Mimi Faust LHHATL Viewing Party-2

Quick Pics: Mimi Faust Hosts Fan Appreciation Viewing Party for #LHHATL [PHOTOS]

Jun 25th 2013 | Written by ATLien

Mimi Faust LHHATL Viewing Party-2

Mimi Faust of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta held a viewing party for the most recent episode of the popular hood drama last night (June 24, 2013).

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Faust had been a bit incogNegro over the past few weeks, but she’s back now. Happy healthier and a bit more ‘perkier’ than ever before.

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The ‘bus hopping’ single mother left her maid (or ‘made’) outfit at home and selected a few of her twitter followers/fan’s to join her as she proudly displayed her ‘works’ during a private fan appreciation viewing party held at Auto Bistro in Midtown Atlanta.

Photos below…

Mimi Faust LHHATL Viewing Party-5

Mimi with twitter fan @feleciad00Z

Mimi Faust LHHATL Viewing Party-9

Mimi with twitter fan @mzmckinnie1 (red Shirt)

Mimi Faust LHHATL Viewing Party-15

Mimi with twitter fan @ghitakharkii

Mimi Faust LHHATL Viewing Party-8

Mimi with twitter fan @misundastood010

Mimi Faust LHHATL Viewing Party-12

Mimi with twitter fan @tyonna_moss1

Looks like a fun event. Major props to MiMi for celebrating the people who keep her employed!

Do you notice anything different about the hot single mom?

Photo Credit: Chris Mitchell / CME 3000

View more photos from Mimi’s viewing party HERE



  1. OriginalGAPeach says:

    OMG! That's my baby AsiaBoo in one of the pictures! Do it love!

  2. JanieTheresa says:

    Cool :) Was she the only LHHATL "Star" there that night?

    • Ashley says:

      @JanieTheresa,I was wondering where the supportive friends were.Where's her best friend Ariane??? Mimi looks different,Im not trying to start a rumor,but Mimi looks pregnant to me,her face in the first pic, looks so full. The fan in the gold blouse could be Mimi's twin.I hope Mimi was somewhere getting stronger and working on her self esteem.

  3. Dave Frost Gavin via Facebook says:

    Looks slimmer…..ring on wedding finger

  4. Raquel Xu via Facebook says:

    She looks sore and stiff. I can’t even tell the difference between the old ones and the new ones but I digress.

  5. MzDee Samuel via Facebook says:

    Push up bra?

  6. Vixcyn T. Don via Facebook says:

    She’s smiling … she needs to do that more often! That faux “serious face” she makes is a mess.

  7. Theresa Evans via Facebook says:

    her ring

  8. Alfred Kamalii Simmons via Facebook says:

    her titties

  9. I.c. Watkins via Facebook says:

    She has fans? ??? Why???

  10. bootsie collins says:

    Michelle is it true she pops mollys? Another site reporting thats why joseline calls her molly maid. And reported she toots cocaine. Nikko snorts blow

    Sounds like she been in rehab

    • hotdogsonthegrill says:

      Well I know stevie used to snort he admitted it in a interview years ago, I don't know if he still does. I wouldn't be surprised if all 3 of them got high together.

  11. hotdogsonthegrill says:

    So she upgraded her old pair for A cups smh I'm sorry I don't see it. If she did then congrats to her it has to be so annoying being built like a box of newports. Live ya life.

    • bootsie collins says:

      To funny! Lol . She sure is built like a box. Look out for her to fix her no azz self. She need to save that money some life long therapy

      • bootsie collins says:

        Dag! Typing on phone. Save that money to get lifetime therapy.
        I can see her now, gone have a great big azz on them l'll legs like tiny

  12. lnedykstra says:

    She looks thinner and more fit!!

  13. Paige says:

    Or the ring of her left hand?!!

  14. young rebal says:

    Looks like they could be sisters on that one pic she took!

  15. womanwithabackbone says:

    she looks healthier. thank goodness.

  16. Jai Said... says:

    Kudos to Mimi for showing love to her "fans."

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