5 Life Lessons Revealed on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta S2 Ep9 + Watch Full Episode… [VIDEO]

Jun 18th 2013 | Written by ATLien

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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘ is everyone’s favorite hood drama and episode 9 of the 2nd season didn’t disappoint.

Mimi Faust has been the underdog way too long and we’ve kind of gotten used to it, but this week it seems she finally ‘flips the script’ and comes out on top. mimi the maid - mimi faust

[Flashback: Mimi Flips the Script: “Made vs Maid” (PHOTOS) + Admits Feelings For Stevie J (VIDEO)]

Mimi’s relationship with her baby daddy, Stevie J. has become a bone of contention with not only her, but her close friends as well.  Ariane Davis steps up and speaks out for her friend and it appears her small talk may have pushed him into gear.

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost‘s marital woes continue to pay out on the screen, but all is reportedly not as it seems.

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Their drama makes for great entertainment though and we all keep watching.  Even though we know it’s ‘questionable,’ it’s like watching a train wreck… we want to look away but just can’t seem stop staring.

blank stare

Anywhoo… check out this week’s recap PLUS watch the full episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (season 2, episode #9) below…

steviejos-1371227002Life Lesson #1 – Get it in writing…

Joseline has broken up with Steebie (yet again) but this time it’s different… she’s about dat bread and decides to meet with him to deal with him on a business level.

“I want my money,” says Joseline. “I need my money from the advance on a deal.”

“Check this out, we don’t have no deal,” says Stevie.

Joseline isn’t trying to hear it. “Maybe if you stop chasing p—y around town you could get my deals to go through the correct way.”

Joseline drops quite a bit of tea in the scene… especially when she told Steebie he likes to f*ck em in the “A”zz.  😯  He plays it off but then tells her they don’t have a record deal so there’s no money to split.  He then makes a point of telling her that he ‘owns’ her.   [Sidebar: I guess JoJo Dancer has been bought and paid for… ]

rasheedaandmom-1371227482Life Lesson #2 – Marriage is sacred and NEVER cross your in-laws…

Rasheeda gets her mom involved in all the ‘Kirk’ drama and mom meets with the wayward hubby to get a few things straight.

“She told me you want to get an abortion?” she states as a question.

Kirk tells her there’s a lot of business events going on that makes the pregnancy inconvenient.

“She’s pregnant. She’s not gonna get an abortion. Ok. She’s not gonnna get a blood test and you can’t make her,” mom says as she gets madder and madder. “

Mama Rasheeda tells Kirk that whatever it is that has him acting crazy, he better get the hell over it! “You are out of damn line,” she tells him and Kirk jets off in his brand new White Audi A7 coupe.

[Sidebar: Mom’s involved and I still don’t believe them… they need more people!]

Life Lesson #3 – Put your best friend on damage control…

So now that Stevie and his jumpoff Joseline have called it quits (again), his mind is back with Mimi.   Stevie meets with Mimi’s BFF Ariane to get the scoop about what’s really going on in her life and Ariane gets way too emotionally involved.


Stevie says he’s genuinely happy for Mimi if Mimi’s happy but we already know that Mimi is NOT happy in her current situation. Ariane goes back and forth with Stevie about his manipulative ways and questions his intentions.

“You hurt my friend,” Ariane said with tears in her eyes. “You hurt her hard.”

In her moment of emotion, Ariane reveals that Mimi’s NOT really happy and of course that was all Stevie needed for him to plot the next steps to get his baby mama back.

stevie j and benzino make upLife Lesson #4 – Bro’s before hoes…

On his path back to the future (ie Mimi) Stevie J squashes his beef with Benzino.

Now that their ‘bromance’ is rekindled, Benzino apologizes for how he talked to Joseline, but Stevie interrupts to advise him that that’s not where he’s at anymore.  In fact, he wants to talk about Mimi.

Benzino basically tells Stevie that Mimi is there for the taking (whenever he wants)… which adds fuel to Stevie’s mission to get her back. *sigh*

Moving on…

Life Lesson # 5 – Never bring a knife to a gun fight…

Mimi’s new boyfriend Nikko (aka Stevie 2.0) hosts a premiere party for the edited version of his new video, which Mimi is cast as the ‘leading lady’.

[WATCH: Mimi Faust Featured in Nikko & Johnny’s ‘NY2LA’ (OFFICIAL VIDEO)]

Since the bulk of the episode was about Stevie’s decision to get Mimi back on his bus, he makes an unexpected appearance at Nikko’s party and walks in rocking all white like those ‘good guys’ in westerns.


Nikko gave Mimi a Rolex watch earlier in the episode and when Stevie spots it, he immediately clocks that it’s fake.

‘It’s ticking though.” A Rolex should never tick tock. (this should probably be life lesson #6)

Stevie then presents his “real” gift to Mimi, smack dabb in front of her new man… and presents her a box which contains a BMW key.

“This is not real,” Stevie says to Nikko pointing to Mimi Rolex watch. He then steals the spotlight by grabbing Mimi to go check out her ‘REAL’ new car.

Nikko is held back by security so he doesn’t witness the car ceremony… but when Mimi returns, he’s pretty salty and starts hurling insults.

“You’re damaged. We’re gon’ talk about that later,” Nikko said. “You sound like a deranged woman.”

pissed-1371227904 damaged-1371227890

Mimi pops off a bit, but Ariane is there (like always) to pull her away from the drama.

Michelle ATLien Brown Twitter 4
Noticeably absent? Lil Scrappy, Momma D and Che Mack. Watch full episode…

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Did you “learn” anything from episode 9 of love & hip-hop atlanta?

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  1. Gwendolyn Gwendella Johnson via Facebook says:

    Does Steebie have a car himself lol. Sheeda’s Mom deserved an Oscar for that scene.

    • Ashley says:

      @Gwendolyn,I was thinking the same thing! Stebbie buying Mimi a car and he's always walkingHERE ARE MY OBSERVATIONS ABOUT LAST NIGHTS SHOW 1.Nikko is the gay version of tebbie.2.I was almost proud of K.Michelle last night.She tried.3.Why is Karlie Redd on the show???? 4. I refuse to believe that the situation with Rasheeda and Kirk is fake.Especially with her Mom being involved.Sorry Michelle you havent convinced us all!!5.Joseline is the real BOSS CHICK!!!6070and 8. I LIVE to hear Joseline say SHENANIGANS!!!!!

