are disposable to the network.If they fail to deliver a storyline in the form of drama they too will be axed from the future seasons! History speaks for itself.As for you saying that white reali9ty shows seldom have violence..lies! Housewives of Jersey and some of the other places had more than their fair share pf drama as well.

    • ochocincos 4Head says:

      ,Because teen mom , jersey shore duck dynasty and others are such great examples of how to live. YT always wants to get on a black site talking about what they observe about us. Go clean house before tryin to drag. You and your slutty children, molesting, embezzling husbands, living in a double wide LOOKIN A$$. You are so busy "observing" that you don't realize that it's gone from watching to copying…our tone, hair, color, lips, a $$ es, music…trolling our web sites….go AWAY and stop trying to act like your daughter isn't desiring a big violent black c0ck

    • Be4Real says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with you. Whether it's "Love and Hip Hop," "Married to Medicine," "The New Atlanta," or any show coming out of that town, ratchet behavior follows. This was the #1 reason I left Atlanta. I was a teacher at Ralph Bunche Middle School for two years and I was breaking up fights every week and they were pre-teens and teenagers. I watch as a teacher had her two front teeth knocked out and that was my last year. And to see a thirty-two year old who came from a legacy of non-violence ( they attacked black people with dogs, water hoes, and billy clubs, yet they stayed the course) fight because of words, and a former stripper ex-con ( Star magazine released NeNe four arrest record yesterday) condone such behavior, along with many of you saying, "She deserved it," makes my heart bleed for the future of the black community. You all are the reason Obama, has to work twice as hard as the white man, because you keep stereotypes, not hope alive.

    • PeopleKillMe says:

      Are you out of your mind!
      Mob Wives (NY and Chicago), Jersey Shore, Bad Girls Club, Jersey Housewives, The Real World (and cycle). The list goes on an on. This is not a Black thing. This is a "I will do anything for fame and celebrity" thing. Get a clue, buy a vowel.

  23. Go Porsha she deserved it

  24. Kenya deserved that beat down, I´m happy Porsha gave here the Business.

  25. Raven Sims says:

    Ooooo I can´t wait to see it. Chewing on popcorn.

  26. Ramon White says:

    They said Kenya brought out some sex toys making fun of Porsha & Cordell marriage calling him gay & Porsha jumped on her snatched her down by her hair &wouldn´t let go of her hair for nothing, said the producers couldn´t calm Porsha down

  27. No Ma'am says:

    Porsha put dem paws on her. LOL. But on the real, she got that mad she wanted to fight? Must've been some truth to what Porsha was saying then?

  28. I just hope it didn´t get edited out or watered down if this is true.

  29. I hope she kicked her ass..

  30. Chunte01 says:

    Kenya gained fans initially this season because everyone was so upset with Nenes behavior and the tides seem to turn a bit BUT when she crossed the line last week with that whole Phaedra and Apollo incident even though Apollo is dumb as a rock and dead as* wrong her comment * don't speak for your husband!* sent ripples down all women spines. It's cute to be messy amongst females for tv but to target someone's marriage took her antics to a whole different level!

    • Anonymous says:

      It was basically BLACKS worked up over Kenya and Apollo. Other races that watch this show could CARELESS. Kenya doesn't bother them like that. They are smart enough to realize this is ENTERTAINMENT.

      • ochocincos 4Head says:

        Because it's mostly blacks that watch the show.. .duh! We certainly don't care about the white sluts throwing club soda at each other on your dry ass beverly hills show. That's why you watch Atlanta and why u read this site, created an account, logged in AND posted. Because you DO care. If it's just entertainment to u, why go thru all that to say you don't care? Sounds like u do.

      • Read it right says:

        I think This is Kenya posting as Anonymous. LOL

      • 2bme says:

        Anonymous is a race baiter..they get on urban blogs and talk nonsense for attention and to get things started. Please stop giving this being anymore attention..Michelle please delete them

      • Keisha Jordan says:


        How simple of you to make general comments as if you speak for all other ethnicities. You sound soooo ignorant….about as ignorant as Kenya Moore. This is entertainment, but Kenya is a hateful, bitter person who has said so many inappropriate things on the show. I am more humiliated to be likened to her because I am an African-American female than that dumb behind Porsha. Porsha is not smart at all, but at least she is not an evil, jealous person who tears people down to make herself look better.

