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NEWSFLASH! Lil Scrappy Heads to Court Ordered Rehab After Failed Drug Test…

May 22nd 2013 | Written by ATLien

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Lil Scrappy of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta partied the night away alongside a long list of Atlanta’s ‘who’s who’ during the opening of Atlanta’s newest night spot recently (click HERE if you missed that), but pretty soon he’ll be sitting in those meetings reliving his partying ways with a therapist after  after failing a court-ordered drug test.Lil Scrappy 3

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The rapper explained to the judge this morning though… that his failure is not actually all his fault.

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In fact, Scrappy told the court he believes he’s addicted to weed and how he’s been ORDERED to enter a rehab facility for treatment.

Details below…

Scrappy was jailed for violating his probation back in March after a dispute over a different pee test.

According to court officials, Scrappy tried to turn in a urine sample that was cold to the touch and may have been tampered with … and when asked to submit another cup, he refused.

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The reality show star appeared in a Georgia courtroom earlier this morning (May 22, 2013) where officials revealed the results of Scrappy’s new urine test, which he took last week.

Apparently it came back positive for marijuana. 😯

Not surprised by his results, Scrappy, through his attorney Mawuli Mel Davis, advised the judge that he has an addiction to smoking weed. And instead of hauling his “A”zz back to a jail cell, the rapper was ordered to check into a rehab facility before June 16th. (source)

What do you think of Scrappy’s latest legal issues?


  1. Music says:

    I can just hear him now "Your Honor, I think I may be addicted to the weed-niz-ee and maybe need some help"…LOL

    • Ashley says:

      Dead!!!! lol! Run Erica Run!!! Shay and Momma Dee gas up the Deuce and a quarter! Momma Dee get your sign ready! Maybe it should say; PLEASE SUPPORT MY SON WHILE HE IS IN REHAB! IT"S NOT HIS FAULT:I WAS PIMPIN INSTEAD OF PARENTING!

  2. MsDanielle Danielle via Facebook says:

    Get your life together you are a father enough said

  3. I think niggas give black men a bad name.

  4. ChefMel Yisrael via Facebook says:

    Just a young dude going through some changes in life.

  5. Latresha Tressy Thomas via Facebook says:

    Its crazy that they think they can beat the system. These celebrities will get a year worth of probation and by the time its over they serve 10 because they wont sit down and follow the rules for 10 minutes. Its sad that he is not smart enough to get his affairs in order.

  6. Jessica Simone via Facebook says:

    I wonder if he goes into court talking all that nonsense to the judge or if he acts right. I would lock him up for making up words. You feel meh?

    • BaybeK8s says:

      I am wondering the same thing. I bet his attorney doesn't let him speak. Michelle please get some video of this pound puppy in court.

  7. jbm says:

    I guess Pound Puppy is on his way back to Doggy Day care for rehab.

    Addicted to weed? Weed nigga?!!! Really?

    Jeez-nay-ee take the wheel!!!

    Will Lord Lemon Pepper be rescued by the village wench Shay?

  8. The trillion dollar questions: Will Scrappy Doo ever grow up? Will he pawn that jewelry and pay the back child support? Will he really have a future with a REAL woman? Find out, on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 15!

  9. Latresha Tressy Thomas via Facebook says:

    Not tearing him down but he dont get a pass either.

  10. Pretty in pink says:

    This dude isn't addicted to weed- he just didn't want to go back to jail! Oldest trick in the book and judges keep falling for it!

  11. NewMeKnowYou says:

    Scrappy look like Cole from Martin.
    Cole…… stupid!.

  12. Vanessa Glover via Facebook says:


  13. MsDanielle Danielle via Facebook says:

    Frederick…..I have to ask why the emphasis on the word REAL?

  14. KERRI POWERS says:

    They won't even accept you at a rehab for just weed! The only way he gets in is he pays alot,alot of money! There are real attics out there who can't get beds at a rehabilitation ctr. But Scrappy will? SMH

  15. Because Ms. Danielle, Erica and Shay are little girls, not women. ***MY PERSONAL OPINION***

  16. Loving This Site says:

    I rather be addicted and get sent to rehab like the semi celeb that I am, rather than do some numbers at county.