      • Ashley says:

        I meant Nikko is the gay version of Stebbie. and the last line should read 6 7 and 8,I live to hear…..Sorry you guys,Im not awake yet.lol

      • Ms Understood says:

        OMG…I thought I was the only one who lived to hear her say "Shenanigans!!!? LOL! Joseline is "that chick"

        How about she fucked Steebie for 20 hours straight though? lol…my girl

        • Ashley says:

          You know I died when she said that! lol.What I like about Joseline is, theres no shame in her game!!! @Ms Understood,I would live to see K Michelle and Joseline become runnin partners!!!!

        • anotherNote says:

          See thats what I am talking about. 20 hours straight a real women, with real lady parts would of had to take a break and ice it down.

        • Ashley says:

          dead @ ice it down!!!

      • Kitty B. says:

        Who says mama Rasheeda doesnt want a piece of that money as well? This reality show is all about money…and I'm sure with mama Rasheeda involved now, the money is much more and you best believe shes getting her cut!

        • Ashley says:

          Say it aint so, @Kitty B! lol I'm praying that Mom would NEVER be a part of this mess! I guess its because I dont know a Mother who would take money over letting her daughter be asked to kill her grandchild!!!!!!smh

        • anotherNote says:

          Call it what you may but she put some fire behind them words and a little improv. She might have been paid to say some things but saying that your marriage comes first wasn't it. LHHATL has nothing to gain if they decide to put their marriage over money. Also, when he was driving off. I have heard people say Coward A, but not like she said it. Their relationship will not be same. Being scripted has nothing to do with the fact that she looked at him like she had no respect for nothing he does or stands for.

        • Ashley says:

          I dont think she was paid to say ANY OF IT! I dont think there was any improv either.I think she was in her feelings.True emotions.Some may not agree w/ me but I dont see it.Michelle will never get me to believe a Mother will sell out her daughter for a cut….not buying it!

      • that_itchdeej says:

        I love hearing her say that too!!!!! I don't have time for your shenanigans Steebie (in my best Jose line voice)

    • KBebe says:

      I am still laughing at how Shirlene (Rasheeda's mom) ripped Kirk's ass to shreds — all the way to his car!!! #mommadabosschic "Mr. Wannabe Hard-core" looked even more like a bitc#-ass just as he did when Deb ripped into in season 1. Loved it!

      • enimini says:

        Let me get this straight….. k michelle DISRESPECTS and GETS VIOLENT (the whole reason she on the show is because she claims someone got VIOLENT with her…chil' please) with black women on the show all for FAME and now that she has it and is more popular because she chose to act ratchet for ratings, NOW she wants to clean up her image with FAKE apologies…girl please… SEATS, have several…i aint buying it! You fight and disrespect the next black woman for fame, and NOW you want to clean up your image because YOUR TEAM told you too. You can fool the ratchet, but you cant fool the intelligent. NEXT—-> (im glad karlie bopped her azz right back in the face with the glass..yall see k aint do a thang….lol)

        • Ashley says:

          FINALLY someone is speaking the truth on how K Michelle really is.THANK YOU!!! I already knew she

        • Ashley says:

          Already knew she was one of those women who's hoping she scares you w/ her loud cursing.Say what you want about Rasheeda,but she would have drugg K.Michelle all over the Atl and dropped her off in Savannah.

  2. Alethea Michelle Howell-Adams via Facebook says:

    I learned that a Rolex doesn’t tick. Lol

    • Gwendella says:

      Lol me too. She cursed like a drunken sailor only to get two seconds and a fake Rolex lol.

      • Kitty B. says:

        Steebie taught me Rolexes do not tick! I did a Google search and Steebie is right! Thx Steebie :)

      • Princess Diva says:

        She playing gangsta this season trying to drum up some fans. Honey bye she sounds so stupid by letting every other word be a cuss word. Mimi you aint hard so stop it!! We know you still a weak dizzy beezo fucking wit that gay ass man and his gay ass friend. Mimi if you are listening…YOU WILL NEVER BE JOSELINE so go get your broom and go clean up something! DAMN sick of her weak ass already this season shit turn the camera in someone else's direction!

        • VoiceofReason says:

          I don't understand when she refers to herself as "bitch." I cringed every time I heard her refer to herself in that way.

        • Princess Diva says:

          @Voiceofreason Mimi is damaged goods and she is whack as hell too. I would never degrade myself and call myself a bitch in the context she uses it. I might say I'm a bad bitch but other than that not going down! She needs to first respect herself and others will follow

      • 1magine says:

        My thoughts exactly…MiMi has the foulest mouth on a woman, Why does she feel like she has to express herself thru ALL profanity laced lyrics? Ghetto Mouth, naive woman.

        • Pam says:

          She thinks it makes her look tough! It makes her look stupid!

        • Princess Diva says:

          She trying to so hard to be the break out star for this season but, it aint gonna happen..She need to go back to cleaning houses or something because this is not it!! The profanity shows me how insecure Mimi really is. A real grown woman wouldn't have to talk like that to get attention.

    • sasha says:

      lol I was thinking come on now if you are giving someone a ROLEX please make sure it comes in a rolex box…who gives a gift like that with no gift box

      • new orleans baby says:

        someone who bought the "rolex" from the flea market

        • VoiceofReason says:

          Nikko should have purchased a couple of dentist appointments to fix his jacked up mouth. Eeewww I bet his breath stinks … them teeth are too crooked to floss … Yuck!!!!

  3. Gwendella says:

    Whether Mimi chooses the pink bus or the Steebie Marta pass special she might as well walk because lose lose situation. And she's clearly puffin passing or sniffing something.
    Does Steebie have a car himself??? Wait til Jose hears about that and since Steebie can't handle Jose I wonder if he could handle Niko.
    Rasheeda's Mom deserves an Oscar for that scene tonight she's believable he's not even though we know it's not. I loved every second though I just want to punch him in that apple of his. He looks stupid trying to act hard and he got the nerve to talk about money. He has done nothing to help her career as far as I see.
    Karlie irks me that track sounds like something my 3 year old did.
    Ariane is a ish starter smh.
    K is K and she tried. And is no neck looking st her.
    It's staged like hayle but I'm front and center losing more brain cells.

  4. MsDanielle Danielle via Facebook says:

    Simply put…..no!

