Kordell Stewart StraightFromtheA 2014 2

Life After Divorce: Kordell Stewart Meets With Matchmaker… [VIDEO]

Feb 17th 2014 | Written by ATLien

Kordell Stewart StraightFromtheA 2014 2

Kordell Stewart, the ex-husband of Porsha Stewart Williams of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, is seeking a mate.

As you know, the former NFL great is finally free since his divorce became final back in December, and and even took his name back from his reality show ex.Kordell Porsha Stewart Officially Divorced

[FLASHBACK: Kordell Stewart Issues Statement… (Porsha is Officially Single & Has Her Name Back)]

While rumors have been swirling around town that he’s been boo’d up with Towanda Braxton (click HERE if you missed that), Stewart recently appeared on The Tom Joyner Morning Show and disputed the rumor.

Towanda Braxton is a very nice lady. I had the opportunity to meet her and…no, we’re not dating.

All kind of rumors have been out there for a long, long time. I’ve cleared up one but my commitment and my relationship is truly with parenthood and raising my son. I’ve gone through a relationship and we’ve seen that relationship spiral downhill. And to invest in a relationship at this time, I don’t think it would be helpful for my son.

That was then… this is now.  Kordell recently sat town with a matchmaker, where he addressed those pesky gay rumors (again) + reveals he’s desperately seeking a brand new ‘housewife’.

Details + watch video below…

Shanae Hall Kordell Stewart

I find it hard to believe that the former NFL QB needs help finding a woman, but apparently he’s open to suggestions.Why Do I Have to Think Like A Man

Kordell met with good friend and co-worker, Shanae Hall, a former NFL wife and co-author of the book ‘Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man?‘, to discuss the qualities that he’s seeking in a woman.

After his very public divorce, Hall asked him if she could play matchmaker for a day and he reluctantly agreed.

In the video below, Kordell states that he’s definitely NOT GAY and explains the qualities that he’s looking for in a WOMAN.

While there are many qualities he seeks, first and foremost, she has to be ‘at least an 8’ on a scale of 1 to 10 and be a good homemaker.

VIDEO: Kordell Talks to Author Shanae Hall About What He Wants in A New Mate

Hall advises the ex-baller that his focus on looks is the reason he’s divorced today and she eloquently states that while looks do play a factor, he should consider seeking someone who is intellectually on his level.

[FLASHBACK: Porsha Stewart Responds to ‘Underground Railroad’ Criticism… ]

Whatever the case, Kordell is looking for love. Could it be you? 😯

What do you think of Kordell’s list of requirements?


  1. ShoutATL says:

    The 3:14 mark he gave his self away. He's gay! The queen came out he started sounding real fem!

    • Tigertanzy says:

      Agreed! "Oh my god! I love her! I lover her!"

    • localATLien says:


      b***********hhhhhhhh! you called that one straight from the A out!! girl down, he did that!

    • amirra says:

      These cats feel they not gay because they dont want to be in a relationship with a dude how do I know? Dated a dude years ago not long ( 2 weeks only thank God) and some dude with kinky twist in his head showed up at my apartment to tell me that the dude I was dating was sleeping wit him, when I confronted my so called dude later that evening he said " im not gay I dont want to be in a relationship with no nigga men just give better head than women" true story! First I felt he was throwing shade at me for not given into his request ( hell I work in a hospital the stuff I see will make u rethink careless sex) so he has had any contact with a man it is homosexual act and to me dats gay!

    • So what? says:

      I'm confused looking at his face. If he already has a beard, why would he need another one?

      ヾ(´・ ・`。)ノ

      Nah, just kidding (or am I?). Based on these blogs, at LEAST 1/2 of the men in Atlanta are gay. At least 1/2, maybe more. I've noticed that most of the men brought up on Atlanta-based blogs or black blogs in general have people saying they're gay. What's really going on? If someone's gay, they need to just be out. Stop playing around lying to the people who love you and lying to yourself.

    • So what? says:

      And I'm usually good at picking up on that based on slight mannerisms – I went to 3:14 and I agree.

      What's more, sorry, but I think that a woman being dumb isn't going to stop a man from sleeping with her. Most men like Kordell (were he straight) aren't going to care about a woman being intelligent if she's pretty and has a nice figure. If it's true that he hardly went there with his wife then it's for a reason.

  2. Kassy says:

    In true Stunt Queen fashion…

  3. Who´s checkin for Kordell? Anyone…?

  4. Larry Dwayne says:

    He´ll be hitched in no time. There´s someone for everyone.

  5. #bloghit because we were NOT caring what he did pre RHOA and Porsha. Good luck with all that anyone with sense would pay attention how he did the previous childlike one.