  17. MsDanielle Danielle via Facebook says:

    Not an argumentative woman….I can be opinionated myself….and I respect this is an open forum….just trying to understand the merits of the accusation that LIL SCRAPPY’s….I’m sorry since we’re talking about REALNESS….let’s use this male’s REAL NAME…..but how can you say these women are not real ( who Daryl chose)? i am just taken aback because this male could not afford to buy his own engagement ring. He can’t afford to get his own place. He is behind on child support. No shade….just facts…..Grown men pay child support. Grown men when they decide to ask a woman to marry them can afford the choice to do so.

    I say that because the madness has to stop….can’t call them little girls without identifying that little boys liked them…..I just want it to be fair…..

  18. All I can say is we all need God he’s all we need.

  19. Duane Harris via Facebook says:

    dang he is smoking that good wiznyeeeeeeeeeeeeed!

  20. LDB says:

    Addicted to weed?! Really?! LOL! I guess that throws all that crap out the window about marijuana not being addictive. For real though, it sounds to me like he's scared to go back to lock up.

  21. Queena Qtpie Page via Facebook says:

    Lol at Duane.

  22. STonthemap says:

    Its nothing wrong with weed but can't you wait and get high after you get off of probation. I mean be smart Scrappy.

  23. lockstress says:

    Uhm…can we get a court appointed representative from Hooked on Phonics???

    Yo honor maaan, My biznahee is fo real do. Ay'z a moovie stah nah-mean. I'z on Vh1 ehrey Mun-nah-ee! My baby moms cool. My daugher straight-nah-ee and my momma craz-nah-yay!
    Oh..god…I can't even continue. My head is spinning…lol

  24. Look at who raised him? He has drug problem, multiple baby momma, jail written all over him….as well as some ignorant tattoos.

  25. Sonja Kennedy via Facebook says:


  26. LMAO @ hood rats defending this mf!!!

  27. teejay says:

    i dont give a shyt what nobody say scrappy may be a "thug" but hes a good man and a good dude. he is aging and coming into his true manhood. he handled mama dee and erica very much like a real man would. regardless of his past… scrappy you da man and that's was sup!!!

  28. Missk says:

    When is this loser going to grow up and act like a real man with a child, and a fiance.What Erica sees in this idiot i don't know, but I think he's playing her for a fool!Minimal talent, and you land an role on a reality show, which they seem to giving out like free cheese these days, and you still can't seem to get ya shyt together. You deserve to be thrown in jail asap!Yes of course he's playing the system.. say ya have a drug problem and get out of serving time in the pen..just go to rehab… He ain't slick!Erica move on, and be done with this mamas boy and Mama Dee!

  29. msking says:

    First let me just say…I find it so funny how ppl can actually spell this crap that he be saying!!!LMAO!! I just cant stop laughin…ok let me get it together…smh….
    Secondly, addicted to weed? So what happens when smokin weed becomes legal? It is happening in some states…for medication purposes i think.But wait, since his vocabulary is so messed up, maybe thats why they are putting him in rehab.The weed is makin him talk funny.BLAHHHHHH!!!!
    I'm done.LOL

  30. Gwendella says:

    If he was lo ho he'd just be free and actually he should be thankful for rehab because I've seen people sent to jail for being addicted.

  31. Hot Caddy Girl says:

    When is this idiot going to grow the hell up and be a man?! He has a child of his own and he is still latched on to Momma Dee's boob. He will never learn his lesson. I don't know what Erica sees in that fool.

  32. BaybeK8s says:

    Again, I'm confused ! My first confusion…I thought Scrappy Doo was an asthmatic? My second confusion…Why is he continuely testing dirty? I thought he and Momma Dee were "hood"? Both should know how to cheat the test. Oh wait! They did try and fail with the OPU (other people's urine) method. Allegedly. Next stop GNC. Google is a wonderful thing.(sarcasm)

  33. lockstress says:

    Shots fired Michele. Scrappy on a twitter rant in his broken scribble talkin bout how he put his baby moms on! Girl…!

  34. lashonda says:

    With. A. Momma. Like. That. I. Would. Stay high. Too. To. Excape. Her. Bossy,man-looking. Self

  35. Fl to Va chick says:

    Just move to Colorado! Really it's time for change..he's a single father,in and out of the system and he suffers from drunken puffy face. Scrappy I wish you well and do better..stop embarrassing your lil daughter and that's including you to Erica.


  37. Rolly says:

    This ninja ain't addicted to weed! He JUST LIKES WEED a whole lot! Enough to risk his freedom, Enough to screw his mind, make bad choices, let his momma control his life, be out of control when he wants, mellow out & be fried all day, live the life of a "rapper", miss child support payments & try to outwit everyone when he has no wits about himself! Bye Daryl!

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