      • versatile says:

        @anonymous; white folks loooove RHOA. Brandi from RHOBH also hates Kenya. They will both be on Apprentice this season so we might get to see another beat down. Brandi probably thinks she can take Kenya now so won't be surprised to see her swing first and get those duck lips deflated with a round house kick. Dumb blonde.

    • justpeachy says:

      Agreed, you've said it best. Although we as a group are the most unmarried compared to other races, it still hurts to see a black woman clown her sister in that manner by seemingly putting her in place by using that woman's husband to do so.

      Marriage in itself is still a sacred union and trust those who go against it will suffer a major penalty at some point in their lives. Noth-than goes without course correction on earth. You'll either pay now or pay later.

      Have fun now Kenya. Your games will soon be short-lived.

  31. I love me some Kenya, but she has been taunting Porsha the entire season about her relationship with Kordell.

  32. Yesssss honey! Go Ms. Porsha!

  33. Yall need to get the tea sooner I found out about this earlier today.. yall

  34. I found about it earlier too Cassandra Muhammad lol

  35. Trena Peatry says:

    About time, Porsha couldn´t wait on Phadra any longer do she took matters in her own hands.

  36. MzScorpio says:

    Again I too do not condone violence, but Kenya continues to cross the line. She is so evil childish vindictive and jealous!! Always wants to play the victims and drumming up her own drama, ppl are getting tried if her bullshit! She says just enough and throws tones if threats KNOWING full and well they cannot literally fight! If it is true, good for Porsha! Kenya is the worst human being on television! She thinks it's acceptable to come in between and man and his wife?? I don't get it, your THAT desperate for attention???? I just can't with her, she's sad and pathetic! A mental case for sure! That whole Walter thing and made a scene that he was "stalking" her?? He wasn't thinking about her and attacking his manhood calling him gay because he has sense enough NOT to be bothered with her?? And her side kick Mr Lawerence is just as sad! Edging her along, uh PLZ! How ignorant of him to say that Apollo and Kenya have chemistry?? Just flat out disrespectful! Phaedra you could tell is emotionally drained, Bless his little heart but Apollo is so blind to see how he's upsetting his wife! Kenya is just pathetic! Point Blank Period! Just plain Pathetic!

    Funny how Kenya Moore Whore keeps going after Apollo but is quick to LIE and say she never says anything cruel about him but continues to call him a jail bird felon homosexual. Just tacky and disgusting! The Devil is brewing all up in her ol hateful tail! Nothing good is ever going to come to her! Wanna cry talking bout having a child. Just plan stupid! And yes like Gregg and Christopher Williams said, she needs medication!

    • B Wild says:

      It's sad that people think putting your hands on another grown women is cool. She's fighting over a man that divorced her and left her with zero dollars. Porsha couldn't combat with words so she comes out of nowhere and pulls her real hair. That's not a fight and it's a true testament to her immaturity. Not being able to use words from a language with so many to choose from and defend herself. Nene is happy about it cause Kenya took her shine and Porsha was the only one dumb enough to do some ignorant stuff like this. Does she not understand she is not a juvenile and her actions are felony assault. Kenya will flip this situation for her benefit. The money she makes for that new single is now in jeopardy. Dumb decisions like this is the reason Kordell said he's not letting a knucklehead destroy everything I worked for. She can be removed from the show because no housewives in the history of all shows has had a physical altercation just words. People watch the show for Kenya not Porsha and Bravo knows that. Kenya keep your head up and keep giving it to them because all there doing is hanging themselves.

      • Read it right says:

        Porscha was taunted and bullied by Kenya the entire season. Especially those coloring book comments. Of course she knows better, but everyone has a breaking but and begin to fight back. She could not tolerate her anymore. We only know what we see on the show Kenya is a evil and manipulative and may taunt her off camera as well. So yes, "Whup that trick, Whup that trick"

      • Shasha says:

        Uh actually you're wrong. I guess you don't watch house wives of Miami. The two ladies had an physical altercation on there. The men fight on New Jersey too.