  5. Munchie says:

    I like Stevie and MiMi is thirsty! She invited him to make Nikko look stupid. She needs to use her good AGE years building her Brand. I think MiMi should find someone that makes her feel great. Stop following Stevie J. Around the ATL because she's walking by some good Men following Stevie.
    Rasheeda needs a OSCAR! What's the THEME 4 next season??? The baby??? PLEASEEEEE maybe for 2 episodes!

    • Ashley says:

      @Munchie you are absolutely right.I dont like Stebbie ,but Mimi definitely invited Stevie for that reason.Mmi Is so in love w/ Stevie J,its pathetic! Did you hear the hesitation in her voice when she said "Nikko mad because (pause)my babys Father gave me a car.She wanted to say my man so bad.

      • Munchie says:

        MiMi is like the tallest girl in the back of the line in a classroom! She's think she's bigger when her role is small. Stevie married Josenline in PR on the Father's Day weekend? At least I can say Stevie takes care of ALL his Women and close friends! When she told K at the BB King show applies to herself! She was on drugs and drunk!!!!! She was just talking about herself. I would NEVER SAY that to anyone even my worst enemy.

        • Pam says:

          HOLD UP! STOP THE PRESS!!! Did you say Stebbie married Joseline! @munchie ,dont play with us like that! lol.HE DID?FOR REAL!!!! and what did Meme say to K? I dont remember that.

  6. mzlouweezyana says:

    I learned…
    1. Nikko looks like Consequence's lil brother…Now Mimi any real man worth his salt would feel some kind of way about your ex-man, baby father showing up and showing out…

    2. Mimi you are damaged…and deranged…smh…them delusions of grandeur will get you errytime.

    3. K. Michelle and Joseline together…Ohhhh them guhs in trouble now…

    4. Poor Karlie…she just doesn't get it…she take alot of ish in a safe place…Poor thang can't wait for her diss record to go viral…when actually it is just a virus…

    5. So Ariane plays with Rubik's cubes?? And she's meeting with Stevie J. to give him information on Mimi? Girl that is against the CODE..

    That's all I got!!!

    • sasha says:

      K Michelle loves to throw stuff and run lol and then talk about how she will kill a beoytch …boy I would love K to come into the real hood she would be terrified …..lmao @ her trying so hard to be hard

      • 1magine says:


      • enimini says:

        Let me get this straight….. k michelle DISRESPECTS and GETS VIOLENT (the whole reason she on the show is because she claims someone got VIOLENT with her…chil' please) with black women on the show all for FAME and now that she has it and is more popular because she chose to act ratchet for ratings, NOW she wants to clean up her image with FAKE apologies…girl please… SEATS, have several…i aint buying it! You fight and disrespect the next black woman for fame, and NOW you want to clean up your image because YOUR TEAM told you too. You can fool the ratchet, but you cant fool the intelligent. NEXT—->

  7. Mimi dumb ass walking around with a fake Rolex bofl damn how dumb can she get lol

    • ck says:

      It looked like to me that Mimi recognized it was a piece of shit when he gave it to her without the box and the warranty in the box. She may be dumb about Steebie, but not about money and things. That was so cheesy!Didn't you hear her say she didn't see any diamonds and that it was too small (tight on her wrist) for her? She knew it was just a piece of shit some slick friend of Nikko who was in a pinch and needing some quick cash, sold him for a couple of hundred dollars, and Nikko was the dumb one thinking he had a bargain.

  8. Loving This Site says:

    It was nice to see K. Michelle and Karlie hug it out, but as usual K. Michelle took it too far. Karlie was too funny getting mad over K. Michelle gift. Mimi is damaged and she will be there whenever Stevie picks her back up again. Arianne shouldn't be spilling the beans. If Mimi is not answering your calls then leave her be. I think she was hella disrespectful to Nikko by inviting Stevie, leaving Nikko to go check out her car, and letting Stevie talk greasy about Nikko gift.

    • new orleans baby says:

      but the gift was fake tho lol

      • Loving This Site says:

        Real fake if Stebbie can hear it ticking over music at the bar. LOL I thought it was common knowledge that Rolex watches don't tick, because people love bootlegging them.

        • lexdiamonz says:

          Mi thought y'all knew a Rolex don't tick shut 20 stacks for a decent one y'all BETTER KNOW quality but now I SEE why mom rolling with sheeniest word on the curb is he has ALWAYS taken care of his chicks and jumps so if she was with him 15 years he was in his PRIME still living off them bad boy checks ….I ain't saying she a gold digger lol Mimi DID look pretty last night though and WTF did kmichelle have on her birthday a onesie???

        • Gwendella says:

          Right lol it must've been ticking like a bomb.

        • Bham Bomb says:

          I thought it was common knowledge that a Rolex does not tick.

    • Princess Diva says:

      Mimi knew what she was doing by inviting Stevie to Nikko's video screening. That hoe knew! She was wrong for that and you are right whenever Stevie is not playing with Joseline he will be running his ass back to dumb ass Mimi and she will gladly take his dirty ass in. SMDH these people are straight clowns!

  9. Nia says:

    So, no one is going to address Karlie's deflated Ass in that red dress. Was there a rubber band holding it up? Why did it look like that? I think Benzino's neck was stuffed in there. Horrible.

    • MsCleveland says:

      DOA!!!! I thought I was the only one who saw that! It looked a hot mess!

    • KBebe says:

      OMG!! Karlie Redd needs to get a refund on that defected, decrepit looking a$$. It amazes me how delusional Karlie Redd is — from her lack of talent to her fugly ass! Ri-damn-diculous!!

      And was that spanx gone wrong underneath that dress? Or truly a big ass rubber band mechanism to hold her broke ass in place? I am confused…

      • Bham Bomb says:

        I thought it was just me. I was thinking she looks her age this season. If you are a "real" artist shouln't you have a higher goal than going viral???????

    • Tina904 says:

      #DEAD #I was wondering if anybody else noticed Karlie's butt in that plastic red dress.

      Side note…Karlie was my customer service rep @ t-mobile…BOL! When i heard that annoyin a voice and she stated her name…I asked "Karlie Red is that you?" She just answered this is Karlie how can I assist u…..CRICKETS!