  6. Melissa Hale says:

    What happened to Tawanda?

  7. I thought he was dating Tawanda Braxton????

  8. If u have no backbone and are weak. Porsha´ was a shallow, submissive weak woman to this man who was not even putting it down. I don´t need a damn warden no matter how much money he has. He´d better marry a sheep.

  9. No one wants a controlling ass man, he can keep it!

    • amirra says:

      Lol I know he ugly, no swag he got gay lips lol( extra I know ) and he treat women like dirt from what I saw so im wit Tamar, he is not a catch u probably hear about him with wife after wife til he find one with a hairy booty hole lol . I dont like this dude can u tell! Lol these men should be what they r (IF they r gay!) It is what it is but dont tell us its koolaid and its really flavoraid both r drink mixes but, with two different taste!

  10. Tigertanzy says:

    How you gon' be a 6 but require your spouse to be a 8?

    • versatile says:

      WHAAAAT! He's a 6??!! You betta clean that grease off yo' screen. That man looks like he was part of the turf. Did you see profile of his head when he opened that door?

      • WatchwaytoomuchTV says:

        LOL………kordell is. 3 at best!!!

        Not only is he ugly, he has the nerve to be shallow and superficial. I totally
        understand his motive for wanting a dumb women. He needs to be in control financially and intellectually (look at Porsha ).

  11. He needs Patty…the Millionaire Matchmaker so she can give it to him straight with no chaser…you´re not a 8 so you´re not getting a 8. Kordell is a loser!

    • cns says:

      Amen to that. I love when goes in on them ugly millionaires that want an intelligent “10” but they don't want a gold digger. She lets them know that there are plenty of multi-millionaires that have more money, are better looking and are better in bed. Those are the men that get the dime pieces. Unattractive controlling jerk will only attract gold-diggers (Porsha) because educated quality women are accustomed to dating wealthy men so they are not going to be thirsty and tolerate a man treating them badly. But Kordell don’t want that. LOL.

  12. Fiona Smith says:

    In my opinion, he should put “male” as a requirement.

  13. Yana says:

    Did they edit out who he said he viewed as a 7? I played it twice but couldn't catch the name.

    Looks clearly matter more than intelligence to him, so I'm not sure why the interviewer kept trying to push him in the other direction.

  14. he needs to get an mail order bride..they with submiss to his ass…

  15. Mike Lindsey says:

    The first thing a woman says when a man rejects her is “he must be gay…”

  16. He was labeled “gay” before he married Porsha when reports surfaced about him being busted for performing oral sex on another man out in the open at a park. Porsha may just have been a cover up to quiet the rumor mill.

  17. STLChick says:

    Is that a bump on his top lip?

  18. El W. says:

    I just get the feeling from him that he is not completely genuine when he speaks, I'd like to hear what a body language expert would have to say about him. He's doing too much with the looks & big booty preference, it seems to me men who go overboard verbalizing how amazed they are with women are just trying to prove something to themselves..men with ass fixations are tricky, either they are stone cold perverts or have some kind of taboo desires….

  19. Shay Shay says:

    Has he ever explained why he abruptly divorced Porsha and wasn't man enough to tell her to her face?

    Kordell needs to stop ruining women's lives and playing games. Nobody wants to be his beard.

  20. Male order bride, LOL while SMH..!

  21. Kwania Vick says:

    If he´s gay or bisexual then so be it but what man or woman wants someone who´ll divorce them via social media?

  22. Kk says:

    Is it me or did her just describe Porsha? He wants the "non-ambitious" Porsha-type. She's beautiful, has curves for days, and can cook so what's really the deal.

    Plus he's batting his eyes more than a little, lol!

    Also, this is probably shade at Towanda for not shutting down the rumors. She was probably the one he named as a 7, lol!

  23. ladyinthebluedress says:

    Kordell has potential I think for the right women thats a 8. I doubt he is gay maybe bisexual. But nowadays you never know. I can just imagine how many guys been with men before they got with there girls or women and you wouldnt know unless they told you. Tell Kordell if he wants bump into me around town devil in the blue dress. The blue for that adidas jacket with the blues stripes. He knows what it means also he got some juicy thighs I like too. I think he maybe controlling because of insecurities he not ugly but he not a 10 either I would rate him a 8 cause he want a 8. Be in that I didnt watch him on the show I dont know his ways or personalities. But I would have just of looks rate him a 7 or 7.5. Thats what I rate myself too. After I bump into him and we hook up I will know for sure the rating after I see that bedroom game wink wink. I just think he needs someone more mature also he seem a little bit old school. I think also he may not like he mention rush into any relationship yet just take it a little slow. Make sure they not after fame and fortune. Although I was thinking we could hook up and reappear on rhoa. Wink wink That would be a shocker. Crazy 8$ just like the card game.