      • Keisha Jordan says:

        Kenya didn't take anyone's shine. Are you not reading these comments? These people posting are a sample of the audience watching the show, and I would estimate that 90% of the comments are about how people don't care for Kenya. She is probably the least liked housewife of all of the shows. While I know that vilence should never be a choice and I hate to see Black women fight each other, Porsha is human. We can't judge her because we weren't pushed and taunted and demeaned on national tv by a bully…which is what Kenya is. I think you are living in a bubble if you think people actually watch the show for Kenya. She is a villan that we love to hate.

        • Keisha Jordan says:

          violence…sorry I was typing so fast I left out the "O"

        • b Wild says:

          I read comments on the official tho a Facebook retard this site is bias. I come to bring the truth to the south. Michelle Brown on any team but Marlo and Kenya. There are thousands of posts on Facebook not hundreds like this one.

      • randomnone says:

        So I guess you will be shocked to find out I watch for Poscha because she is endearing, Kandi because she is a rich tchib, Phaedra for her quips and Nene because she IS the show. Aint nobody got time for Kenya except mentally ill people – or sadists. If you find taunting people 'entertaining' then the devil is winning….clearly his agents are but many

        • b Wild says:

          Look on YouTube celebrity illuminati hip hop gays. You will find Kandi on the end of that video. She sold out too don't be fooled the devil is a liar and the ignorant masses like you are the prey. Do research yaw country bumpkins. Lmao

    • Anonymous says:

      I can tell by your post that you are UGLY as sin. Then you wonder why brothers look the other way. Just a sad and pathetic monkey.

      • MissK says:

        You can tell by a post that someone is ugly as sin? How so? Do tell. I sure hope that your aren't black calling anyone a monkey….All brothers don't look the other way and those that do based on some ignorant stereotype F*ck em..

      • Who Knew says:

        BROTHERS????????? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLL!!!!! YOU, MISS-TER write your own jokes!!!!

        Chile, all black dic does not make them your "BROTHERS" although, you probably fantasize that they are literally your BROTHER!

        you know, you nasty LOLOLOLOL

    • fanchen says:

      u speak the truth! Kenya hates all other women, that is clear. This hatred is particularly pronounced if the woman has a man or family – thats when Kenya's hatred goes into overdrive. She has mummy issues. Cos her mum never wanted her she takes this out on all other women. She is so vindictive. And lets not forget the whole Walter mess & her pretending they were in a real relationship.

  37. Time will tell if it´s true, because Kenya would have the law all over Porsha

  38. Kenya always “loud talking and heavy breathing”, learn to throw them hands and close your mouth!

  39. Rissa says:

    As much as I can't stand Kenya, I hope Porsha didn't let her take her there. *sigh*
    Are they turning into those VH1 shows?

    • STLChick says:

      Apparently so. Same people condoning this mess will watch a news broadcast and shake their head at the unnecessary violence. And not just with Kenya/Porsha, but other cast members and other shows (BBW).

  40. No porsha said she dont fight the other day on tv….
    So wrong

  41. If it aint true then a lot of sites wrong,I´ve read about 4&one said we Will see it on the reunion!!!hell to da YeaBaby!!!!

  42. Love Toy says:

    If she did she will wish she had let Kenya won!

  43. She brought sex toys to the reunion teasing Porsha about Kordell,picking about her being a beard,and they say Porsha came across the stage,and pulled Kenya ass down to the floor drugged that ass,&commenced the beatdown!!!while Andy &others watched!!!Bloop!!!

  44. Yesbecause, Porsha came from money and is pretty but been in the A all of her life so she is probably use to women bullying her butshe´s notuse to a womantalking about what she uses on her husband,or accusing her of not loving her x or being a beard in her face by a bitch who respects noones marriage!Kenya underestimated Porsha and a woman scorned is dangerous,now she will keep her damn moutgshut and if she sue porsha, porsha should sue her for slander

    • mick says:

      Porsha came from money?!?!? Are you sure about that?