  10. Lesson 7 Mimi will always be an idiot!

  11. Kim says:

    I was just wondering why we've never seen real interaction between K.Michelle and Joseline because they are both crazy & it would make great drama since they are both so easy to pop off on someone. I guess since K and MiMi aren't friends right now, it wouldn't be against the code for them to hang out… I'm waiting to see how this plays out. Watch Joseline try to get on a track… talking about "thanks for talking to me" lol She's already thirst

    • Jusbee says:

      When Joseline said thank you for talkin to me, I took it as her saying thank you to K for sharing her story, too. I don't think she's thirsty. I think she is grinding.

    • KBebe says:

      I just hope Mimi and Traci are never paired together. The last thing we all need is to hear them compare notes on how they "were wronged", even though their damaged asses CHOSE and ALLOWED themselves to be wronged. I do not care what anyone says, but 15.9 and 7.6 years is too damn long for wishful thinking.

  12. Siren says:

    that J gif reminds me …gotta catch up on awkward black girl episodes

  13. 3000 says:

    Line of the show.."He bought her a diamond necklace with diamonds!"

  14. I learned….
    Sheeda Baby will never be as gangsta as her mama. Now that's who should be rapping.
    Benzino refuses to have any neck and I'm finally ok with that.
    Karlie Redd refuses to let anyone be great..even her stylist. She looked a hot mess@the party.
    MiMi is so thirsty for Steebie's attention, she will throw ANYBODY under the bus. She staged this whole relationship to get even.
    That car is probably LEASED…in Joseline's name.
    Nikko looks like the homeless version of Steebie J.
    Ariane is one messy brood and I think she secretly wants Steebie….and MiMi.

    • new2daA says:

      Get out of my head!!!

    • sasha says:

      lol agree with everything but the karlie redd comment..I was thinking she looked better than usual..besides who in their right state of mind would trust that K michelle so I think karlie was right to be on guard

    • Gwendella says:

      Hollering over here lmaoooo. Jose and her car are both white for a minute I thought he repossessed Jose's car. Also I forgot to say Mimi talking about she like big diamonds. That costume jewelry wasn't real. Lol Whoo Lawd. Thanks for the laugh y'all.

    • Oshanae says:

      I think VH1 rented that car and kirk audi probably was rented too. Come to think about it I think everything is rented from the houses to clothes just like a scripted TV show, IMHO

    • Princess Diva says:

      True Rasheeda's mom was walking all up on Kirk like she was about to Bitch slap his bitch ass…Benzino is a little trick he wants KArlie but wants to make her jealous and you right he still aint grow no neck since last season. Mimi will do whatever she can to keep Stevie's attention. The car probably is in Joseline's name (don't you have to have a license to buy a car) IJS Nikko is Stevie last season lol Ariane acts like she's Mimi's man with her big ass. She probably wouldn't mind getting down and dirty with Mimi and Stevie (if she hasn't already done it)

  15. Wildcat30 says:

    Arianne is turning out to be a drama queen. One minute you crying for your friend with Stevie, then next your jumping up and down like a monkey when he shows up at party! Sit down! Oh and Karlie Redd…the way her azz looked in that red dress was horrible. I immediately thought of that scene in I'm Gonna Get you sucka with the girl with the fake azz in the red plastic dress. Just horrible!

    • VoiceofReason says:

      I think Ariane hated Nikko more than Stevie … she believed those gay rumors about him off the bat.

  16. Ronn says:

    MIMI IS OFFICIALLY THE STUPIDEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD, OR THE REP FOR THE STUPIDEST WOMEN in THE WORLD. She's so beautiful, but she continues to want that idiot Douche Bag Stevie who would tell a woman he owns her. Mimi deserves him. She's his prostitute. No matter how bad dude treats her, all he has to do is wave something shiny or big and thick in her face and she jumps on. Nicko should have told her if she wanted to leave to see a gift from Stevie, he should have taken his watch back and kicked her a** out to never return. She's disrespectful like Joseline. Sad Women, and I hope Joseline will leave rat face Stevie alone.
    Scrappy and Kirk should really be run over or thrown down an alley way to live for the rest of their lives. Hopefully, the beautiful Erica will find an employed and suitable man for herself. I guess beauty doesn't have space for brains for women in the ATL.

  17. Sasha T. says:

    ** Atlien go get your people!! Now Rasheeda's momma is getting in on this farce storyline to make money? Are you kidding me? He was so disrespectful to curse in front of his mother-in-law

    **I like the idea of K and Joseline hanging out. Hopefully they will not be too ratchet, just have fun hanging out.

    **Mimi SMH to all of her damn scenes

    **Now I know there is a reported shortage of "good" men in Atlanta, but Nico shouldn't be a choice for anybody. He is very unattractive, bossy and gross

    ** Karlie girl, give it up. I respect your hustle, but maybe try something else or get a writer to write your rhymes. That "dis" song was doo-doo

    ** K Michelle, my Delta sister. Good job on trying to dance that that bull.. rap from Karlie. You flipped the script real quick (the look on Benzeno's face was priceless) on her, but got it back together at the end. Good try.

    • sasha says:

      lol omg ok now reading this was to funny…you dissed everyone but the most ratchet because she is a delta..seriously if I were a delta I would be ashamed to claim K michelle lack of class…REALLY? I am thinking the national chapter of delta is considering taking back their pledge…lmao…and whew

      • KBebe says:

        @Sasha…I was already side-eyeing the "Delta sister" comment…

        • Lori says:

          Be careful all that "side-eyeing" don't make you cross-eyed. You might end up looking at your own self in the mirror. I don't think there is anything wrong with someone supporting someone who is a part of a group. Some of us are so quick to judge, but we are worst than the person we are being critical about.

        • KBebe says:

          @Lori…First, I am at liberty to say what I deem necessary. I am whole and good. Next, it is not passing judgement, it is based on my observation. I am in a prominent sorority so I indeed know of what I speak. If you cannot take observations and opinions then get off of this blog.

      • Ralph Lauren says:

        Agreeing with you Sasha ! I don't get it. To me = wrong is wrong and right is right. Damn a sister or brother and all that bull… K. Michelle is a disgrace to the human race… PERIOD !

    • Sasha T. says:

      We support our sisters through the good and the bad and hope that they will change in the long run. She is my DST sister and I do support her. She's making a change and I support that.

