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Keri Hilson Wants You To Know… [She Took A Break But She’s NOT Pregnant!]

Jun 12th 2013 | Written by ATLien

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Remember Keri Hilson? Well you may (or may not) have noticed the songstress has been laying low for a while.

The singer/songwriter has had a helluva time overcoming those Beyonce blacklist rumors and even threw a ‘twitter fit’ a few months back after several of Queen Bee’s STANS roasted her online.

[FLASHBACK: Keri Hilson’s Social Media Meltdown… ]

Hilson may (or may not) actually be blackballed in the industry, but one thing’s for sure… she’s been on hiatus for a while.

Keri hit the tweets to clear up a few recent rumors surrounding her “disappearance”…

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Hilson even addressed recent speculation that she took a leave of absence because she’s knocked up.

Here’s what Keri wants you to know…

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Keri posted a few photos online recently that got the rumor mill rolling that she could possibly be pregnant…. and she notes that while you may THINK they contain clues, they actually don’t mean a thing.

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What do you think about Keri’s ‘self-professed’ disappearing act?


  1. So what. Keri can do that. I am glad she has sat down for a minute. Music charities family her surgery love life all must be hectic. Plus I believe she has other things going for herself too.

    • Free Mind says:

      Right!I like Keri and like you stated she can do that.

      I wish other so called artists that have made a complete nuisances of themselves would take a long break….

  2. Dana Rann via Facebook says:

    no one noticed she was gone! *shrug*

  3. Ashley says:


    • Monica says:

      LOL. I would love it if in a high profile interview, someone asked Beyonce, "So Beyonce, have you and Keri Hilson made amends or do the two of you still dislike each other?". I can see Bey looking straight CONFUSED and saying, "Who", then turning around and the mic catch her saying, "Is this someone I should know. What the h*ll are they talkin about?" … bwahahaha…

    • Free Mind says:

      The WHO is the one that you took the time to RESPOND about!

  4. Maria says:

    Luv Keri :)

  5. lnedykstra says:

    Raise your hand if you care about Keri Hilson.

    *crickets chirping in an empty room*

  6. Sexxy says:

    Did not even notice she was absent from the scene, until this this post came

  7. Joyce Lilly via Facebook says:

    she needed a break ppl can be so mean…. hence^^^^

    • humbleknight says:

      Break from what??? Her job is make music. Thats her job. If she wanna hide let her hide.

    • Free Mind says:


      Most of the time when you see people of that ilk,they are the ones that go around dogging Keri because they are FANATICS of someone that they feel Keri either ignores or dissed,so they special!

      I know a girl who is in between jobs that get on blogs & twitter saying that Keri or others are broke and yet she has no job.The people who are most broke will be the ones comparing Keri's multi-millionaire worth with another so called artists.One may have more than the rest but in the end,they are all paid!!!

      The type of people above as well as many other toxic people are what you call miserable a$$ spirits that want everyone to be as miserable as they are.

  8. Dana T says:

    I like you Keri… I think you're a descent enough artist who keeps a low profile. You're not in the world wild n out. You're in the R&B category and that's hard enough as a singer.

    Dana T.

    • Free Mind says:

      I concur!!!

      • Bamma says:

        You concurred this whole damn post that was positive and called everybody else who dislikes the wench a hater, and I haven't seen you post in no other post so you must be wench herself. Thought u was taking a break.

  9. Riann says:

    I'm glad she found love, Keri and her man make a great looking couple, but, I'm still trying to figure who was checking for her music comeback. She created this teeny weeny buzz herself. She was feeling left out of the media frenzy loop…. She may be good a song writer but she's a B list performer.

    • galvatt says:

      I actually like Keri Hilson. She is definitely mis/under-represented because she has quite a few decent songs that could have climbed the charts.

      No need to be rude because her music is not your particular cup of tea. I don't like most rap nowadays, yet I don't think 2chainz and the Weeknd are crap, b-list artists. Grow up.