      • GirlSixx says:

        Thank Yoou!!!! All Porsha has is a good name behind her due to her grandfather. That is it!!! She is not rich nor is her momma, Kordell bought that house for her. If that's the case then why did she lose her condo for not making her HOA fees..

      • randomnone says:

        She still came from more money than Kenya

    • taragirl says:

      Most of what I am about to say is old, common knowledge among Atlantans whose families have been here for more than two generations. Porsha did not come from money. Her grandfather, who was my favorite local civil rights advocate, was not about money. He was about civil rights, "feeding the hungry" (literally), education, hard work and wearing his blue overalls wherever he went. (A brilliant, bold, wonderful man.) Porsha's father was married to Lauren's mom. He had a son with his wife, had Porsha, and then had Lauren and a younger son with his wife. He was still married to Lauren's mom when he died in 1998 at the age of 43. For obvious reasons, the Williams family was not exactly crazy about Porsha's mom. So, while Porsha had some of the benefits of being a Williams in ATL, she did not have the private high school education followed by a "cream of the crop" college education, etc., that Lauren had. I think Porsha has the potential to make a lot of money on her own with her looks, talent, determination, and personality. Whether she uses the opportunities she has to propel herself in a positive direction remains to be seen.

  45. Ramon White says:

    Kenya still my girl though lol


  47. XoXo says:

    Whoop that trick! Whoop that trick! Kenya-more-whore-than-a-little-bit!

  48. This just happened today snd she said she never had a fight,she didn´t say she won´t fight..
    I.e on Bethanny
    Porsha also said,one of them wouldn´t come back if they went on a vacation together

  49. Silver Jessica says:

    Don't believe it! Kenya not letting nobody walk up on her. And what was described doesn't sound like much of a "beat down"

  50. Finally She Should Of Been Got Her Ass Whopped Finally

  51. It´s only so much a person can take, Kenya always running her mouth to people she feel.won´t do .nothing ,.she got surprised today. It was a well deserved beat down.

  52. Hell no Kenya beat that air head

  53. The Truth says:

    That's how we do it in the A. She talking all that Detroit nonsense. Porsha showed her what the A is all about! LOL!

  54. OMG Kordell shud whoop Porsha ass Y did she make accusations abt that man everyone thinks hes gay now smh..nnn she got ppll ? His sexuality…what the hell she fighting for she put it out thr…Kenya i hope went detroit on her azz fuck being a lady if u geting yo ass whoop..twirl on that dummy

  55. Marty says:

    It might have happened but it will not see the light of day ! They will not air that, just like that k Michelle and karlie Redd fight . We never saw it. !

  56. SavvyQc Yeahthatsme google Cordell Stewart he was arrested for frequenting a gay “hookup” park!

  57. Musa Saccoh says:

    Straight from the A is anti Kenya and I am going remove it from my FB page always bias towards Kenya and enjoy posting negativity about her . I thought you suppose to be neutral as a blocker or reporter .

    • Valley Girl says:

      Journalists are neutral unless they are writing an editorial. Bloggers are not neutral. They write on their own sites and offer commentary.

      I don't condone violence but I won't label Porsha as a thug. She has not established a pattern of being violent – sometimes people lose it when provoked. It doesn't make what she did right, but it can happen to even the most level headed of people.

      I don't think Porsha should have put her hands on Kenya, but it is a good thing kenya doesn't need my sympathy to survive because I have absolutely NONE for her. She is probably writing her victim filled reunion blog right now.