      • trifecta says:

        well that truly says a lot about the DELTAS ..IJS…my son was the president of the Alpha brotherhood fraternity and I can tell you that there were many times that an Alpha male was held accountable for their actions in public…my understanding of these brotherhoods and sisterhoods is to UPLIFT their community NOT help tear it down so I would think that hoping K michelle will change is not PROACTIVE but the delta chapter holding her accountable for her behavior would be…..and if K michelle is making a change she forgot to notify her mouth

  18. blackkat569 says:

    Stevie J. drives a luxury bus and Nikko drives a short bus! Say what you want about Stevie J, but he doesn't half step. He's offered a house, a car, and a furer. Even Che' Mack got a TV (small gift for a small role). Nikko can't come behind someone trying to stunt with a fake Rolex. Yes, Mimi was messy by inviting Stevie J. to the viewing, but I think she was trying to show Nikko how it's done.

    • chDay says:

      I Co-sign. And lol @ furer! Steevie bossed up on Nikko and basically told homeboy to have a seat. I'm convinced Mimi enjoyed the show.

  19. Ralph Lauren says:

    1) Where was Scrappy in this episode? Maybe he still on Shay's front lawn with her face @ss !!

    2) Starting not to like Mi Mi. I think she did Nikko wrong…… SO WRONG ! Being unappreciative of the watch and how she did him at the party.

    3) Steebie is lame and these women are even more lame. Not right for him to be able to run in and out of their lives.

    4) Rasheeda's mom is clearly the best ! I like her for real ! She needs a reocurring role on the show.

    5) K. Michelle………… Some things never change I guess. I can't wait to see someone tear off into her silicone @ss !!!

    6) Kirk is not doing a good job playing his role. I just don't beleive him at all. Acting is not for everyone.

    Overall – Last night was not so good. It had some good points I guess but it's like I am starting to feel different about the show (really scripted). O well, I will continue to tune in every Monday at 8:00 pm. Gotta keep up with what's going on so I can post on Straight Fromt the A !!!

    • CoCo says:

      1) Where was Scrappy in this episode? Maybe he still on Shay’s front lawn with her face @ss !!


      He's still on the lawn waiting on his ride. Mama D!

    • Chrissy says:

      Nikko is a fake, worse than Stevie…and Mimi was letting him know that he was a fake. Yes, Stevie is wrong too in how he does women..but that rolex was fake and Nikko knew it was fake. Nikko didn't buy that gift to make Mimi happy, he bought that gift thinking that he can fake Mimi out. Any sorry brotha who does that deserve to be shamed on national tv….some fake sorry mess watch and all that loud ticking. Nothing worse than a messy fake man trying to be something he's not…at least Stevie got some kind of cred in the music biz and know what a luxury item is. If you want to get a gift for a woman, then come correct with it…don't try to fake it and expect not to get called out for it.

  20. Ebonie DuPree via Facebook says:

    Yes, I learned something. Steebie J is STILL a boss and Kirk is STILL a bitch! I wonder if he’s a Cancer.

  21. Mo says:

    1) Nikko need to go see a dentist (i saw them missing teeth in the back)since your such a "baller". 2)Mimi stop chasing that "life style" I know yall saw her eye sparkle when she saw herself in the video (for 2sec)#thirst. 3)Stebbie…well he's just stebbie, what else can I say. 4) Joselene, the same way you got him is the same way you will loose him. Never mix business with pleasure.

  22. MsCleveland says:

    1)Mimi is too messy and what's with her getting all "Bout It" all of a sudden. She should use some of that "Bout It'ness" out of Steebie's azz!!! I'm tired of her now.
    2)Mimi's new dude is BooBoo! Can't understand how she thought he was the next best move?! And if your gonna try and make someone jealous they should at least be a upgrade from the last one, duh!!!
    3) I don't care what no one says Joseline is a boss and she is funny as hell. She'll be back with Steebie, she's the only one who can handle him!
    4) Karlie needs to find a new profession and a new surgeon for that azz! Did anyone else see that side shot at the club when she stood to get up. urgh!!
    5)Benzino's thirsty azz needs to slow down, that's why he keeps ending up with dumb HoHo's! He also needs to take time to find his neck!
    6) Rasheeds'a momma said it just like my momma would've said it! Rasheeda should've slapped the piss out of Kirk! He's on some str8 Bitchazz isht!

  23. Boogie79 says:

    So everyone is going to overlook Karli Redd's lumpy buttcheek in that red dress?

    • Lori says:

      lol… I like her, but I noticed something was off.

    • Princess Diva says:

      Her butt cheek deflated or she got one of them put in the panty booties like the chic from I'm Gonna Get Uou Sucka lmao!!! Karlie sit the hell down and stay there! have Benzino pump you up before you leave home.

  24. cns says:

    I see someone is also a fan of ABG. Luv her.

  25. Gregg Lane via Facebook says:

    Have to ya’ll credit for watching whole show, that show is so lame and Mona’s writing of the script so bad, I can’t watch the whole thing and Mimi, once a played out fool, always a played out fool, the only way to watch it is with Jose-leen and KMichelle.

  26. Philly Finest!!!!! says:

    Steebie may not have a car due to child support. ( I remember reading that(not here) When you owe money your license &everything is taken til you Pony up. When he gets caught up maybe he will get a ride. (shrugs shoulder) But his women riding though!

    Steebie! I live for you! I flat lined twice! Steebie bust Nikko Rolex " It ticking!" A real Rolex don't tick it's a fake!"! Steebie educated women every where who "rushed" to go listen to see if the "Rolex" were ticking or not.

    Nikko! Not only did you get caught lying giving a fake gift. He was upstaged by Steebie who gave Mimi a BMW. Nikko is going to be known for giving out fake Rolex's as gifts. To top it off when Steebie called his the "fake Rolex" out Nikko didn't deny it. (shakes head)

    The sixth thing should be Mimi didn't know that the Rolex was fake, and she stood there while Nikko talked junk to her. After that fake gift Mimi shouldn't even stood there to entertain his behind

    It seems that once Jose-line found out that steebie own her she toned down a lot she seems to be more humble. Don't get me wrong she still mouthy,but she don't seems to be arrogant like she was previous episode.

    Karli! was hot that Benzi gave K Michelle a diamond necklace.

    Teachable moment for Karli! Benzo don't like you,and you played yourself when you first met him by sleeping with him the first night. So,in his mind he put you in "the bird" category. Benzino likes K Michelle,and she didn't give up "no snatch" to get diamonds.

    Karli! Welp! you did tell K Michelle that dis-record shouldn't be played right now. After the spat the two did make up again!

