Beyonce’s Bootylicious 2014 Calendar Shoot… [PHOTOS + BTS VIDEO]

Oct 24th 2013 | Written by ATLien

Beyonce Herring 6
Pretty soon you’ll be able to have your Beyonce ‘fix year-round.

If you haven’t heard by now, Mrs. Carter is preparing to release a 2014 calender full of glamorous photos and a few preview shots have been released.

Jay-Z’s bootylicious missus looks super sultry in the shots, which include several amazing black and white images taken by fashion world’s top photographers, Herring & Herring in New York.

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In one shot, the hot mom rocks a peplum jacket, thigh-high leather boots and top hat, while in another, Queen Bey gets ‘slick wit it’ and is greased down with oil while puffing on a cigar.

More photos PLUS behind the scenes video from the shoot below…

Beyonce Herring 1

Beyonce Herring 5

Beyonce Herring 3

What do you think of Beyonce’s calender shoot?

Hot or Not?

Photos: Herring and Herring


  1. Kitty B. says:

    Does anyone care?? But you brainless stans will still go out and buy…

  2. Really kinda sick of her.

  3. Maya Simone says:

    I'm not a stan for Beyonce(anymore) but say what you want Beyonce has class about her. I wish she could train Kanye's trashbag how to be sexy without looking like a slutty sperm dumpster. Can you imagine if Kim did a calendar lol? #tetanusshot

    • Free Mind says:

      Classy women don't marry drug dealers sweetie…

      Sure Kim is what she is but Beyonce who always fall out of limos drunk really has no room to judge anybody and that includes Kanye old lady.

    • I SAID IT! says:

      She does have class about her,but she needs to STOP shoving her celebrity down peoples throats.Some times its just too much.We know you want to show people youre a Mom ,and you still hot.But dont nobody want to see you stickin your butt out and squintin your eyes every couple of months.Take family pictues with Blue or spend quality time with the family.All of these booty shots are classy but they are still booty shots!

    • Loving This Site says:

      Aint nothing classy about crotch shots, the last pic is like a GYN exam. Only difference between the two ladies is one has many talents and the other is a fading reality starlet. Kim has her clothing line and several stores to fall back on. Since Kim won't sign a prenup then she will also have Kanye's money.

      • Kitty B. says:

        Correction both she and Kanye wants prenups! Say what yall want about Kim, but shes a business woman who's worth around $50MM, shes no fool!

        • bobbi says:

          True @Kitty but Kim is worth nearly 50 million and Kayne is worth 110 million (according to E news).If Kanye is stupid enough to go into the marriage without a pre-nup,then more power to Kim! I personally dont think hes that stupid.After all,he made "gold digga".HOLLA WE WANT PRE_NUP!!!!

  4. NikkiS says:

    Is it me or does it appear like B is chanelling her inner Joseline Hernandez in that last pic(the only colored pic)? Whether on purpose or not, it sure looks that way. Get on the bus B!!

  5. Free Mind says:

    I'm so SICK of this dusty slore…

    There's nothing more pathetic than a person that NEEDS the spotlight and I USE to like Beyonce but she has TRULY worn out her welcome!

  6. Lady A says:

    Hawt Mama….she looks good…now ya'll know I love me some Beyonce….#Hi Haters#

  7. jade nicole says:

    I think she looks amazing but what women would want this calendar its a little too sexy.

  8. Nope says:

    It would have been a more fashionable spread if Solange did it… Last pic looks quite ghetto too.

  9. Ray Nay says:

    Beyoncé is a bad bitch! You have to give her that.

  10. Duane Harris says:

    hmmmmm a poster of a billionaire (i gotta get it cuz she is living it up and doing her thang) i aint even mad

  11. chill will says:

    She lookin real good sittin on that couch…imma buy 10,000,000 copies

  12. Shandy says:

    Does it look like anyone gives a damn. I hate this bitch.

  13. mary says:

    Beyonce please stop u can be classy and mommy not trashy and slutty! Whitney Gladys Anita come on now B you r a mother and you got millions y be half naked?! Thats for jay z old ass eyes now! You at a place where u aint got to sell sex! B go get Blu and play with a cabbage patch doll!

  14. kiki j says:

    Before the beehive stings… Beyonce is talented she has a beautiful voice and is a beautiful person…class is debatable…but I am so frickin over her!!!!! Let someone else get some fame.

  15. refiloe mazibuko says:

    not at all hot she tries too much to not be like kim but ends up being kim

  16. Hotbody says:

    Lets just say HOT what else did we expect from the Queen Bee! She is a beast say what u want about Mrs. Carter but she is working it.

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