    • kill the bull says:

      well if you came on michelle browns website and read you really shouldnt. michelle is stating her opinion this is not some cnn news broadcast. and its not a anti kenya site, your just so in love with kenya you probably think she shits gold bricks. kenya does alot of low down dirty things and while its not okay for ANY person to put hands on another its udnerstandbale seeing kenya's actions. lets not forget kenyas first season it took nene cynthia and phaedra to stop kenya from trying to put hands on porsha. so lets not play tit for tat. if you dont like michelle brown's opinion on the news dont come back cus she still eating good. #play fair or dont play at all

  58. Musa Saccoh but this is not the only site reporting it. The difference is other sites are ran by multiple people…this site is one chick. Check Sandra Rose…she bias as fuck….I adore Kenya…if this is true, I´m mad. Kenya TOO old and from Detroit to let this MESS happen. She´ll come out disputing this…and if not she´s using it. Porsha ain´t shit.

  59. Karen Nesby says:

    Everyone need to stop hatin on kenya .its fake ass Nene who need her ass beat

  60. MissK says:

    I refuse to comment further on some sh*t that I have haven't seen with my own eyes! Sorry! Pulling someone by hair is not a fight, though it says… leave me alone well enough"lol If fists weren't thrown..palms didn't make contact(I'm not condoning violence) that wasn't a fight..perhaps a slight altercation!if true..hey (shrugs shoulders) I always say DON'T LET YA MOUTH WRITE A CHECK THAT YA AZZ CAN'T CASH…

  61. Loren Huff says:

    Porsha did not put it out there that Kordell was gay. That was tea from years ago. Plus, bloggers have been blasting him about his park bathroom stall romp with a tranny well before this season even started.

  62. dame says:

    If she did, i hope they show us.

  63. Its about time someone beats her ass long time coming

  64. Child cut I have to see this to believe it… Too early for this lol

  65. This blog is also one of the most bias one I know sorry but some stuff is based off her opinion instead of actual facts many people clocked her on that in the comments before

  66. Keenya IamLegend Payne you stupid

  67. She should beat that home wrecker down u Go Porsha

  68. D-rokk Smith says:

    I don´t think she could hang wit kenya on her good or bad day…kenya would go 8 mile on datt hoe!!!!!!#

  69. Porsha put them paws on her…. Maybe that will guarantee her on the show next season. #SmartMove

  70. Necole Glenn says:

    I hope Porsha didn´t do that…. Kenya is not a fighter (I believe.) she will make slap a lawsuit on you real quick though…

  71. Necole Glenn says:

    I hope Porsha didn´t do that…. Kenya is not a fighter (I believe.) she probably will slap a lawsuit on you real quick though…

  72. Giselle says:

    Bravo does not care about the women on the show. The producers only care about ratings and make the cast and guests sign releases and no sue clauses so that's why we never see anyone sue following physical altercations.

    I wouldn't be astonished if Bravo shows the fight during the reunion instead of removing it. They are worse than VH1. Look at how they dragged out the fights this season during the pajama party and the vacation in Mexico. Andy Cohen LIVES for this!

  73. KMarie Mac says:

    So just because you grew up in a certain part of the world you can´t get your ass beat? I hate to hear that grown women are fighting but in this case I hope Porsha went in on Kenya´s messy ass. Kenya is all mouth because if she was such a bad ass she wouldn´t have tried so hard to kiss NeNe´s behind.

  74. Covey Paige says:

    It really doesn´t seem like Porsha could beat down her own shadow. I guess we shall see soon…

  75. Kenya wanted to be shown in a ugly messy image !! So she deserves all she get. Crazy hefa

  76. Porsha done put them paws on her just like pretty Draya put them paws on Sunday eye!! Lmbo Lmbo

  77. Iam OnlyMe says:

    Bet Kenya try to sue…

  78. Don´t judge a book by its cover just because you never seen Porsha fight doesn´t mean she don´t know how.

  79. Ryan says:

    What about Nene's mugshots that is reporting?!

    • Giselle says:

      That was a loooong time ago…like twenty years ago…some people learn, grow, and move on. They released Gregg's mugshot as well.

  80. I hope porsha wooped dat ass Kenya´s all mouth remember she had a nine in her closet so she ain´t fightin nobody but that Damn foundation she puts on from the porsha may act slow but I bet she get it poppin and yes kordell is fuck he married her for publicity so modo wouldn´t think he was gay and meme is a punk all mouth a trouble maker cynthias soft and phaedra is crazy ain´t nobody bout that life but kandi….