    K Michelle & Jose-line finally! If those two had a show together I would watch it. ( "think about it Mona") Cha-Ching

    I disagree with family member getting involved in marital matters. It could back fire! Once the couple make up.

    Any way! Kurt could be going through male menopause. Either that or he is cheating and the "other" woman mentioning that foolishness to him during pillow talk.

    I'm just saying!

    • KBebe says:

      I like Stevie for some reason this season too. He seems more humble. I LOVED how he upstaged Nikki — I mean Nikko, the hairless cat. And you are right about the child support thing; but, at least his BMs riding nicely. Stevie entered the party like a knight in shining armour all dressed in white to Mimi. Lol!

      In contrast, Nikko (the pawn), all dressed in black, not only looked ridiculous giving a faux-lex as a gift; but also, in playing that…that "video" again. Smh. Why does that cheap ass "video" look as if it was made at a kiosk in a mall or something for like $9.95?

    • Ralph Lauren says:

      But wouldn't it make more sense to just get caught up on child support? I mean, does it make sense to buy $60k automoblies when you are behind on child support? Seems like he would take that money and have the hold on his license taken off by paying child support. Makes the "story line" sound real dumb or is he just that stupid????

      • Philly Finest!!!!! says:

        @ Ralph Lauren

        You would think! Right! So, he could ride and flex too!

        Shrugs shoulders!

        Steebie you rocked! This episode! Nikko In all honestly Keep your glasses and shades on at all time. Please and Thank You

      • KBebe says:

        @Ralph Lauren…I agree…as a woman that makes sense; but, he is a guy. No offense to men, but…

    • Smh says:

      She knew it was fake hence the invite to Stevie in the first place…Mimi has been on Stevie's bus for 15+ years and it's a known fact that Stevie takes good care of his woman/women so yes I do believe Mimi knew and made him pay for it via Stevie J…Priceless

  27. new2daA says:

    How is Mimi winning again? She is down right pathetic! She only used Steebie -2.0 (negative because the 2.0 version is usually an upgrade and we all know better). She cursed K Michelle out to high heavens for what? You can see the disgust in Mimi's face every time she looks at Nikko's ugly ass. I just want to slap her myself or bringing his scary looking ass into my living room for the last few Monday nights. Steebie got her a car…but we ALL know there are ALWAYS strings attached when dealing with Steebie…I would need to see the title with my name on it before I do my victory dance. "Sexy Santa" buying tv's and cars for broads…I wonder if perhaps his license is suspended or something, because they negro stay pacing the pavement.

    A lot of people were upset when Steebie reminded Joselyn of her past, but unfortunately, she needed a reality check. I can't stand Che Mack, but Jose has no business looking down on her or anyone else…if nothing else, respect her hustle.

    Kirk the Jerk…..I just don't know. I can't see any mama not trying to knock his ass the hell out for how he was talking to them about their daughter…which makes me think that this may all be for tv because I would have done my best to slap the black off his ass.

    • Princess Diva says:

      Mimi aint winning shit…She better check that title and make sure it aint got Joseline's name on it….LMAO Stevie probably just wanted to be able to call her for a ride when Joseline drops his ass the fuck off. I been laughing at this hoe since last night

    • ck says:

      Check this out: Talking about why Steebie gave Mimi that BMW…maybe, using his intimidation on one of his flunkies…maybe he got it BACK the same way he threatens Joseline…he might have taken that Mercedes from Joseline and bought the BMW…maybe that's why she was so humble in that scene when she asked for her money last night and he got up and walked away. The Mercedes showroom is just across the street from the BMW showroom up in midtown. I think maybe STEVIE GAVE MIMI THAT BMW IS SO SHE WOULD GO DOWN TO FULTON COUNTY COURTHOUSE AND EXTINGUISH THAT OUTSTANDING CHILD SUPPORT ARREARAGE. So, once she does that, he can snatch the car back, get a license, and no longer be "on foot" any more.

  28. ScriptTease says:

    I think, not sure, but I think I heard on Steve Harvey Morning Show, That Stevie and Joseline got married.

    • KBebe says:

      Question: Why was Ariane, the purple unicorn, playing with a toy at a bar? I am being somewhat facetious. Furthermore, the crying game she played while pretending to be in Mimi's corner was an #epicfail. How do you cry and act like you care in one breath, while talking behind your friend's back to her EX [who she is STILL in love with] in another? I'm confused.

      Ariane's "play play" tears never fell down her face; and, she does not win the Oscar for "Best Supporting Actress". Hopefully, her lil' Angela Bassett moment is over. She will never measure up.

  29. sasha says:

    # 22 THAT VIDEO WAS SOOOO WHACK….so I I were Mimi I wouldn't even want to be in it

  30. trifecta says:

    1. Nikko is just using this dumb broad to gain his non existent career because I cant even imagine My new man allowing my childs father to disrespect him by giving me a car right in his face and then me(being a dummy bear) accepting the car in my new mans face and then getting mad because he questioned why I allowed this to go down …Nikko dont want no mimi he just getting in his air time ..that video was not even good

    2. K michelle is not as hard as she appears, I noticed she takes off running every time something is thrown

    3. Ariane is a straight up wanna be and shit starter..Mona got her doing her bid I see

    4. Benzino wants karlie redd back lol he knew what he was doing when he gave K that necklace

    5. Karlie should try modeling lol cause singing is not working sorry boo try something new

    6. Kirk seems pretty confident that Rasheeda has not been loyal…I'm thinking there is more to this story than just kirk being an azz…Rasheeda is guilty of something

  31. Princess Diva says:

    Ok time to go in. First of all why the hell did that messy bitch invite Stevie to Nikko's party? Dumb broad you shouldn't need to bring your baby daddy around to chump the next fool you should be woman enough(without liquid courage) to tell that man you aren't feeling him. That's how dizzy bitches handle real shit like a amateur. Stevie can have that anytime he wants and he knows it that's why he treats her the way he does. She's a weak, thirsty, hungry, all that and then some type of bitch if she puts up with that bullshit. Joseline is gonna beat that ass when she find out. She gonna beat Stevie's little ass!! Joseline fucked Stevie for 20 hours damn and he still running his little horny ass around town smdh!!! Kirk is a straight asshole..I woulda punched him dead in that big ass adam's apple he got in his throat. Then his ugly ass wouldn't be able to say shit!! Rasheeda do you baby girl.. I think you having a girl this time. Congratulations!!Fuck Kirk stupid ass! Karlie Redd is a messy ass hoe and her ass looked super fake in the tight ass red dress. Why is she still around again?? Nobody likes her old dried up ass. K. Michelle was about to get in that ass I was like here it comes….K. Michele is crazier than a damn bed bug and as much talent as she has her attitude and her mental illness is not going to allow her to be the super star she wants to be. She will always be known as that crazy bitch that can sang. She better wake up before the train stops and her ass is standing outside with no ticket. Take your meds bitch damn!

