Happy Burfday B Video Shoot 9

Behind The Scenes of Derek J’s “Happy Burfday” Video Shoot… [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Apr 5th 2013 | Written by ATLien

Derek J
Celebrity hairstylist Derek J is doing the absolute most these days…. and I’m so proud of him!

As well as being my hairstylist and friend… Derek is a regular background character on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and one of the stars of Bravo’s new fashion oriented show, “Fashion Queens.”Michelle ATLien Brown Derek J 2

He’s also the man behind the “men in pumps” phenomenon and what was once an anomaly has now become somewhat common place with Derek’s outlandish shoe fetish, but it’s all good. As I always say, ‘be who you are and love who you be’!

“Fashion Queens” has been picked up for 8 more episodes so he has no trouble keeping busy… but now Derek has also stepped his size 11 stilettos into the music game with his “Happy Burfday B*tch” song, which was released a few weeks ago.

And it wouldn’t be a “Derek J” original without a video would it? And I’m almost proud to say that I can finally add “Video Ho” to my resume.

Photos + video from Derek J’s “Happy Burfday B*tch” video shoot below…

Happy Burfday B Video Shoot 7

Happy Burfday B Video Shoot 5

Happy Burfday B Video Shoot 3

Happy Burfday B Video Shoot 4

Derek’s “Happy Burfday B*tch” song is available on iTunes NOW. The new video will be out soon. Stay tuned to StraightFromTheA for the premiere!!!


  1. tori says:

    Only in Atlanta lol! Derek's shoes in the top pic are FIRE (minus the socks! The photo shoot looked like fun!

  2. CaliDream says:

    Whites have always loved minstrels…maybe next he can eat watermelon for all his "fans" to see…

  3. v says:

    Erica Mena spilled some major tea on DJ Envy. If that's him, it's sad.

  4. Tiffani says:

    Can you buy it on Amazon or in the Play store? I don't fool with iTunes..but I will buy from either of those two places

  5. Nasir Rahim says:


  6. Shorty says:

    You look so pretty Michelle.

  7. ThatGirl78 says:

    SMH!!!! This video is a "HOT ASS MESS".

  8. Really!!! says:

    I watched Fashion Queens week before last and it was not bad. Derek J and the rest of the cast seem like they are very likable people but watching men dressed up as women giving fashion critiques on celebs every week is something I can't hang with.

    • nobi206 says:

      I agree 100% but I felt like i could not come out and say it. I find it odd that everybody can look past the fact that these are men dressed as women!

  9. Davies says:

    I've always liked Derek, Ms Lawrence not so much. Derek seems genuine , humble and overall a nice person. Ms Lawrence is just messy as hell and tries to damn hard.

  10. Tally says:

    I have to laugh every time I see Derek's fat feet and ankles in shoes…looking like pig hoofs…I can't!! I can not!!!

  11. luvinusher says:

    Lol @ Tally! Michelle looks really cute.

  12. JWoooow says:

    You should never, ever, ever, ever, never, criticize anyone's appearance. You and that big pumpkin head. And what the hell is that big knot on your forehead. Uuuughhh! People that live in glass houses, should not throw stones.
    You and Derek J look like twins….two men dressed in drag. "Madam Sir"

    • JoansHeart says:

      Sheree is that you? It has to be you because Michelle looks damn AMAZING! Why don't you go play in the busy traffic in front of your cardboard house and stay off this site.

  13. JoansHeart says:

    Everyone looks great and I love Derek J. He seems so sweet and thoughtful on television and I'm going to look for the vid when it comes out.

    Michelle I agree with everyone else that you look great. Love looks good on you (glowing)!

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