  81. Everyone has a breaking point

  82. Plugg62208 says:

    Black Folks have really embraced every stereotype thrown at us…and we are going to look back one day and regret that we let such foolishness represent us as a people…I for one am done with all these step and fetch shows

    • Babydoll says:

      So when did RHOA become the representatives for the black race. Do you beleive that white people feel that Honey Boo Boo or the Hollywood Hillbillies are reps for their race.

  83. Ms.Co Co says:

    Well maybe this will be a wake up call for Kenya who only happens too be so damn!!! Disrespectful in every sense of the word. The message is grown and began too treat people as you would like too be treated. Stop crossing lines and thinking tlhat your going too get away with all that dtama and BS.

  84. MsKing30 says:

    Its about damn time somebody beat that ass!
    I do not condone any type of abuse, HOWEVER, when lines have been crossed, warning shots have been fired, eyes have been batted, fingers have been pointed, and you still aint get the message to stop the madness, then clearly I'm gon have to beat the breaks off of you! Period.

  85. Jeff Garrett says:

    I don´t see why y´all trippin about SFTA being biased.. It´s Michelle´s personal blog, she can post whatever the fuck she wants, about whoever she wants.

  86. Kelly Harris says:

    Finally the blog got this information. I hope Porsha beat that ass.

  87. Finally Kenya Moore-whore is annoying

  88. mick says:

    I hope not. I just can't be elated and gleeful over this. It is horrible and I really, really hope that Michelle's sources are wrong.

    Bottom line if there was a fight, it speaks more about Porsha than Kenya. Women don't fight with fists, they fight with words. Only basic/unintelligent broads fight with fists. Porsha can't verbally spar with Kenya and she got tired of Kenya smacking her down so she got mad and fought her.

    How is this any different from Apollo fighting Brandon? Dumb-dumbs.

  89. Hope she didn´t pop her booty made in mexico

  90. ha! I wana c that! good 4u Porsha!

  91. justbeingme says:

    Laaaaawwwwwdddd Have Mercy! Teehee…I had to get my post in before going to work. So, you don't say??? Ms. Detroit's Finest got a good ole fashion A-town skull draggin'…honestly, I thought it woyld have been Phaedra (I nean it aint like she got something to lose that she hasn't already lost). When Kenya talked tvat mess to Phaedra about " don't speak for your Man" or " let him speak for himself" …however it went…she would have got it then…if it were me.

    But Lawd, it's little Porsha! Haaaaa! Too Funny! Speaking truth…I din't like to see grown women fight like hookers in the street…but Baaaabbyyyy…I'ma give Porsha a pass…Kenya been looking for that a** whoopin' since last year…she thought that Bravo clause made her immune LOL! I guess Kenya sent for Porsha and Porsha gave it to her!

  92. Msknoitall says:

    That dumb bitch can't spell beat down. Don't believe as much as she work out that Kenya would let any of those flabby geffas beat her down. Porsia was a beard…she said so herself!
    #team kenya!

  93. 2bme says:

    Doesn't matter where you're from..anyone can be pushed too hard and blackout. .If this is true that's probably what happenef..Kenya talks because she feels safe that no one will hurt her..At this point Porsha said Fuck can sue but you'll get nothing. .Also the bullying and taunting will be brought up in court Kenya better get smart..Violence doesn't solve anything we know this..but sometimes it's your only recourse…

  94. Cheryl Dill says:

    Yessssss. I hope she dotted that eye. In the end I pray this has humbled and silenced that obnoxious mouth.

  95. Erica Lee says:

    Why are so many people entertained with grown women fighting each other. Crazy. Reality tv needs to be shelved and bring back more sitcoms.

  96. Leona Burns says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! I hope she tore her trifling @ss up! Kenya is MESS and she had that coming– LONGGGGG overdue!

  97. Cris Evans says:

    I hope she stomp a mud hole in Kenya ass! I can´t stand her hating ass…if this is true, this ass whooping is long overdue!