  24. Kate says:

    I don't believe Kordell is gay,& it makes me sick reading snarky comments by a bunch of women. There is usually nothing, nothing at all to a rumor. Kordell has a son, from a previous relationship, with a woman! Kordell knows everything he says & does is going to be analyzed, I would NOT want to leave my house. So, props to him!!

    • stanhope says:

      so says one who believes in faeries…..for the record, a son by a woman does not confirm a man is straight…only that he may be confused or cloaking the truth

    • versatile says:

      So what 'he's got a son by a woman'? Jessica Simpson's dad has two girls and I think a boy, and HE'S gay. Bruce Jenner has two sons and two daughters and now he's got titties, amber locks and a missing adam's apple…PRE-GAY.

    • WatchwaytoomuchTV says:

      Sorry honey there are millions of examples of men on this planet who have children who are gay or bisexual. My granny rest her soul says "baby,where there is smoke there is fire"
      We just had 2-3 men who play professional football come out publicly as gay.
      Cordell been fighting this rumor for a decade or more.

  25. stanhope says:

    Queen Kordella arrives at court…call all the valets and stable boys…she likes her trade rough and ready to be sure. Looking for a woman indeed! My lady protests way too much…perhaps a night constitutional through the brambles of Piedmont Park in search of jackals would be to her liking. LOL

  26. Both Kordell and Porsha both need their heads examined. Kordell is crazy for doing this. Porsha is crazy for going on Steve Harvey´s show looking for a man. They both just got divorced from one another. They both need some time to themselves. You have to be pretty pathetic to be soliciting services to find you a life mate. That´s my opinion.

  27. He is not an 8 his own damn self

  28. KittyPetit says:

    Looking for a new wife he can CONTROL. He didnt want porsha on the show making $$. In his mind Porsha $$ meant Porsha has some control over her life. He demands his way. when he doesnt get it, he vacates. and so abrubtly it appears he never cared. His 1930's mentality about marriage/women does not fit into 2014.

  29. blackkat569 says:

    He's trying REAL hard to fight the gay rumors. An internet show to find him a woman? Really?

  30. Dana T says:

    what da hell??? Why on earth is he publicizing he's looking for another spouse? Wife? Whateva???

    Dude really???

    Dana T.

  31. Dee says:

    He is just trying to stay relevant. Hell he anit even an 8. He is controlling and comes across as condescending. When in reality he is an idiot! He is gay as the day is long.


  33. FLORIDA. GIRL says:


  34. davetta says:

    He had what he needed in his ex. Ain't NOBODY checking for his SEXUALLY CONFUSED CONTROLLING ASS.

  35. Marquita C. Green via Facebook says:

    His mouth looks like he had a bad Kevin gates episode

  36. Carina Desiree Brooks-King via Facebook says:

    He needs to call someone about some Chapstick first

  37. Felicia Ross via Facebook says:

    It can’t be that hard meeting men

  38. Monique Neenee Randle via Facebook says:

    Lol he know what he really like.

  39. What….He couldnt open Grindr on his phone?

  40. Hope it was a gay matchmaker. He needs to stop the fuckery.

  41. Kia Beasley via Facebook says:

    So unattractive. I don’t see why anyone would want what he has to give. To each their own…I guess.

  42. Karen Phillips via Facebook says:

    Vonnie Williams

  43. Karen Phillips via Facebook says:

    Gwendolyn Clark-La Rue

  44. Marquita Brown via Facebook says:

    A male this time I presume?

  45. Kordell with his elastic booty, needs to quit faking the funk about who he really is.. He knows his corn hole is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. LMBO! AND, why is he back on RHOA, trying to date Claudia to make Porsha jealous?? He always tries to find a way to stay relevant. From what I read in another article, he was dating a bisexual girl, that left him and he was dating her shortly after he got rid of Porsha. He’s a hot mess and his lips look like he ate a box of powdered donuts in an ice storm.. —–>chap stick this way, my brother.. Lol

  46. Okay so he doing reality TV now after RHOA but I thought he didn’t really want to be apart of a reality TV show? I think he mad because Porsha got more attention than he did. He wanted a peach like Peter.

  47. Anita DeVoe via Facebook says:

    Kordell is gross! Why not move on, clearly Porsha has. That’s so petty to be on the show “exchanging info” w/Claudia aka corn dogs.

  48. Michelle Smith via Facebook says:

    Why dont he sit his happy thirsty ass down. I dont know who is worst him, Peter, or Apollo

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