    • Princess Diva says:

      Ok one more thing. How this dumb ass broad not gonna know the Rolex was fake? Come on now ma you can't sit up there and act like you high society but can't spot a fake Rolex B please sit yo ass down way down!!

      • Ashley says:

        DEAD DEAD DEAD!!!! Why @Princess Diva did you have to kill me!!!! lol DEAD @ WAY DOWN!

        • Princess Diva says:

          Ashley I'm sorry honey but I gotta call it like I see it. This foolery has gone on long enough and I have been silent. Well it's a new damn day and I got shit to say!! :)

        • Ashley says:

          Well go on and say it! PREACH !!!!:)After you finish,Ill take up the collection!

    • trifecta says:

      K michelle was not about to do anything but run her mouth as usual, K michelle is great at talking smack and that is just about it, she loves throwing things and then dashing,lol but she hard, PLEASE, it does not take much to run up on a person and NEVER have I seen K do this never she picks up something tosses it in the persons direction and then attempts her escape and then before the person can react the security is stepping in…smh at that fake shyt

  32. Duane Harris via Facebook says:

    Rasheeda’s mama straight owned that ninja Kirk (he has to be on the molly!) This hood soap opera makes Monday night must watch tv night. But on the real how does someone go from nice guy to bad guy in barely a year – didnt they renewed their vows last summer?

    Great coverage!

  33. NewMeKnowYou says:

    The lesson I learned is that Kirk is a real bitch! what he meant about let me leave before things get ugly….pardon me sir but unless you got a 60 year old cunt under your tail, you shouldn't be thinking of getting violent with this old ass lady. Kirk would get kick out of the kingdom of bitchdom for being a hoe ass nigga.

  34. candi says:

    Im still trying to figure out why arianne even had a conversation with steebie….she made MiMi sound so vulnerable and gullible and steebie just pounced on it!

    why didnt mimi have a car before if she had to "get eva from A to B" while Joseline is driving a band-spanking new mercedes?

    Rasheeda's mom got in that a$$..pure comedy..
    Kirk must not have that much trouble paying the mortgage if he's driving that audi….

    Benzino is staking his claim on K.Michelle! lol that gift seemed too sentimental!

    Karlie Redd is a dummy. you have NO music out yet you want to create a diss record on K Michelle…it would've made more sense to take that energy you used for the diss record to actually create a REAL song..that would've been the perfect time for K.michelle to slap somebody

    Arianne..what was the point of playing the diss record?? just MESSY

    MiMi…really? you asked for all of that trouble and arianne did just what i thought she would do..sit back and laugh..

    Steebie was too funny…he had eveerything planned out..def my entertainment for the evening

    looks like joseline is really trying to hop off that bus…too bad she didnt read the contract

    oh and the video was horrible!!

  35. CoCo says:

    I don't understand what kind of "business" Joseline calls herself doing. All this woman has to do in order to get down to the bottom of this contract/no contract/record deal/no record deal nonsense is HIRE AN ATTORNEY! She has the money. So just pay someone to do the leg work for you instead of hunting down Steebie because that gets her nowhere. Is it just me, or did anyone else know that she would never have an album? Dumb ass broad!

    And I really resent the game that Stevie is playing with both Joseline and MiMi. When he's on the outs with one, he slides to the other. And they're both always there to conveniently accept him with open arms and legs! They BOTH need to stop allowing him in and move forward. Fuck going backward! Ain't nothin behind you but memories and time wasted. When you already know what to expect, why waste more? Being dick drunk gets you no where ladies!

  36. NewMeKnowYou says:

    I think the K Michelle/ Karlie Red scene had to be stage or shot multiple times. Unless karlie is just plain stupid, how did K Michelle have the chance to just walk up on her without her putting up a set/guard when she'd just attacked her? She was wide open for a KO!

  37. c says:

    is it me or is Stevie always entering a scene backpack in tow like he just got off the # 9…#I'mjust saying

    the last time i carried a backpack was when I rode the #9 to middle school #timesaretough

  38. Kirk and Rasheeda’s story is fake and in place to keep them relevent. Steebie does have a car remember the episode where he took Joseline to cuss Benzo out? He was driving a white mercedes. I don’t know why I watch this show it is so ignorant !But FUNNY!!!!!LMBO!!!!!

  39. Chi City Chick says:

    This damn website's comments, lawd, lawd, lawd. I love the "A" because of this site and never been. But, I promise I will. Where 2 eva start wit these episodes? My boo thang has banned me from discussing wit him so Im talkin 2 yall. Mimi bogus as hell for allowing her friends to get in her head about Nikko. Nikko been the same nicca from the beginning of this episode, but because Ariane and K. Michelle thinks he gay, now he public enemy # 1 and gay? Confused. Don't let ya no-man-having friends tell u bout ya man. Mimi also bogus for having Stevie show up at the party. Why? Because her rolex wasn't as nice as Nikko's? Is it his fault if he couldn't afford her a rolex as nice as his? Mimi a bird. Im sorry. Thought she had more class, she doesn't. She cant think for herself either. She wanted a man who didn't try to buy her, but show her he appreciated a nice woman and be faithful and she wants to attack the man. Now He's GAY? Whatever. She's dated much gayer than Nikko's ass. K. Michelle and Karlie, well at least K. Michelle tried, but she didn't try hard enough. Karlie is ridiculous for giving the diss track as a gift. C'mon Karlie. Benzino obviously trying 2 smash on K. Michelle's cakes. I dug the chain he got her. Very nice, Zino. Kirk done lost his damn mind and I think been around reality chicks like Bambi too damn long. Head pumped up, feeling himself lil' 2 much. Kirk, ain't nobody checkin 4 yo' old ass, just dem' pockets Rasheeda got u sitting on. Lazy ass. Wat else does Kirk do besides Fake-Manage Raheeda's non-rapping career? Jesus forgive me. Um, think thats it 4 what I got from it all.