  98. trina says:

    Singing "whoop that trick"!!! Whoop that trick. Twirl on that hoe! Kenya Moore Whore got what was coming. If you not "bout that life" than don't act like it. Porsha felt froggy and jumped on her behind. 99 problems and Porsha was one. I hate people who sell out like Sundy and can't back it up.

  99. Good I hate to see blk folks acting like that but Kenya deserved it

  100. Ray Nay says:

    Kenya Moore Whore is a habitual line stepper who deserved to get her ass BEAT! POINT BLANK AND THE PERIOD! A person can only take so much. Now I'm sure it's a part of her contract to stir up shit & keep up mess but she pushed it to the limit. Way to go Porsha! Stand up for yourself. You don't have to keep taking shit from a washed up has been thirsty buss down.

  101. KittyPetit says:

    I AM SO GLAD PORSHA GOT IN HER A$$!!!That is what Kenya gets for thinking she can bully people and tease them about thier situations. Not for nothing she comes from a raggedy a$$ Mother but aint nobody taunting her about that. That's why I say Kenya is not well (mentally) because she does stuff like this. and that "twirling" stuff she does REALLY makes her look crazy

  102. mistab says:

    Violence is not necessary. And Porsha is dumb she opened her self up to getting sued. This show jumped the shark this season.

  103. CaliQueen says:

    Kenya should have been ready for somethin like this…blk women in the south have a sl@ve mentality & hate hearing the truth

    • Keisha Jordan says:

      I am from the south and there is nothing "slave" about my mentality. For you to repeat that as if it were true speaks volumes about your mentality. We need to stop making generalizations about groups of people. Now what if I said all women from California were gold digging, video dancing whores….you would be offended. I wouldn't say that because it is untrue and stupid…just like your statements. Don't be stupid all your life.

  104. Miss Jay says:

    In all honesty Porsha, looked like she wanted to take one for the team and kick Kenya's behind in Mexico. Especially when Kenya told Phaedra she couldn't speak for her husband about them being friends.

    • GirlSixx says:

      True.. I think when kenya told her "but you don't have him now, he put yo azz out, next time don't marry for a Check" Sent Porsha over the edge and she's been harboring that ever since.

  105. GirlSixx says:

    Dammmnnnn Kenya!!!! *martin's voice* you shoulda been bobbin and weavin. *lol* I am sure Porsha caught her by surprise because I can't see Kenya letting any one of them mop the floor with her. Just Sayin. Plus it probably happened so fast Kenya didn't know what the hell was happening.

  106. kungfoohustle says:

    This sure is short on details. Two things: why would anyone be upset about someone repeating a rumor THEY started, anybody can be caught off guard in a fight especially when you're in a ball gown.

  107. Tmar says:

    This news just gave me LIFE!!!! I don't condone violence but we can ALL agree that Kenya had it coming and KUDOS to Porsha for getting her at the reunion show just in case she is not asked to return to the show… GO PORSHA!!!!!!!

  108. Probably…Porsha might be pretty but she is Rachel lack of class and not educated…she could have did better than that! Actually Phadrea told her to do it for money!

  109. anoymous says:

    Why didn't Phaedra jump in and get her a lick or two?

    • Making30 says:

      I questioned this too. Phaedra is on the board, she is a mortian, she is a mother, her mom is a pastor of a well known church. With all that being said, she has alot to lose. Her name can not be tied to a criminal record. Not that any of the others ladies dont have anything to lose, Phaedra life is still worth something outside of RHOA.
      ( Thats why I still cant understand how she ended up with someone like Apollo)

  110. Lmfao… This show is getting crazier by the hour. I hope Porshe did because Kenya ass thinks she can say & do anything. She needed that beat down. Lmfao. #teamPorsheStewartWilliams

  111. lockstress says:

    This really saddens me to hear.
    Its wrong on all levels to be fighting but as humans we all fall.
    Kenya is a demon. She is a hateful spirit and because her she had no mother, she knows no love she is HATEFUL!