  10. teejay says:

    This lady needs a lesson in humble… she COULD HAVE been the hottest thing out there but her stank attitude got her looking real, go sit yo ass down somewhere. Keri.. my dear go get a BS in biz and go sit yo ass down somewhere

  11. Lovely says:

    I don't even know who she is…… What does she sing? Much less did I know of any beef between her and Bey… I am Lost…..

    • Free Mind says:

      There was no beef between her and what's her name.

      The problem stems from fans of other artists that live vicariously through certain artists that go around cyber bullying anyone that says any remote thing about those artists.

  12. Eyes Rolled says:

    Whatever to Keri. Taking a break!?, more like not being able to get the public's attention so she CLAIMING break is to save face.Keri had no where to be/sing/perform/host/etc, that is not her taking a break, that's her plain and simple, not being wanted and that's on her and her inability to entertain people with her personality and stage presence, some artist deserve to be bitter because they do have a worthy talent and it is messed up when they can't make it to the A-C list of entertainers and can't get a solid record deal and promotion, but Keri is not one of those artist who should be bitter and thinking she deserves an A-C list spot and she can't be bitter at the public for not buying what she's selling, especially since what she's selling isn't even consistent. She said in her tweet there was "confusion" about her leave of absence, NO! there's confusion about your brand message. Just like Ciara, Keri can't be bitter for brand problems she's creating. Sometimes being a s*x kitten in the RnB world is the wrong move, being slutty or s*xy isn't even that valuable in the female RnB world, that's for the pop industry. RnB fans care more about the message of the song, love/break-up/surviving, not all that silly riding the beat like a freak and all that F*ck me foolishness. RnB is for decent lyrics and images, that's why none of these young freaks are winning in it. Ciara,Keri,Tearia Mari,Trey Songs..who else? Nobody, this genre is ruined and the newbies aren't helping it at all. Keri tried to mix attitude and a raunchy pop image with dignified rnb and it did not work, aren't industry folks constantly telling K. Michelle that mess doesn't sell well in RnB, does Keri not get that? Ciara decided to stop dancing/performing and start sashaying around in heels and grinding like a P*rn star and it didn't work. That's on them. Keri should never return.

    • yooooooooo (keristan) says:

      You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your comment is quite ignorant. I would NEVER say that keri 'sells sex' on a regular basis, and certainly nowhere near to the extent of Rihanna, beyonce or ciara. I mean wtf she made one video clip, "the way you love me". And its actually understandable because she was just trying to express ALL WOMEN, and im sure everyone feels like that about ONE certain person at a certain time. Its not like she made a whole album based on that or stupid electronic dance music. I mean c'mon if you actually listened to her two albums, they are really good and she actually has true R&B jams on them, plenty of those 80's/90's sounding ballads. Plus, she is a killer songwriter!!!! and makes music that people can relate, unlike the majority of mainstream artists at the moment. So please dont give me this shit saying all she does is sell sex because to me she is one of the most respectable R&B artists of this time.Give a stronger justification and then i would respect your opinion. smh.

      • JayceeP says:

        Wow! I never realized Keri had people who cared this much! Where have you been hiding?

        • yooooooooo (keristan) says:

          *die*s even im laughing hahahah well ive been too busy with school lately lol but yeaahhh she has some fans. I come out when i see absolute nonsense? 😉

      • Free Mind says:

        I so agree….

        The delusional Keri haters come up with all kinds of nonsense and lies just because they don't like someone.

        • yooooooooo (keristan) says:

          its so annoying, like they make up anything just to have a reason to hate her. i mena seriously saying all she does is 'sell sex'. Thats just ignorant nonsense that you could say aboue almost anyones. Its so annoying because her music is actually high quality, if they dont like her music or her, why are they even bothering to make long paragrapsh about her? dayuuummmm they should just go and support whoever they like instead

  13. mary says:

    one thing she needs to learn how to do is SHUT UP, silence is golden….when she reach beyonce status and money line then she can start talking!

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