  40. Bria L. says:

    All I got to say is Kirk is a bitchass nigga. If I was having his kid I would've beat his ass, got all my shit and DIPPED! With his ugly and his 4 earrings. Mimi and that fake ass Rolex watch girrrrl you don't need that but keep that BMW and DIP on both Stevie J and that your gay boo. But on the otherhand Mimi you need a reality check by Joesline I bet you won't say the stuff you say to K.Michelle face to Joseline's face..Mhm. Girl walk away..That nigga Stevie J is something else coming in looking like he was in MJ's video smooth criminal. But Stevie J go he knows how to get the ladies with his rat lookin self LOL

  41. Catch fire says:

    1. If you have a furry face and wolf p*ssy sideburns you should get a makeup artist who specialize in putting on makeup for thundercats or wolverine ! AKA Rasheeda do better I wanted to brush you this episode!I won't even get into the scripted exchange with Kirk and his mother-in-law i'm bored by their story line now zzZZzzz!

    2.Steebie J and WhosAman are tired! How many times are you going to dry snitch about Steebie popping aholes? We all know the reason yall are married is he has the best of both worlds a manufactured vajayjay and a boipussy! Steebie happier than DerrickJ with some redbottoms and a bag of clean dicks!

    3.K Michelle and Karlie Redd are both victims of the Stevie Wonder Surgery for booty implants! K's isn't all that bad its just too much how you going to be knot knee slew footed with a booty that don't match your thighs? She should have stopped at the first implant or shots she keep on she will be like Karlie Redd her ass will need a kickstand too! Was I the only 1 thinking why Karlie Redd diss song sound like she had a mouth full of Roscoe Dash babies? I could not for the life of me understand nothing she said? Maybe the old bitch didn't have her teeth in her mouth! I don't have time for geriatric beef! Was she wearing a depends or was her implants that saggy?

    4. If you're shaped like a 10 year old Somalian but you look like season 1 RuPauls Drag Race contestant Jade Chicago don't expect more than 2 mins in ANYONES video! Don't get mad if you get a fake Rolex because you're a fake bitch! Don't try to front on Nikko you knew he was a dookie demon when you called yourself using him to "get back" at Steebie J and last but not least Mimi stop pretending to be classy when you're just a well dressed rat with a heavy smokers voice! Why is this bitch always hoarse? Whatever she smoking I know it can't be weed!

    5. I will still watch the shit storm every Monday but I will close my eyes when Traci Steele's scenes come on her face is too damn disrespectful and makes it hard for my food to digest! I thought Mama D had a he-man face every time I see Traci face I scream By the power of Grayskull I have the POWERRRRRR!

    • The Young & Ratchet #1 Fan says:

      Why why why?! Lawd you gave me life, killed me, and resurrected me again with your synopsis! I'm too weak @Steebie happier than Derrick J with some red bottoms and a bag of clean dicks!

    • Gwendella says:

      I have went into the light this morning lol Lawd.

    • Lori says:

      lollolol…@your entire post.

    • Loving This Site says:

      I died, was brought back to life and died again. #2 hilarious.

    • new2daA says:

      Flatlined …"I'm goin up to yonder……."

    • Princess Diva says:

      LMAO you went there talking about wolf pussy sideburns I just got back up off the floor with tears in my eyes. HA HA HA HA Where you hear Joseline and Stevie was married???? Do tell… K. Michelle has way too much ass for her small frame. When she walks it looks like a fire is about to start. I love the description of Mimi hee hee hee she always hoarse because she probably just took a dick out of her mouth. She tries to act classy but I know that hoe is trashy hanging at the studio (she aint no singer) late night with nothing but dudes in the building so you figure out what that hoe doing. She's a petty bitch (using Stevie j to make Nikko mad) that's some old middle school bullshit…I loved every word lol lol

      • Catch fire says:

        The cyber streets are saying Steebie and HoesAman got married in PR the first weekend in June and apparently Messy my hair is laid like 3 day old road kill Mona Scott had her camera crew there to film the happy event! Blah blah blah Mona lost her credibility with me the first season of LAHHA when she stated in the reunion that WhosAman was booty bucky naked to take a pregnancy test -_- side eyed that baboons ass ever since. Trying to vouch for the man and his easybake manufactured pussy!

    • GERIATRIC BEEF?!?I'm so very done for the day!Oh, this entire comment was everything, chile.

  42. whittney says:

    i really never like her but i dont wish on any body to lose there house never. I lost my house at a youg age an it wasnt easy then others think out here its every hard when you lose your home. An on top of that she lost her man to at the end shit hits hard belive it or not an mothafucks know that shits hard for a person dont give a fuck what people say………………………………………………………………………………………………………… I DONT EVEN LIKE DA BBBBBBBIIIIIITTTTTTTCCCCCCCHHHHHHHH JUST KEEPN IT REAL

  43. enimini says:

    Let me get this straight….. k michelle DISRESPECTS and GETS VIOLENT (the whole reason she on the show is because she claims someone got VIOLENT with her…chil' please) with black women on the show all for FAME and now that she has it and is more popular because she chose to act ratchet for ratings, NOW she wants to clean up her image with FAKE apologies…girl please… SEATS, have several…i aint buying it! You fight and disrespect the next black woman for fame, and NOW you want to clean up your image because YOUR TEAM told you too. You can fool the ratchet, but you cant fool the intelligent. NEXT—-> (im glad karlie bopped her azz right back in the face with the glass..yall see k aint do a thang….lol)

  44. Miss Bird says:

    There is always something condescending in the way that Nikko speaks to Mimi… Like she's not lived life until he came along and she knows absolutely nothing…Being a fool for a man doesn't make one a fool on all fronts, contrary to popular belief, and I keep waiting for her to rear back (while he's talking down to her) and, in her best NY accent, say "Holdup, Son! Wtf you think you talkin'to?!!?"

  45. Jose H says:

    All this talk and NO ONE wants to mention the book bag Stebbie put on as he walked away from Joseline?!?!? WTF!!

  46. teka says:

    first of all why is MIMI so thin lately I think she on that powder. and that argument between her and Arriane when K.michelle threw the flowers was strange they were close enough to kiss! I think Mimi and Arianne were more than friends

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