  112. if she did good it was coming

  113. Twirlaroundtheworld says:

    Its bad that it came to blows, but now Miss Underground Railroad is gonna have to sell alotta damn weave and that 2nd hand Benz to pay off Miss Twirl hahahaha

    Kenya played that dumb hoe like a fiddle, all the way to bank. Believe that! It's funny too, considering last season I cleaaaaaaarly remember Porsha calling Kenya 'hood and trash', but look who is jumpin' on people!? Girl have 3 seats and getcha broke azz off RHOA old dumb girl my god.

    Kenya is smart from what I have seen, she is getting the most out of all this.

  114. Ashley La´Shawn Oglesby Alexis Harris whhhaaaaaaattttttt!!!!!

  115. Ronnie says:

    It was just CONFIMRED that that was a lie. Porsha tried but didn't land a punch. The dimwit cannot even spell beat down and I HIGHLY doubt it if Kenya would let her jump her. Porsha with all her grand standing and being the newest flunky for Nene who on TWITTER just last year said she is glad Greg cheated with a woman and NOT another man..serious shade tossed at Kordell and Porsha…please.

    Cow eyelashes, weave wearing Porsha cannot beat an egg…let alone any talk muscular woman who actually works out regularly.

  116. Kathy Woods says:

    Porsha it´s about time you got tired of the bully I´m just saying !

  117. Linda says:

    It's always good to get the story first but first and more importantly, is to get the true facts, before printing "hearsay."

  118. Toni Jones says:

    Kenya goes too far! I would have done the same thing. The hell with Blackk women are suppose to be this or that. Pain is Pain. Kenya has done nothing with this platform but Mess in other people lives. Ass kickin was coming.!!!!

  119. cns says:

    Streets are saying the Porsha got fired. LOL if true.

  120. Felicia Ross says:

    Kenya auditioned for this a$$ whooping and Porsha was the one who cast her for the opening act! LOL #LongTimeComing

  121. Val J. says:

    Good for Porsha! For all the shit she has had to put up with from Kenya this needed to happen. HELL!!! How much can a BITCH take.

  122. Net says:

    Anyone who believes that Porsia beat Kenya in a physical altercation has to be on drugs. Pulling a persons hair is not a Beat Down. I do not see Kenya letting anyone come up on her, plus she is a very physically fit Kick boxer. Porsia only knows how to spend money, don't know nothing about beating ass or street survival. So all you Kenya haters get over your self, because now it has been confirmed to be a lie. ( kind of like Porsia claiming Tamala Jones man was her rich boyfriend ). Never believe the hype.

  123. We have to stop falling victim to stereotypes. The fighting and ignorance must stop. How could these grown, accomplished Black woman allow themselves to lose self control like this when we live in a world that feeds off of drama. We have to do better #FIGHTINGOVER30 #REALLY

  124. natasha says:

    Porsha fought kenya because she's trash. Porsha has always been trash. Not that I like kenya either but porsha is a mouthy skank. Porsha has no class at all!

  125. Not a good look for Porsha not classy at all remember Kenya is a smart girl never sleep on her she can hit her where it hurts them pockets!!!

  126. I hope so wit her rachet azz

  127. Joan Denise says:

    The Joes on RHNJ fought & they weren´t fired.

  128. I think it is all for ratings and beefing up the reunion. # will see # do not believe it

  129. She didc but lost her job on RHOA behind it. :-(

  130. All those damn muscles Kenya has — and it got her no where? That´s the worse…. Porsha is gangsta…

  131. Sabrina Mass says:


  132. Sasha says:

    I find this hard to believe, but hopefully its not true. They are taking reality entertainment too far if the case. Smh. Men are natural born hunters/warriors so fighting is more common for them. When "women" fight I tend to think its out of frustration or losing their cool because somebody bested them and not knowing how to handle accordingly. I'm all for verbal sparring, but putting your hands on someone is just too much! Porsha seems to be slowly unraveling…

  133. Gigi Grier says:

    Yes. I believe Porsha allowed Kenya to reduce her to a common hood chick. It is never okay to assault someone. If you need lessons in articulation, please listen to Dr. Michael Dyson.

  134. Rene M says:


  135. Neish says:

    What does Kenya do again???

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