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Rumor Control: Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker DID NOT Get Married In Mexico… [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Oct 25th 2013 | Written by ATLien

Kandi Todd
Word on the curb is that Kandi Burruss of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and her Fiance’ Todd Tucker jumped the broom in front of RHOA cameras recently.

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TamaraTattles writes:

I have an exclusive source who is staying at the El Dorado Royale Riviera Maya in Cancun, Mexico. Actually she is on her own honeymoon there! She filmed last night at a bar called The Bellini Bar is probably going to be on the show so I don’t want to give too many details about her.

All the Housewives and the Bravo Production team are there at the resort. I guess I gave Kandi too much credit for doing it privately. Details emerging. Thanks to my Tamaratattles source, Kelly for the information! All the ladies were scene drinking and filming at the bar last night. It looks like we will have a wedding finale after all.

Major props to Tamara for her stellar detective work, but I don’t think the couple got married during this trip.

Here’s what I heard…

While I have no doubt that the ‘housewives’ are on a Bravo sponsored get-away, all that wedding talk is a bit premature.

A source close to the cast revealed:

Kandi and Todd didn’t married.  They would never do that without their family members there!

Kandi’s daughter and mama Joyce are still in town and Todd’s daughter isn’t there either… and if it was any type of ceremony, I don’t think Kenya and Lawrence would be invited (laughs).

Lawrence Kenya 1

Kenya shared the photo above of she and her BFF Lawrence chillin poolside…

TamaraTattles goes on to write that “… Kenya is a big ole bitch on and off camera.  They are on the same floor and … well. The Twirler is annoying to random guests! “

I can definitely believe that. 😆

Yes, it’s true that the all ladies from Season 5 are there.  All of them.  Kandi, Nene, Porsha, Phaedra, Cynthia and Kenya.  There were no signs of Marlo Hampton or Mynique Smith (the rumored newbie) during the trip.

Nene Leakes Kandi Burruss Porsha Stewart

Nene, Kandi and Porsha pose during an evening event…

Kandi Burruss 2

Kandi shares a swim suit photo

Phaedra Parks Porsha Stewart

Phaedra and Porsha poolside…

Porsha Stewart Cynthia Bailey

Porsha and Cynthia Bailey

The gang returns to Atlanta sometime today and I’m sure I’ll be able to dig up some more info, but as of right now, that wedding talk doesn’t look promising.

[Sidebar: I’m not saying they did or didn’t tie the knot. But again…. I doubt it.]

Cynthia’s hubby Peter Thomas is there as well and he shared the following video of their beautiful surroundings in Cancun…

What do you think of the Kandi/Todd wedding rumors?

Do you honestly believe they would get married without their families in attendance?

UPDATE 10/28/13: Kandi confirmed via twitter earlier that she did NOT get married… (told ya so!).

Kandi Not Married


  1. im happy for them and i hope they did. i love to see two ppl come together and be in love and happy

  2. Happy for Kandi but she does fall in love quickly therefore its her life!

  3. I hope they did,I love Kandi and she so deserves to be happy!!! Go Girl!!!

  4. Crazy in NC says:

    What is going on with Nene's tits in that pic?

  5. Mp1981 says:

    Married or not Kandi is looking good. NeNe also looks fresh faced. Idk about Kenya.

  6. lnedykstra says:

    Why Miss Lawrence look better than Kenya???

  7. MsKing30 says:

    Not before the prenup!

  8. I.c. Watkins says:

    Who cares?

  9. lexdiamonz says:

    THEY got married I bet Atlien doing "damage control" so as not to spoil the season finale .. hmm i SEE Todd know his camera angles … LOL good thing somebody finally wifed kandi that puzzy got more miles on it than a Mexican's honda civic….

  10. Bri says:

    Really happy for Kandi, she deserves happiness. I wish folk stop bringing up this woman's past. It's a over, she's in a healthy relationship with someone who loves her & her daughter. Is it a crime for her to finally find true love.

  11. well…todd wasnt gonna miss his money train!

    • I dnt think they got married. I dnt think all the housewives would be there anyway, Kandi and Todds family werent there either. Dnt be fooled yall…besides whats the big deal anyway.

  12. Monty J Wilder says:

    We´re talking about Kandi Buruss here, this isnt news…

  13. NewMeKnowYou says:

    if Momma wasn't around then this is all speculation, Kandi would never do such a big event in her life without Momma present!

  14. mary says:

    When did Todd get a daughter?!

  15. C. Berry says:

    I want to know who is Kandi threatening in the preview of the sleepover?

  16. She said hers wouldn´t be as big as Nene´s but I figured it wouldn´t be as small and especially without her family. She might have to tie Mama Joyce down lol but I couldn´t see her doing that without them. She´s a first time bride.

  17. Monty J Wilder says:

    No. No thoughts. Just eyes rolled.

  18. In Tamar Braxton-Herbert voice the lies she tell lol

  19. Miss E says:

    Too bad Tamara doesn't know the difference between "seen" ans "scene".

  20. Arr Pii says:

    He needs to sign that pre-nup before Mama Joyce have to take a shank to his hide. via Poised in Print

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